Youth Unemployment Challenges

We recognize that skyrocketing unemployment
numbers particularly for young people, are an acute concern. It’s a concern in America,
it’s a concern all around the world including in the Middle East and North Africa where
we’ve seen the youth revolutions that in part were driven by a need for more economic opportunity.
And of course we’re concerned by its prevalence in Europe where the numbers are so challenging
in many parts of this region. So what we have done is to emphasize that our partnership
with Europe is as important as any we face all around the world. That we face that challenge
of youth unemployment together with young Europeans. And that we intend to tap young
Europeans as we all move forward together towards solutions to that economic challenge.
So you know we have a wide range of programs that foster young European entrepreneurs and
try to expand their access to capital, we have a global partnership of businesses called
a global youth jobs alliance, that we’re tapping as a source of mentorship and investment in
youth that can increase hiring ultimately all around the world. And we have exchanges
and tours that can bring young Europeans to the United States and particularly we focus
on often innovators and entrepreneurs that can spur economic growth after they return
from those tours. And we think that that learning relationship can go both ways, where young
Americans that grapple with the same issues, can learn a great deal from Europeans and
where in that exchange we can really make sure that our partnership with Europe, which
is so critical to all of our shared challenges, stays strong for generations to come.

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