Will Obama End The Afghanistan War? (Kucinich & Co Weigh In)

president obama will speak about the
future of u_s_ soldiers in afghanistan becomes more than a year and a half after he announces troop search but this evening he’ll be staying about
something entirely different the drawdown of american forces there are three main ways they can
execute that drug i was very important let’s go over the smallest option would
remove ten thousand troops this year there’s not the pentagon one cent
question a lien is also exactly for the defense contractors one longer wars make them allot more money the second option would remove twenty
thousand troops by the end of twenty eleven that’s the middle ground which is what
president obama usually goes with but he might not actually in this case and the biggest withdrawal scenario the president would remove almost fifty
thousand troops there joe biden would win because he is
a fairly been the one pushing this plan to his great credit a new glass in aerial afghanistan
strategy would then focus on counter-terrorism and would mainly lies
special ops forces and c_i_a_ units throughout our kadha and other
terrorists now of course other people who would
under those circumstances is offs the american people because we
spend less money on this senseless war an attack the problem with a much better
solution and as much as me saying that it is in fact the american people new
paltz truth that thirty six percent one american forces removed immediately that’s up sixteen points from just last
year but right now all reports are watching
her suggestion the president obama will go awareness the first option the removal of just ten
thousand troops this year reports say the remaining twenty-three
thousand serb troops would be out by the end of next year if we’re lucky and all
troops would be home by twenty fourteen paranoia and the president’s plan
everything happens at twenty four teams that is a much slower withdrawal which
is of course gotta make the best contractors and war
hawks ecstatic and by the way and not withdrawal
timeline only holds of obama wins re-election ever republican wins then all bets are off and god knows how
long we stick but these are just reports you’ll get to
see for yourself in just a little while which way the president is going to go and based on the info here you can judge
for yourself but the president has done enough to withdraws from this war or not stay tuned now joining me is democratic strategist
bob shrum senior adviser to die during two
thousand four ann-margret in daily news contributor co-founder of no labels and former adviser to george w_ bush uh… bottler start with you if you look at a politically their president should say up a nap
right we gotta go minimum twenty thousand i think it should be a lot more but if
the reports are true that it’s only ten thousand why would he make what appears to be a
political mistake well first of all i think a lot of people in the pentagon
we’re throwing a mission we take out five thousand troops tackle for an
anecdote and they have not been meteoric rise got out there a lot more money to
make well i don’t think that’s the reason ashley hall is a rise in the
pentagon is because they think it’s the right
strategy but look president certainly and always
have resume gave bob there’s a link was on the pentagon is still on that more war was in the right strategy
they always say more workers than colin powell had a great reluctance to get
into armed conflicts unless you do that with overwhelming force but here they
are in iraq anywhere in any energy density himself has said they wished that he had taken a different course in
iraq iraq is a diet idoney into a political
singer barak but the president wound the independence both to take on
the pentagon and and dispense with their advice and
not just follow polls he in fact defended his base from the
very beginning by saying we had to what whatever his
position on the iraq war initially we had to finish what we have started and
we have been denny then approve the surge in afghanistan now i think he’s
going to take out more troops sooner than the pentagon wants but slower than
you want and slower though a lot of the base once and what this tells you is
that he’s not being driven by politics here yeah i don’t leave it at all wildly
that offer for that look i think the i think he is driven by being intimidated by the
pentagon cuz they come in and say are you going to get almost nothing well i defy you guys and they get to
that cash isn’t sure we’re gonna see for ourselves
in the speech if he takes up twenty thousand or more
at the end of this year i came all the great in the world so we’ll see but give it a sad ten thousand that’s a minuscule that’s
not standing up for the pentagon now mark to let you know that your party
the republican party they they all looked looked like they
want to stay longer either in twenty ten we have all that with a hundred thirty
people in congress in housing we should speed up withdrawal and only had several
problems on that side and this year twenty eleven all the
sudden two hundred for support and twenty six republicans our republic getting the message from
the american people we’re not interested in staying in this doctor sycamore well you know it’s a political problem
when you’re getting heat from your left and from the right and you see the uh…
candidates like john huntsman taking up very aggressive position on the
republican side asking for a quicker withdrawal but agree with bob you know morrison a with a sexual assault was is
never easy popular quicken uh… you know they were just a
political decision i’m sure obama would have pulled out troops quicker faster
and earlier but it’s it’s not looking at you know if
you just didn’t do what we do foreign interventions like these by the politics
and then you’re not really doing what your spouse’s president which is to
protect the country and i’m and i’m going to get out you know i’m
not i’m not i can’t make a military assessment but i’m gonna give the president uh…
the benefit of doubt and assume that he’s been making a decision for the
right reasons in the interest of our national security well we can bring somebody with a little
bit different than you will be some a little different as a way to hang on one come back and
talk about the politics a little bit more but on the rain in interesting ways
right now i like the surprise guest uh… he has been a consistent boys
begin this debate an easement instead of being the troops out of he is democratic their representative
biodata is considered so that all of a sudden part-timers who percentage army troops
should uh… president obama take-out in twenty one hitches mrs this idea of this being the beginning of
the end of the war czechoslovak they could slow walk this morning after
the end of this decade the american people to have you with the war in
afghanistan we don’t have the money to keep this war
going extensions are not go state they are money that’s going in areas is being
either way sitter stolen i’m that we defended our troops by
bringing him home in ending this war once and for all congressman you know we had everybody
talk about this thirty three thousand surge that that president obama put in a
in december of two thousand i made that decision right but he actually putting twenty thousand
troops parlayed framed so if this peaches as expected any
summit a got ten thousand there by the end of this year then
twenty three thousand by the end of twenty twelve which is when the sermon
is up will have twenty thousand more troops in
afghanistan then before president obama’s so if it is an incredibly
claimed that he is helping us get out of afghanistan now and i think you’re there what you’re
talking about in the size of math is not an academic exercise correctly then it is still have more
troops in afghanistan then we had when he began his administration we have got to have an administration take a strong stand in getting out you
can’t be in and out of the same time you can claim that the city getting at the end of the
war when you’re still going to have more troops and when you first took office
the american people her priorities here at home that are not being met if we don’t start paying attention to
our domestic priorities this country is going to have trouble surviving that
congressman you know i was assigned to bob shaman market and they’re saying
look at the president’s following a nurse decision about the safety of our country et cetera now that’s a of course
is a very legitimate position i have a position a lot of people have but as i look at this war for last ten
years ike how liberal could be keeping us
safer there’s almost no al-qaeda left there we kill bin laden and the more troops we put in the walmart rooms dekalb the more
unstable the country kitni it becomes it’s also teaching cannot make so then that leaves with a question of
pc being intimidated by the pentagon well i i think that your recitation as
far as what what is in a cannot happen is correct in addition to that the nation building programs into sales so side whether it’s the president being
intimidated by the pentagon whether there’s a political calculus knows i
think that the president needs to listen to the voices of the american people who
want sot of afghanistan they want their sons and daughters home for you want to
sfo kissing and creating jobs helping us to help protect our educational system
making sure they have retirement security for seniors these are things
people care about health care it’s time that we came home and that’s what i’m
gonna continue to insist on appreciate being with you i’ve got to go vote right
now archives for these cities thanks so much for joining us all right now let me bring bob unmarked
bracket alot fuel volume go back this theory
because here you said it’s no it’s not right et-cetera but i will
have a conversation about it nobody else in washington to others but the defense contractors make and un old sums of money from these list ongoing wars are we to assume but they’re billions upon billions of
dollars they make don’t affect the politicians that they fund five and i don’t think there’s a noble
is listening to these folks and in fact if you look at what he’s
done if you want to know what decisions he’s
going to make listen to a he said he was going to get all the combat troops out
of iraq by the end of this year he did he said he was going to stick with
health reform and everybody told them not to heeded he’s he’s going to end the
commitment in in afghanistan by twenty fourteen he well in fact the new york
times reports in this latest addition online that the pentagon is unhappy with
the decision the president’s many ’cause he’s taking out more troops cylinder
then they would’ve wish so no i actually said i really do most of the time but i
don’t know i don’t agree with us they read that somehow or other military industrial complex is telling
obama what to do again let me let me clarify okay so i was i love the
audience to get a mistaken impression right i don’t think that the pentagon
pulls or the military industrial complex smoke-filled room pulls president
obama’s a as signs as you’ve got to do the snow that’s now works but here is
how it works bob unmarked give a tremendous amount of campaign
donations to all the congressman so all the senators to the president’s
running is that and most importantly all those generals this has they step out of office they had big fat contract for military
contractors and then you tell me that they are all
independent thinking that although was not all that money to
make one two thousand dollars millions of dollars in may from those of us contractors don’t influence their decisions mark not really dot i i i i i get credit for
two both uh… president obama president bush uh… i think that you know this than
president bush tonight oh go to war because of uh… you know buffer proper for oil for military
contracts you know he did it for you know from from from for the same reza
president obama is making the same decisions at the end of the day his job is to keep
this country safe and that’s what he’s basing decisions on marked less thing
for you it look republicans are nl it sold more over this so many other sign of what we should be
john mccain of course warhawk videos and always will be says no we are say
they’re i guess he’s saying we have say they’re forever i never saw him talk
about withdrawal ever in iraq or afghanistan who alternately beefing wins that fight in the republican well it’ll be interesting to see
although i would just note that as john mccain s has said on many occasions we
still have troops in correa terminate fell uh… some great over the sava river
always if it if it’s in the uh… intends to
protect our national interest i think they will have troops in afghanistan for
a long time and iraq for a long time because if we do in and germany and
korea a nice force but one to protect our
national interest uh… i have yet to see one decent argument how this one afghanistan
ten years later somehow protecting our national interest i don’t see it at all but i was in favor bill el nino
checklist at this time jelled it’s crazy but his only way they are doing and you
know if i had just a joke if you do over what congressman percentage said and you pull everybody out right now
you’re going to totally destabilized not just afghanistan where by the way we
have made progress you’re going to destabilize pakistan and
india in a relationship between those two countries and threatened to bring on a nuclear war called him on bob mizuno dot i don’t know uh… there are no
clear their nuclear arsenal at our store and that is not very safe we have a situation there where the pakistanis are afraid that the
indians are playing around in afghanistan the u_s_ has to do this it’ll get out of
there in a way that is gradual and careful and
preserve stability juanita lopez alarmingly high about how else are
finding out on a sound like a conservative on a sound like in american
i get a lot of credit to these generals i think they’re patriotic by also victor
sometimes wrong and i think they probably ask for more than the
president’s going to get them but that’s the job of the president they
were on and he decides i bought rahman mark mckinnon certainly an interesting conversation
you had said been very patient thank you both very very good

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