Why should the TRUMP government reconnect with RUSSIA?

Regardless of any disagreement that exists
between Washington and Moscow, healing ties with Russia is beneficial to the United States. This is the opinion of analyst Joseph Cohen,
a former USAID official managing economic reform projects in the former Soviet Union,
in an article for the Reuters news agency. According to analyst Josh Cohen, there are
five reasons why the administration of US President Donald Trump needs to heal relations
with Russia. First, with more than 14,000 nuclear weapons
the two countries possess, Russia and the United States are capable of killing each
other many times, not to mention the rest of the world being inflamed. Both sides are
modernizing their nuclear arsenal to make them more dangerous and the risk of a nuclear
war is unknowingly increasing. If really pursue the policy of “America above
all,” President Donald Trump should focus on reducing the risk of US-Russian nuclear
war. This can only happen if Washington talks with Moscow. Second, both the United States and Russia
want to fight global terrorism. Recent suicide bombings in the metro in St. Petersburg and
the bombing of a nightclub in Istanbul show that a large number of Russian speakers in
the former Soviet Union have become more extreme. Approximately 5,000 to 7,000 former Soviet
citizens fought under the banner of the Islamic State terrorist organization, of whom 2,400
came from the Russian Federation. Third, the US needs Russia to be able to deal
with various crises in regional hot spots. For example, in Syria, because of Russia’s
relationship with the Assad regime, there could be no solution to ending civil war without
Russia’s help. Russia has strengthened its economic links
with Pyongyang and is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council that could
help or hinder any US effort to pressure the PRC. Fair economic or political. Unfortunately, Moscow blocked a Washington
draft of the UN Security Council’s condemnation of the latest North Korean missile test – once
again demonstrating Russia’s ability to influence national interests. American family. Fourth, Washington and Moscow share a common
interest in reducing the risk of a military confrontation between Russia and NATO in Europe.
However, most of the Russian-American liaison channels have been interrupted since the Russian
Federation’s merger with the Crimea Peninsula, raising the risk of a small incident between
the two sides that could cross the control. Ultimately, the United States would be the
one to suffer if it was attacked by Russia and China. During the Cold War, former US
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger pursued the so-called “Triangle Diplomacy,” in which
Washington sought to develop better relations with both Beijing and Moscow, fighting for
the two giants. This communist shook hands against the United States. The current recession in US-Russia relations
may cause Moscow to fall into Beijing’s arms and make the United States redundant in the
new “strategic triangle.” With China becoming the top US geopolitical rival in the coming
years, Washington should try to improve Russia-US relations. The ongoing investigation into Russia’s involvement
in the US presidential election has made President Donald Trump unlikely to pursue a better relationship
with Moscow, even if he wishes. Some suggest that President Trump’s tough stance on Syrian
President Bashar al-Assad is partly due to the US government’s opposition to his establishment
of closer ties with Russia. Even if President Trump can overcome these
obstacles in Washington, there is no guarantee that he can agree with President Vladimir
Putin on many thorny issues. From rocket defense, Syria to Ukraine, Russia and US views are
far too far away, it is difficult to bridge the reconciliation.

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