Why Qatar Is Causing Headaches For Trump

Why Qatar Is Causing Headaches For Trump

If you’re like many Americans you might
not know much about Qatar Perched on the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar is one of the smallest countries in the world, just slightly larger than Connecticut But oil has made Qatar one of the richest countries It’s that kind of money plus its strategic location that has Qatar playing an oversized role In a number of controversies involving the Trump Administration and people linked to the President For example Qatar’s UN mission in early 2018 dropped a whopping $6.5 million for an apartment in a building owned by President Donald Trump Qatar already had owned $10 million worth of other apartments in Trump World Tower in New York Qatar for years has allowed the US military to keep its Central Command base in the country where more than 10,000 Americans and allied troops staff the nerve center for US military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan But Qatar has been a source of irritation to its neighbors who also are US allies Those tensions boiled over in June 2017 when Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates imposed a diplomatic and travel blockade on the country They were irked by a Qatar’s funding of the Al Jazeera media network and also by Qatar support from militant Islamic groups The blockade was triggered by a story in Qatar’s state-run news agency that quoted the nation’s leader lavishing praise on Hamas and calling Iran, quote, an Islamic power Qatar claimed the story was fake and the result of a hack but it outraged Qatar’s fellow Sunni Muslim neighbors who view Shiite Muslim Iran as a
regional menace Qatar provided CNBC with a statement from Jassim Al Thani media attache for the country saying it’s a force for stability in the region Qatar has never supported terrorism or extremism in any form The UAE and Saudi Arabia aren’t alone in their criticism of Qatar President Trump has offered conflicting opinions about the country In May 2017 Trump told Qatar’s ruler, our relationship is extremely good But less than a month later Trump congratulated Saudi Arabia on blockading Qatar The nation of Qatar unfortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism at a very high level However just a week after that Qatar announced a $12 billion deal to buy F-15 fighter jets from the United States By April Qatar’s Emir was being warmly welcomed by Trump at the White House It’s a great honor to have the Emir of Qatar with us He is a friend of mine knew him long before I entered the world of politics, he’s a great gentleman We have a gentleman on my right, who buys a lot of equipment from us, a lot of purchases in the United States and a lot of military airplanes, missiles lots of different things We’re making sure that terrorism funding is stopped in the countries that we are really related to, because I feel related But those countries are stopping the funding of terrorism that includes UAE and includes Saudi Arabia that includes Qatar and others And Qatar is taking other steps to improve its image in the eyes of Washington After the Saudi-led blockade, Qatar began paying a lobbying firm founded by former Trump campaign aide Barry Bennett a half million dollars per month In all Qatar spent almost five million dollars on the heels of the blockade by hiring lobbyists, ad firms and Washington DC lawyers in an effort to repair its status with the US That kind of spending has raised eyebrows A former American ambassador to Saudi Arabia quipped, it’s going to allow a lot of Washington lobbyists to buy a vacation home this year Qatar says the money it has spent in the
United States pales in comparison to what has been spent by its neighbors to defame Qatar’s reputation But Qatar did not reward attorney Michael Cohen who even while serving as Trump’s personal lawyer sought a payday from the country In 2016, Cohen solicit a payment of at least $1 million from Qatar The Washington Post reported it was all
about access to and advice about the then incoming administration Cohen was unsuccessful Another Qatar, Trump connection involves Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor to the president In March, NBC News reported that special counsel Robert Muller’s team is probing whether Kushner’s business talks with foreigners during the presidential transition later
affected administration policies towards Qatar The Kushner companies reportedly had approached Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund about possibly investing in the firm’s financially troubled skyscraper at 666 Fifth Avenue
in Manhattan NBC News reported that Qatari officials
considered turning over information about Kushner to Muller but they decided against it In August Brookfield Asset Management
announced that it’s signed a 99 year lease for six-six-six 5th Avenue which will reduce or eliminate the financial squeeze facing the Kushner company the Qatar Investment Authority the country’s sovereign wealth fund is one of the biggest investors in Brookfield So while the Trump administration’s
dealings with Russia have gotten much more attention It’s worth keeping an eye on Qatar to see if it becomes a source of even more drama for Trump’s Presidency


  1. Usually people go to officials to bribe them. Kushner and Cohen ASKED Qatar for bribes. Damn, those people should be rotting in a deep, dark hole. Instead, Kushner got out scott free, and Cohen is in a white collar fake prison in Upstate New York.

  2. So USA can point the finger at other countries for supporting terrorism but they go and invade countries and create terrorist. How ironic of them

  3. You didn’t really do your homework on this one. + the music makes it impossible to hear anything that guy is saying. Dislike from me

  4. ordinary people work hard all their lives and die broke,
    corrupt politicians make millions of dollars lobbying.
    what a wonderful world.

  5. love Qatar, from a Turkish Australian πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡§πŸ‡­ we are fortunate to have trustworthy friends like you. But please refrain from throwing money to the devil state. like the number of that tower is disgusting based on all humanity & what it tries to represent.

  6. I like Qatar's courage in standing up against its bigger neighbors. They have a nice airline, a great TV channel that reveals truth (in some way). I feel welcomed when I visited there last time. Saudi Arabia is far worse than Qatar.

  7. US EMBASSY : USA Let us liberate Qatar

    USA : NO

    US EMBASSY : They have ”OIL”


  8. I like how trump was calling out Qatar for supporting terrorism, and a week plus 12 billion dollars after, he is like tHE eMIr Of qATaR iS A FrIEnD oF mInE

  9. In almost every measure, Saudi is worse than Iran. However, since Iran doesn't lick USA's ass, they are the terrorist and Saudi is a Saint. Nonsense!

  10. Wait, Trump flip flopping on issues he hasn’t got a clue about to avoid awkward situations with his β€œclose personal gentlemen friends” when they come visit the White House? Those sound like the actions of a rambling buffoon, not the leader of the free world

  11. If you have a lot of money and no principle at all, you can go places with the help of corrupt governments.

  12. INEZ Qtaish will write down and reveal the names and what they did , evildoers trust and believe I am going to file a civil suit in illinois circuit court, the truth will be reveal publicly about what happened in inez Qtaish Illinois worker's compensation case and why the entities involved are against inez Qtaish.

  13. Actually was not the oil made Qatar rich , it was NLG and their investments and small number of population, Qatar only produces around 600 k barales of oil

  14. You don't name a building 666 for frivolous reasons. Clearly there's more to this than what meets the eye. Hmmm! πŸ˜³πŸ€”

  15. If u dont buy equipment (weapon) from US u are a terrorist. Then US will attack u, they will rob ur wealth and asset. Man who is the terrorist and robber?? They lied about iran attacking their ship. They also lied about the attack on the tower to attack iraq.

  16. I like Qatar for not bowing to Saudi pressure & for having Al-Jazeera channel who shows the real middle east picture against biased western media

  17. Trump does not got shamed to extortion weak nations. Hijakers are so called civilized in this world. God definitly does not like it.

  18. What is it with western media who assume that Qatar is wealthy because of Oil. It's LNG ! They have 14 % of total world natural gas. LNG is not oil

  19. Islamic birds of a feather flock together no matter what…Stop sending military tech weapons to them because eventually they will end up in there islamic brothers hands like Iran? same book, same lies, just different sects!

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  23. Qatar? Russia can practically make it irrelavant overight. The Yamal natural gas field can last for 110 years and that is just one small field and there are hundreds of much larger and deeper fields that can yield more. One of them can supply natural gas for several millennias by pipelines throughout the world.

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  25. Too bad all these Muslim countries don’t realize what Israel and America have in store for them. They will regret not staying aware.

  26. it would be more interesting to see what is happening between investment between these countries which could be more important to their leaderships too, as the needs dependent on the direction of in which their leadership takes.

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