Why Humanity Destroyed Itself

Why Humanity Destroyed Itself

One day, if human civilisation ever wipes itself out, aliens or one of our successors will cast an eye on our ruined planet, and ask themselves what ever happened to. Their answer might look a little like this. The root cause won’t be the specific catastrophe, conflict or devastation that eradicates us; the problem will begin with the architecture of the human brain. This tool will be remembered for being, in part, deeply impressive, containing a 100 billion neurons capable of extraordinary computations and combinations. As aliens will note, a particular part of the mind where our most dazzling thoughts unfolded was known to neuroscientists as the neocortex; a part that in humans was many times larger than that found in any other species. This is what helped the hugely clever ape to produce The Magic Flute, Anna Karenina, Concorde and civilisation. However, our alien friends will also note that the human mind contained another component, very influential but far less impressive, known as the reptilian brain (an aggressive lustful impulsive
section of machinery), with a great deal more in common with what might be found in a hyena or a small rodent. Because of this reptilian brainended up with three grave problems: Firstly, tribalism. Humans were always on the verge of developing violent hatreds of foreigners and manifested strong ongoing tendencies to slaughter strangers in vast numbers. They could never reliably see the humanity in all members of their own kind. Secondly,was fatefully prone to short-term thinking. Even when confronted by data, it could only imagine the near-term future, a few years at best, viewing the long-term as a chimerical and unreal state. Its immediate impulses were left uncontained and worked to destroy its individual and collective future. Lastly,had an especially keen fondness for wishful thinking. Though capable of immense intellectual achievement, its mind hated to reflect on itself, it couldn’t bear to submit its ideas to rational scrutiny, it preferred to act rather than think and daydream rather than plan. Having invented the scientific method, it preferred, in most cases, to not to use it. It had a narcotic desire for distraction and fantasy. It didn’t want to know itself. For many generations, these three flaws were more or less endured. Certain institutions were invented to attenuate them: the law, sound government, education, philosophy, science. It worked, sort of. Humans did keep wiping out swathes of their fellows, but they didn’t scupper the species as a whole. What caused the ultimate destruction was the increasing yet untrammelled power of the neocortex. This mighty tool eventually managed to capture fire, contain the elements, and givea godlike power over the planet, while the animal overall still operated with reflexes as serene and gentle as those of a hyena. The cost of its mistakes grew ever larger, its powers became uncontained while its wisdom remained intermittent and fragile. Eventually, its might outpaced its capacity for self-control; it became a nuclear armed rodent. There was one thing that might have saved humanity: love. And three varieties of love in particular: Firstly, the love of the stranger; the capacity to see the other as like oneself and worthy of the same mercy and charity. Secondly, the love of the unborn: the concern for those who do not yet exist and whom one will never know but whose lives one is shaping in the selfish present. Thirdly, the love of the truth: the strength to resist illusion and lies and square up to uncomfortable facts of all kinds. We don’t need to be aliens of the future to understand all this. We can see the disaster scenario only too well right now. The fate of civilisation lies ultimately not in the law courts, at the ballot box or in the corridors of governments. It lies in our ability to master the most short-term, selfish and violent of our impulses active in the dense folds of organic matter between our ears; it lies in learning how relentlessly to try to compensate for the flawed architecture of the human mind.


  1. Hatred for foreigners has become implicitly White Supremacy. That is no longer the case if it ever was for winning in that scheme of things. Tribalism? Is a pack of wolves or a Pride of lions wrong for exercising evolution and survival.

  2. If all humanity got wiped out again I would not feel bad all this racism ignorance evil fuckery to hell with humanity the human race deserves to come to an end I would be delighted

  3. I was taught that man was god's greatest creation, made in his image and likeness. Can you imagine what a violent ass god must be. That's why I'm an atheist.

  4. All the dislikes, de-evolved inbred uneducated reptilian brained trash, the reason humanity will destroy itself.

  5. "this hugely clever ape to play the magic flute" i dont quite understand why you have related this to a black man playing a flute, because it seemed to me a little racist.

  6. The idea of the reptilian brain versus the brain itself is one of many that can clearly show our demise however, I noticed that you failed to mention the very system that pings one brain (reptilian) against the other brain (frontal cortex) leaving people who watch this nice video with the impression that it’s our (humans) fault. How many revolutions have we ha throughout history trying to change the order of things? The system is that makes you have to use the reptilian brain to survive, cut costs to save money to preserve for the future, to self maximise in other words. Therefore money, the monetary system keeps the reptilian brain active, it’s the system itself. Please do not fail to mention it otherwise it just reinforces this obsolete idea of “human nature”.

  7. I think humanity should have destroyed itself long ago. It failed in its upbringings and had limited hindsight on what it needed to do. Understanding of each other is the basic foundation and humans fail to understand it. Look at what happened with the Nazis and the Civil War. Or what happened with the slaves or the Indians.

    Humans today act like they actually have a care but only fall short and become arrogant and corrupt. You see people acting like they are Gods and think they are above others but knock them down and they fall. Humanity must go extinct in order to remember what went wrong.

  8. What a load of rot, the problem with mankind is sin, look at the wisdom of mankind trying to figure out mankind, the fact is your observations are a load of dribble, science and rational thinking only go so far, history shows this, the species is rotten to the core due to sin not the neocortex, you may think your some sort of animal that evolved from the primordial soul but in fact you are a creation of God and need to look at your own personal sin nature not this dribble, the bible is spot on, man is lost and man can’t fix man such is your proposition, “flawed architecture of a human mind” that’s every single soul that’s ever been born, and to think you are going to navigate your way out of it ?? This is just dribble, utter nonsense that has no hope truth or love, Friends Jesus is the answer to all problems as through him one restores fellowship with God and gains eternal life, acceptance of Jesus as Lord makes one right with oneself alone, this is proven through the regenerational indwelling of the Holy Spirit which helps guide one in life and is the promise of eternal life, billions of Children of God know those and live this today, look to God alone for direction not the wisdom of fallen man, no friends man did not write the bible alone, he did as directed by God, God is truly in control here in a lost fallen world, believe in the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and repent of your sin ( you know you have many) and know once and for all the truth ))


  9. We fight because we disagree about an idea or truth. Look at religion, it's the basis of so many wars. Fighting is a competition, sometimes to the death, but in the end, we all die anyways. The 12.5 million working age men that died in WWII were quickly replaced, now we have some 8 Billion people on this planet. When India lost over 100,000 people in a hurricane, they were replaced in about 2 weeks. It took longer to rebuild the buildings that it took to replace ALL THE LOST LIVES. Killing each other is because we don't see eye-to-eye and deep inside, we're trying to evolve. We're all trying to figure out things like what is the center of the universe. Some say it MUST be Earth and will put anyone on trial if they don't say Earth is the center of the universe (actually happened) . We burn people at the stake to prove they are witches. This is a competition of ideas, where emotion rules over logic. Most are too lazy to learn the truth, so we just let other embed their truth into us. People like Jim Jones that has a special blend of Kool-Aid for people to drink. We'd rather fight than think because thinking is hard work.

  10. "In my job, I am always finding humans at their best and their worst. I see their ugliness and their beauty, and I wonder how the same thing can be both" ~Death

  11. Some people just don’t like the harsh truth that’s why I don’t give this video a thumbs down but they should think about it like really think about it before you give this video a thumbs down

  12. Because homo sapiens is not the highly intelligent species on this planet. There is another species of us 2 legged biped that look like most of us hairless apes but are not made of our chemical/DNA chromosomes. These are and always have been the "leaders" of our KNOWN history who knew that to look like us it would be easier to convince us that they are one of us but "deserve" more reverence and power to decide how "society" should run. We believed it then and still do today. We are mere chattel for their farms.

  13. All three types of love are literally incomprehensible to liberals. They love to engage in identity politics, they love to kill unborn babies, and they love to destroy anyone who tells them truth. Modern day "self identified Liberals" are the problem.


    We have to sit down and talk about this. Desperately. Otherwise nothing should change, ever, and the future this video shows might be a reality.

    So first i should say the video is great, it does show the biggest problems with humanity that we have to fix. The problem comes when it tries to bring a solution.

    Love is not a solution. You can't love strangers, much less love unborn people. The one that gets the closest is, ironically, as it is about a theoritical term, love for the truth, which is basically another way of saying "curiosity".
    For the other two, a much better term would be empathy. Understand that others are like you and deserve to be treated like you, no matter how strange they are. Respect above anything else.

    Now i want to talk about the comments. Because, they are sad. Depressing. Not because it's depressing to be a human or depressing how we don't follow these rules, but depressing that people think of humanity as getting closer and closer to doom. There is no fact to support that. We have a far better world for everyone than we had 50 years ago. 50 years ago we had a far better world than 100 years ago. And this is counting wars, starvation, and all of the "third world countries". The closest we got to doom was during the Cold War. And guess what? Nothing happened. USSR collapsed, and nuclear war didn't occur. The strongest nukes in USSR's control were destroyed, so were the ones with the US. Yes, both US and Russia still have powerful nuclear weapons in their arsenal, but they are far weaker than the ones developed during the Cold War, amd definetely not enough to extinct humans.

    Let's talk then about our second biggest fear besides nuclear warfare: Climate change. Yes, it is real, and it is happening. But will it destroy mankind? No. Not only because we are already putting a break at hurting the environment at several places, but also because the effects are gradual. There won't be a gargatuar tsunami that will destroy New York in a day, or a massive 1 year drought that should kill every african in months. It will happen gradually. And as soon as it's effects become too big, companies will be much more focused on fixing them. Not saying there won't be any consequences, just that they won't kill every human in the planet.

    But there is one thing that make me scared. One thing that can destroy humanity easily. One that would kill every single human on Earth. One that we should all be afraid of, yet we aren't, in fact we even make fun of it.
    Yes, i am talking about Artificial Inteligences.
    Why they are so dangerous? Well, the thing about them is that they are normally made for a purpose. And they should try to fullfil that purpose no matter what. And if they know human psycology as well as already do, they can easily take advantage of the problems mentioned in the video. That, and they are already far more intelligent, can think millions of times faster and can be at multiple places at once. If they have a purpose, they should fullfil it, and considering that it is us, flawed humans who give them their purposes, and we might have no idea how to reach such goal, who knows what should happen as soon one of these bad boys is activated to do their "purpose"? If it wants it can destroy humans in the blink of an eye(almost literally), and it doesn't even have to want it: We just have to be on the way of their primary goal.

  15. Ironically what made humanity so dangerous is the fact even ‘ harmless’ technology is used as a weapon like the internet

  16. Over use of intellectuality is the reason why humans are in this global mess. If we ever want to get out of it, society must evolve to a higher state of consciousness. We must evolve spiritually by meditation. As he said in video, humanity has achieved great technology, but lacks wisdom.

  17. We probably won't wipe ourselves out. We're definitely in for a enormous population drop, and significant lifestyle changes.

  18. People are destroying themselves everyday. Climate change, pollution, war, murders… So many little things destroy a human everyday. This world is messed up. I just wish for a day when we're going to die. It all will end and hopefully God will forgive us sinners. God, help this messed up planet.

  19. The ultimate stupidity: We are imperfect and repugnant beings, yet we still dare to hope that a deity (not ourselves) will be able to save us, and furthermore grant us immortality… :)))

  20. " The School of Life", such a grand name.
    I wonder if those who wrote this were intentionally ironic when they fell very victim to their own 2nd "flaw" ….."Short-Term Thinking".
    That's the real irony of this tripe!

    Fantasy gives rise to art and creation. We've survived thousands of years evolving and transforming. You're part of a line, not the "be all and end all" at your spot on the line.
    Just because you're not comfortable now you dismiss an entire planet. The fckn ego of the people or person who wrote this is staggering!
    This liberal nihilistic crap is risible!

  21. im not soft but i need to be and i been distant with everyone its not personal but like i said your mistakes were noticed but not damaging but i did respect you all for being better people but my luck is the new will always make the same mistakes as the originals lol but its cool since yall are just awesome i dont know what is it but i love the fight but dont take it personal because at the end of the day yall are still good

  22. as for my nation my guys and others sure you might think im pleading for peace because its clout gaining and whatever or you believe i need you to survive but im like should we watch our nation burn or do we become one sure you all might look for independence right now but lets be honest clout gains isnt worth our guys getting cut so my plea is if we are united we live longer and happier if we live divided we are gonna go extinct and we are as good as dead

  23. This video could replace the word human with man, but not woman. It’s men that do most of this stuff.

    Just stating facts, not trying to be a party pooper.

  24. If it weren't for our capacity to reshape our brains and deactivate the reptilian brain via mindfulness, I would also be hopeless! Thank you mindfulness … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY08aXxor20 … let's stop complaining and start practicing!

  25. Humans are parasites inside and out without checks and balances. There is no way for a super parasite to survive in the closed systems.

  26. There's one big problem with the "love of the stranger" solution, it takes two to agree on pursuing a mutual relationship without exploitation or killing each other and unfortunately, it would take everyone to simultaneously agree to peace while the one predatory person will take the opportunity to attack the naive infront of him

  27. I beg to differ.
    1. the reptilian brain theory has been disproved
    2. the main cause is most likely the fear for loosing control, which makes people who have already a lot of power inclined to seek more power, as they see more and severe dangers for their power… even they are just people would like to enjoy some of the wealth, those in power convince their subordinates that they also belong to the elite, a sub elite, but still they must protect it from the marginals or they will loose everything.

  28. As species we can get over short term thinking, but one thing we will never get over is the greed of taking and power to control others .

  29. Life has cycles ~ we're presently in a cycle of entropy ~ the greater majority of the population has doomed itself and isn't even remotely aware of it. Pop-culture is about the thrill or enjoyment of the immediate moment with no thought as to the consequences. When enough people live this way for a long enough time, disaster is the result. John Adams said that liberty can only survive when there is general knowledge among the people. Since there is very little knowledge among the people today, it ought not to surprise us that we continue to lose our freedoms, our health, our environment, and our curiosity about life … and that's that …

  30. >Complains about racism
    >Complains that humans don't think long term
    Let me tell you about something called white genocide..

  31. Lot's of half truth.
    For one, loving the stranger is recklessly stupid and disrespectful towards the unborn. How can communities love "the stranger" as you put it without even loving their own communities?
    Good will without rationality is childish.

  32. It's much simpler than that. It's the ignorance of believing that we are a separate entity form from everything else. It is the skewed perception that we are significant whereas we are just intelligent monkeys looking at the sky. If humans are going to go extinct it will not make the slightest difference for the whole existence.
    I might disappoint some people but if we are going to perish somehow, which is highly probable, whomever is going to find traces of our existance, which is highly unlikely, are going to look at our fossils the same way we are looking at fossils of dinosaurs.
    I say this because most enlightened people came to the realisation that either they would live or die it would not matter. The global fear of total annihilation is just another form of egoic ignorance and illusion of separation from all existance.

  33. Yeah, this video is also full of wishful thinking. I bet the creators of this video would call anybody with a different opinion than theirs all the insults from all the dictionaries if they could. Throw any "love" argument out the window the moment it's uncomfortable to them. I don't buy it – or at least don't believe it's made with a grain of seriousness or sincerity.

    How's the ad revenue, btw?

  34. This is dripping with the now popular notion of collective self hatred and smells like junk science supporting the narrators indoctrinated world view. Only a person without discernment abilities would take this pablum serious.

  35. In Qabalah, the qliphoth are structures and systems which have ceased to function as vessels for the aspects of universal Consciousness that once gave birth to them, but which remain animated in a dead, automatic way, running on autopilot through the same endlessly repeating and self-perpetuating patterns, maintaining their own existence and even propagating themselves further in a grotesque parody of their original functions.

    The zombies portrayed in horror movies like Night of the Living Dead are a perfect metaphor for the qliphoth: dead husks, no longer serving as vessels for human souls, mindless but still lurching along, keeping themselves going by eating people’s brains, propagating the system by turning their prey into more zombies.

    Let’s look at a more mundane example of a qliphotic system. Take a human services organization – the kind of benevolent organization that employs a bunch of social workers to help, say, abused children or homeless families or some such clientele. Such an organization is a system whose animating force is the intent to help people. In order to facilitate its mission, this organization adopts various bureaucratic procedures. Gradually the procedures become more and more complex and less and less immediately relevant to the original intent of the organization, and the organization hires more people whose primary qualification is that they’re well-adapted to environments that follow such procedures.

    Maintaining the self-propagating bureaucratic procedures increasingly becomes, in practice, a higher priority than the organization’s original intent, and increasingly becomes less of a support for the original intent and more of a hindrance. Indeed, if the organization can set itself up as the “official channel” for the services it was originally intended to provide, then not only does it increasingly fail to provide those services efficiently, it also blocks others from providing those services, unless those others interface with it by adopting their own self-propagating bureaucracies. A system that once was animated by a healthy and conscious intent is now a shambling husk, running on autopilot, stifling that which it was intended to serve and instead serving only to endlessly duplicate and spread its dysfunction, like a virus.

    When one considers that the process described above has swallowed up, among other things, nearly all public education, healthcare, social services, and government, suddenly the image of contagious brain-eating zombies doesn’t seem nearly so outrageously grim or far-fetched. Easy to see why many traditional Qabalists chose to portray the qliphoth as demonic spirits, fallen angels: beings that once served God but have now lost their connection with the divine and run amok. Possession by evil spirits is actually a pretty good working analogy for contemplating all manner of qliphotic manifestations, from the walking dead to inefficient bureaucracy. For all I know, it may be not only a good analogy, but the literal truth.

  36. Well, we murder the unborn under the protection of a mysterious section of the construction. So, there is no love for the unborn here in the USA.

  37. I totaly agree. And the problem was made much worse as soon as we invented money, couse it activates our reptilian brain much more then our rational one. Its a tool that fakes biological fittnes and we all fall for it. Sad stroy, but at least we will see the end of it 😉

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  39. This in itself is wishful thinking. Evolution programmed us to think for short term. If you were a hunter gatherer would you be thinking about what your meal was going to be in a week, or would you be worried about what you have to find before the sun goes down? Additionally, the human brain functions only as a way to obtain mates. The only end goal the brain has is to find a way to pass on genes to the next generation. Keeping "intruders" out is a means to ensure the "tribe" is not harmed. Philosophizing a way to change this is as well wishful thinking, because even if half the population suddenly controlled their primal impulses, the other half would still be as destructive. If the entire population began to change their collective wiring, that would be a mutation or evolved trait.

    Don't think of this as bleak and foreboding, we're here now at the very least. Eventually, everything will be gone no matter what foresight we obtain. The best thing to do is to look forward and tend to what is in front of us now 🙂

  40. Mankind, so addictively empowers the big billfolds to govern life and law. When these people know and care for absolutely nothing beyond the greedy wants of their own selfish sheltered existence.
    Behold, the longest ongoing unnatural disaster in human history. How could we ever expect anything less than guaranteed wholesale destruction at the expense of wealthy retarded rule. How many times has this wheel of destruction already went around. The hand of wealthy retarded rule has been a plague upon humanity since the birth of civilization. We are destroying ourselves by empowering a world where the wealthy few decide the fate of all. A world where the deluded self importance of the rich decides the worth of humanity and what’s to be humanity’s best.

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