1. Are you kidding?

    It’s beyond retarded and insulting to even pose that ridiculous question – obama is a loser, always has been and always will be

  2. I still remember obama took more money from my pocket and Trump put money back… my friends who were looking at the ceilings for better opportunities and jobs now employed with full time ours.

  3. Seriously, …lol …..Why is "anyone" asking this question?????
    His party class tha the economy iOS doing the shits, lol and Obama is saying it's booming…

  4. Obama nearly destroyed our country economically morally he didn't care about our military , police, Turned out to be faults birth certificate not even a citizen of United States scam artists thief a liar he's a traitor his Legacy is nothing but lies ,

  5. Obama contributed to the current economy by leaving the White House. Would it be even better if he went all the way to Kenya?

  6. HEY… THE "DIVIDER" AND "EX" CHIEF IS BACK lol doing the same old shit !!! Now he broke 200 YEAR TRADITION OF NOT DISRESPECTING THE SUCCESSOR !!! What a piece a shit… he's just putting emphasis on being the WORST President in American history !!!

  7. Nobody with a brain listens to you shit talkers. Why don't you just give it up? You idiots can't even put paper into a copy machine. There really is no use for you. Useless eaters.

  8. The best thing that Obama did during his term, helped elect President Trump, by increasing the taxes and regulated to the max the business environment.

  9. Emperor Pinocchio deserves credit for being the worst and most divisive president in U.S. history . . . and that's it. Being a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist liar, he truly believes that if he tells the lie often enough and loud enough, somebody might actually buy it. Sorry, Pinocchio, not after 8 years of listening to the sound of your hick voice braying lies. OBozo needs to stick to stuff he's good at: making us laugh at the clown–which we can only do now that the clown is out of office because it wasn't funny when he was in office destroying the greatest nation on earth.

  10. What a moron would listen to Obama , he is feeding those brainwashed sheep .
    That community organizer has zero clue how economic work , and he is still trying to find his magic wand for jobs.

  11. I’m sorry but you folks are delusional. Things are great but that started after the 2008 recession. When the stock market crashes will that be Obama’s fault too

  12. He who removes obstructions
    He who lowers taxes
    He who supports free markets
    He who embraces liberty
    He who respects the US Constitution
    Do you need me to name him of the two?
    I didn't think so.

  13. Parasite Barack did only for himself and to hell with the country, since he was just the mouth part of the sick Democrats' 16-year Destroy America plan. There entertainer, actually. However, he deserves some credit for his assistance in keeping repulsive humanoid kludge Hillary from working her half of that plan. The dickhead offended just enough people to help the country kick his own punk ass when he yelled that our obligation to vote was to him, not the country. (The egomaniac yelled "MY legacy," as though that was something to crow about.) Self-dramatizing isn't something the asshole does; it's what he is. Barack's legacy: Republican congress and president.

  14. When President Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009,
    the Dow was at 7,949.09

    On his last day in office, January 19, 2017,
    the Dow was at 19,804.72

    He saved the big banks, he saved Wall Street, he saved the auto industry,
    he kept the economy on an even keel, growing every quarter,
    he reversed the nosedive that the economy was in after he took office.

    11.4 million new jobs were created under President Obama.

    Black unemployment decreased by 8.5% under Obama.


  15. Odonothin can't take credit. He tried to convince us 2% GDP was as good as it gets. Manufacturing jobs weren't coming back. He sold us out that's why he gets no credit. Legacy of lies!!!

  16. Ask the coal miners of West Virginia and eastern Kentucky who got their jobs back and who helped them. Obama destroyed the coal mining jobs, the worst president this country has ever had he was a joke then he's even more of a joke now. Go Trump 2020 , Trump has done more for this country in the last two years then the last four presidents did in 30 years.

  17. Well of course President Trump deserves the credit, not the arrogant dellusionalist Obummer! What a fool to sit here and try to take credit for the economy! When Obama and Hillary during his 8 years, one by one sold out our country, even our military secrets as well as it's jobs for the US taxpayers to other countries, basically to China, and some to Russia (Uranium One deal) at our expense and at the expense of our National Security! That's OK, let the ducks quack! Their time is almost up, soon they will all be locked up! Gitmo here they come!

  18. I'm not gonna watch this because of the idiotic title as to "who deserves credit" … maybe you'll be saying all the right things in this clip, but for you to start it by showing the face of Hussain makes it uglier than anything I am ready to stomach from this point on, and that title is truly truly truly revolting: Hussain ruined this Country, and of Hillary was allowed or if the putrified dems take over the house now, Hussain will make sure to destroy this Country forever. If you don't know that, than you're not even able to add 1 + 1 … which is deplorable indeed, but still doesn't excuse you for coming up with such a ridiculous title. You should thank God and learn to respect The Greatest American President Ever In My Lifetime.

  19. Obama almost destroyed this Country! Are you kidding me Obama?
    Thank God we have President Trump in the White House!!
    Trump is our only hope. Trump is Responsible for new jobs and business growth. Obama go far away.. And stop lying! Better yet, a prison cell is what you deserve Obama. Wolf that was hidden in sheep's clothing. We see you for who you really are. A trador. , thief and liar.

  20. Considering HE told US that Americas glory days were OVER and THIS was our new NORMAL!!! This was in 2014-15 and on top of THAT he said business like manufacturing were DEAD!!! What question did he ask in 2016 again about Trumps promise to turn the financial situation around? He asked"WHAT MIRACLE WAS HE GOING TO PERFORM BECAUSE THE EXPERTS SAID IT COULDN'T BE DONE!!! Yeah UP YOURS and sit and swivel, ObasTURD we've got our President!!!

  21. All Obama jobs were government jobs .pos all but took out middle class..hes not even an American, the kicker is a shit load of Congress knew it..go Trump KAG..lock these clowns up,exspose the rest of these commie criminals in our government..

  22. It must be nice having a base as dumb as the left. You can say literally anything and they still clap light trained circus seals.

  23. Economy??? obuma Ruined the Economy in 8 Years of His Disgraceful Presidency!!! GITMO the Handle Bar Ears POS FRAGGOT & Take Big Mike TOO!!! JMHO

  24. Seriously 🙃 This is being questioned? Wafj‼️ Look at the shit he did. Crippled America. Go away you ass wipe. Narcissist 🖕🏼

  25. For fcks sake, people need to stop referring to Barry as president Obama! He is now just a ordinary citizen who has the luxury of still suckling off the public taxpayers teat!!

  26. Obama plundge and almost destroyed the great USA to dept and incompetent goverment and his socialistic political correctness that lead to unconstitutional acts. He weaken the military, police and the federal goverment. He always rank down the great americans. He exposes secrets and classified info according to media in the name of political correctness that lead to political hypocracy.

  27. This is hysterical. Are people this gullible and stupid? This is the same low wage part time, debt-bubble economy that is on the cusp of collapse. Bond yields are rising and the Fed is tightening; this is going to end this mania in stocks and create a reverse wealth effect.
    Also a booming economy doesn't see nearly trillion dollar deficits and sky high corporate & consumer debt. Also look at the trade deficit. A vibrant economy would see more production and exports, and more savings.

  28. What are we going to do when interest rates on the national debt hit historically normal levels? How is the financial system going to be affected when the era of cheap money goes away? This is beginning to happen. Bond yields are going up, so is the fed funds rate. You're already seeing cracks in the housing and auto loan market as a result. Americans have no savings and lousy jobs. Imagine the carnage in the credit market. We have a country addicted to debt.

  29. How could anyone in their right mind claim the current economy is because of Obama when Trump is annihilating Obama's policies?

  30. The economy under the previous Administration. The Market was at 17.000. Under the sitting President the market now is over 26.000 you go Mr.Trump the credit is all yours. The watchman. God Bless.

  31. Shit was rotten with Obama NOW it's good Obama lies so much if people had half a brain research what he says don't just believe his bullshit

  32. Republicans want to boycott everything then try to act like consumers.
    Remember to keep writing those "america first" comments with Chinese phones on corrupt liberal websites. 🍿

  33. Obama seems to proud of his 9 trillions in 8 years with the slowest economic growth in history, America wasted so much time and money under Obama

  34. Trump keeps bragging about the 4.2% GDP growth in Q2 while criticizing Obama for his failure to achieve 3% GDP growth during any year. Yet the NY Fed forecasts that GDP growth in all of 2018 will also be below 3%. Plus 2018 GDP growth is paid for with a record increase in debt

  35. See for yourself: Obama is lying as usual. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/09/a-comparison-of-two-presidents-president-trump-versus-president-obama-their-first-600-days/

  36. Who do you think, Trump did it! If Obama did why didn’t it show up before he left office!! This question is wasting everyone’s time! Thanks for all the hard work President Trump!

  37. Look what was happening when. He came in office. Economic downturn caused by republican policies tax cuts and wars. Remember the unemployment rate is 4.3 and it was only4.9 when IDIOT took office. How can you lie that the tax cuts are not causing the deficit to go up. You assholes

  38. If Obama hadn't destroyed the economy, Trump wouldn't have needed to rescue it, so in a typical Liberal way of reasoning, Obama is responsible. However anyone with any common sense knows it was Trump who is responsible for the booming economy along with Republican investors and business people who are investing in our future. The only people complaining seem to be some of the Democrat led labor unions who are crying because they now have to work for a living instead of loafing and getting paid because they can't be laid off due to lack of work.

  39. The reporter said exactly what I was thinking. Obama is trying to protect his legacy. How can you take credit for jobs coming back to the US, income of the the middle class increasing rather than becoming obsolete? Trump did this. There's video clips comparing Obama statements, and Trump's promises. Eat dirt Obama. You mock Trump by saying," How are you going to bring jobs back…what Miracle are you going to do?" You through your short-sighted, and unskilled self could not see how it would come to pass, or did you just want to persuade the people that it wouldn't while you build your legacy. The Democrats have been haters of trump since he first started running. They mocked him, and said he was not going to be president. Not only is he president, everything he promised is coming to fruition.

    If Obama had a True Legacy it would not be moved. There will be no better rendition to what he established, because times have not changed drastically enough to do so. The truth is he never had the best answer.

  40. It only makes sense to give credit to the guy that tripled regulation and promised to tax industries into bankruptcy. Who doesn't want to own a business and work 80+ hrs a week and give most of the profits to the government?

  41. This is the MOST RIDICULOUS attempt by community organizer obama. The current economy is 100% fed by the DE-REGULATED industries and LOWER CORPORATE TAX areas. PERIOD. This was ALL reversed by Trump. obama was ONLY creating part time subway sandwich jobs. This is the stupidest "dilemma" thing I've seen in a while.

  42. He's unchecked. Records sealed, who is Barry Soetero aka Barack Hussein Obama? Lol! Arrest, try and hang him this year for Christmas!

  43. Trump has made more promises and kept them in the 2 yrs hes been in office then obama in the 8 yrs. Seriously stock market is up america is safer i think that is the most important. 2020

  44. Obama is a narcistic, arrogant, anti-American, dumb nut case, who doesn’t know what the word economic means. However, Obama knows Saul Alinsky and CNN!!!!


  46. As a Canadian following Trump. How does Obama claim anything. 8 years the Obama presidency. There was nothing I mean nothing. And people voted him in 2 terms

  47. The economy is surely not the handy work of a socialist/communist lunatic, but a genuine business Man President Trump !!!!!

  48. President Trump gets ALL the credit for our fabulous economics…..
    all obummer did was steal our money and give it away to himself and other losers, especially Iran.
    Obummer tried his best to steal social security.

  49. Obama looks desperate. His body language is like a kid trying to stand taller to try and get his point across and the look on his face is one of worry & doubt that people will buy what he is selling. He does not have confid3ence in his own words. Why should he, he is lying. The Establishment is on the ropes and his legacy is null & void. Nobama

  50. The half black Transvestite speaks without a TelePrompTer!!!! Amazing! The elephant eared commie and a America hater in chief did his best to destroy this country in an overt and covert way through his policies. He was a straw president controlled by his masters like Soros and his billionaire cabal of America haters that control most of Washington. Like the Koch Brothers.

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