Which Party Buys More Into Conspiracy Theories?

Which Party Buys More Into Conspiracy Theories?

you probably will not be surprised to
find out the american public at large is pretty susceptible to believing in
conspiracy theories that we have a new fairleigh dickenson university poll that
says that on generally out the more people know about current events the
less likely they are to believe in conspiracy theories but not among republicans were more
knowledge leads to greater belief and political conspiracy hallie got the
numbers to back that up actually so spring up for the person breakdown so
these are the numbers by party in the likelihood that you are about that you
believed to be conspiracy theory they used uh… four different conspiracy theories in this test we give
those to you uh… thirty-six percent believe the president obama’s hiding
information but as background in ur life forty five percent believe that the
government knew about my wedding in nineteen percent believe the two
thousand twelve presidents election was stolen i’ve a feeling that if they use
other years in that town and then if i believe every time unsung yes it’s interesting that there
is a difference in terms of party although it’s not that interesting so you’re not surprised a lot of about
an our because i think that there are at the there’s a difficulty when we talk about
and liberals versus conservatives are when we talk about democrats versus
republicans i mean obviously we we market two-party
system i don’t consider myself to be a democrat i consider myself to be an
independent problem more liberal and the democratic party i think a lot
of republican see themselves as being more conservative than the actual
republican party they might have might invite with the tea party and um… fading w watched different television and i know that this is going to have friend a lot of right wingers out there
but liberals tend to watch mainstream television because we don’t
see it as being liberal we see it as being based whereas a lot of conservatives tend to
watch kind of pocketed brophy alexander alienated um…
business in specific for their constituency and so uh… this is where
these conspiracy theories our first developed this is where they florence
and venice stay inside of a bob dole like that it’s easy for that to just
kind of megapixel and you get stoned that mit romney did win the landslide
big living in that bubble has to do that all of your listening to all this matter
or like my brother phil love makes fifty thousand dollars a year
and worries about the state tax yeah for example you stuck talking more about and
then and then you’re looking at people like me over for example and you’re
saying well you have a liberal bottoming out he’s just looking at math guaranteed outbreak back science level
but the background to the other and expect we were liberal seed mainstream
he has been tactics i see is being corporate slant towards a correct the democratic party patents on talking
about i’m saying that i see the media multimedia as being corporate that’s why
we have the young turks i think is an answer to that kind of stuff window no i don’t know if convicted simply put
conspiracies i don’t even consider suddenly even without the no locate so uh… standoff a target reid is that it might conspiracy
theorists that i think that the government use that as a false flag
operation to get a sense of vietnam powers that a fact building seven now who you gonna believe
the government that lied us into a war or you’re lying nice building seven will determine substitute
mileage by somebody it didn’t fall down because of a fire
but the if i say that that makes me a conspiracy theorists which i think it’s
very conspiracy theorist hasn’t undue amount of negativity attached to it how
do you think i think that that’s a big difference between a conspiracy which has been debunked yes i scientific
evidence yes and and something that is still like the algerian conflict where
things are still in the air and we’re not really sure what’s happening in all
of the data hasn’t come in and so i think that that uh… nick basic it’s about kind of consensus there you know somebody who is a
conspiracy theorists would argue that all the data isn’t there and then it’s
incomplete and that there’s too many problems with the way that the media is
trying to spend it win enough people from the outside of
done enough independent reports can stay kind of okay the burden of proof is on the other
side now yet it’s it’s pretty obvious that the evidence lies with you know
this being the fact-based analysis your conspiracy theorist but but for me to
that you know my conspiracy theorists because i said that i feel like the
n_r_a_’s lining the pockets of many many many republican lawmakers job i don’t think i just think that this
will cite this observation exactly so some people might say that i’m a
conspiracy theorist because they’re not willing to look at the data but let me
ask you this person though uh… do you believe that clinton single
bullet theory which is not so big so if you believe
that pos walled acted alone then you believe the government line but if you’d
asked question that your conspiracy theories and that’s the
problem of they produce the receipt there is which are the gentlemen conspiracy theorists with with crazy
ones like the also you are truly your birth there if you feel about a birth
there that’s crazy yet but i do not believe the government line of the
single bullet theory do agree with you the problem is that the term conspiracy
theorist it means the means to much yes like a person who thinks that there’s
too much money in politics could be called that a person who believes that every government officials secretly
alien to believe that nicotine is around for a little i think that the natural resources of
countries that we have a place into our willingness to invade that’s a
conspiracy theorists ok it not a shade of grey camped out in the united states playing
outside west the person asking the question is
asking about the white house and i think that sometimes initiatives like all he has a there’s resentment now it’s
more complicated than that and also there are directly pull who or conspiracy theorists in that they
believe that mike almost all of these conspiracies are related to each other


  1. It is a term they coined to influence people. It is propaganda intent to mislead. The Young Turks are part of the scheme to dummy down so they are paid to act like they are for and of the people. If Cenk and company believe Sandy Hook happened then they have been bought. Cenk is an Obama puppet. FAKE!! End of the line. Cenk is a sell out!! He is nothing. Most people are smarter than he is. He is a dumb paid shill whom Obama set up to work for him years ago.

  2. Yeah. It is near impossible to talk about these terms without a history of its usage and the way Western philosophers have articulated them. It just takes space. But I have been thinking in terms of John Locke's School of Empiricism and why he is called the Father of Liberalism.

  3. Ppl should gather the information for themselves instead of just instantly disregarding. Everything should always be questioned. People who call these people "nuts" are at the opposite end of the spectrum; but equally as foolish. Believing with absolute certainty anything the media and government tells you is equally as bad as the conspiritards. Anything that makes the casual person think the government isn't their best friend can be counted as a win in one way or another.

  4. 1:53, lmao that dumb bitch. The main stream media is always one sided, always biased and always pushing an agenda. That's whats doing the most damage is the mainstream media.

  5. I swear to god Cenk aired a clip showing how Bush was briefed/warned by the FBI on several occasions about Al Qaeda/Bin Laden plans on attacking us — several months prior to 9/11. He ignored it because he thought it was a bluff. So how is it a conspiracy?

  6. Quite right, no melting. Thermal expansion was the primary cause. The sprinklers didn't work because the water mains were broken(2 x 110 story of collapsing skyscraper). And the building collapsed progressively internally, full videos of the collapse show the penthouse structures on the roof falling into the building 8 to 10 seconds before the outer shell starts to fall. On top of that the shell fell at less than free fall speeds. But yes, no melting steel.

  7. Conservatives are more likely to subscribe to conspiracy theories because they have a harder time grasping the concept of ambiguity. And ambiguity is pretty much the basis of conspiracy theory where these nut jobs latch onto any discrepancy as a sign that's something fishy going on instead of realizing that very few things in life are neat and tidy with grey areas.

  8. anyone who does any amount of research from things not from the 911 commission will see a billion things that conveniently went well for the govt

  9. This is why I have such a problem with how "conspiracy theories" are discussed. Every bit of information under-reported, misreported or simply ignored by major media outlets, valid or otherwise, is carefully categorized and placed somewhere on the political spectrum. In that niche valid questions can be ridiculed without consideration. People who might otherwise examine those questions often don't simply because they've heard "Oh, that's just a(liberal,conservative, libertarian) conspiracy."

  10. I agree with that. I personally tend to give second thought to things that people dismiss too quickly. But if one is to research or look into a theory, I think the mark of intelligence is to be very slow to believe things.

  11. Agreed, I spent years researching 9/11, the events leading up to it and the aftermath before coming to my conclusions. It took a lot of time and more than a few breaks to step back and reconcile the facts I couldn't deny with my preconceptions of what was possible behind the scenes. I recently bumped into the woman who initially pointed me towards that research. It turns out she'd quickly abandoned the idea. It was a "right-wing" thing and she was shocked a good liberal like me would buy it.

  12. Basically what this boils down to is republicans don't trust the government, and democrats do everything the government says.

  13. I think Cara Santa Maria is hot but she is an idiot! Was she saying that science has debunked that building 7 was demolished? What about scientists for 9/11 truth? She went 'oh god' when Jimmy say he believes in conspiracies, and again when he mentioned JFK. Really? You believe the official line all the time? I remember when Ana said she voted against GM food labeling in California. Why would you do that? Science correspondent? She got her job cos she is hot and did a science degree period!!!

  14. Wow, how bias can the Young Turks get? We know you're all super Liberal, but for the love of god, stop wtih the obvious bias. Porn this, homosexuality and masturbation that. Jeez.

  15. Jimmy's definition of a conspiracy theorist: any1 who believes in different crazy conspiracy theories than he does. It baffles me people still believe in JFK conspiracy theories & the bullshit Building 7 talking points when these have been so thoroughly debunked ages ago. And I'd really like to know who Jimmy thinks destroyed Building 7. None of this "I'm just asking questions" BS. If not the 9/11 hijackers, then who did it? Either present a coherent, falsifiable alternate theory or shut up

  16. Well said JapaneseHornet. I'd like to add that as part of this indoctrination they are trained to accept the proclamation of a stated authority, e.g., clergy, or right-wing pundits, as absolute truth that is not to be questioned. This is why the right-wing has such an easy time convincing their electorate of falsehoods.

  17. She's obviously comparing to Fox News. The rest of the mainstream media are 'fact-based', but that doesn't mean that they stick totally to the facts as opposed to a corporate leaning agenda.

  18. When I heard first the stat 1 out of 100 people have schizophrenia, I thought it was way off and way too high. How the internet has proven me wrong.

  19. (Part 1) This will have to be a multi part respons so bear with me pls. Thermite is (usualy) a mixture of iron oxide(Fe2O3) and aluminium(Al). This will be importaint later! Also my native language is english not, so I apologize in advanced.

  20. (Part 2) 1. problem: The samples they analysed were sent by people who allegedly collected the dust couple of block away from the collapsed towers, I presume for memorial purposes. They were not experts! The first sample he recived was in 2007, 6 years after the attack. It is really hard to determine how the samples were handled.

  21. (Part 3) 2. problem: Their analysis found that the dust contain traces (small chips) of Al and Fe2O3. Which are only present in EVERY electronic device+all other things that contain iron and aluminium.

  22. Part 4) 3. problem: Ok, lets say that his theory is true and that the majority of the Al and Fe2O3 came from the explosives. What he found was essentially unreacted thermite. He found that the dust contained 0,1% of unreacted thermite. That is 1 gram per kilo of dust. That is a lot of unreacted thermite, since thermite is very reactive.

  23. (Part 5) 4. problem: The authors didn't relese the samples to the public for other groups to analyse the samples. Isn't that wierd? Why wouldn't they do that? So we have to take their word for it, since nobody else can test their claims since they dont want to release the samples! I'm sry but this isn't how science works! To wrap the whol thing the paper was of poor qualaty. I don't think you read the paper since the flaws are somewhat obvious.

  24. (Part 6) In conclusion I think the biggest problem is that they didn't want to release the samples to the public. That is a bad sign of their scientific integrity. Also I must admit that I haven't read the whole article some time, so if I made any mistakes please feel free to correct me!

  25. South Park put it best. The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory is a government conspiracy. They realize that a large portion of people believe the truth but a fourth of the populous is retarded so they create fake conspiracies so they can let that stupid part of the country believe that they are some all powerful entity who can control everything with secret plans when in reality all they are, are a bunch of incompetent jack asses

  26. Anybody who thinks building 7 fell by fire, really needs to pull there head out of their ass. not one building has ever fell because of fire. Any demolition expert will say building 7 was a demolition

  27. That woman is a fucking idiot. Disgusting piece of shit. It was vile scum like her who bileved the gold of tomkin was a "cosnpiracy theory". It wasnt until years later we got confirmation. People who accepted the "mainstream" "official " version WERE WRONG:

  28. more than likely its not the 2012 election that was stolen..it was the Bush, now that election was stolen..and for the government knowing about 9/11 in advance, I believe it!

  29. It was up to the right of the car, funny a kid would tell me then, aww so thats why his head moved in the OTHER direction. Look at it like this, if I hit someone in the head with a hammer, it's not going to bounce towards the hammer. Is that hard to understand? You don't even have to be educated to understand that. Don't trust TV documentaries so readily, for that screen is the 4th branch of government, it controls your perspective.

  30. This girl is fucking unbearable! "I'm not surprised! … by anything". My 4 year old is less self centered than that! uff.

  31. Hey tough guy why don't you link a photo showing that the entire south side of building 7 was destroyed then?

    Because it didn't say a word about that in the 9/11 commission report.

    You remember that report right, the one Bush had to be forced into creating by the 9/11 victims families?

  32. Hey numnuts, you can't post links on YouTube.

    A simple google search for "wtc 7 south side" will show you what you need to see. Click the first link.

  33. The government does lie a lot, pus I would not believe the information you get from books and media that's the info they want leaked. Most of us just debate lies and confusions, and that's the whole point, the government creates the conspiracies and puts them out there, they can't appear to be prefect, Alex jones is probably a federal agent

  34. A whole chuck of the concrete is missing, caused by falling debris.

    I don't understand how you can think fire caused that. Stop being wilfully ignorant and read the explanation on the debunking website.

  35. Am I a conspiracy theorist for thinking Reagan cut a deal with Iran to sabotage the hostage negotiation in exchange for future arm deals?

  36. Talking about facts
    Here are some FACTS about 9/11

    Put the twin towers coming down and a controlled demolition side by side. They look almost exactly the same
    Without 9/11 US couldn't have invaded Iraq
    The steel bars in the towers were saw melted when there is no way they would have melted via jet plane fuel ALONE
    No major pieces of plane were found at ANY of the crash sites

    These aren't found via any small pockets of information that you claim. I searched everywhere for proof for and against.

  37. I don't have any.

    I'm just rejecting current explanations due to lack of evidence and contradicting conclusions.

    The video you gave me, does just that. Takes NIST model… and they forget to mention how under such model, the building should've crumpled up not collapsed.

    Clear sign of dishonesty. Not sure why he did that.

  38. "All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force. Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise." Adolph Hitler

  39. I am no Republicann or Democrat but I am against globalization which is where this is going. But these guys on this show are sell outs, pure and simple. They are paid shills for Obama. So they are like trolls. They get paid to act like they aren't biased but they manipulate for political.They take occassional jabs at Obama but if you watch old shows, youll see it, all sugary.Cenk has been sweating since the incredibly stupid Sandy Hook,incident that only brain dead peple would believe.

  40. And you don't even know your facts, you're obviously referring to the Silverstein clip, where he says they had to "pull it" which is pretty freaking ironic because that is the clip conspiracy theorists point to to show that Silverstein was part of the conspiracy. Think about what you are suggesting, the towers have fallen, whole nation is in, chaos, and somehow they had time and resources to rig building 7 and demo it? So stupid.

  41. You confuse statics "..that load.." with dynamics "..began failing.."!
    A floor collapsing does not gain weight.
    What I said was if we observe freefall, there can't be any "crushing" of floors. That's why I suggested some basic mechanics.

  42. Thanks for your opinions theMsVicke. I am not a troll and in fact I have been studying 9-11 pretty intensely for like 8 years. Everything I have posted in this thread is the truth. Maybe you need to do some more research. I hope you have a blessed day.

  43. The building collapsed at free fall speed for 6 seconds.
    HOWEVER, the collapse wasn't merely 6 seconds long, and it wasn't uniformly.
    The side of the building not in the film you idiots use when it's collapsing, is heavily damaged, falling first. Furthermore, you can see the innards of the building go before the outershell goes.
    The total collapse time was around double the 6 seconds.
    The outer shell, collapsed uniformly and at free fall, ONLY AFTER, the inside collapsed first.
    /end fucktard

  44. Right, the head leans BACK….They say he got hit in the BACK of the head, not the FRONT, thus through not really numbers, so much as common sense, would dictate he got hit more from the front than the back. Grassy knoll was at the right side of the road, little bit forward. Don't tell me what I know.

  45. I was like, "How did I miss her saying that the last time I watched this?" I've done such a 180 on TYT on a lot of things, but I'm glad at least one of them is asking some kinds of questions about the lies of the government.

  46. the "mainstream media" she's talking about would be every other form of media except fox news cause that's how fox news describes everyone else…so IN COMPARISON to fox, Limbaugh and those other shit heads, "mainstream media" (even if you include the true mainstream like cnn, abc etc.) is more fact based than the right wing propaganda machine that is fox news…

  47. Remember TYT, Anti-GMO is an anti-science conspiracy theory as it completely contradicts evidence.

  48. when science proves/disproves something, and you still say it's a conspiracy theory, then you're an idiot.

  49. -yawhn-
    They cherry pick the films and only show it collapsing on 1 side, when there's another angle of the building in which you can tell the inner floors go first long before the outer shell collapses.
    In otherwords, they don't show the whole story.

    I figured it would be pretty god damned obvious when I said "not in the film you idiots use" what I meant they were doing.
    But I suppoose to those whom haven't done the research -cough- it isn't that obvious.

  50. You're spouting alot of bull shit that means nothing.
    It was heavily damaged upon impact, the upper floor penthouse floor and the airconditioning system fell down due to structural failures which then impacted the floors below which were already heavily damaged due to fire and explosions, all of which collapsed with the outer shell shortly following.
    There doesn't need to be a strategic placement for anything, it's just a god damned building collapsing from explosions and fire you idiot.

  51. -yawhn-
    Dude, I stopped giving a shit about your brand of bull shit months ago.
    I've got 3 projects that i'm working on atm and I can't be fucked to bother honestly correcting your retarded ass. And even if I didn't have all of that, there's no point.
    You're not literate on the subject, you're just repeating the same spoon fed refuted bull shit every other conspiracy theorist is without critically considering it.
    In otherwords, shove it back up your ass.
    Bye kid.

  52. "My brother Phil who makes $50k a year and worries about the estate tax…"

    Exactly! I never understand why someone would care about injustice to others. I am sure these 3 white people on the video wouldnt give a damn if some Arab is tortured in Guantanamo…

  53. this idiot thinks building 7 was an inside job? fuck me young turks why you got a fuckwit like this in bed with you? young turks your a joke

  54. Hey Cara, who gets to decide when a so called "conspiracy theory" (which really means any theory at all that someone else thinks is nonsense) is debunked by the scientific community? You can find any number of scientists that are supportive or not supportive to any given theory. Where does that leave you?

  55. This is one of my all time favorite videos because of all the progressives on YouTube only Jimmy Dore had the courage to actually say look at building 7. What do you see? All the others refuse to even talk about this issue (even though pretty much every political decision and policy since 9/11 has been based on our understanding of what happened that day. Shouldn't we be allowed to at least talk about what we see and have learned from independent researchers? Particularly experts like architects and engineers for 9/11 truth, pilots for 9/11 truth etc?

    Jimmy Dore has no limits to his courage while other so called progressives are still screaming to support the Democratic elites even after watching them screw Bernie just to lose to Trump by making a weak VP choice.

    Thank you Jimmy!!! All others please wake up!!!

  56. List of most damaging and insane conspiracy theories:

    10) Jill Stein and other progressives are responsible for Trump being elected
    9) Russian interference is the main reason the US elected Trump
    8) All people who advocate for an end to Capital punishment secretly feel sympathetic to the crimes of the guilty.
    7) All people who reason that abortion is the murder of another human being secretly hate women or are against women's rights. (or they all secretly want to blow up abortion clinics, etc.)
    6) There is some organized worldwide Muslim agenda to take over the world.
    5) There is some organized worldwide Jewish agenda to take over the world.
    4) People who promote a more global world where we act as fellow human beings as opposed to clinging to our us against them mentalities via religious sects, national boundaries etc, are really just Satanists who are trying to usher in the apocalypse and are somehow serving Satan
    3) People who write books about their published research regarding 9/11 JFK. MLK, RFK, etc are just trying to profit from their deaths (while presumably if you tow the mainstream explanations then the books are clearly just to inform with no agenda whatsoever.)
    2) People who try to talk about or ask questions about the effects of heavy vaccinations of their children are ignorant or really don't care about public safety.
    1) The mainstream conspiracy theory regarding 9/11 which basically purports that Muslim religiosity as opposed to some kind of steered political terrorist event for political reasons was responsible for what happened on 9/11. (Damaging and provably false.)

  57. No, Jimmy, you're not a conspiracy theorist, when you're saying all these things, you're an idiot, who blindly believes them.

  58. The time before Jimmy Dore realized TYT had become bought, like Vice, MotherJones, Vox and so many more.

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