When will Putin ban anime? (in Russian, English subtitles available)

Hello, friends. Today we will talk about such cultural phenomenon as anime. And we will try to answer the question: when anime will be banned in Russia. Someone may think that this question is stupid: really, why would anyone ban Japanese animation? But do not jump to conclusions. First, let’s see why something is banned at all? Why is something forbidden in this or that country? Of course, one of the main reasons for a ban is a danger to life and health of people. A state restricts the spread of poisons, drugs, and medicines because these things can harm people’s health. I will not go into detail about this point. It seems that everything is quite evident here. However, I note that this point is not a rigid rule. You know perfectly well that drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco are not very useful for us. Actually, there is no use at all.
These things are harmful to our body But alcohol and tobacco are legal. We can buy them at a store. Besides, soft drugs are legal in some countries. In other countries, you can buy medicines that are withdrawn from sale in Russia or in the US, for example. Thus, a danger to our health is not the primary reason to ban something. The second reason for a ban is a conflict with traditional values. And this point is more interesting for us. For example, in Muslim countries the main reason for banning something is religious norms and the list of prohibitions that can be found in the Quran. Religion, in general, is a set of some restrictions and bans. For example, the ten commandments in Christianity and Judaism or the Bodhisattva vow in Buddhism. In atheistic countries culture also imposes bans in the form of traditions and informal rules adopted in a society. Thus, religion and culture, in general, could be a source of bans. The third and the most interesting for us reason for a ban is a ban on things that constitute threats to human management. Something is forbidden if there is any danger of losing power for those who possess power. A prohibition is imposed by a state or broadly speaking by those who have power in case there is a danger of reducing the effectiveness of human management or losing control over us. According to sources in the IT sector and the presidential administration, the FSB wants to decipher and analyze all Internet traffic in Russia in real time. Russian users may lose access to Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Deputies of the State Duma proposed to prohibit so-called anonymizers. Russian Authorities are going to impose control over Internet traffic. The authorities say it is necessary to protect Russians from communication outages. And you should understand: if something is forbidden, then usually this ban is beneficial for somebody. Let’s figure it out. I have already talked about culture. Cultural differences allow the authorities to influence people’s consciousness more effectively, that is, to manage people more efficiently. In other words, if a society is accustomed to living according by some rules, those who are at the top of the hierarchy of this society and who do not allow other rules influence people to have benefits. If rules change then the authorities and elite change too. Culture is not just a set of differences between people, but also ways of governing people that worked out during the history of nations. In this sense, a history of nations is a history of constitution and evolution of methodes of governing these nations. We take the icon of the holy prince Nikolai and go unarmed to the armed Bandera men (Ukrainian soldiers). We go without fear. And they do not harm us. Why? Only God can do such а miracle. You are a special girl and you have a great future. Let’s take cinema for example. Cinema is not only an art or entertainment, but also a propaganda tool. Of course, you know it And of course it’s not just about cinema, but also about animation, theater, media and even about education system. In other words, when Russian Minister of Culture speaks about financial support of Russian cinematography, he means not support of a particular type of business that brings revenue to its owner or tax revenues to the government, but he rather implies the enhancement of a method of manipulating us. This type of business is not profitable in Russia yet because usually Russian movies are worse than foreign ones. That’s why Russians prefer to watch foreign films. In general, this business becomes unprofitable without state support in Russia, because Russian films are not competitive yet. Film production is supported not because it is a business with growth potential and not because of any humanitarian reasons or care about culture, but because cinema is an effective propaganda tool, i.e. a tool of control and manipulation. In any society, cultural codes reproduced by the authorities are a means of creating models of human behavior. This Is Saint Demetrius. He fought against enemies for truth, but not for medals. And his reward was a martyr death. Welcome to “The Patriot” Cinema is a way of forming people, i.e. a way of governing us. In other words, cinema allows holding the power which is a value itself and a way to take resources from a territory The authorities will not give away people’s minds because people’ s minds is a valuable resource. And that’s why there is an intense struggle for your minds. This morning all will die and I will die too So, cinema shapes people’s behavior, and it is beneficial for the authorities. And when a government faces the danger of someone else’s influence on culture it is forced to limit this influence. So, a government improve the mechanisms of its propaganda and create barriers to the spread of foreign culture And it does not matter either how good a foreign culture is nor how bad it is. No matter whether useful spreading of this culture in a society or not No matter whether it transmits qualitative and modern models of behavior or not. The issue is the danger of losing control over people. And the weaker authorities, the more it is necessary to promote special models of behavior and the need for a ban on foreign culture Besides, if there is a conflict between two centers of power we could expect that attacks on alien cultures could be conducted. In 2017 the Russian government tried to ban Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” because of propaganda of homosexuality they had found in the movie. 58 types of gays!58 types!!! (about a list of kinds of sex self-perceptions or smth like that) People!! How do we distinguish one from the other?!!! Friends, this farce was needed not to ban this propaganda but to give a sign to American film producers. Like, “we can easily block your access to the Russian market.” There is no concern about the younger generation here. Pay attention there are no problems with a ban on any movie in Russia. And the conflict with the West increases the probability of a ban. “Beauty and the Beast” was not banned in Russia after all. They just raised the rating from 6+ to 16+. I wonder if this film is not for children then for whom it is according to Russian officials’ opinion? By the way, if you have not watched this movie yet and I intrigued you with a rating of 16+, then I must disappoint you because there are no neither debauchery nor a collapse of moral standards. There is no even the usual mockery of minorities. But your frustration is apparent to me. I would like to watch a 16 + movie with Hermione too. 18+ is better, of course. If you understand me. And now let’s talk about anime. First, anime is very popular in Russia. As elsewhere in the world. We can see another mass subculture with its own values, norms, and patterns of behavior is rising. Nothing bad. But under certain conditions popularity of foreign culture is a threat to a government because it questions the ability of government to manage society, that is, to get resources from society. Second, anime is not just foreign cultural codes. It is cultural codes of a potential enemy. Yes, friends, Japan is a USA ally in a possible military conflict with Russia. Moreover, Japan and Russia have territorial disputes. Such disputes are the most dangerous types of conflicts between states. Thus, Japan is a potential enemy of Russia in a possible military confrontation. Teacher! It’s… Russians! And they have guns! So, what happens if you, dear Russian friends, that is, people who have nothing against Japan and even more who know and love Japanese culture, are forced to do your duty and fight against Japan? Most likely nothing good. Whether you like it or not, you will not be able to fight well enough. You’ll be bad soldiers. It is tough to see someone as your enemy if you never considered him as your enemy before. Such war would be ineffective. For a state it means that there will be additional costs of intensive ideological influence on your mind. To defend the Motherland on the first call as did our forefathers! Swear! To hold hard the victorious banner of the great country! Swear! Swear! Swear! For the Motherland! For Stalin! Ahead! Hurray! And it means that the price of creating a better enforcement mechanism will be high. Situatuation 128.1 Start off. The popularity of culture of a potential enemy means additional difficulties in mobilizing the population. Therefore, the culture of a potential enemy should be restricted. While some public activists hold their meetings, Japanese anime mangles Russian children! How? Quite simple. . Russians may not even notice this restriction. Everything could be done gradually. For example, they could accuse anime of immorality or to introduce the idea that anime cripples immature minds of young Russians. … and a special program will be loaded in immature minds of Russian children Does anime cripple your immature minds? As for me, I would equate anime to drugs. It is possible to limit the number of anime groups in social networks, fan sites, and anime blogs. There are a lot of ways to restrict cultural impact. Believe me, there are a lot of ways to divide two nations. It turns out that not all cartoons are equally useful. For example, what is your favorite cartoon character? Cheburashka? Carlson? Winnie the Pooh? ? In this case, your personal life is all right! But if your favorite characters are bloody and sinister monsters, then your education was not followed carefully. I’m talking about American and Japanese cartoons. Many of them are full of violence. The most longstanding of them is “Tom and Jerry” and the most dangerous is anime. Thirdly, a pressure on a foreign culture can be a pressure on a foreign state. If Russia needs to force Japan to commit any political action, Russia could demonstratively restrict Japanese culture in Russian society. There are a lot of examples of such restrictions. Unfortunately, most of such restrictions are not recognized as means of strengthening the power of the authorities but identified as just stupid ideas of not quite smart politicians. So, culture often is a subject of bargaining for unscrupulous politicians and short-sighted states. And be sure that all of this will go unnoticed for Russians. In the situation of international isolation of Russia and strengthening of international tension on its borders, the number of restrictions on foreign cultures (except approved by the state) will increase, and ideologically convenient culture will spread. Nothing can be done about that. …and peace would be in the entire World. But if the chief commander calls us for the last fight… then, Uncle Vova, we with you! So, access to the Russian market of cultural products from the countries of potential adversaries will be restricted in various ways. And access to the market from the countries of potential allies will be facilitated. So I advise Russians to start moving from anime to Chinese movies. And it’s even better to start getting used to the North Korean animation. Well, in the end, let’s look at why these processes are dangerous for Russians. Friends, let’s be realistic. We have very few resources to create a modern state with a high standard of living. Russia has no Western technologies, nor Eastern human resources. The main resource available to us is the little grey cells in our heads which capable of creating new ideas through which new products are created. Our only resource is our brain and its ability to create something new. If we create a product that will be interesting in the West, it will be excellent. If we produce a product that will be interesting in the East, then it will be wonderful. That is, we need to learn how to create a new product instead of copy it unsuccessfully. And for this, we need as many degrees of freedom as possible. We need to see as much as possible. We should be able to get where others cannot get yet. This is about science, technology, and art. And it’s critical that all available cultural flows pass through us. The more these flows, the higher the probability of their weird combination in our heads and the creation of a new product. The more a person is allowed, the more new products he creates. The number of degrees of freedom is significant. The more you are allowed, the more you create. But the fewer degrees of freedom people have, the easier it is to manipulate them. And this is the central social contradiction and the main obstacle for us. Friends, if you are deprived of opportunities because someone wants to control you, it is very very bad. So never let anyone get into your head and decide for you what to do. Even your beloved Motherland.

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