What’s Worse Than Brexit?

What’s Worse Than Brexit?

Britain’s still one of the most powerful
countries on earth. So who we vote for on 12 December matters
to people right across the world. And to many, it’s a matter of life or death. So let’s look at the Tories’ record on foreign policy. In Yemen, Britain is sustaining an indiscriminate Saudi bombing campaign that’s killed thousands of civilians. British jets form a large proportion of the Saudi air force. And those jets can’t fly – let alone carry on bombing civilians – without ongoing technicaland logistical support from the UK. The Saudis have imposed a blockade on Yemen that is the leading cause of what is now the world’s worst humanitarian disaster. “We can’t afford a decent meal. We’re now
begging to eat and feed our children.” It’s a man-made catastrophe in which 85,000 infant children have died of starvation or preventable disease. The situation in Yemen today right now to
the population of the country looks like the apocalypse. In Yemen, Britain’s an accessory to mass
murder. On climate change, the Tories are on course to miss their own targets to reduce carbon emissions. Britain’s the world’s sixth largest economy, so what we do on climate change matters. With time running out, Tory failures are a death sentence to millions in the global south where the worst effects of the climate emergency are already being felt. There’s more. Under the Tories, Britain intervened in Libya in 2011, promising to deliver democracy. But instead, Libya’s now a failed state, and the country’s still gripped by civil war eight years later. “All we want is a little kind of the peace.” Britain increased arms sales to Egypt after the country’s first elected government was overthrown by the military. “Their first experience of democracy in Egypt is threatened at birth by the military coup against the constitution.” And even after the coup regime slaughtered over a thousand civilians, in massacres described by Human Rights Watch as a crime against humanity. “This was a systematic, planned attack on
protestors.” Britain increased arms sales to Bahrain after the regime violently crushed a peaceful pro-democracy movement in 2011. Britain’s carried on selling arms to Israel
even as it gunned down unarmed protestors in Gaza. And Britain maintains warm and friendly relations with Donald Trump. The world’s leading racist demagogue, and the world’s leading threat to international security. Rolling the red carpet out for a state visit last year. Is this really the sort of country we want to be? We can see from Boris Johnson’s own long record of racism – “…already vulnerable Muslim women when they are described as looking like bank robbers and letterboxes.” – and the fact the Tories chose him as their leader – that this is a party that holds the peoples
of the global south in total contempt. Their record in office puts that beyond question. In Yemen right now, Britain is contributing
directly to the deaths of tens o thousands of people. This cannot be allowed to continue. Now Labour have pledged to immediately end support for the Saudis in Yemen, cease arms sales to human rights abusers, and to implement a serious plan to tackle the climate emergency. Don’t let anyone tell you there isn’t
a real choice to make on 12 December. And don’t waste your vote on election day. Lives depend on the outcome.


  1. Superb, from a random comment on a podcast to a brilliantly informative video. Well done for putting it together. If not who, if not when.

  2. Original 6'O in Truth People Know Our Position, inter Islam conflict is complex and natures order is reign, before you complain about Muslims you should understand Native Majority Home Truth The Bee is not a threat to the flower, All the Anti Trump Nonsense from you lefties and Jeremy annoys me I pray trump gets re-elected make New York Great Again and Global South I Think Climate Change/Sun More Deadly For Real Blonde Whites

  3. Most British people are racist – thank centuries of imperialist propaganda for that – so they don’t care about this stuff unfortunately

  4. Novara how about you do a video on Inter White Differences that everybody knows and how White Race Came to be, Because it has played into History to current system

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