What Nov 8th elections mean, Saudi asking for citizens to leave Lebanon, CAM program phased out

What Nov 8th elections mean, Saudi asking for citizens to leave Lebanon, CAM program phased out

It’s Thursday, it’s raining, wet, and cold
here in the A-t-l, the news hound is hogging the bed, and I am wondering if there is a
way to invent a coffee IV. It’s your friendly neighborhood news chick
and today I cover the Nov 8 elections and what they could mean for the future, Saudi
telling its people to leave Lebanon, and the Central American Minors program being dropped. So, if you’re ready to get this started, let’s
get to it! A Youtuber, by the name of Hi, I think I am
real, after watching Ranting Monkey’s video response to him, owned up to his mistake and
apologized. It’s refreshing to see people take responsibility
for their mistakes and moving on instead of doubling down. In other YouTube news, Lizz’s closest friend
Dark Art has been diagnosed with lung cancer. I have no words to describe this. In February, Ronin lost his sister to cancer. All I can do is offer my ear when she needs
to talk, vent and rant. Lizz, if you watch this, anytime you need
to talk, just DM me. Dark Art, if you watch this, know I am sending
prayers and positive energy your way. You will be in my thoughts, and I will be
pulling for you. You are the other papaw on the internet for
me. Please, take care of yourself. Let’s get to the news. Virginia and New Jersey are now blue states. This and the flipping of two dozen seats to
democrat have bolstered democrat hopes for redistricting in the coming decade. This means the democrats have gained a minimum
of 30 legislative seats, taking momentum away from the Republicans. The fight for political control of legislative
chambers should not be taken lightly. The party with the most seats has the majority
sway over policies such as health care, taxes, and education. This also determines how the congressional
and state legislative districts are drawn. The next redistricting will happen after the
2020 Census, a little over three years away. New DNC Chairman Tom Perez told reporters
33 groups had focused on Virginia in order to help get the Democratic candidate elected. This doubles the number from four years ago. Millions of dollars were given to the races
there and in the other states as well in hopes to gain Democratic seats. Due to increasing tensions in the region following
the resignation of al-Hariri,a brief statement has been released in the state-run Saudi Press
Agency. This release told Saudis who reside in Lebanon
to leave, for visitors to cut their trips short and warned travelers not to go to the
region. This comes, not only on the heels of the resignation,
but the sweeping anti-corruption actions being taken by the up-and-coming Saudi King. To date, 208 people have been called in for
questioning. The Saudi government has estimated over $100B
has been embezzled or misused in other ways. An estimated 1700 bank accounts have been
frozen. The Central American Minors Program will be
phased out at 11:59 p.m. EST today. The US State department will stop taking applications
for the program which allowed children to apply for refugee status when fleeing from
the violence in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras before they leave home. The CAM program is another Obama program. It was done to try to address the issue of
unaccompanied minors and families fleeing from Central America seeking asylum. The Trump administration said in a report
to congress “the vast majority of individuals accessing the program were not eligible for
refugee resettlement” as a reason for ending the program. They want to focus on “more targeted” processing. Since the program was put in place 1,500 children
and eligible family had arrived in the US as refugees under CAM. It’s time for recommended views and I’m starting
off with Boogie 2988. In this video, he explains why he hasn’t been
streaming games or uploading content for a bit. It seems our Boogie is conquering his anxiety
and is getting out more. Good for you, Boogie! Second on the list is the king of “try not
to laugh” at least for me. Drunken Uncle takes on the Gay Times as a
drag queen runs down a list of what not to say to a non-binary person. If you want to laugh until you pee, this is
the video. Isethorginal teams up in this video to completely
tear apart an Imam and passages in the Quran. She is funny, insightful, and just a delight
to watch as she and her partner rip into what the target of the video considers proof of
God. Last, but maybe the best, is Sugar Tits. She takes on the feminists and cheers on a
woman who calls out the bullshit she hears on a panel. This is definitely a must-watch for anyone. Ever since Trump was elected and his presidency
was cemented in the re-do of the electoral vote, Democrats have been looking to either
impeach Trump or get some sort of legislative advantage so they can have momentum, and it
looks like they are gaining momentum, but is the momentum well-earned? I think not. They’ve twisted science, ignored history,
and blocked facts in order to help their candidates get their seats. They used the MSM propaganda and fake news
machine lulling those who refuse to question anything into thinking the country is failing
under Trump, white people are evil, and if you disagree and bring fact, you are the Nazi
or White Supremacist. This is a war in ideas, facts, and common
sense, and if the loss is complete, all will be lost. As far as Saudi Arabia is concerned, if you
truly believe war has been declared on your country, it only makes sense to pull your
citizens out of the country you are at war with. It makes sense to tell your citizens visiting
to come back and restrict travel. There are many things that have lend to this
situation. I will continue to watch the situation unfold. The Central American Minors program always
rubbed me the wrong way, and not because of the fact it was an Obama thing, but the fact,
as a mother, I could not fathom sending my children by themselves to cross war zones,
deserts, and borders ALONE. Now, I understand you want to do anything
to ensure the safety of your family and children, but sending the elderly and children across
harsh terrain in hopes they reach the US border to MAYBE be granted asylum is insane to me. This is something that should have never happened. I leave it to you now. What do you think about the stories read today? Please, continue the conversations below. It’s time to some goofy and funny stuff. I hope you like the memes I found. These are the scheduled live streams for today. All links to the live streams, recommended
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DM me for an invite. We would love to have you. As always, may your coffee ever flow, may
your caffeine be ever strong, and may you have a thoroughly awesome Thursday. Take care, my lovable coffee nuts.


  1. Well, an election for my city's mayor is coming up on the fourteen. I don't think my city will turn red since the guy that is likely to win is a Democrat and my state is already a blue state. Though, I am probably being biased for not wanting to support the Democratic candidate, especially with how the Democrats handled the 2016 election. I am probably being a bigot as usual. God, I overuse that term!

  2. Plus, New Jersey and Virginia were already blue states that went towards Hillary. I probably shouldn't be shocked about Democrats winning them. Also, Georgia was won by a Republican, right? John Ollsup or whatever his name was didn't win, which is probably a good thing. I did kinda support him, but I never donated to his campaign. I just don't have that type of money to support politicians.

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