What is artificial intelligence    BBC News (Engsub)

What is artificial intelligence BBC News (Engsub)

[Music] “what is A.I.?” let’s start with a question What do you think the most complex object in the universe is try and think of it I guarantee you the answer is in your head, literally. That’s because of the human brain, the most complex networks the most powerful systems cannot match it. Changing that is the ultimate goal of artificial intelligence It is not about building a robot but creating a computer mind that can think like a human. But there are many steps along the way, so-called simple or narrow A.I. systems are already everywhere. From Apple’s Siri to Facebook’s friend recommendations but in our cars our homes even air traffic control and narrow A.I. has been around for years Doing one specific task better than any human. The computer deep blue beat the world chess champion way back in 1997 but ask it to play draughts and it wouldn’t know where to start it couldn’t learn a new game for itself, it couldn’t think as a human and so we come back to the challenge. We some say the danger of creating a human or general A.I. a computer mind that thinks like a human that learns, that improves, that could even become superhuman Experts project 2050 is the year we can see it if it is even possible it’s a race worth billions. Some say it will save humanity other sake could destroy us either way if and when it happens the world will be changed forever [Music]

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