What Happens When the U.S. Government Shuts Down? | NYT

What Happens When the U.S. Government Shuts Down? | NYT

“The motion is adopted. Without objection, the motion
to reconsider is laid on the table.” Here we are again. Partisan political bickering has led to another
government shutdown. But what does that mean? The federal fiscal year
starts on Oct. 1, often without new
spending laws in place. Instead, the
president and Congress strike a short-term deal
to buy more time. If they can’t reach
a new agreement before the next deadline, much of the
federal government shuts down. Since October,
there have already been three short-term agreements. When the government shuts down,
federal workers are either forced off the job
or told to work without pay. Essential services,
such as airport security and food inspections,
stay in place. The military remains active but may not be paid on time, depending on how long
the shutdown drags on. And national parks and
monuments will remain open, at least this time. In the event of a
shutdown, the I.R.S. will likely
be forced to slow implementation of
the new tax bill. Funding for Puerto Rico, still rebuilding from Hurricane Maria, also hangs in the balance. The future will remain
unclear for DACA recipients. And without an extension,
the Children’s Health Insurance Program will run out of money.


  1. This is an eternal story. There is a great country in which the government works, and there is the great country in which the government has shut down temporarily …

  2. But Dave What about 3 NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS, STILL BURNING …Japan, So Why Its. A Nuclear END. One Way, Or The Other. 1957 The Price Anderson Act. Legalized Nuclear Murder.. In 1970 The Book " Population Control Though Nuclear Pollution " By Dr.Tamplin & Dr Gofman Found That Cancer & 1800 Other Health Problems From Nuclear, Lie's Killing The Earth & The Next Earth Quake. Do You Think They Fixed The Reactors? JAPAN 3 Nuclear Reactor Melt Downs, & All Contents Of Spent Fuel Pools, In The Pacific Ocean In Our Environment. Man-Made Nuclear Isotopes Are Now In The Hydrological Cycle. & In The Food Chain & Next Nuclear Disaster. Is A Mathematical Certainty ..Due To The Algorithm Of Greed..The Nuclear Lies Have Cost Us Everything…Bad Money = Nuclear WAR

  3. The democrats held usa hostage (government shutdown) to GIVE citizenship to "dreamers" tto vote Trump out in 2020. Evil……..make this viral please..

    Trump bombs poppy fields in Afghanistannot people like last presidents, great for America. Thank god hillary could not steal presidential election.Trup will release the memo , fix that. President working for us for once.

  4. With the total 68 trillion dollar debt USA has, it looks like things are escalating fast! Yes it's 68, not 20, look it up! In 10-20 years, the total debt will be how much USA worth as a country! Just saying, so that you know why USA makes war everywhere, to make profit" oil, resources, selling weapons! If they can't do something about the debt they will destroy Europe too, like an illegal immigration, sounds familiar?! From Europe they will steal now, at least from the idiots, who don't know what is happening, or the politicians are their puppets! Europe doesn't even have military power, only Turkey, so no worries, half of Europe will be destroyed in every way possible!

  5. ha who cares state and government workers are shady enough and they need to crack down and get rid of a lot of them or have an IA on them, but nothing new government workers are always shut down like sheep

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