What Happens If Trump Wins ?

What Happens If Trump Wins ?

Donald Trump. Billionaire, presidential candidate, and motivated
brick-layer. We all know the man. Personally. No, really – take a look at his Twitter
– he’s an open guy, you really get to feel his personality just reading a few of
those old posts. Here’s one: ‘If Hillary Clinton can’t
satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?’. That’s Donald Trump, right there! Well, like it or not all eyes from around
the globe are on Trump and Clinton with the upcoming U.S elections. America’s foreign policy has shaped huge
parts of modern history, so whether you live in Washington or Transnistria, this election
is kind of relevant! And, well, so is Donald Trump and his Tweets. You know the title, so I’m going to be taking
this in sections, relating to all of Trump’s policies. Also, for the purpose of this video, I’m
going to be assuming Trump will carry out each of his policies to the fullest effect. This is unrealistic to believe, because of
the way U.S congress works, but let’s just pretend for now just so we get an idea of
what this man is intending, and what effects those intentions would have. Let’s try this little thought experiment. Sit back, have a listen, and if you don’t
like my answers, maybe try ask yourself this question when the video’s over: Are you
ready for him? So, What happens if… Donald Trump wins? The Wall
Yeah, we’ve all heard about it, we all know about it. Really, I thought it was a joke for a long
while. But this is a serious part of Trump’s campaign. Here’s his plan: There is going to be a
wall, yes, a literal wall built between the United States and Mexico. This, he feels, is necessary to halt the movement
of Mexican nationals into America. They’re taking American jobs, he says, and
they’re stealing American money, and sending it back to Mexico. So he wants to promise those jobs back to
American people, and the best way to do that is build a wall. He’s serious about this! But! His whole campaign’s about saving money
for America, right? So how’d he excuse paying for this wall
to be built across 3,201 kilometers, or close to 2,000 miles? Simple, he says, Mexico would pay for it. Not hard to predict ‘what happens if’
for this one; someone’s written out his exact plan on his website. And here it is:
‘Day 1: Promulgate a ‘proposed rule’’, redefine a law to regulate money transfer
companies, and bring in the following rule: ‘no alien may wire money outside of the
United States unless the alien first provides a document establishing his lawful presence
in the United States’. So… No illegal immigrants could, by any legal
means, transfer money. And here’s the thing, according to Trump:
They receive approximately $24 billion a year in remittances from Mexican nationals working
in the United States. The majority of that amount comes from illegal
aliens.’ In other words, he suggests most money sent
by Mexican nationals from America to Mexico is sent by illegal immigrants. Basically he’s suggesting that 24 billion
dollars that is being sent to Mexico would disappear. And his proposed trump card to finish this
off: ‘On day 3 tell Mexico that if the Mexican
government will contribute the funds needed to the United States to pay for the wall,
the Trump Administration will not promulgate the final rule, and the regulation will not
go into effect.’ Right… So… Yeah, ask Mexico to pay 10 billion for a wall,
or America will increase regulations on money transfers. Eh… Actually, let’s get real for a moment. This won’t happen if Trump wins. It can’t. It’s estimated to require 339 million cubic
feet of concrete for a twenty foot high wall. That’s three times the amount of concrete
in Hoover Dam. Although, Trump himself has said the wall
would be 55 feet high. So… Yeah… As for his ten billion figure for building
it? 1050 kilometers, or 650 miles of fencing on
the border cost America 7 billion dollars. Remember, the wall would be around 2,000 miles… So, would it happen? No, but I’m damn sure Trump would try. He’s suggested before increasing the border
crossing fee, or the price of a visa. This is a little more realistic than a wall. What would happen?.. Well, it’s simple to guess, or really: know
that racial tensions would increase. They’re already pretty bad, for a presidential
candidate to be able to say he’ll wall off an entire country. But with political policy from the president
supporting that tension? Let’s get this straight: it won’t be pretty
living as a foreign national in America if Trump is president, especially if you’re
latino. Or worse still if you’re Mexican. Other countries with walls built like this
that come to mind? North and South Korea… or Israel and Gaza… I’ll give you a hint what their relations
are like: really, really bad! For America to pursue building a wall, even
if the project fails, it’d face condemnation from… Well, from just about everywhere. Then, the political tension between North
and South America would only be strained. I can’t guess what exactly would happen,
but let me give an example of some of this tension. Throughout the noughties, Brazil heavily criticized
America for breaking a few rules to sell cotton cheaper than any other country, crushing any
chance for Brazil and other countries to export cotton. Brazil actually threatened a massive treading
tariff on American goods, which would actually have caused quite a hit on the American economy. The solution was a one-time payment of 300
million dollars to the Brazilian cotton institute. This was a specific issue, but imagine a re-occurrence. There’s a sincere feeling of racism in how
America treats Latin America politically with this “wall’. And, to be clear, immigrants from huge numbers
of Latin American countries cross the Mexican-American border. Tensions having increased during disputes
like what I just mentioned? Well, it’s a fair guess to say boycotts
and trade tariffs might be threatened, or come a little quicker than they did in the
cotton dispute. I’m willing to imagine a frightening result
of “the wall’, and I don’t think this is unrealistic if things really move forward
with this project of Trump’s. The Cold War saw ‘The Iron Curtain’, effectively
blocking access between Eastern and Western Europe. Remember the Berlin Wall? Those circumstances were a little more extreme,
but the tension created by a literal wall is palpable, and has been witnessed in history. Imagine a new Iron Curtain, one between North
and South America – no media passes between either, no workers, no tourists. Don’t be mistaken, Trump might be talking
about Mexico but the wall would block off all of Latin America by land. Could there be a repeat of the Berlin wall? I don’t think so, but… The notion’s not too far out there… Economy
Well, this is a big debate, not one I can effectively touch on. Trump’s policies aim to de-regulate, and
decrease taxation. He suggests it’d be the biggest economic
reform in America since Reagan. This is: neo-liberalism. That word brings up a lot of mixed responses. Margaret Thatcher is said to have brought
it to Britain, and Ronald Reagan to the United States. If Trump wins, you can expect to see a new
neo-liberal movement. Its objective is to free business to allow
themselves to compete naturally without the worries of Government regulation. The fear is, doing this allows competition
to take its most aggressive form, and it’s usually a scenario where money beats out all
competition, letting larger companies strangle smaller ones. Whether or not this happens, well – commenting
on that is a whole can of worms, but if you’re interested take a look at some facts and results
of the Reagan and Thatcher administration. But, to sum this thing up: socialism in America
would be all but erased, Obama-care gone, and a new mode of thinking brought into things. Here it is:
America First This is what really defines Trump’s policies. America first, always. I’m sure you’ve heard it, but let me touch
on what this means, and its repercussions. Let’s take an example, Trump intends on
cancelling the Paris agreement on global warming counter-action. Also to erase an American move towards clean
energy, and environmental protection schemes. The reason ignoring these things would create
more jobs. This is… Probably true, it would create more jobs for
Americans. It’d also totally ignore the rising threat
of global warming, and leave that problem for every other country. Some people have been dismissing it as a real
problem, but one look at reliable sources and you can see just how much the temperature
is actually rising. The threat: water levels rising, countries
being submerged. Fiji, an island nation, is among a list of
those literally being gradually submerged at this very moment, it’s easy to see it
will be completely gone in about fifty years. This is what America first means. Worst case scenario of it? Well, all of the worst case scenarios of global
warming. Climate wars, fall of civilisation. That kind of thing. Maybe you support neo-liberalism? Don’t think global warming is a threat? Don’t like Mexico very much? Your answer might be different to mine. Have a think, and let me know in the comment
section below on what you think happens if: Donald Trump wins. Be also sure to subscribe for more videos. And if you have a topic or subject you would
want us to cover, then let us know in the comment section below.


  1. you have no idea what you are talking about. did you know that Mexico has a wall on its southern border that the US help pay for. you are just saying stuff without looking at the real facts or looking into the full story. you need do some more research before making a video. in this video you are just saying a lot of feel stuff that sounds good but you have no idea how the world works or what has happened in the past.

  2. The question is still who's worse. Hillary isn't exactly without her transgressions!! Bengazi, emails, wikileaks, Clinton Foundation scandal……I trust gas station sushi more than I do the Clintons. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" should be a bumper sticker!!

  3. lol..I'm a natural born citizen of this great nation. so you can safely assume that what I'm about to say is quantified by millions just like me. so here goes. we in America do not I repeat DO NOT want any more illegal fucking aliens crossing over that border to suck our economy dry. You illegal fuckers have no rights here. Go back to your own country and have a revolution just as we did if you don't like where your living and how your living. You come here thinking you have some kind of rights to be here….you don't. we don't want you. And I hope the wall is built. And I hope we stop all transfers of money to your sorry ass country. Go home you bunch of blood sucking ticks.

  4. Fuck mexico and everyone who fly that shit mexican flag in the MERICA. We burn that shit. Now you fuckers can really have a reason to go back. Looks like jobs in mexico are going to drop because they are all getting deported.

  5. Well he won, nothing happened! every time a new fucking idiot comes to be a president OMG OMG OMG everybody OMG OMG we're all gonna die!!!!!!!!!! and guess what, nothing changes, ever!!!!!!!

  6. i fell like hes going to destroy the world …………………… and hes going to make world war 3 but the problom is how did he win no one said that i like trump or something about him right /

  7. Fuck a wall, just hire more Latino border patrol agents and actually give them means to protect themselves and boom, no wall and no illegals

  8. Now make a video of the lies of Hillary Clinton and you might just have a chance of me agreeing with that bullshit video of yours… You can hat on Trump all you like, but the fact is that he already won and that he has the support of the people NOT only in America, because for the first time a world leader is putting the obvious truth into words. Now go do your little protests and cry how the election was rigged just because people want Trump for president.

  9. Hey, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a wide margin. We can
    petition the members of the Electoral College to follow the people's
    choice and on Dec. 19th vote for Clinton instead of Herr Trump. Check it
    out on https://www.change.org/p/electoral-college-electors-electoral-college-make-hillary-clinton-president-on-december-19?source_location=discover_feed

  10. People are not against the wall. Building a wall does not express a dislike for Mexico or South America. A wall would not block legal trade either. The problem stems from Bush's governorship of Texas. There was a short lived boom of low cost illegal workers and the Republican admin looked the other way thinking it was good for thier core supporters. What it will mean is more seriously low paying jobs jobs and rising prices. In the end I think that will be best despite the growing pains. Also, it is not official that Trump is the next president anyway. The Electorate has not voted yet. Many ranking Republicans have voiced that they would not support Trump as candidate. Some of whom are among the Electorates which is a valid factor in a close race in which the popular vote has gone to the Democratic candidate.

  11. You're an idiot. Illegals would just give the money to someone with legal status and the money will be transferred. And I'd be the 1st one to volunteer for a 10% of the cut.

    Btw, the wall would be built by Mexicans workers who live in the US. Get real.

  12. Speculation is like masturbation it doesn't do anything for anyone but you. Whatever trump does we just have to wait and see.

  13. I like Mexico but I also like jobs and a good economy you see things as a global perspective what I hear is a man who should support a AU American Union like the EU I'm sorry but global warming is being used for a carbon tax to tax more money and to limit the freedoms of the average citizen of the global scale globalism isn't a answer but nationalism is a answer to keep people free and allow people to use air conditioning and drive cars instead of focusing on Global Warming we need to first rebuild our economy and then find new renewable resources but not for global warming but for when we run out of natural resources to prevent a resource war

  14. Sorry to tell you, Donald Trump is the president of the United States and he still says he's gonna build that wall

  15. I'm not American but I can see why they are annoyed. America owes Mexicans NOTHING. They have no duty to Mexicans, they have no responsibility for Mexicans. I don't understand why there are so many Mexicans talking about the American dream like they have some kind of right to it. You don't. America owes you absolutely nothing so stay in your own county.

  16. Since it's 2017 October just to say Mexico isn't paying the wall. THE America people are supposed to pay the wall which trump has said

  17. Ready to pull this off yet? Mexico has already agreed to pay for the wall. You do not talk like a politician. Trump 2020

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  19. If trump wins he will create 4 million new jobs in his first 2 years in office. He will lower the unemployment rate to the lowest level in history for blacks and hispanic-americans and asian americans. he will cut the US dependence on foreign oil and increase US production. he will implement criminal reform. he will cut regulations and increase manufacturing jobs. He will defeat ISIS. He will erect barriers along the most porous sections of the southern border. he will expose the corruption of the CIA and how the CIA used a secret data base to spy illegally on american citizens dating back to 2012. he will nominate at least 2 judges to the supreme court. He will trigger a mental condition known as Trump Derangement Syndrome that will cause his political opponents to lose all sense of rational thought, and he will be reelected in 2020.

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