‘We’re a team’: Greta Thunberg visits Barack Obama

‘We’re a team’: Greta Thunberg visits Barack Obama

My message to the young
people who want to have an impact on the world
is be creative. There is so incredibly much
you can do and to not underestimate yourself. – Greta, how are you?
– I’m good. – It is very good to see you again.
– Very good to see you again. – Thank you so much
for stopping by to say hello. – Thank you for having me.
– Of course. You’re changing the world
so we’re very excited to have you. How have you found, so far,
the Friday strikes? How did they go in New York
and how did they go in Washington? – Very well.
– Yeah? – Everyone is so nice and
all these young people seem so eager, very enthusiastic, which is
a very good thing. No one is too small to have
an impact and change the world so just do everything you can.
Be creative. – You and me we’re a team, huh?
– Yes. – Do you know about fistbumping?
– Do you believe in fist bumping? – You can do that. Boom. Good luck.
– Good luck.


  1. Greta Thunberg to Congress: ‘You’re not trying hard enough. Sorry’ ► https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/sep/17/greta-thunberg-to-congress-youre-not-trying-hard-enough-sorry

  2. Take him to the wood shed Greta. Ask him why he isn't vegan yet? How's the energy efficiency and renewable energy at his place? Electric car yet? Secret Service lets him drive now. Tell him to talk the talk and walk the walk.

  3. The puppet meeting the puppeteer who loves beachfront properties. He must believe in global warming about as sincerely as a snake believes in being Vegan. Doesn't the poor misguided child know that CO2 levels below 180ppm cause life to cease, or is she so bereft of doing her own independent research that she just swallows the global warming narrative hook line and Obama in his beachfront home.



  5. Could she at least dress like a 16 year old instead of a 10 year old when meeting a former president, we all know she has rich parents pulling all her strings.

  6. Why do we have to listen to this stupid little girl who is bein sponsored by the wrong people. We have scientists, country leaders and many other highly qualified people who should be representing the correct and actual facts and not this silly stupid little girl. Wake up PEOPLE

  7. im sure Obama shared all the top secret classified info that he could. perhaps he taught Greta that he likes to eat mcdonalds, but that would be to much to take in for Greta so he probably decided not to

  8. The right will be throwing serious fits over this "How dare a girl and a black man be seen in public!" or anyone have an opinion that matters about things that matter, such as the reality of man made climate change.

  9. I love the angle the media are playing. Use a 16 year old’s autism to make her appear more child-like, while at the same time using her 16 year old’s vitriol as weapon.

  10. Obama climate scam.he used climate change to steal tax payer money through that phony Paris agreement. Trump saw through the lie and got us out.

  11. From 11 seconds to 20 he spoke in his real accent which is Indonesian. No African American or white boy in black skin would ever talk like that

  12. It is always nice to see salty Trumpanzees crying so hard in the comments.

    Unlike their Dear Leader/Putin agent, Obama still commands enormous respect throughout the world even though he no longer has any political power.

  13. Meeting with Obama might be counterproductive to the cause. We all know Trump will deny and oppose anything and everything Obama says. If Obama says 2 and 2 is 4, Trump will says he has better math, the greatest American math

  14. I'll bet they are.. Sorry, but if anyone REALLY believe this random little girl just HAPPENED to catch the attention of the global mainstream media just by being a 'dedicated child activist', I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.. it's on the moon… This whole spectacle is about as real as Trump's tan..

  15. I enjoyed watching two people with little knowledge of climate at the same time. Will they ever understand that out Sun controls the weather and the climate?

    Will they ever understand that CO2 is not a poison but the gas of life?

  16. Sometimes I feel sad……. I hope Greta realises that these politicians will not even go vegan on a personal level to change the world but talk so big in front of the camera

  17. We need to grow up now. Stop living in the imaginary world of egocentrism where you are constantly seeking personal satisfaction.

  18. Please meet with Bernie Sanders and discuss with him about his Green New Deal proposal. He opposed Obama's Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipeline projects at the very beginning. He's more advocate about climate change than any other candidates.

  19. What is obama going to do since is out of office? Meet the President who is currently in office and don't be hypocritical.

  20. That wasn’t awkward at all. Let’s be real neoliberalism and capitalism is the problem that can’t be avoided when dealing with climate change. They are not the solution and that’s all obama represented

  21. He cares so much about climate change and rising sea levels he bought a Mansion on Martha's Vineyard to keep an eye on it right?

  22. in soviet union they had Pavel Morozov, great activist who
    had his parents arrested for speaking badly on communists, probably put to death.
    Schools were named for this sick indoctrinated child .
    real crime.
    this great Greta child is a lovely new version of Morozov, oh this amazing religion of Warming. !!

  23. Instead of meeting her in your office it would have been better if you joined her in the march! put some pressure on corporate democrats like Nancy Pelosi!

  24. Greta Thunberg AND Barack Obama in the same video talking about climate change. Like someone designed this just to maximize angry republican head explosions.

  25. Just came from reviewing the group's website and Tweets feed. Question… What is climate justice? What do reparations, higher pay for women, and universal basic pay have to do with pollution? Socialism in sheep's clothing??

  26. A kid born in a foreign country (pushing the UN climate change BS) meets a former President from a foreign country, should be the title.

  27. The dude was president for 8 yrs and no one inc. greta went to visit him on climate :.. he didn’t do anything about it NOW all of a sudden it’s a threat… you visited the wrong president! Yawn

  28. This, right here, might very well be the end of Friday's for future. At least in that sense as it is the end of a movement persuing deep change. There is always the tendency of a movement getting absorbed by the forces of the status quo. "System change not climate change" is no more, once you allow yourself to be allied with a us-president, no matter of what party.

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