Watch 50 Cent Break Down Trump, Mueller Probe With MSNBC’s Melber | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Watch 50 Cent Break Down Trump, Mueller Probe With MSNBC’s Melber | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. Funny when people look at him think he is some dumb ghetto looser. Smart man and in a way he is an authority on crime……valid commentary.

  2. 50 Cent: "I think people understand the difference between entertainment and reality…"
    Is he living on the same planet as us? Because here, Trump is president and has supporters.

  3. If you read this 50 I congratulate you an admire you. I think you could invest some time in this. An I could assist you any way I can.

  4. Bussiness man hes a drug dealer .Why did Trump give a drug dealer props….& Americans love sucsessful drug dealers ,they love the movie "Frank Lucus : American Gangster" & Al Capone story s

  5. Do these people understand how bad they look always targeting trump alright you tried once with russia you had a chance to make it seem real but it didnt work now you dems keep going after him over and over again do we clearly see what you're trying to do and how bad your feelings got hurt so just stop it makes you all look sad and for you dems who may see this there will be alot of you going to jail at the end. Framing a sitting president is of the upmost serious crimes by by

  6. Puppet, oh he’s a bad guy now. 50de seriously. All of a sudden he’s not the same guy. Just tell them that if you go against the left it’s career suicide. Not a good look. Get them to take your guns 50. No big deal right. Your contradicting yourself.

  7. 50 cent is no dummy….actor, philosopher, think tank , he knows the Greene books inside and out…
    A great "orator"…knows how to control the crowd/masses…

  8. 50 Cent is quite intelligent and he's right about Trump personalizing things when it comes to his behavior for in this case, Biden.

  9. %0 cent I a made man. He is a manufactured taking head to give a believability to the hate machine that is the Madison Avenue and Hollyweird. Does anyone really believe this one hit wonder really became worth fifty million off his own smarts?

  10. Ari melber you are a disgrace and an embarrassment to this country. Why would you quote on live television " you dont want me to be your kids role model, I'll teach them how to buck them 380s and load up them hollows". Some radio stations silent those lines out and you are sitting here on live television talking like this with a rapper trying to talk politics. What an embarrassment.

  11. Trump hasn’t changed anything. There are videos 10-20 years ago that he was talking about and the same thing that he ran for president. Unlike the others. They just say what they think what will get them elected, not president trump

  12. Read this story about how Mr Trump is selling America out for his own gain. Tell me what yall think, especially Mr Trump's supporters. 😎😎😎😎😎

  13. We can't allow the person who would gun down a woman on a wellness check… to go free… it's disgusting

  14. Why do they have rappers and actors on these shows? Like they know or have anything to say besides pushing some kind of propaganda/agenda

  15. Yea, dirty rappers, with their corrupt music, that will sell their own mothers for a dime, the promoters of ignorance, and all things evil, spreading it among a people already oppressed, are the voice of wisdom. i been seen for a long time, and agenda to use this stupid raper as a voice of wisdom. again, he will sell his mother for vanity=get rich or die trying or something like that, a corrupt ignorant roach, who still a corrupt ignorant roach, only with more access to worthless material junk….

  16. At 1:40 you can hear the racism spewing out of that foul orange mouth.. (sarcasm)

    This is fake, 50 is a loan shark and have had people killed.

  17. Looking back and CONNECTING the DOTS, I realized we should call him 5 cents. Because that's how much his political views are worth.🤣🤣🤣

  18. 50 might be like Strahan. I could see ol 50 being the new Bryant gumble.
    This anchor (Melber ?) Seems like he got a lil hood in him lol

  19. This is the man who brought us "We in the club doin' the same ol' two step
    Guerrilla unit cause they say we bugged out
    Cause we don't go nowhere without toast we thugged out" Just saying….

  20. Why is anyone listening seriously to a gangster rapper talk politics??? He even says himself he’s not a good role model. He makes songs that are anti-government.

  21. Yo Fitty, Trump ain't no accident. I meant to vote for him, not Hillary, and I could care less who Putin voted for. And why is anyone from that stupid thug world from the invented and left wing promoted rap culture even asked political questions, unless it's to draw dumb blacks to vote against Trump. Isn't this what we accused Russia of doing. The fake Nazi news using blacks to wrangle blacks, like a herd of cattle. Don't be fooled, Trump 2020.

  22. Ari usually always comes off as so stoic and smoothly matter-of-factly ….. poignantly nuanced and insightful with his either timely or obscure-but-impressive references

    but he fanboying haaaaaaard here haha

  23. I'm sorry 50 cent you're wrong Trump didn't get his presidency by accident he got his presidency because people were fed up with the way it is and now we're happy and he will run again

  24. They both love being large an in charge. They both ful of themselves. But 50. Loves drama. He would be ready for fifteen rounds. He would ware that tupae off Donald head.

  25. 50 cent another the devil worshiper he's sold his soul to the devil! All this people the part of the Illuminati! part of the New World Order agenda! .

  26. just what we need, another mob/gangsta in the gov. business on the heels of the other mobsters Trump/QueenRodham/Pelosi/CommunityOrganizer ….once a pumk, always a punk

  27. and a Gangster and a criminal that's what he is he's another Snoop Dogg A Gangster and a criminal what do they know that promotes violence evil agenda open your eyes there's nothing good about him he's not going to make me change my mind Trump's a better man he done it the right way God bless Trump

  28. Hogwash, Curtis Jackson or "50 Cent" would quicker in sheer torment in the presence of Satan if confronted. No mortal has the intelligence nor power to take on such evil except the lord and savior Jesus Christ.

  29. Well, I tend to agree with 50 cent in the fact he is an accidental President. Thing is I remember with the things I saw with when the guccifer2 releases or the DNC releases I thought I saw the DNC sending money to Trump. which made me wonder at the time is HRC was paying Trump to run as a Republican to put people into the position of her or him figuring she could not lose against Trump. Then she proved herself wrong.

  30. I'll tell ya…i used to hate on this cat,but hes turned out to be a pretty righteous dude,IMO. I wish him nothin but the best. Just wish I had some of thwm dollars!😀

  31. Someone needs to launch a probe into 50 Cent's online bullying and harassment campaign. This guy is a creep with too much time on his hands. Somebody pumped his chest full of gunfire for a very good reason. Next time shoot him in the head!

  32. As we found out 2 months ago ..Rep . Jordan asked those few questions at the end of the day why was he trying to bring Trump down when you know who wasi nvolved and why didnt he persue them ..That's when all the facts came out and that when Jordan would he like to answer 2 more questions.. 1st question..Me .Mueller was Donald Trump involved with Russia Collusion ?? Mueller replies..NO..2nd question. Mr .Mueller..was anyone in Trump camp involved with Russia Collusion.?? Mueller replies..NO. Then the next thing you know James Comey's house was raided. Very damaging evidence was found and wasn't supposed to have been outside of the BUREAU. That's when lots of people came out and countries like China and said how they were bought by the DNC

  33. Common sense is what 50 Curtis Jackson.I see people who are intelligent and have no common sense.The type that would walk into a lion den.

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