War in the Central African Republic (Full Length)

War in the Central African Republic (Full Length)

In December of 2013, VICE NEWS went to the Central African Republic To try to understand an under-reported conflict that was descending into what the United Nations call a complete chaos The week before we arrived saw some of the worst violence. With hundreds killed in the capital, Bangui France and the African Union, already with a small troop presence, rushed in more soldiers To try to keep the peace


  1. Use billions to subsidize totally inefficient and unneeded wind farms yet millions of people suffering in the world – sick. Hate the hypocritical climate crisis idiots when this wasted money could be used to help people.

  2. france is responsinle for this just like they killed more than a million people in rwanda because of their mineral resources

  3. This is actual news we won't see on our bullshit fed media machines. People seem to think 3rd world countries are so fucked because of corruption. The west is THE most corrupt, financially and morally. Responsible for the vast majority of problems in this world.

  4. they should limit the number of kids you should have in africa , the UN should help creating new job opportunities and open more medical clinics

  5. The video shows that the UN is the real devil behind these killings in every corner of the world only Muslims are the targets ! Why ? christen & Muslims are not enemies once they were in peace

  6. You know Africa can't keep blaming European powers, and the United States for their problems. they have been independent for years now. There are literally a handful of countries in the whole continent of Africa that are doing okay. This is unacceptable. Rise up and take your countries back. I know it's easier said than done but it's just getting worse and worse .

  7. Believe it or not western colinists such as British and French as soon as they get out of a country war start and after deviding a country into to many countries to become more weak. And of course all this after stealing gold, petrol and diamonds Also they sell guns to run thier factories to both sides. And at the end they claim that they came to protect and do peace. God know who serve the devil and spread strife among people .

  8. Europe & The West have literally convinced the world that wars should be fought over religion and tribe. Divide them & Conquer them

  9. you guys took way to long to take them to hospital they died soldiers the men tat killed them were cowards and they died for their country and families respect too those tough ass soldiers in the back of the truck

  10. The "devils" tried to divide you. And the "devils" were also there to pretend they were helping you. Yet, they succeeded to devide you at the same time. Dont get fooled by these white devils!

  11. FFS! Dont give them medicine help. GIVE THEM CONDOMS! xD I mean… yes its sad to see children like that, but cmon…. They breed like flies even tho they don't have anything.

  12. Can yall please watch my new video about the military that i just uploaded..its about mandatory military service and whats behind it

  13. who are they fighting for a book? there has been more violence on this earth over religion then there has over any other material we are all one nation

  14. outsiders will do everything possible to keep their army here, including distributing weapons to keep the war going. When the chaos happened, they stole gold or anything that profit them 😯

  15. dude just got a whooping with a machete … I have now become humble about getting whoopings with belts and switches when i was younger

  16. These wars have root: POVERTY. France should help their colonies to build the basic infrastructures i.e. roads and electricity. Once these two are in place factories will start and majority of people will be busy money making. Rebel movements will lose their workforce thus, evaporate. And once this is achieved, France and these countries will stay friends for ever.
    But it is not necessary to wait for the French to get there. Presidents and their governments, if they get resolute to bridle their selfishness and work towards wealth building for all, Africa will be emerge with "fierté". African présidents and their teams are always in UN Général Assembly where they are given opportunity to talk. Their speeches are known. I have never heard of African président who will book an appointment with Canadian team to ask for concrete help on a positive way to eliminate wars. Yet, all this money spent on wars is more than enough to build infrastructure which in return will generate more money for all. With this, our brothers and sisters would not risk their lives in Mediterranean Sea going to Europe for bread or being sold as slaves in Lybia.
    Today, President Trump's is building a wall to keep south Mexicans away bcs they are poor while Canadians are welcome in USA bcs they are an economic power. If France wants to help their colonies, help them to grow financially. Otherwise China is ready to do that. That is the law of nature whose formula is as follow: "TU MANGES ET MOI JE MANGE"

  17. Just throwing this out there: "ethnic cleansing" is a vicious euphemism that makes sadists happier. If you care about the feelings of people whose lives have been devastated by the apparently never-ending competition for power, I strongly recommend that you avoid using this phrase without a clear indication that the phrase is not to be taken seriously.

    "The term ‘cleansing’ ‘normalizes’ the delusion that massacres are measures to promote ‘hygiene’."


  18. Ok , the whole ditch ,bridge thing is a prime example of why maybe it's not in Africa's best interest to self govern… no offense, just sayin

  19. There’s a way to fix most of these African countries in turmoil….
    But the world doesn’t have the balls for that stuff any more.

  20. There is no hope for Africa anymore. Donald trump calls this place a shit hole. Colonial powers did what they had to do and left. The white man is seen as the enemy of Africa. It’s sad. CAF is a french colony. The French should at least send aid and more troops to end this religious war.

  21. Why are there always Muslims where there is war, if its not boko haram its al-Qaeda an if its not al-Qaeda its the Taliban an if its not the Taliban its ISIS an if not ISIS now its seleka, Islam is not a religion of peace its more like a ideology of evil.

  22. 37:28 where are the French when you need them? Hiding as usual, what else do you expect from the French army 🤦‍♂️

  23. Is this a Jewish correspondent reporting on a Muslim/Christian conflict? Who's selling the guns instead of butter?🎈

  24. These type of videos should be viewed directly during every UN meeting summits. Then every colonial master should be given 5 minutes for commenting about their achievements through causing this kind of lamentable chaos. France, France, France it is your time to repent.

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