War Costs – Exposing America’s War Profiteers

War Costs – Exposing America’s War Profiteers

it’s robert remove all use with us one of the really great guys out there
one of the bottom brilliant active i hotmail i’m looking for a
serpro live that isn’t that is in the cliche because robert greenwald as one
of these people who really stands stands out so extraordinarily a filmmaker director activist founder
brave new films brady films dot org uh… war costs dot com is his newest project the cost of war
exposing america’s war profiteers robert greenwald welcome back to the program
thank you prob that’s good to be wicket and do the twitter is uh… uh… might have robert crandall robert
greenwald okay after involved ok got yet and did tell us about this destructive
for you well know there are many listeners
will know conceived and amazing job of helping all of us to understand this
peak caught the war have been ongoing for years and years their financial that
are older physical you name it and uh… costs of taken a
terrible toll on us and as we were continuing to work either
afghanistan we look to read it we realized is never been a consistent long
terra com opposition to the very idea of war and for the cost
of war and so where launching today in the whole picture listeners or viewers
will join us to either on state spoke or website or might twitter what’s going to be a long term campaign
to let people go at terrible price fifty every single one
of us is pankaj this seventeen thousand dollars per family that people paid for
iraq and afghanistan the number of death the people overs seized the country’s we’d destroyed and
it’s a long term project the good news is that with the debt commission there
really is an opportunity to get people’s attention me cause it’s either or if there is going to get twelve uh… by
the taxation is leaning out there de klerk twelve people uh… and they’re gonna have to be
either they continue to cut the war budget and the war profiteers they got to cut social security medicare
tetra tetra then or a little bit of both but uh… they have been john kyle who is a member
the gang a twelve threaten to walk off if there was any discussion of defense cutting defense spending uh… it is this makes it it seems to me
eroding won’t even more important that we have citizen action in the we d putting pressure on people like senator
kyle to say that you know they are or and others on the gang a twelve and a
colleague’s frankly any member of the house to the senate and the president
the white house to say if they are military budget is insane i mean we
spend more money on non-military than every other country on earth combiner
military budget has tripled since since the nineteen ninety-eight you know what
the hell are we doing book exactly right it’s obscenity and i think the market and then the
listeners and viewers think about the amount of waste into the military we
blindly accept sixty billion dollars were wasted and iraq and afghanistan
toward can you imagine that number what number one what we
could do with it and can you imagine if that were somebody of who was on welfare or somebody who may be needed health care and they were
stealing a hundred dollars that would be outcry let alone sixty billion so we really think it’s an opportunity here
tom and again it’s only going to work with people like yourselves and your
listeners and viewers saying no more we’re going to start now where the stock
to call people out order that notify the fact that they’re taking
money from war profiteers in war contractors were the talk about the
about us salaries and stock prices that are being raised and the about of
terrible terrible morrow damages is doing to our country with our imperial
isn’t parking lot back in the nineteen forties
when we were fighting against the nazis in against tell yourself in world war two franklin roosevelt lectures senator harry truman you know
got up and spent said if you would be an obscenity if there
were profiteers true roosevelt made the thing the speech about how the you know i know what no water no one’s
going to become millionaires resolve this war truman actually put together a uh… or menus are ready
i committed mister holding hearings on it and they started looking into war
profiteering exposing war profiteers uh… i’m not a scholar that particular
time an event but but i know that that happened how do we and and and and now we’ve got
to know albert was on the verge of bankruptcy before bush in and cheney
canada office largely because of its acquisition dresser industries but there were two three on the
furniture bankruptcy and now they’ve fifth their discount blown out uh… but uh… he did the erik prince
blackwater was basically a shooting range in hand and then in a rich kids
back yard well how do we bring america back to the point we’re at the average citizen would think
that he would be a normal appropriate thing
for congress the hold a commission or hold hearings on who are the war
profiteers and how do we call them up well i think it and i really don’t mean
time greg s pet but it’s ten-year starts down starts today it’s starts with the
great work you would do it in your listeners and viewers edit requires
everyone of us to say i’m gonna put some tied into it i’m gonna go to the pace po corbin go to
the website of the vote of the twitter over the past around the information
over the past around the videos because fundamentally most of the
country is with us about this issue but the war profiteers the contractors the
pentagon the military industrial academic uh… combination has open
dealt a terrible blow but i think the financial crisis give us an opportunity to talk about this in the ways that
people will really fundamentally ten-year what you can’t get a job with
you losing your home when you don’t have health care and then use c not millions but billions are spent out
weapons that will never even be use idaho there they argue that despite
richard dot e-cadherin friend and the website is war costs dot com corrected say spoke or course and my
twitter yeah and sand and and and your twitter
is robert greenwald’s jerry n_w_a_ l_d_ and and and this is step one in the waiting to go on into stiller
markle roberton in your your uh… the interview piece on on uh… wal-mart became iconic your piece on fox news
became iconic the work that you do it and i hold right rethink afghanistan
uh… the iraq war uh… over and over and over again the
work that you have done as a filmmaker and a half an online activist has actually brought about social movements and
changed politics and here’s another one this is a brand new and were costs dot com and this is this is where we
wait people so what are the costs a forerunner well will never know the beyond the
financial level really never dealt com because so much of it is didn’t so much of it is attached to art but we know that parable that we know
the seventeen thousand dollars an image that each family is paying we know the
sixty billion dollars that’s but wasted and we know also there are reasons
studies coming out it would have been getting this hard that they put it you take these dollars when you put them
out of war and into other businesses that the other industries how we create
white thousands and thousands more jobs so it becomes indefensible on any level
oblast your property profit troubling or you can spec to
leave the pentagon and go to work for the peace corporation do you know this there’s lots of work that we need to be
it needs to be done but i do believe that moment in time is so strong right
now and people fundamentally in not only
exhausted by the war starts but they don’t believe that making safe herself
towards making safer and then you look like on the weapons system and the
plains at what level fly and the missiles that will never be use
and the big inspector on warships that will never go anyplace it became clear
say walleye and when people say it’s a safety person opportunists here this is very quickly we’re robert
greenwald is this also include things like the nuclear weapons that we have
against the soviet union memorial on resists exactly i think that the
statements around the world better totally implicit but we have fifty of the secure secretary of misinform costs dot com and and twitter at robert greenwald more
costs of course will run faced with thank you robert thank you


  1. @MadXMax187 Since when was Civil Rights a wedge issue? Funding the Department of Education; wedge issue? Social Security; wedge issue? Come on, you're not fooling anybody and neither is that retread of a John Bircher Ron Paul.

  2. Thom doesn't give a damned about how hawkish Obama is – many times more hawkish than Bush by any measure. Thom wants Obama should be reelected, no matter how obvious it is that he will do what the establishment and multinationals want him to do. Thom will rail for taxing the millionaires and billionaires (anyone making over $250k yearly), yet rescinding the Bush cuts for them will only save $80 billion yearly. Withdrawing troops from the Middle East will save us many times that.

  3. @NoCommentChick This is a ridiculous argument i've seen liberals make before – that fiscal conservatism and social conservatism are inextricably intertwined. In other words, if we rail for less federal spending, we're railing for the return of jim crow laws. If we want to decrease the size of the federal government, we want to return to slavery.

  4. Where are the anti-war protesters? The people rose up during Bush's regime and now people should protest during the Obama regime.

  5. @megagagnon1 Though Obama hasn't ended the wars like he said, he hasn't been drawn into a McCain and sissy Lindsey Graham was in Libya like those armchair warriors would like liked. The rest of what you said is spot on as far as withdrawing the troops and saving money.

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