Varney: Check your 401(k) before supporting impeachment

Varney: Check your 401(k) before supporting impeachment


  1. Lmao! Really?
    Check your bank account before you hold a criminal accountable.

    No wonder Fox News is banned in Europe. How is trump getting his news in London?

  2. Trump is a Belial a self serving lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
    Mexico will pay for the impeachment!

  3. Labor participation is more down than we did in 08 . And manufacturing data contracting 4th month straight. Oh really varney ….. our economy is doing well ??? Dont look at the stock market for economic indicator

  4. So you’re…bribing viewers to fight impeachment? I’m not saying the impeachment fight is legitimate (thus far it’s been a total joke), but to say “hey uh don’t go for impeachment otherwise ya might just…lose your retirement bucko” is a bit absurd.

    Why don’t you just fight it on the lack of evidence and political partisanship of the impeachment inquiry thus far? Much better argument…but I digress.

  5. I am 43 years old and For the first time EVER $8000 was deducted out my taxes this year I didn't even make $40,000 and I'm married with 7 children and 4 grandchildren living in my house. Trump's economy destroyed my family financial year and almost starved us out. TRUTH to GREED!!!

  6. Which impeachment is he referring to it's a different one every other day how can America decide if they can't even nail down a charge

  7. DEM's think🇺🇸was founded and
    is funded by Public-Charges and 
    Civil-Servants fanning the flames
    of psychobabble victim😥card's.

  8. Democrat s don't have to worry about money all they will have is 400000.00 each all other will be confiscated

  9. If there was an impeachable offense, there wasn’t any need to bring together lawyers, experts of their own kind to find one!

  10. Barney cares more about money then the well being of americans. 401k changes on the regular. Drumpf is bankrupting america. Why are you listening to a brit anyways.

  11. The country is being abused by a dozen Democrats who under Obama administration we're racketeering large amounts of money and now they are freaking out and because they are going to get CAUGHT THIS TIME AROUND especially Hillary Clinton

  12. The Dow is down 200 points today
    Because of weak manufacturing numbers and trade policy concerns.
    Remember who is responsible for those.

  13. To the Chicken Little Liberals trying to crash the stock market, every state, county, and government has an employee retirement fund which holds stocks and bonds. If the retirement funds do not meet a certain rate of return which is required to maintain liquidity, taxpayers are forced to make contributions. These tax dollars come from either tax increases or from crowding out current services. Of course, very few liberals work and pay taxes so this is of no concern to them.

  14. Yes look at it and know that Trump after re-election going to cut it.
    Everyone is lying on Fox and tell something totally different on main stream TV. Coming with excuses when ask why they say on Fox something else.
    Even Trump is doing it knowing his voters don’t watch does channels.

  15. 🔴If Democrats hate Trump and the country so much, then why they voted to extend the Patriot Act?🤔
    Republicans have “decried FISA abuse” (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), against the president and his aides, “and Democrats have highlighted Trump’s abuse of his executive powers, yet they’re teaming up to extend the administration’s authority to warrantlessly gather data on Americans.” This proves that everything is a charade, the impeachment show, the media opposition, etc. they’re all in the same club. Stop pretending they’re different.🙄🤦‍♂️

  16. Many left would say if they be rich they wouldnt mind giving up what ever shares to help the economy even its over half their money.
    But the irony is THEY Dont want to GIVE UP ANY and they usually don’t !! Statistic shows,FACTS!!

  17. That's the whole reason they want him gone he makes them look so incompetent in comparison and they are wasting money on the impeachment just to make work for themselves they already wasted millions on the Mueller report which was just them trying to buy bad publicity against Trump.

  18. EVERYONE who is middle class and has investments have to watch their 401(K) very closely.
    ALL the experts say we will start a recession this year, and we have to time when to pull our money our carefully.

    If we wait too long we will lose everything, and will end up working for the rest of our lives if we pull out too late.

    The conservatives have destroyed numerous regulations and have brought our economy BACK to another recession.

  19. I do find it endearing to see the fox audience chastise the so called left and the CNN audience to condemn the so called 'right" while the people in positions of power continue to make a killing and aren't held accountable for their misdeeds. This has been the state of American politics for a lengthy period of time.

  20. I don't support impeachment. Probably liberals don't care about their 401ks as they don't believe in prosperity or capitalism.

  21. So basically what Mr. Varney is saying is, it's Ok to be a criminal so long as you profit from it ! 😂
    It's a good thing the constitution was written by fine men very unlike Mr. Varney.
    In any case, it's well known that the index funds are in a big bubble, much like the MBS's were in 2005, there's going to be a big "correction" in the next year or so.


  23. If the demoRATS were doing their jobs the economy would be falling flat on its face so its a good thing there preoccupied chasing ghosts and leaving us alone..

  24. Markets were artificially propped up by Trump's corporate tax cuts and corporations doing stock BuyBacks anybody with a normally functioning brain can see through this BS fear-mongering lying will not work anymore the people know who the enemy is. When the orange clown criminal buffoon is removed from the people's house the markets will have a correction. The Trump name his businesses and everything about him is based on conning and lies it doesn't take a genius to know everything comes to light eventually

  25. I can't wait to see Trump gone ,and Obama's SH*T policies RE-IMPLIMENTED so I can watch OUR ECONOMY PLUMMET. Oh and we need to import about 6 or 7 MILLION ,THIRD WORLD refugees to plummet OUR ECONOMY.While we're at it,lets send a couple of Billion to countries that are SWORN to our destruction.

  26. Dims don't want folks know what a good economy feels like. If people start enjoying themselves to much, then the Dims will have a BIG problem selling higher taxes and bigger government. The Democrap party is ending as we speak!

  27. Let me get this straight…we should ignore criminal activity because the economy happens to be good? Do you honestly believe that Trump will stop at this bribery for dirt on a political opponent if he gets away with it and wins re-election?

    If you do then could you forward me your info, because you're a gullible sucker and I'd like to sell you some of my home remedies.

  28. You can only push the impeachment so far. Like anything else pushed beyond limit it will break. When it does it will be an enjoyable sight.

  29. TRUMP IS THE BEST PRESIDENT OF MY LIFETIME HANDS DOWN. Great leaderships skills . The most disgusting treasonous bunch of marxist neoliberal swamp working against Trump from day 1 and the man still delivers constantly . Its amazing to see …..amazing

  30. I didn't know the Democrats were allowed to dig up dirt on a political opponent before the election …this has been going on since day one. My vote is for my President Donald j Trump….

  31. TDS is the only thing driving this continual attempt at a coup of our elected president. Keep it up never trumpers because it's helping President Trump win 2020. He is the rite man for the job. My 401 is looking great. Thanks Don. I needed that. Trump 2020 😉

  32. Varney is barmy…. Its an ethical issue Varney…. He's the laughing stock of the world and we don't want him because he bends laws to suit him by employing underhand tactics, lies and populist theories!!

  33. The rotten demon crats will stop at nothing for power they are a complete anti American party now that's why I left and Pelosi is the worst speaker in our history


  35. HISTORIES MOST ICONIC DUO IDIOTS NADLER AND SCHIFF> Beavis and Butt-head > Dumb and Dumber>Tom and Jerry > Wanyne and Garth>Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble>Michael > Abbott and Costello>Sponge bob and Patrick> Borat and Azamat.

  36. Dems have spent 3 years crusading to find dirt, with which to impeach President Trump. Now they want to impeach him for doing a little of the same.

  37. Trump's evil swamp minions on fox trying to threaten and scare people into supporting this idiot manchild. Trump is getting so desperate it's funny as all hell!

  38. Schiff and Nadler aren't the Varsity squad if you're wanting to get something done. Pelosi, their "boss" can't remember where she put the gavel. AOC sneaks into the chamber late at night and beats the Greed New Deal gavel when nobody's looking.

  39. They want their power back and continue their nefarious wrongful acts for their masters/elite globalists. They have proven they do not care for its citizens and rely on misinformed, illegal aliens for votes. We cannot allow a Dem to take office or we are doomed. The good news is that President Trump is a Godsend and protected. God/prophecy states that President Trump will be serving another term. Despite the backlash, lies, from Dems/MSM, and Rhinos, , President Trump still stands…… what are the odds? Have faith patriots 🙂

  40. Consumer spending is propping up the economy. Most of which is fueled by debt (credit cards). Over 40 million Americans are still repaying debt from last years holiday shopping season. Once consumers can no long service that debt…there will be problems. Stop making this political. There are obviously cracks in the economy that cant be ignored.

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