V.P. Joe Biden’s decision coming down to the wire

V.P. Joe Biden’s decision coming down to the wire


  1. How dare you shut down the Bernie2016tv channel you disgusting manipulative bunch of loons, your worse then Fing FOX. How dare you call yourself a news channel, it's obvious to everyone your corrupt as FUC…

  2. go Biden ! America needs a man like you in charge ! somebody who's got guts and balls and who has compassion you are the best man for the job by far America will be safe under your leadership

  3. Democrats are a Corrupt Mental Disorder they send companies overseas put Americans out of work than they create Lawless Sanctuary Cities pack in Millions upon Millions of Illegals so they can start Killing each other Gun Violence only exist in ALL CORRUPT DEMOCRATIC STATES .WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA

  4. Biden got 5 deferments to dodge Vietnam (same as Cheney), and Biden had to halt a prior presidential bid due to plagiarism.  He has hair transplants, capped teeth, and a long history of astoundingly stupid remarks.  Naturally, CNN would love him.

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