US Govt Worked For Boeing – WikiLeaks

US Govt Worked For Boeing – WikiLeaks

this absolutely adores is brought to you by
scores face we i’ll find out now that it turns out i hope you’re sitting that that united states government has been
lobbying on behalf of boeing which is a private company that
makes uh… planes obviously over here in the united states
mostly in the united states and uh… they’re considered american company
so we’ve been using our diplomats are batterers bass owners are state departments that are up uh… in the executive branch to lobby on
their behalf to make sure they get contracts from all over the world and then therefore interesting uh… examples that are explain in this new york
times store ok and uh… the and by the way these cables have been released
of course by twenty weeks and that is why we find out now and that’s
what’s in the new york times that so uh… first in regards to sathi arabia uh… elaborate this is all supposed to be
illegal these minor triplex repeat we pass a law saying
that uh… the government cannot pressure uh…
other governments uh… to higher are private that businesses right and that did because
for example wing is incompetent airbus uh… which produces planes out of europe and they’re not supposed to
do it either in the europeans are suppose for jim but they don’t listen that either and in fact one airbus official was quoted
as saying commercial jets sales are not totally decoupled from political relationship building bus for code words for a couple what use are is that pressure them as well to to buy the plans
for example saudi arabia currently saudi arabia’s uh… try by about twelve uh… seven seven seven three hundred p_r_
airliners with an option for ten million uh… ten more and list price of three point three
billion dollars that’s going on now i mention that you just so you get a sense of the scale three point three billion dollars and
god knows what we’re doing to pressure them now but we do know about the past because
of these leaks for example in two thousand six uh… our senior commerce department visual
israel hand uh… hernandez i’ve delivered a personal
letter for my george w_ bush uh… to the jetta office of king appudu in saudi arabia uh… that is when they were concerned by
forty-three boeing jets to modernize their airlines and thirteen jets uh… for the personal use
of the saudi royal fleet okay so that would be the saudi
royal fleet uh… and new use of the princes and kings
the center for that so king abdullah sends a message to run and inspect
the press this quote i’m instructing you to speak to the president and all concerned
authorities as the king his cable explains as the king wanted to have
all the technology that his friend the president bush head-on
air force one god willing he will make a decision that will please you
very much and then of course the state department please him very much so that boeing could
get please very much in return they have in fact upgraded king of dole’s plane to be apparently very similar to err force
one they’d make that they have except they say we can’t give you details because of security concerns and his ideals get dot uh… bank alicia’s prime minister she casino
was ed uh… was trying to decide whether to get
airbus or borrowing uh… and he asked for um… landing rights at kennedy airport but
hey look you find out there we could be xx sometimes government those things that are
on sometimes doesn’t in this case uh… they assuage his concerns he weathered moyer but they do lanham let ’em landed j_f_k_ anyway i don’t know why via the airlines from bangladesh
calendar j_f_k_ but apparently that has not been resolved so alright score one for a slight
honest now this built next story is exactly in between
right so turkey is apparently asked for several
things from of the united states in return for buying
for bulk same old story and they say one they would like at turkish
astronaut to go up with that i will tell you whether we said yes or no
to that in a second and they were also pallet like some think
insurances that they’re deviation safety that system will be improved match the united
states overestimating these request is uh… guy by the name of nidal ayyad them he’s turkeys minister of
transportation make sense and he says quote cooperation in this area will create the road bike environment for commercial deal so in other words hey listen theater cushion
at astronaut up there and you do things that you might not necessarily
have done with your government and we will buy from your private corporations and there but we’re gonna buy twenty boeing
jets right now our ambassador james jeffrey ambassadors
turkey sick call this quote and unwelcome but unsurprising degree a political influence
in this transaction well he’s not surprised by right and then what was the resolution alarm bachelor writes
it we probably cannot put a turkish astronaut
in orbit but there are programs we can undertake distressing turkish capacity in this area but would need our own goals for improved
aviation safety any case when my show some response the ministers
request it one-up maximizes chances for the sale output to think about right pause there for
a second why is our ambassador turkeys so concern about the sale of bali thus he worked for boeing forensic work for us now the excuse at which is partly true is that you fall in produces uh… planes here in the united states for
these different countries that that will create a certain number of
jobs here in the u_s_ the actually estimate that for every billion dollars in contracts
at boeing gets beck is they’ve got one of eleven thousand jobs here in the united states
uh… the state department uh… says that i don’t quite believe them uh… and i’ll tell you why with borrowing
perhaps it’s x_ number of jobs perhaps is not that high perhaps it did stress that number but when you think about it in trouble for
example does not just related to boeing article also explains they do this on behalf of caterpillar
and all these other american companies but remember we told you last week caterpillar does more most of its hiring now outside of the united states so it isn’t necessarily to get more jobs so they
caterpillar and boeing et cetera could have more proper and their executives can then turn around and your political donations to the guys who
were on our government it’s partly the job since i a black-and-white
issue it’s great but it’s also a lot to do with even if like
caterpillar dehradun was their hiring outside the u_s_ are not here they get the favors anyway because that’s the latest system is structured and of course and that’s the way our whole
government structure not for your benefit not for might benefit
knock on the bottom of the taxpayer as what it is for the benefit of so-called american corporations that are in fact of course multinational corporations
that often hire abroad and also often don’t pay taxes here exxon
mobil for example which we haven’t been a lot of countries for paid last year zero dollars in u_s_ taxes when amy over th thirty billion dollars in profits in profits so how are they american company she is an excuse because we’re now johnnie corporation and our state department and all of our government in some way or another works for those multinational corporations
this is the boarding this is a taking over of america core purpose there’s one more example in two thousand seven
uh… bokram had decided to go with a airbus uh… instead of boeing it was gonna say them
uh… according to these documents four hundred million dollars to go with the
european guys are so the americans uh… instead of what we did was we lobbied
their welfare management their board members the
government officials and representative uh… of parliament in
bahrain and then eventually the crown prince himself and eventually we had president george w bush
stop by in bokram for the first time an american president doing
that and at that point they signed a deal so after they got all this that they wanted
a said all right will spend four hundred million dollars more on boeing cool presumably pocket most of that in profits
for the executives since apparently airports airbus could do
it for portable and all of us sa make a profit so there is a visit incredibly rich and our president goes in kowtow is to the people in bahrain because once again he doesn’t work for us as much as he works for both now you tell me whether we can leaks has-been overall good and has been positive for journalists or not all these things we didn’t know we had some sense of hope but we didn’t know the details of now we go held a lot better way understand how are government has been taken over behave the communist like defeated fear the past not by the terrorists or provide muslim law
as the republicans here claim but by the multinational corporations who pay the bills of the politicians they can even get a president can over their
so they can make more money and that’s how the system this at the start of the abstract brought
to you by squares


  1. @refuckulate420 i find it amusing that i had my last comment removed due to negative feedback. what you say still gives no "facts" that all conspiracy theorists being paranoid and stupid. again using the full body scanners as a reference they take away the rights of all Americans every time they fly. take away the fourth amendment and treats us all like terrorists when most attacks against us they get on a plane elsewhere.

  2. @KimmoKuopio well russia had there own 9/11 crap and wasnt the fsb involved with that? either way i havent seen any hard evidence showing he did it and it all sounds like the operation northwoods that JFK didnt sign, that would have sent us to war with cuba

  3. wrong Cenk, not "our" Diplomats, Ambassadors and, State Dept. corporate money has owned the U.S.government lock, stock and, barrel for a looooong time.

  4. @DisturbedHavok this with aviation manufacturers and the govt has been going on as long as air travel has been possible. This is nothing new, example Howard Hughes vs. Pan Am

  5. @theheatofthemoment exactly… this isn't actually a bad thing that an American company is trying to be competitive in the world. This has been going on for since Air Mail started in the 1920s, this "news" is nothing new… at least to people who know about the industry.

  6. Well, our german Chancellor Merkel pressurized the greek government in the bailout deal to order two more submarines (Which are built by the civilioan shipyard here in Kiel. Same thing, and good for us, I think.

  7. I don't really think it's fair to have GWB as a barometer for how much our government is corporate controlled, if he was in the white house any longer he would of been wearing Logos as clothing

  8. @RAMKING61: I don't give a damn what some right wing radio jockey believes. GM is making money again. They've paid off a *great deal* of their debt to the government and the government no longer owns majority stake. Their IPO went over *well*. That means that it was a WISE INVESTMENT, and the government stands to *make* money for their efforts, unlike the tax cuts for the rich.

    Here's a formula for you: Conservatives = Idiots – (reality + common sense). Study and see me after class.

  9. @RAMKING61 *Looks at channel* Oh, I see, you're one of those tin-foil hat wearing 9/11 truthers and conspiracy theorists. Explains a lot. Let me know when the secret war against the UFOs starts, I have a great secret weapon made of an old microwave to that could tip the balance in our favor! Down with NWO! Hulk Hogan sucks!

  10. @TurboDally yea whats up with that one would think the the left would be against wiki leaks and the right would be in favor of it

  11. @AustrianAtheist BS
    "In spite of outward appearances that its age-old disputes with Turkey were on the mend, Greece apparently hid €8.7 billion in military spending between 1997 and 2003"
    – GlobalPost(dot)com Feb 24 2010

  12. Your so right Cenk, what to do??how about national vote for your dog catcher for office all over the country election , i dont think we could do any worse!

  13. @upplsuckimcool16
    The republicans purport to be anti-govt or pro-small govt, what's funny is how people buy this hook line and sinker without realising what they really stand for, which is the complete opposite of what they're pretending to be.

  14. @coolero80 The only way that would be acceptable is if the rest of the world was not as corrupt as the American government.

    …Shit, we're fucked.

  15. @KimmoKuopio …the triangle related to the NWO? Or do you just report random shit?

    PS I don't believe in the NWO per se…. it's all bankers and power, not jews and aliens.

  16. Government is CREATING MONOPOLIES.

    Are you, fools, still here? Shouldn't you all be near your Congress and Senate and the White House, escorting everybody out to a firing squad?

  17. @Eirexeyes "Yous?" Where's yous proofs to make-a such a claim? Ay, fuggitabowdit, he ain't gotta no proofs-a, eh? That'sa no goud!

  18. @dragonofthedarknight Really? hmm I get the sense that even if it was the same here (US), the politicians would find a way around it.

  19. conspiracy has been a bad word for a long time. people get arrested for conspiracy to commit crimes and such. The conspiracies are not nearly as far fetched as you think. I am not a follower of conspiracies, but I don't throw them out out of hand. When it comes to making money what wont a person do?

  20. Cenk remains lighthearted about it, but what he's talking about made me think, "wow…that's pretty damn corrupt", lol

  21. At least this time it's government corruption that actually helps an American company and American workers.

    I actually found that shocking.

  22. Yea WHY should America have any successful company & exporter. BOEING ROCKS! I AM GLAD my tax dollars are used to promote the BIGGEST exporter in the USA….. SHUT UP LIBERALS… Stop whining. Remember USA gave AIRBUS contracts for US military air-tankers! Yea that is wise? How did that happen? POLITICAL extortion from Europe.

    China is trying to screw US in markets, basically destroyed our steel industry but NOT A WORD from the liberals. I am GLAD OUR GOV IS DOING SOMETHING USEFUL!

  23. I love this system. It made me rich. Bought me a big house in Pasadena and another one on Maui. These dumb cunts can't stop us.

  24. Airbus sold it for $400 million less at a profit? NO! Airbus is a socialized tax payer supported company that operates at a loss. BOEING operates in the REAL WORLD and makes profit. When Airbus floods our airlines with planes WELL under cost it hurts America. YOU'RE SHOCKED USA Gov uses diplomacy for OUR Interest? CORPORATIONS MAKE MONEY SO WE CAN LIVE IN THE STYLE WE ARE ACCUSTOMED. Airbus does all they can to undercut Boeing. WIKI LEAKS NOW hurts our Economy as well as security. FU!

  25. I'm totally cool with our government fighting for Boeing in international markets. Sounds good to me, idk what the big fucking deal is.

  26. @refuckulate420 a conspiracy is just a covert plan to do unlawful things. i think the u.s administration more than qualifies as being conspiratorial. long live wikileaks

  27. Makes you wonder when incompetent bureaucratic monster of EU is investigating competition (more than US) In behalf of many US companies…

  28. @gmcjetpilot Oh yeah? Check your facts it was joint offer from Northrop Grumman (US company) & AIRBUS, also it was CANCELED and new bids are represented right now.
    US supports Boeing as well with your hard earn tax payer money, you should be more worried about the military industrial complex that did take over your country and wonder why there arent enough body armor or IED proof APCs around, easy.. human life is cheap.

  29. I thought the Government handling Corporations was communism… except when those pigs benefit from it, right?

  30. I think it's the job of a government to promote international trade for it's domestic companies. I'm not saying there isn't corruption in the process, but Cenk might be overreacting a little on this one.

    Love the show btw, and hope to see Cenk get a full-time gig on MSNBC.

  31. @Jeridiculous yeah that's a good way to describe Rothschild and his reverse robin hood gang, i hope for revolution, just peace no bullshit, i dont think the people are stupid enough to let a meltdown happen ( or are they?), unravelling of society sounds the worst, prob just complete caos. i think David and Alex have a wider spectrum of info so not as much of it is believed i suppose or not in mainstream media (for a reason),

  32. @Victius6
    "Oh yeah"? LOL! I've been in aerospace & airline industry since 1985. I KNOW, AIRFRAMES were Airbus with subcontractor Northrop Grumman. I'M GLAD it was canceled! How do you think the premiere maker of large Airframes, BOEING, gets passed for Airbus to supply the US military? Better planes? NO! Politics? Yes! Cheaper? No, Airbus is subsidies and hurts USA companies. USA haters (Cenk) don't care. French have 35 days/yr of guaranteed paid vacation & work only 35 yrs/wk. F the frogs.

  33. @tehant1liberal but it doesn't create any jobs or revenue. The companies are shipping the jobs overseas to save money and lobbying the politicians so they don't have to pay any taxes. Stop watching FOX. They have brainwashed you.

  34. Cenk, you make very valid points on how corrupt our government has become. Now, please do a segment on how we can fix it.

  35. At last having the young turks to properly pronounce the names of foreign peoples names that other reporters and most people in north america can't pronounce

  36. Bangladesh's Prime Minister Shaikh Hasina Wazed is female…. It's funny how Cenk refers to her as "He" not Knowing the gender.

  37. Why am I not surprised? Boeing is the largest private sector employer in US….so the goverment IS NOT lobbying for Boeing per se but for its employees which are American citiezens which are tax payers.

  38. @TravisVadon

    The other part of the story is that when the government lobbies on behalf, or regulates on behalf (regulatory capture), or even goes to war on behalf (banana wars) of a certain company, that company gets a competitive advantage that it would not have if not for the coercive power of the government.

    This is a government created distortion of the market.

  39. Cenk said minor triflings – that would be like saying short and pudgy. Cenk is qualified to work for the Dept of Redundancy Dept.

  40. I hope someone makes a movie about this; If the corporations don't cause a McArthy type suspension from ever functioning or living in America ever again for doing it.

  41. @EmreLeader

    "please do a segment on how we can fix it"

    Very simple. Make it illegal for political parties or politicians to receive money from interested parties.

    An independent body needs setting up for distributing campaign funds to political parties equally. The body would be funded by the tax payer (miniscule cost since it is nolonger a cash-arms race). For a party to qualify for tax payer funding they have to win a certain amount in grassroots support.

    End of legalized corruption!

  42. @Wiggymaster Then your not for free trade and free and open markets. The united states officially is.

    United states is not China.

    Free trade wasn't called 'cancerous' when the US took over European industries.

  43. @EmreLeader well I would say that his job is to report it, not hes primary job to fix it + he has come with several way to fix the system (campaign finace reform, more goverment oversight in some areas etc.), but 2 way this is close to imposible. 1 Cenk would have to run for office witch would be awsome but hard + many others how would also idealist ….. (as if that is possilbe) 2 campaign finace reform would need to be passed ….. (not very likely)
    Americas will have to do something drastic

  44. @EmreLeader to fix the situation and they will at some point, the problem is that we have no idear what the public will do and when + will something be done in time ?

    pardon the miss spelling, english is not my primary languag
    best regards immer

  45. Cenk.
    It didn't take "WikiLeaks" to know,
    that big business and the "government" are in bed together.
    My god, (small "g" for you non-believers),
    big business owns this country.
    "Chains you can believe in".

  46. @elfornse social sciences are very tenuous, and nothing is guaranteed with any social or economic model. Saying that there are no exceptions to government suggests that one can conceive a perfect description of government.

  47. "…oh, and by the way, this is all supposed to be illegal"

    well, yeah, that goes without saying in every recent news story it seems

  48. We should not let people tell the truth. We should hide from it and kill anyone who causes our military bad PR(Public-Relations). We should kill'em like our troops were shown doing to innocent civillians when that private released those tapes of what the helicoptor crew did to those journalists. Hell, Kill all who don't vote Republican, own a gun, or don't sleep with cousins, and kill those who tell the truth about what our government REALLY does with your tax dollars.

  49. @AustrianAtheist Boeing outsourced too much engineering and design for the Dreamliner. I think they have learnt the lesson

  50. Everyone wants to sit back and wait for everyone else to do something about a corrupt goverment but the truth is you are the answer, your look at the answer everyday when you look in the mirror, we need to not just accept these injustices but we need to get mad and talk about it so we can inform the public, if this were 200 years ago and the government tried a faction of what it does today the people would have hung the leaders and rioted, today we just shrug our shoulders and move on

  51. Unless you're willing to destroy your entire life, don't bother asking. They keep us fat and entertained for a reason

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