US Government Sued For $60 Million After Toddler Dies In Migrant Detention Center

US Government Sued For $60 Million After Toddler Dies In Migrant Detention Center

The mother of a one year old child who died
a few weeks after leaving ice custody is now suing the United States for $60,000,000. Here’s the story of what happened. The mother and the child, one year old. We’re in a detention facility in Dilley, Texas. This facility happens to be known for having
lackluster medical care, unsanitary conditions. It’s basically a disease breeding ground. The child, while in custody developed a respiratory
illness that was not treated. Nobody at the facility care. There was not enough medical staff to treat
the a young child. So they leave the detention facilities. Short time later, the respiratory illness
has gone, untreated, left to fester, spread. Six weeks later, child dies. Child died from the infection. The illness that came from that detention
facility, because nobody treated it. Nobody cared. The woman Yasmin a Juarez is now suing the
US government for $60 million. Uh, she’s suing the city of Eloy, Arizona
that actually runs the dilly Texas facility for $40 million. And I hope she gets every single penny of
it. So here’s the thing, and this is actually
what the lawyers in this case or arguing, when you make the policy to detain these people,
you do have a responsibility to care for them. You have to provide them with medical care. You have to provide them with food. You have to provide them with sanitary conditions. Once they come into the United States, they
are protected by the United States constitution. Whether or not they are a US citizen, that’s
the way it works. Here in the United States. They were denied those constitutional protections. They were denied their basic humanity. These, uh, this, this woman who is now lost
her child, she has a very strong case. And even if she does win both of these, that
money is not going to make her whole again. And she knows that this isn’t about the money. It’s about accountability. That’s what a lot of lawsuits in this country
are about. It’s not about the money it is for the victims,
but it’s to send a message that this kind of behavior is not okay. This kind of behavior has to be stopped and
this kind of behavior is going to be punished because we know the federal government’s not
going to punish them. They’re not going to punish, punish the detention
facility workers. They’re not going to shut down the facility. They’re not going to change the conditions
in this facility just like they don’t do it. When a major corporation poisons a town of
10,000 people and they all develop cancer, the government’s not going to step in and
do anything to punish them. It’s the trial lawyers that come in, the lawsuits
that are filed, those are what spark corporate change and that is what they’re hoping will
happen with this facility down there in Texas. More people are getting sick. More people have been sick. Luckily, and I hate to even say this way,
but luckily only one person has died because it could have been many more, but for that
one woman who’s one year old child is dead. Nothing’s going to make that okay. Nothing is going to make her feel better and
the federal government is 100 percent responsible for this and they have to be held accountable
in some way and until we’re able to get Democrats in charge, democrats who were fighters in
charge, we’re not going to see anyone from this administration or from the detention
facility held accountable for it, but that’s what needs to happen once this administration
gets out of office. There needs to be investigations, there needs
to be prosecutions. People are dying from their policies, and
just because they’re not United States citizens doesn’t mean that this administration can’t
be held responsible and liable for the deaths that are happening on their watch.


  1. Another sad story with these immigrant kids. SMH, prayers for the Mom. Its time to have love here, instead of all of this divide!!

  2. It's a lose/lose situation.
    The assholes who make the laws and those who enforce them will never pay. The US taxpayer pays for THEIR SCREW-UPS,

  3. They should sue the democrat party, and. George Soros, people without borders for lying to them . you people are pathetic your type created this problem , for a political point. Talk about deserving to burn in hell.

  4. $60 million is on the low end of what this mother deserves. It's still not going to bring her kid back, hope she kicks their ass

  5. trump & republicans don't care, this was their intentions from the moment Steven Miller drafted that heinous executive order, & dumb ass trump without reading it's content signed it into policy..

  6. I hope every single parent of every single detained child sues the government. For that matter, perhaps they can sue Trump personally, since it was his decision that ultimately caused this situation. Of course, he doesn't have nearly as much money as he claims, so I don't know how much they could squeeze out of him…

  7. she got her kid back when they realized that a death while in custody would be really bad for them, otherwise the kid would still be locked up.

    the rethugliKKKlans will say it wasn't in custody, guaranteed that's the argument they will use.

  8. GOOD! I hope she wins MORE than 60 million. I rather my taxes go to her than the detention centers. This is fucking INSANITY!

  9. It’s disgusting that change can only come from the courts, no wonder the rest of the world regard the USA as a litigious society — Everything is about Money money money.

  10. It's not at all surprising to see disease and death when there is a high CONCENTRATION of children in these CAMPS

  11. How do you put a price on a child's life? I cannot believe this administration has lasted this long. There has to be more outrage from the public. Hopefully this child's life will make everyone responsible for their actions!

  12. Sue Trump and Congress directly, or it won't change a thing… These people should not be safe from lawsuits. Change the laws if you really want to stop this from happening in the future. That's what the Supreme Court is for.

  13. Why are you idiots continuing to support trump and his police and republican killers?! Texas is an assbackwards state. Inbreds

  14. This is so sad. Unfortunately, this is going to keep happening. The psychological trauma that is happening to these children is criminal.

  15. You're a blowjob dude. You hope she wins??? She probably gave the kid the infection on the trip here. They piss and shit on the road here!!! It festered on the way here like you festered you're way to a paying gig running your lying yap. You have no proof and both of you will eventually lose. Homo lover.

  16. ya mean the scumbag border guards & staff didnt give the brown kids proper treatment?! big surprise …muriKKKa folks.

  17. This is beyond fucked up. I hope she wins but it will never ever replace the life taken away. All the pro-life people should be up in arms now. Oh yeah only matters if it helps them.

  18. If this news isnt reason enough to punch a trump supporter in the face and burn their MAGA hat by force then i dont know what is.
    In fact, the next time i see an actual trump supporter wearing that stupid red dunce cap, i wont care if i go to jail, thats exactly what im gonna do.

  19. Everyone is complaining about Trump. The article did say they had LIMITED medical staff there.
    My question is, and leave TRUMP out of it, where should the government get the medical staff from? I continue to hear how across America there is a doctor and nurse shortage.
    IF they took more doctors and nurses from hospitals and Doctors offices and put them at the, detention centers, which house people who cross Illegally into America, then what do you say to a, family, white, black or Hispanic, who's child dies because of the, same illness?
    Whatever happened to taking care of our own in OUR Country?
    We need to stop blaming Trump for, everything, especially this that has been going on for decades.
    what, about when it happened under Obama? Both Bushes? Bill Clinton? You mean to say this ONLY happened because Donald Trump became President?
    How about Obama blaming Bush Jr for everything and now is buddy buddy with the Bush's?
    Think! This woman crossed ILLEGALLY into America, her baby got ill, they gave her medical care the best they could with whatever, supplies they had, and they may have instructed her to see her family doctor when she, got home.
    In the eyes of the government, she, and her baby received medical care. What happens, after they will say is on her. She crossed ILLEGALLY into America.
    Trump is the, President, but unless you can show an Executive Order, that says THAT particular woman AND her baby was to receive MINIMAL care, suing Trump will go no where, especially since the, President cannot be sued. 11th Amendment qualified immunity. AFTER Trump leaves office he can be, sued.
    So, if this is because he won the 2016 Presidential election, get over it!
    Not everything is, Donald Trumps fault!

  20. They take the kids with no knowledge of their medical needs or history. In their eyes they are brown people from shithole countries, invading the US that are murderers and rapist

  21. This is the part i hate about this job

    We all know a child was ultimately going to die and could do nothing to prevent it accept raise a bullhorn and there's so many bullhorns it seems to be getting us nowhere

    I have extreme appreciation for yesterday's defense of cnns now ex comtributor that called out the ADL as the defaming harrasing goons they really are.
    Your doing godly work
    And now the homework I didn't do yesterday is built up with this which I was also hesitantly waiting for being the first murder as a result of ice.

    Juarez 60 million elloy AZ

    When you detain you have a responsibility to care for them by us constitutional law

    Def: loss of child is not negligence as a result of victims status.

    If the deaths aren't held accountable now it will be TRIPPLE this in a year

  22. Homework:
    Israel Palestine cnn firing via adl
    Toddler dies in ice custody, eloy az

    The list is only gonna get worse in the next 24 hours.

    Do the homework
    Ice loses

  23. Am I the only one thinking there's little to no hope for this country at this point? Maybe I'm a pessimist.

  24. Those responsible must contribute to the payment with their own money, their houses, cars and everything they will ever earn in their misersble lives.
    But why is this not a felony?

  25. I agree to a certain extent,,. ??? But of this occurred six weeks after they released her ,, and the child,,,. ??? She damn well better be able to prove,, she had that child at a hospital emergency room at least three times to be seen and treated,,. Then I would include those hospitals in that lawsuit also,,,. But if that child went untreated during those 6 weeks,, that it continue to get worse and then eventually die,, she needs to be charged and go to jail for child abuse child neglect,, manslaughter homicide charges,, possibly even premeditated murder,,. Remember ignorance is no excuse,,. !!! And no hospital can refuse you emergency treatment,,,. And all of your University hospitals are free if you cannot afford to pay or ,, have no,, insurance,,,. Now I'm just being The devil's advocate here but the state,, prosecutors or the government's,, is going to be on her like white on rice,,. And she's going to be charged with a big-time felony,,, and be in jail for about a year-and-a-half before this goes to court,,. And it will take 5 to 7 years of appeals to possibly get freed ,, and about the same amount of time to get her lawsuit heard by,, Federal judge,,. ???

  26. The parents should be arrested and prosecuted for manslaughter for putting their brat in danger by bringing it illegally across the border!

  27. This’ll probably never happen, it’ll open the floodgates of law suits! Funny how on you tube I would watch videos about Obama using Walmart’s as black sites and he was gonna take your guns! Never happened. Trump becomes President and Walmart actually became detention centers and tent cities pop up in Texas , and when all the nut supporters started shooting people, the first thing he said on the fucking news is …(are you ready for this). … we’ll just take their guns!!!!! Are you fucking kidding me!

  28. did anybody ask the migrants to come here to the US…that child could have been sick before they came to the US…would you be this simpathetic if the migrants were from Haiti?..I bet the answer is no… don't you think there is enough people here already?..and there is enough people who need help here in the US…why didn't they stay in their own country…they say they want jobs…hello! the US people are losing jobs…they say they want to get away from gangs…HELLO!..there are gangs in the US…so guess again… mothers and father's have lost their sons and daughters due to gang violence in the US…do you think the parents of those children should receive compensation from the government for their loss?…certain US citizens have been victimized by organized stalking where they are targeted for harrassment by psychological operatives that the US government knows about… shouldn't those Targeted Individuals and their families be compensated for having to endure being stalked and harrassed covertly?…the United Nations should order the leaders of Honduras and Mexico to improve the conditions of their countries instead of their citizens come running to USA seeking asylum…seek solutions to their own problems in this Spanish speaking territories… meanwhile the USA can and should close the borders to keep the problematic immigrants out forcing them to stay in their own countries to fight for their own rights and put pressure on their government to improve conditions in their homeland…

  29. You think its only 1 kid that got sick and died? I would put money on it that it is probably closer to a dozen by now and we are just not being told about it. Weather they got sick, commited suicide, or were intentional killed through beatings or starvation…..i believe that there has been more than 1 death caused by these detention facilities. When you think of the ptsd these kids must have after being released, it really sickens me. This is torture to innocent children amd must be stopped.

  30. Stop lying 6 weeks later? What resepratory sickness exactly killed the baby? Alot people and kids die from flu and other untreatable diseases usa isnt god and aint responsible for uncurable diseases or sickness and if it wasnt about the money why she ask money? She could of asked for better places ro help other not herself and lawyers helping foreigners sue is shameful theyll sue anybody for money aslong as they become millionaires thats why its said sometimes lawyers will be in hell becauae alot are just crooks who will sue anybody for anything abusing law and they shoukd be tried for treason. I hope they arrest the lawyer and block that immigrant from ever entering usa shes trying to blame usa for her mistake i bet that kid died of cold or she killed it becaise ahe out in the street like a bum and having more babies like a slut it happens. I hope she dies along with you people need to stop breaking the law amd running all over the place creating problems for all.

  31. This is part of why anti-choicers should be called anti-choice and not pro-life. I bet some don’t even care what happened to all the kids in Yemen. Many of them died of starvation. Once you’re in the womb you’re fine, but once you’re born, you’re fucked. I hope for the best for that woman.

  32. Trump and his minions don't care. This will continue. The money to pay the court case is our money, not his. He will do any and all things to paint our country as evil for the world stage to see, not caring what happens unless he himself or his family is in danger of justice being served against him

  33. I hate tRump. I hate rupugnantans. But people coming here should not necessarily be afforded any rights just because they set foot on our soil. They should not be detained, meaning that they should have the option to go back. If they choose to remain in detention, they do so at their own risk.

  34. and, of course! US tax payers, not only paid for the facilities, now we gotta'pay for their cruelties. INCOMPETENCY COSTS US MONEY!

  35. OMFG! They are Fucking MONSTERS! ! ! Remember that in Nazi Germany torturing, horrible medical experiments, and slaughtering Jewish men women and children was LEGAL at the time! A judge at the Nuremburg trials said that there is man's law and there is God's law and those crimes broke God's law making them crimes against humanity. That is EXACTLY what is happening now. History is going to look back and be just as disgusted with Trump and his supporters as they are with Nazis. Especially in 2018!

  36. I hope she gets $600.000.000. Not that it'll bring her poor little child back but it just might make that deranged lunatic in the W house realize we just don't treat detainees that way. But of course he wouldn't care anyway but all he's worried about is Mueller breathing down his far bloated neck.

  37. I remember that case and I am glad she is suing. We shouldn’t have these detention facilities, concentration camps, baby prisons, whatever we want to call them.

    Immigrants aren’t all criminals. What is this catch and release that Trump keeps denigrating? It was probably better than his for profit prisons. Prison is for convicted criminals, not children, babies, and families. Trump has made EVERYTHING worse.

  38. And, Trump just expanded more child prisons and waived all background checks for the workers. There is no oversight for who works there.

    In the confusion of Trump’s last push for family separation, etc. there were reports of torture, sexual abuse, and convicted child abusers working at the child and baby prisons. The whole mess is unconscionable. I pray she wins her lawsuit! I can’t wait for Trump to be locked up.

  39. "I want 60 million dollars ! ….but it's not about the money". Paying out an ungodly amount of money won't help, because noboby pays, because everybody pays. However….if you put the responsible people in jail….now that's another matter! Because now the responsible have to pay, and that's the way it should be. But then…your country does so much weird shit nowadays, you never know what to expect.

  40. Trumps approval rating should drop a few notches after this story.I hope that woman gets everything she wants. Time to put an end to concentration camps.

  41. THIS MOTHER IS THE MURDERER AND NEEDS TO BE PUT IN JAIL – she has no regard for her child because she agreed to do this insane caravan. Do these mexican mothers not know that children are to be protected and cared for…..NOT Traipsed all over the world…..did she pack enough food? did she have clean clothes each day for the child…did she provide a safe place to sleep…NO NO NO she did not and she should be tried for child neglect.
    SHIT MOTHER DON'T BLAME OUR COUNTRY FOR YOUR INSANE DECISION – you'll go to hell for this….MURDERER / CHILD ABUSER / and many more names I can think to call her. A ONE-YEAR-OLD child's immune system is not fully developed yet. YOU MURDERED YOUR SWEET INNOCENT CHILD – WHAT A JACK ASS YOU PEOPLE ARE WHO BRING YOUR CHILDREN ON A DEATH WALK.

  42. She doesnt want us to know she put her baby in a river of raw sewage as she tried to sneak in. She was apprehended on a raft on the Rio Grande where mexico dumps 24 million gallons of sewage daily. She claims her baby got sick from being around other children with common colds but her baby died from exotic bacterial infections none of those children contracted. Would you put an 18month old baby in raw sewage? Many of these bacterial infections have no cure. Doctors in the centers assumed the baby had a common cold because nobody is dumb enough to do what she did. And she didnt need to do it if she sought asylum the legal way.
    If she was legally seeking asylum she could walk right up to a border crossing and do so in complete safety. Dry, on pavement, in a well lit facility.
    To avoid detention, waiting and paperwork-to avoid waiting her turn in line with the others, she tried to sneak in and endangered her baby. These are all true facts. Its been illegal to swim in the Rio Grande for decades. Many laws are for our own safety, she thought they didnt apply to her.

  43. Blatant fucking lies! The child was treated while in the facility first for a cold and cough, when fever developed, antibiotics were prescribed. 5 doctors have stated so! She improved and was released after 20 days detention with her mother. She died 6 weeks later after being in 3 hospitals, cause was attributed-to pneumonia. FFS get it right

  44. I don't believe this at all. This is nothing but a Left wing propaganda piece. They are provided with all of that. No she will not win any case. "This isn't about the money" LOL. You are very naive. Where is your research on this? They can go home at any time. For all the bad conditions you say and only 1 person supposedly dies. You're undoing your own story. DemonRATS are causing the problem. Who funded those caravans? DemonRATS. You're demented.

  45. The blogger’s argument is bolstered by two books I ran across and have read.  "El Norte or Bust" is a sociological study of the industry that has been built up in Central America to fund immigrants who want to make money (illegally) in the U.S. and send it back home to their relatives.  If the immigrants invested in can spend 5-10 years in the U.S. making money, they can send it back home to fund a custom-built or self-built house, plus pay off  those, frequently relatives, who paid the thousands of dollars they needed for the journey.  If they can’t make the money, they can’t even get back to their country and are stranded in the U.S.  Their relatives are liable for the debt to the investors.  This book, by David Stoll (Rowan-Littlefield, 2013), is a detailed sociological study, well written and thorough.

    Another book, "Enrique’s Journey", is about a young teenager who actually did smuggle himself in, in an effort to find his mother, who had come up to the U.S. to make money and send it back, but never cane back to pick him up and bring him to the U.S.  He tries multiple times to cross the border and finally succeeds, only to be rejected by his mother in favor of her new U.S. husband and his children.  He gets jailed and is on drugs, but decides to stay in the U.S. to make the most of it.  Both books describe the network of foreign nationals and Mexican and U.S. citizens who facilitate the process.  The author is Sonia Nazarro, publisher is Random House (2014).

    The back story to this topic is hugely revealing.  These two books are essential to understanding the immigrant smuggling industry.

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