1. Wow! He's just been elected and he's not only ended his career, but is ending the monarchy as well. Just as well, the so-called Royals need to earn a living anyway.

  2. Fuck yeah! Get out of the EU! If they want to fuck around and stall… grab your sack… exit, and let the chips fall where they may.

  3. And to think it all started with duck houses! Civil war by the ballot between haves and have nots. Remainers fear losing wealth, savings, pensions and house prices and all the associated selfish materialism that snobbery and spiritual bankruptcy brings. Brexit ~The leveller, the societol reset button. Duck houses indeed!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿✌🏻✌🏻

  4. The country voted to leave, 400 constituencies who are supposed to have their wishes represented in parliament by their MP's voted to leave. It's very simple, the MP's are more concerned with their own private investments than they are with representing the wishes of their constituents… To hear the likes of Hesseltine talking as if he doesn't receive £300k in grant subsidies each year to not farm his land from the EU trying his best to keep his money at the expense of the wishes of the people makes me sick – This is why nobody trusts the political class anymore. They are a bunch of self-serving professional politicians who are only interested in their personal private dealings and use their political position to further their self interests, even when it goes against the very nature of democracy. Disgusting! Boris is right to suspend them, they are clearly not doing the job we hire and pay them to do.

  5. I have the impression that democracy is functioning under kingship. In that sense, isn't UK democracy a fake?


  6. Why is someone who has no bloodline to this country getting a say.fucking joke squats a house in London with her pouncing family.and were stand for her.king Harold lost an eye in the battlefield.she lost a corgi in green park

  7. Has Boris been taking lessons from trump ? Is it OKfor a man who has just been elected to just dissolve that parliament ?

  8. It's not a power grab by the prime minister, it's being realistic Mr. Corbyn. Parliament has been debating the same things for 3 years!! Debate time is over, now it's time for action, democracy isn't a perpetual talking platform you still actually have to carry things out.

  9. Disingenuous right wing politics and politicians are really in vogue at the moment people. Just like back in the 1930's. That turned out ok didn't it? Well not for the tens of millions of dead… But, you know… In general.

    (Yes for all those who have to be spoon fed these days, yes that was sarcasm.)

  10. As a remainer, and a supporter of democracy, I support the prorogation move made by the PM. Because a certain amount of MPs seem to have forgotten that there was a democratic result years ago now which was to leave the EU. The job of MPs is to carry out the wishes of the majority of the people. However, these same MPs have tried to drag the process out in the hope of destroying those wishes. As a Referendum is basically a questionnaire, asking the voters for their opinions on a certain subject so that the Government has a clearer picture on what society wants, it is not legally-binding that the result is implemented but this was promised like it was in my Parties Manifesto, etc. This is why the Liberal "Undemocratics" could just scrap the whole idea if they had the power to. Because the current situation of uncertainty is damaging the economy and hurting the society and the rest of the country, their is 2 options in my opinion; to call Article 50 off or get on with leaving the EU. Some Members of the opposition & Co. have just started the ball rolling on a plan to at least delay Brexit even longer. I genuinely believe that Prorogation is not "a coup on democracy" but a Prime Minister finally saying enough to MPs trying to destroy the will of the majority of the people as they've had years to debate this and this would carry on otherwise and they would never wholly agree and so this is necessary now to get done what the people want instead of what they want. They need to remember that its the fault of those who didn't bother voting because they believed that they would win anyway. Well, remainers lost and Id rather Prorogue Parliament than carry on the way we have for more than 3 years. There are actually benefits and disadvantages to leaving the EU or remaining and we need to grasp those advantages and get a bot of belief in the ability of the UK which has great ability (and our Capital being the financial capital of the world being one of them), plus those in Brussels are more than willing to cut their noses off to spite their faces just to play hard-ball while their citizens will pay the price for it like Germany is now with their Industrial Recession as we're Germanys biggest customer of their cars and Im not sure I want to be a part of that anymore. Just remember; we've turned our back on the continent a couple of times in the past on each occasion we were "making a stupid mistake" also and they turned out to be among the best times in our long history. The Empire and Industrial Revolution were amongst them.

  11. He's not Churchillian FFS! He's an Eton Toff flexing his muscles. He knows that the majority of the UK do not want to leave on a no deal – but a no deal puts money in the pockets of the elites, so they are trying to wreck the country for personal gain.

  12. Down with the Monarchy and Royal House! People unite to bring an end to this corrupt tax-avoiding family that keeps depriving thousands of British families of their daily bread! Look at the queen and her advisors, they didn't even have the balls to give a formal answer to the letters sent by the leaders to opposition addressed to Her Majesty. Obnoxious old hag!

  13. Honestly, as a European. We dont want you guys anymore. It's time you all fuck off. The UK is one of theist corrupt countries in the world. The sun has indeed set on the UK. Good riddance.

  14. Clown Trump beware your long lost Clown brother is giving you a run for your money

    Boris to Trump: You are not the only clown here

  15. The pound is pretty much in the same place it was before the anti democrats in Britain lost their damn minds and starting wailing like banshees.

  16. Only in a system where royal power still exists…Its a bit curious for a man who supposedly works as a representative of the people bend knee to royal power when his work is difficult to shut down the democratic process (parliamentary debate). I wonder if he doesnt have confidence in his ability to succeed, or if he is just trying to use the royal power to obfuscate his more dictatorial tendencies so he can project power /Unity in his dialogue with the EU.

  17. Boorish Johnson taking cue from American Republicans — institutional anarchists commandeering government to disable and dismantle its equipment and operation, foisting conservatism as obstruction and doing nothing, thinking such is exercise and gain of power.

    Its value and purpose to serve? Hah! What kind of claptrap is that?

    Get yout feet off the furniture, Boorish. It's unco uncouth.

  18. Now the UK has their own Trump at the helm and it seems as though the Queen is complicit. I wonder what she and her family will do when Johnson tries to do away with the monarchy.

  19. Ample time? He really thinks Brexit could be debated in just two or one month! That's not ample time! He is amply stupid!

  20. I know she's old, and it doesn't seem right to suddenly ambush her with such a heavy political responsibility. But she could have saved the democratic process in Great Britain and just said "no." Does she have to rubber stamp every political thing that she's presented with?

  21. Wonder what the reaction would be like over there in the United States if the biggest and most important vote in its Nation's history was being was being hijacked and trashed by the side that lost in a democratic referendum that took place three ago ?

  22. So funny all the brain dead Americans in the comments, comparing Trump to Boris because of a similar hair malfunction. If you love Brussels so much and hate Trump, why dont YOU go join the EU, or better yet.. with Canada, Mexico, and South America and let those other countries make the rules for you. You don't have a fekkin clue do you?

  23. History books: “British morons destroyed their own country and most didn’t know what the leave campaign meant for their future. It was hilarious to see Brits implode from their own ignorance and a dolt named Boris lead the way into the gutter. Thus, a deep recession began October 31st, 2019.”

  24. No no no, you promised a great deal and 350 million pounds back to the NHS per week. Live up to your promises. The same with Trump. He promised Mexico will pay for the damn wall. I don’t want to see anything except this.

  25. boris johnson asked the Queen….not the UK government…it's a train wreck and I sincerely hope Brexit will be the end of trump.

  26. does the western world realize how serious this is? this is the empire striking back! the monarchy for a comeback! any englishman with a sober mind must kill the queen righg now!

  27. Boris the Bastard will always be known as the divider of the U.K…goodbye to the last remnants of your Shitty English Empire Boris you won't be singing The Road to Mandalay anymore Boris the Bastard

  28. Next time they say the Queen has no power. Rememer the suspension of democracy.

    She has power to suspend parliament.

  29. We voted to leave three years ago. These people have delayed it for three years and tried everything possible to undermine the nation and subvert democracy. They are anti democratic EU fanatics. It’s a scary time to be in the UK, not because of Brexit but because of the mainstream forces trying to stop it.

  30. The voters knew what leave the EU meant, and they knew what remain in the EU meant!.
    Anyone that spouts such insulting garbage is declaring the voters as feeble minded., and must vote again , and again and again till they get the right outcome!. (Remain).
    These zombies or more likely welfare bus passengers who rock and lick windows are calling the shots.
    The mp,s are in the trough filling their boots, and as the current system do nothing for their pay!.
    reason the EU does most of it! so your paying for 2 GOVERMENTS

  31. Canadian Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper who had a fake-majority government tried the same stunt in order to avoid a coalition government and bizarrely got away with it. I still think he either blackmailed or threatened the Governor General to achieve that bizarre decision. It set a terrible precedent, and put Harper's highly unpopular Conservative government on life support. The Queen should absolutely say NO! If Johnson can't function, he should step down and make way for a new leader.

  32. This is what you call sticking it up the Liberals ass, and boy do they deserve it for holing up Brexit for three years. Go Boris Go! Good job

  33. Just let the Queen write the fucking terms if this is the shit you’ll pull to get out of your responsibilities

  34. Britain is a constitutional monarchy without a written document, those claiming its undemocratic need to explain why they serve as subjects to a heriditory lineage of royalty and not democratically elected head of state, so all in all Boris is quite within his remit to dismiss the protestations of illiberal negligence of remainers who have tried to userp the sovereignty of the Queen and her subjects whove voted leave, let the electorate begin its move to give Boris a bigger mandate to carry the torch of self determination in regards to British sovereignty, I say this as a citizen of Republic of Ireland 🇮🇪,

  35. Inez Qtaish is writing" my granddaughter sleeps wild, she kicks and she hits my head , I barely get sleep at night so I sometimes get sleep during the day time.. My granddaughter bed is small and my niece couch was uncomfortable and small., my granddaughter wants the fan on when the room is cool, she say she is hot when i feel cool.

  36. Johnson is boxing his opponents into a corner he knows at least 17.4 Million voters will see him as the Brexit champion when he goes for a snap election.

  37. Correct me if i'm wrong , but if there is a complete impasse the Queen can just dissolve Parliament and call a General Election . She did it to Austrailia years ago

  38. I'm stunned ar the amount of low IQ Politicians and voters we have in this country . Not one Remainiac can give one good reason why we should just hand over our future to this proven corrupt Commie outfit that is the EU

  39. I repeat the question, and it is a very straightforward one: if Boris Johnson asks the Queen to prorogue parliament, and she can’t say no, then what on earth is the point of asking her in the first place? Come to that, what then is the point of the Queen? The sooner this ridiculous anachronism of monarchy is abolished in the UK, the better for the ordinary people.

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