U.S. President Barack Obama shocks Washington Little League teams with a surprise visit

U.S. President Barack Obama took a small detour
on his way to a fundraiser on Monday night. He stopped off at a Little League baseball
game in Washington’s Friendship Park neighbourhood. Just as the teams were warming up for their
games, the President stopped by surprising the youngsters, their parents and coaches. Hello. What’s going on, people? Walking casually onto the field he greeted the team,
shaking hands, and high-fiving along the way. What’s going on guys? How’s it going? Say, ‘Good afternoon, Mr. President.’ Obama posed for pictures before showing off
his arm, grabbing a baseball and throwing it to 10-year-old Danny Ringle for a ceremonial
first pitch. On Thursday, Obama is schedule to travel to
Cooperstown in New York, to speak at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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