U.S. Government’s conspiracy to control New’s Stations, Outlets & Social Media, GP010015

Follow towards Tucson for 7.1 miles. I wouldn’t recommend filming Police. It’ll get you in trouble. Don’t listen to this Copblock.org They’re out to get you. My car broke down. Taking pictures of the Desert and I took some pictures of the Police and guess what? He called my boss. Wrote him a bunch of emails, Sent me to the FBI How did filming the Police help me? I’m Retired now because of it. They’re out to get you. They’ll go get you. Won’t show him my pictures. Hey, ACLU? Forget about the 4th and 5th Amendment and that kind of stuff. They’ll sabotage your career. That’s what our Terrorism Liaison Office is doing for our Country. Our Citizens. Thank you. For my Retirement. Package, oooh! Oooh! Ooooh, ooooh! Thank you. Uuuuh! Ahh. You guys are so helpful. Promised to give me my, pay for my damages and gave me nothing. Ooooh! Uuuhhh! Another stab in the Ass. Terrorism Liaison Office, got nothing to do so they have to make their own crimes up. Domestic Terrorists? They’re the Terrorists. Manufacturing crime. And for the News Stations that are getting preempted by the actual Journalists. Yeah, After 1/2 mile turn left, Interstate 10 Eastbound. Towards Tucson. Then take the Freeway Yeah, Mr. John Hook, talk about 8 Steps to Terrorism, or whatever. Surveillance. Yeah. Here comes some Surveillance for your Pussy Asses. Can’t collect it yourselves, so you steal it from me. Yep. Thieving, Lying, conniving Media Outlets Turn Left, Interstate 10 Eastbound, Got to, Do what they can to make some money. Stay alive. Can I blame them? Huh? They just, take the force fed data blurbs from the Government, and announce them, that’s what that’s what our that’s what they do. They get no access if they don’t play ball. You don’t want to play ball? You get nothing. Follow Interstate 10 Eastbound towards San Diego for 23 miles Feels good? Now we’ll cut you off. That’s what they say. Don’t want to play ball with us? You get no Data. You don’t get to go on the Ride-A-Long that we set the set up to trick people with. Ahh well. Mmmh. Ride along. You know what a “Ride Along” is?

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