U.S. Government to Facebook: ‘Americans Don’t Like to Be Spied On’

U.S. Government to Facebook: ‘Americans Don’t Like to Be Spied On’

In the end Americans do not like to be manipulated, they do not like to be spied on, we don’t like it when someone is outside of
our home watching. Let’s just let that silence hang in the air.


  1. Lol. The United States Government, without the slightest but of irony, puts Zuck on the stand for spying on his users.

  2. Yeah !, don't make it make it so hard…we don't like THAT ! Just make it so that I don't have to go outside. Use my "smart" TV, Iphone, refrigerator, toaster and coffee maker that insinuates itself along with Alexa and Siri !!! That's how we like it done, thank you very mooosh !

  3. Don't forget that Lindsey Graham questioned Facebook's terms of service document claiming it was too long and complicated for people to read and understand a few weeks after voting for the 2700 page Omnibus Spending Bill…

  4. All free speech can be seen as manipulation. Real democracy does not come from Democrats. They are terrified by a referendum where they are required to get the consent of the governed. They believe they are smarter than common sense.

  5. All they want is to destroy a multi-billion dollar business for little reason. Career politicians who've never worked a day in their lives can't stand successful people.

    If Facebook users are stupid enough to fall for "misinformation", that's not Facebook's fault or anything for Zuckerberg to apologize for.

  6. It's funny that the government should say that when they are the ones doing most of the spying. They need someone to blame so they chose facebook.

  7. I think the US government does need to pass regulations on protecting data on a legal basis, but one thing is for sure, Congress is completely hypocritical. These same people grilling Facebook have renewed the Patriot Act and allowed metadata collection for how many years now?

  8. Poor Gov gets a little competition, gets all pissy about it. If you watch this inquiry you will see that cooler heads actually prevail. They make it quite clear that people are given more than one opportunity to Not Share stuff, but hey…15 min of fame…everyone's a star on Facebook….

  9. Don't forget that as of day 1, Mark Zuckerberg has been winning the battle. Many of the politicians are naive of Facebook and were unprepared for what they foolishly thought would be a successful smear campaign.

  10. Look at the big balls on these hypocrites. Dangling them right in our faces. Did they forget about #4 on that old piece of paper they wipe their ass with.

  11. This is why I have no problem with facebook its not like they would buy off politicians and engage in crony capitalism

  12. https://youtu.be/Ag1o3koTLWM

    Should have ended with the 'Curb your Enthusiasm' theme.

  13. The real reason that the US government is going after Facebook is because Facebook wasn't really "spying" on us, they found a way for people to just up and GIVE THEM all of the information that they could handle. The government's just jealous.

  14. It's been like this for years and it will only get worse. It's inevitable and there's really nothing you can do about it.

  15. This reminds me of how government lies to me 83% of the time, but if I lie to a government agent it's a felony. Seems legit.

    PS – Taxes enslave us, in the very literal sense. A claim on another person's labor is slavery.

  16. People voted these idiots into their offices. I watched that circus for hours, and have never been more embarrassed by my government. Some had questions that were pertinent, most were just ridiculous. Many would give examples of personal stories, while being broadcast, then say that's the sort of thing they don't want shared. Then, why did you just share it with the world?

  17. hahahaha miss kathy doesn't know her history now does she, or about a certain edward bernays that helped the government 'manipulate' public opinion using the warfare tactics known as propaganda which mr edward cleverly re-labeled as PR

  18. i laughed at the same notion when i saw this the first time, it's like watching a mountain lion tell a wolf not to play with it's food

  19. Kinda redundant to compare Facebook and the US government when Facebook itself is a PRISM cooperator and was backed by a CIA front from the very beginning…

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