U.S. Government Killed OUR Internet Today

U.S. Government Killed OUR Internet Today

disasters news in fact today for my the
government the FCC has decided that mare not that interested in net
neutrality as interesting as they’d made a lot of protest stations I
in the Obama administration about how much he
cared about net neutrality in chairman Tom willard promised a left didn’t write an
all-around that he would protect and neutrality at all costs apparently he was lying so limeade had
tell you the latest that his plan would restructure the
rules all great that govern online traffic by granting
Internet Service Providers the inability to give some web-sites
preferential treatment I E faster traffic in exchange for money well freedom on the internet it was nice
knowing you is that allows the internet providers
wherever they happen to be Comcast Verizon whatever this internet providers
all cross-country had to say yeah I’m a go ahead and pick
winners and losers or did you see something as Comcast all
funny how your web site slowed down to a crawl mmm good luck
trying to get anybody to go on your website UPPP we’re screwed know you more details if so troops were imposed activists peer
Internet Service Providers would make band with exhaust the
website’s think Netflix on skype pay more for smooth delivery which with
theoretically mean higher prices for customers in turn so there’s the issue of higher prices as
well I didn’t lot more concerned about the freedom to
the Internet and what we’re a lot to say on there but yes for the consumers you will be
screwed in several different ways if like in fact that place already made
a deal with Comcast to pay more for higher no connection speeds because they knew this was coming down
the road apparently they knew better than we did and the and today a Netflix or anything might have been yesterday
actually Netflix announced that they will in fact be increasing prices for
customers funny how that works right i right now thing about this netflix on skype can at
least afford it there’ll giant corporations out what about people
who are not jiang corporations the voices of the people in a democracy well we had the Internet so that was
nice while it lasted by now any worse is that the those huge
corporations that RR internet providers want to turn down
the disco Wow been having imposed explains such pay to
play schemes were banned under the old rules how is
that funny now the old rules were under Obama but also
under George W Bush ambush would then love those rules but he didn’t change
them who changed them cut is this what Obama
meant by change or make things worse than they were
under george bush personally not the case in every category in every policy but the
case on net neutrality yes today it just got worse than under
Bush so pay to play and if you don’t have
money we’re gonna shut you up on internet to
now witnesses owners want to point the supreme court says the guys with the most my money can draw
on everybody else’s voice when it comes to politics and they just go ahead and buy also
serve ads and by politicians et cetera so your voice becomes inaudible in
politics and in your own government and in our so-called democracy now the internet they say well you gotta
lotta money well we turn up the volume if you don’t have a lot of money when it
turned down the volume there literally drowning out our voices this is a plutocracy an oligarchy the lead crew was all week got to get control this before they’re
on the internet for good if we don’t fight back immediately if
you don’t get your government back home you ok course is what they’re gonna do
now a some people still think not i buy elect just a buyout lacked the right guy was it a bottle or
a guide in the book I was nearly got a promise all yu-gi-oh you guys change an Australian chick know what do you do
in instances like this you mean the government worse than it
was before more pro establishment more pro elitist and enjoy those words while you still
can two more I might sound like this FCC
confirm that his proposal would offer broadband providers the ability to enter into individual
negotiations with content providers great so if you’re a giant corporation
you get to have one of those individual negotiations if you’re not
sad day for you club alone if you piss off one of those
internet providers or the government critics argue that the internet
neutrality could have far-reaching effects on US society by stifling innovation hindering
cash-strapped internet startups from getting off the
ground and widening the gap between the rich as Internet and the pores great now we’re gonna have
income inequality destroy the internet as well and by the
way if your one other big companies that have to pay more to the Comcast the
world like Netflix yes you probably don’t mind this because
you yes that increase your cost a little bit but
what it also does is it kills off all love your new competitors US our new
business try to catch up Netflix all count guess
as to do is increase the prices you’ll never be able
to do that so then you can compete with the companies that are already established and by the way that is
exactly what corporatism its capitalism which I believe in gives
birth to corporatism because we give birth to corporations
and your corporation want to do they were immediately kill their parents
they hate the free market they hate
capitalism well corporation want to do is destroy the competition what’s the easiest way to destroy the
competition by of the government just change a couple little rules how
easy is this just given a net neutrality now now any
new competitor online sorry I guess you don’t have millions
upon millions that all you’re a billion dollars well we just had to change the rules a
little bit so that we can now drown out your voice and kill off all our competition so that
we can be even more entrenched oligarchy seat this is how we get to the income inequality
this how we get to the injustice is only one answer man if you don’t get
your government-backed if you don’t control your politicians if
you don’t have democracy if you don’t have a republic you don’t have anything believes will
rule us forever you know what I think Wolfpack wabash back dot com okay I don’t tell
you that because hey look there’s an opportunity the talk about will pack nononono if
that does not succeed and I look challenge any you’re new to
opec goblets your heart let me see you do it another way you
gotta get the money out of politics if these guys who have all this money
control our politicians both courts are gonna set the rules in their favor it got another wave
defeating that you got another way of changing that I’m all ears I’m all ears but the
reality is there’s only one thing we can do you
gotta go to the Constitution you got 2 a.m. get an amendment if you don’t get an
amendment we’re all screwed and now our window time has got narrower how long you think it’s going to take
before all internet providers start slowing down the web sites that
have been paid in up or that they don’t like the content up
how long is that gonna take you got a goal right now man join us so wat cashback dot com
otherwise don’t complain later because you said on
your couch while are government slipped away from us and now
are internet slipped away from us the one
cool we had to fight back


  1. Step in front of a tank? I think it is going to get worse than it does get better. The slaves wont remember what not being a slave is like and teach kids how to be good slaves. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Keep fighting when you can and keep looking for free thought. 

  2. communism
    Communism is the final stage of the political reform started witha revolution, according to Marx. First masses of workers will rebel in a industrialezed country; they will implant a socialist government in order to adapt the country for later changes. After private property is banished, and the people possess everything, thenthere will be no need for government, thus the state will be destroyed, to form a society with no social classes. It important to remember that Marx knew that the mentality of man needed to change in order of this to work. He believe in the concept of the "new man" who was humble and just. It is also important to remeber did not believe in a country alone with this structure, but he believed that the whole world adapt to this change. Given this, it is safe to say that no country has ever achieved communism, and anyone who has a sense of equality do agree with this utopia.
    No, Russia was not communist, neither is Cuba.

  3. Was destined to happen sooner or later. We're all nearing the end of history and there's no way our freedom is going to be tolerated by our rulers.

  4. Agree 100% This decision by the FCC is fucking stupid, end of story. For someone like me who has been using the internet for over 16 years I can assure you this will only make the freedom of information on the internet more difficult to access and share.

    Let's be dead honest we fucked up guys. How did we allow this to happen. Was there something we could have done?  Is there something we can still do?

  5. Here's the BIG problem.. America has been glorifying profit.. It doesn't matter how someone got wealthy, be they the  Robert Schullers or Larry Flynts of the world.. If they're rich, they get respect. Until y'all change your way of thinking in America, "Getting your government back" ain't never gonna happen. Never, nohow…

  6. Brazil needs to get on that new internet. I'm tired of the US-based internet. At this point, I will pay more in order to use internet as long as it has nothing to do with the spying SOB's at the NSA and the US gov. Tired of this shit.

  7. Just laying some website links here. THUMBS UP PLEASE!!!
    You people know what to do. Again, THUMBS UP!!!

  8. I think Americans are missing the point again. The Game on internet is changing fast and America is behind line like always healthcare,roads,schools, but war they in front of it USA USA.. What Obama is trying to do is this .. the top 5 internet users in the world is  1.China 2.Usa. 3 India 4.Japan. 5 Brazil.  Now  where the real money is  mobile The most  mobile internet users in the world are 1.Island 2.Iceland 3. Norway 4.Sweden 5. my country  The Netherlands  the losers  are 102.China 28.USA. 164 India 33.Japan. 86 Brazil. I think internet companies dont really care about making your site slow or internet. You can spam a site to make it slower (more people using it) Hackers will do that for them. They only  care about making more money out of you. So they will waste a lot of their money to get it ,Is call speeding it up faster.  In the end people are going to benefit from it. It will be cheaper . I think that is what Obama wants .Every internet provider in Holland has this all in One digit Tv,phone,internet. Cable is out. you use internet to get it is faster. I hate waiting.  My provider even has hotspot for people that want to waste their money on elite internet ,ultra is best that mean you can use your home internet account any where in holland . You get usb stick as hotspot and if you want you can open it for members to use it. for free, but they are not using your internet. Is different. There are free Hotspot here too. public places, even in trains from internet providers but getting hacker is your own risk.( you can changer your phone,laptop only in first class) but 🙂

  9. Hey Young Turks, you got what you wanted.  More governmental regulation to make everything 'fair' so everyone can be 'equal.'  All you liberals ever screech about is how the government needs to step in and regulate everything.  Well, here they are….doing exactly what you elected them to do. 

  10. This stinks of the left.  The left has been losing ground on their virtual MONOPOLY of information.  The liberal publishing houses, television stations, and educational system have all been losing ground to the freedom of the internet.  Now the left as to regulate the internet to regain control.  You saw what Obama was doing for four years, and you re elected him anyway.  So sit down at the table and finish your dinner, this whacko has escalated wars, destroyed more freedoms that W. ever could have, and still the media can't get enough of sucking his cock.

  11. Actually there are two answers: Wolf-pac.com and guns. Lets hope that wolf-pac works before we get to the guns part. 

  12. I'm thinking this it's partly due to slowing down indy media sites as TPTB understand they're losing the information war. That's what happens when you have nothing but lies to support your propaganda. So- power, greed, control, the usual suspects. Bad policy gonna screw us all, again, par for the course in the land of the free (get out of jail cards for bangstas) and home of the brave (new world order psycho elites).

  13. There's a new petition for this.

  14. I don't think an amendment is going to be enough. What's to stop the corporations bribing the politicians into passing a new amendment to cancel the "no money in politics" one? I don't see anything in place to prevent it.

  15. most conservatives will agree on the endgame, which is that money and politics should separate. the disagreement is on the means. conservatives will tell you that the way to do this is through limiting government because the further government is from the market the less it can screw it up and the less big corporations can use the government to screw it up. the left will say the opposite: they will say that the government is needed to reign corporations in.

    this should be the left-right discourse but instead we have each side accusing the other of elitism and hatred of small businesses and pretty much everything else.

    something must be done or before we know what hit us America will become a dictatorship because the ones who really gain from this kind of discourse are the elites in DC and the news and entertainment media. 

  16. bad idea to sellout the internet, Since there is only 1 world wide web, that makes in a Monopoly… full control of the internet and the info passing through your face.

  17. They call it "Throttling"!  It was against the law for the ISP's to be doing this.  If I remember right, Comcast was one of the first ISP's to stop doing this.

  18. Obama didn't cause this change.  The Supreme Court did.  The largely GOP-appointed "pro elitist" Supreme Court recently ruled that corporations can rain money into the political process. Killing Internet neutrality is just the beginning.

  19. The issue however is "whose jurisdiction". Are all ISP's evil? Right now probably. But does that mean they all are by default? No. And as a result we shouldn't be regulating how they run the internet =. It doesn't really matter though. You can always steal anything you ever wanted that is in video form. Also there are alternatives to the current form the internet that should be up and running partially within your lifetimes.

  20. and uh american capitalism at it's finest xD 

    other capitalist countries actually make an honest effort to help their citizens while it's overall worth keeps growing. 

    america of today = dumbasses 😀 

  21. I find it funny that every problem within the government seems to be Obama's fault. Never before has any other president been under so much scrutiny.

  22. Verizon v FCC decided this three months ago. It rendered the FCC's net neutrality policy unenforceable. They had to change the regulations to fit the law. Even if the FCC is perfectly happy to make this change, they did not initiate it. In fact they fought it. Blame the DC Circuit Court.

  23. the only way you could do something is if you stopped funding the govt. which is impossible considering all your taxes are deducted at source and when you spend your money.

  24. You don't get your control EVER. We are royally screw, and there is no going back. There is no anarchy so don't do it because you die or go to GTMO. We just have to use these outlets to throw hissy fits and chat it up, but don't cause an uprising because our military isn't to control others, it's to control us now.

  25. This is a scam! The government was never a property to the people – every government in the world serves the wealthy, sorry, but every government is a form of dictatorship, democracy means that people make decisions for their lifes. This is not possible in a hierarchical organization of the socio-economical system such as the Government or capitalism.

  26. im also shocked that cenk realizes we arnt in a capitalist system, but a so called crony capitalist corporation ruled corrupt system, its like a financial unholy trinity of central banking, corporations, and government all working together to get rich at the expense of the average person

  27. a other company (Telekom) tried it in germany, too (last year), but we made a big wave against it. After a long fight, the court gave us right.
    we won in december 2013.
    we get laws for the neutralitiy. no one can destroy it anymore =D

    i hope it.

  28. WTF net neutrality is shutting down of freedom of speech wtf is this moron talking about. Whever you create government control you invite corporations, government, and whatever else to use that control for themselves, this leads to shutting down of free speech, and corporatism or censorship of information by government or corporations. FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS NOT HAVING THOSE CENSHORSHIPS HAPPEN. CENSORSHIP DOES NOT EQUAL FREEDOM OF SPEECH, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON??? Net nuetrality is basically the same thing as the fairness doctrine, which shut down free speech on tv and created this TV's are pro establishment only era.

  29. Yeah, this is scary. But they've been working hard to monopolize the internet for a while now and have already had some success. So it's already been happening and is already depressing. Hopefully it won't be as easy as they think it is this time though. This is not a cable company setup where they simply buy the easement rights to the property you live on to establish a monopoly. The internet is computers talking to each other, and they will probably always have the capability to talk to each other ONE AT A TIME, from one computer to another. But they are establishing a chokehold on the delivery system for all content at it's source, or rather, they will control the comm lines effectively. So yeah. But you know, perhaps once quantum computing takes off, speed will in fact no longer be an issue. We should keep a close eye on THAT, because they are probably already preparing for this eventuality.  Remember, like other technologies, the technology drives the access. We arrived at this point where the people FINALLY have a voice because of technology. That trend will in all likelihood continue. They are just scrambling to maintain the old paradigm, but it's all about to explode and the old paradigm, wounded as it now is, will no longer work. It just won't. Civil wars will not stop it. However, technology suppression will. That is where the grass roots opposition should put the most pressure. We're actually almost there, stay focused.

  30. I want to say that I do love your show. You curse on the net! said no one in Russia! To say I agree 100% always with your show would be a lie. Low 90 . Point being I do get your agenda or at least you point out the agenda. A lot of the "sound the alarm" are well placed. And I dig it man. However. the milk is spilled, yes. So the "tippers of the glass" succeeded. Now lets corrected it and people should be held accountable (said no one Amerika… oh that world does not exist. Will it ever? I really doubt it if you look at it at we are too fractured in groups. We want this or we want that. Background for this mind of thinking… Manning,(no he did not win a Super Bowl.) If his " celly"  would have been Snowden ! Man if does wall could talk (of course, they will). But type in Kanye or Streling and you get mad traffic! Religous line can be and will be eliminated with due process but the submission/surrender vs the aggressor/dominate scenerio… I will this here. 

  31. The white house supposedly responded to this issue on the petition….
    "Official The White House Response to Restore Net Neutrality By Directing the FCC to Classify Internet Providers as "Common Carriers".
    Reaffirming the White House's Commitment to Net Neutrality
    By Gene Sperling and Todd Park
    Thank you to everyone who has signed on to this petition in support of a free and open Internet. Since his days as a United States Senator, President Obama has embraced the principle of net neutrality. As the President recently noted, his campaign for the White House was empowered by an open Internet; it allowed millions of supporters to interact with the President and each other in unprecedented fashion. That experience helped give rise to the creation of this very platform — the We The People website — where Americans can express their opinions on any topic and receive a response from the White House. Rights of free speech, and the free flow of information, are central to our society and economy — and the principle of net neutrality gives every American an equal and meaningful opportunity to participate in both. Indeed, an open Internet is an engine for freedom around the world.
    Preserving an open Internet is vital not just to the free flow of information, but also to promoting innovation and economic productivity. Because of its openness, the Internet has allowed entrepreneurs — with just a small amount of seed money or a modest grant — to take their innovative ideas from the garage or the dorm room to every corner of the Earth, building companies, creating jobs, improving vital services, and fostering even more innovation along the way.
    Absent net neutrality, the Internet could turn into a high-priced private toll road that would be inaccessible to the next generation of visionaries. The resulting decline in the development of advanced online apps and services would dampen demand for broadband and ultimately discourage investment in broadband infrastructure. An open Internet removes barriers to investment worldwide.
    A wide spectrum of stakeholders and policymakers recognize the importance of these principles. In the wake of last month's court decision, it was encouraging to hear major broadband providers assert their commitment to an open Internet.
    It was also encouraging to see Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler, whom the President appointed to that post last year, reaffirm his commitment to a free and open Internet and pledge to use the authority granted by Congress to maintain a free and open Internet. The White House strongly supports the FCC and Chairman Wheeler in this effort.
    The petition asked that the President direct the FCC to reclassify Internet service providers as "common carriers" which, if upheld, would give the FCC a distinct set of regulatory tools to promote net neutrality. The FCC is an independent agency. Chairman Wheeler has publicly pledged to use the full authority granted by Congress to maintain a robust, free and open Internet — a principle that this White House vigorously supports.
    Gene Sperling is Director of the National Economic Council and Assistant to the President for Economic Policy. Todd Park is the United States Chief Technology Officer and Assistant to the President."

    WTF DOES THIS MEAN? We won???

  32. If the internet is dead, then why am I still here? And if people use more bandwidth, why should they get it for the same price as those that don't?

  33. it's not even a government, stop with that rhetorics/remark eh, that's too soft on Sauron

    It's a secret society that runs this country like it's its colony.  This is depotism my friend, taking guise as a democracy

    No one will have any freedom until this citadel is downed.~

  34. Don't worry, the Chinese will host everything the US elite don't want you to know – should balance out…

  35. It's already too late. Democracy in the US died decades ago.
    There is only one way to get real democracy now and it's by force.
    You can not defeat corporations and governments that use force to control people by talking. The only way to defeat force is by using force. Maybe when the planet's resources are so depleted that people can barely afford to buy air to breath, maybe then people will wake up and revolt.

  36. This is absolutely absurd. We thought SOPA. And CISPA were bad? We should make a community owned Internet provider, or something, we have to fight this!


  38. I am a democrat. But I'm ready to be independent at this point. I want to scream when I think how we are becoming like Nazi Germany under Obama.

  39. BTW, ultimately speaking in regards to ISP's and cable aren't there only basically two companies, Time Warner and Comcast. Or the real truth is just one company since Comcast won't invade Time Warner territory and Time Warner won't invade Comcast territory. Ohh, think I'm not serious Google it and you will see both CEO's basically more else say this exact idea.

  40. In America poor people and middle class might as well get ropes and hang themselves. Poor people are only necessary to go to war and defend the sons and daughters of the rich and powerful. If we don't fight back, pretty soon we will be living in the sewers.

  41. this guy is a fear monger negative Nancy if you ask me. with all the pseudo sarcasm after every sentence he speaks how am i supposed to take him seriously.

  42. Oh would look at that, we are almost into 2015 and the Young Turds continues to spread disinformation. hahaha

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