Tucker: No one is above the law except Democrats

Tucker: No one is above the law except Democrats


  1. Tucker, you are human garbage filth. The racist, demeaning, lying, numerous lies, conspiracies and anti American talking points are deplorable to watch and listen to. Projection and gaslighting is FOX's talent. Its disgusting how you manipulate your viewers to see things that aren't really there.

  2. so if I understand this. the demonrats created all the crimes which they twist into a fake crime fueled by their own guilt ? PROJECTION

  3. Did I really see little miss "…and I inhaled…" KUNTmala HairyAss just chime is with "Nobody is above the law?"
    What a slimy, defective snatch! Thousands jailed by her for weed, yet she BRAGGED and laughed about smoking it, herself. Why is she above the law? Biden BRAGGED about extorting the very same people, for the very same crime of which the Big D is being accused based on hearsay and innuendo, but it's the Big D that gets the focus… Why is Biden above the law? Phukk the Dumb-o-Craps. They entirety of the DNC should be investigated, and gut guilty imprisoned for the maximum allowable by law.

  4. Does anyone really believe that the democrats are trying to defend the Constitution?? They oppose almost every amendment… 1) they want to silence anyone who disagrees with their views 2) they want to confiscate all weapons…. etc….

  5. BUT they didn't show that Trump broke any law !? as a Canadian this whole Trump BS makes no sense , we in Canada are just as split on Trump as you are but to me it seems they are just laying the ground to be able to say he cheated when he wins 2020. FYI I voted Liberal in the last election( I have real issues with Trudeau but we don't get to vote directly for PM)

  6. As the Democrats are claiming that Joe Biden is above the law and can't be investigated for corruption, they're saying that Trump's inquiry amounts to election interference. Meanwhile they're trying to impeach Trump to help them in 2020 . . . which is literally election interference. Talk about what psychologists call "projection". And mind you: This comes on the heels of the Russian Collusion hoax, where they said that Obama was courageous and patriotic for investigating a rival candidate for President. The very thing they're saying is now impeachable with Trump.

  7. We must pray for, and Support President Trump. He is surrounded by enemies there in Washington. All he really seems to have in his corner is We The People. ?? Trump 2020??

  8. Lols. Thieves with so little respect for the public, they take every opportunity to create some new victimhood charade so they can fill their pockets with our money.

  9. LMAO The Dems have nothing…nothing…except whatever's in those little brass bracelets. Here's to the next 5 years of Trump! ??

  10. Apparently Hillary Clinton is above the law, she worked with the DNC to rig the primary against Bernie Sanders. She kept classified materials on an insecure server, but we don’t talk about these things.

  11. Democrats are spinning their
    wheels , the Senate will throw it back into the faces House of Representatives ! And Trump
    becomes America’s hero , and
    Democrats lose again!

  12. This guy Tucker is a disgrace to journalism. Everybody knows Trump is a crook and a moron. Followed by idiots. Tucker is actually a bit creepy. Yuk

  13. Thanks Tucker. You cut to the heart of the matter and tell it like it is. I hope the Democrats lose the House in 2020.

  14. Tucker, present Evidence and bring the people you talk about in front of a court. You argue like your feelings were hurt, you only have theories and till then all you say is nothing more than hot air.

  15. These people are embarrassing the face of America to the world. This is a disgusting farce. Why did we ever allow this to go forward?
    Tax dollars wasted, jerks in office, acts of treason at the expense of American citizens, lies & more lies, get with the program.
    Order arrests. Effective Immediately!! Why play their game, for that matter any game, instead of doing the job they were elected to do?
    Go to work or go home. Too Late? Then go to jail. Do not pass Go. No Free Parking. Go to jail, go directly to jail. Criminals incognito.

  16. Well a good friend pointed out the other day that the last four letters of
    American is I can
    Republican is I can
    Democrats is rats
    Pretty sound!

  17. That's the cream of the crop, the best of the best among democrats………….little Adam, little formerly enormous nadler, Maxine "if you see any trump supporters in public get in their face and harass them" Nancy I pray for Trump………..truly astounding. That group is their very best. Imagine if we were at war, or any other majorly serious issue, Imagine depending on them to defend, protect, do the right thing. ?????????????

  18. Starting at 1:10, Impeach Trump because he solicited and pressured Ukraine to interfere with our 2020 election. WHAT? This only is 2019. How does this guy know what will happen in the future? He should be on a cruse ship in the Caribbean reading palms and tea leaves.

  19. I think this ‘no one is above the law’ is just about ready to boomerang back onto themselves! I’m sure the incorrect phone call fed to the whistleblower, was a tactic by Trump, so that when all the irrefutable evidence of their own heinous crimes comes to light, watch out, those words ‘no one is above the law’ is about to come back to bite these demons…..

  20. abuse of power is an impeachable offense hmmmm i wounder if slamming your gavil like a child counts just because you cant handle the sound of truth
    ALSO YOUTUBE IS CENSORING THE WORD P-e-d-o-p-h-i-l-e if you call someone an ally to the pds your comments will be autodeleted

  21. Look at Pelosi, full of shame, she is worse than a puppet, I PRAY history calls it like it is and her family name is ruined and remembered like Benedict Arnold, a TRAITOR to our country.

  22. "Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth. Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politician." – General George S. Patton Jr.

  23. Exactly, Democrats are corrupt scum, out of touch also, career politicians, investigate them all and jail many asap.!!! Democrats are hypocrites.!! Tucker is fantastic, always has been. !!!

  24. The DNC is a criminal enterprise. Feinstein only stopped short of providing defense of Sedition by not giving a translation in Mandarin. they don’t hate Donald Trump because of his presidency – they hate him because he’s stopped them looting the tax payers money.

  25. They think they are dictators so that's why they need to go to jail, all of them who are involved need to be imprisoned forever.

  26. why does nancy pelosi talk like she's had one too many glasses of wine? isnt she at retirement age right now? the older, senile folk should start stepping down and retire.

  27. Let's hear 3 cheers for Trump Jr killing an endangered species of sheep.. thanks to connections with daddy.. Big man junior.. Big man..accompanied by special forces in Africa… way to spend tax payer's dollars… and now let's cut food stamps for 700000 citizens.. what a hypocracy in America…
    You wan to shoot so bad junior, sign up for service. or do you also have bone spurs!

  28. Trump's base, they do not know the difference between the OPINION HOST and the REAL NEWS HOST, and they are fooled by the OPINION HOST's lies. OPINION HOST= NEED NO EVIDENCE=NEED NO FACT=they speak without evidence and fact like: Tucker, Hannity, Alex Jones, Ingraham Angel, Jeanine, Rush Limbaugh, Maria Bartiromo, The Epoch times, etc. REAL NEWS HOST=MUST HAVE EVIDENCE and FACT=they speak with evidence and fact like: Rachel Maddow, Lemon(CNN), Ari Melber, Anderson Cooper(CNN), Chris Cuomo(CNN), Chris Matthews, PBS, The News York Times, etc.; PEOPLE, PLEASE WAKE UP ! if the Republican Senate votes not to oust Trump, the Republican Party will lose both the Senate and the White House because it shows that the Republican Senate does not fulfill its Constitutional duty to protect the US Constitution. Trump is 100%, a treasonous traitor; there is no doubt about it, and Americans know this. Trump's base is much smaller than the blue wave plus the independent voters. (I am not a leftist).

  29. NANCY PELOSI is a proxy agent for her Family's Relative …
    … George Soros, an avowed enemy of the United States.

    Why is he above the Law?

    Because he owns The Speaker of the House?

  30. Chuck Schumer is taking directions from Harry Reid.
    A politician pulling the strings of government from behind the veil of being out of Congress yet still influencing the policies of the DNC.

    Harry Reid stated, "Don't give POTUS Trump any information on the facts, give him fake information".

    That was on camera before he left Office.
    Like Obama who still will NOT let go of POWER.
    Or HRC
    Or ALL the rest of the Criminals in the DNC, et al.


  32. All they have done is expose themselves, Clinton, Biden, Obama, FBI if they had anything on Trump that we have on them they'd be doing backflips. The simple statement 'can you do me a favour by looking into corruption in the 2016 election' is all they have. They have made a universe out of that grain of dust!

  33. The Democrats are a laughing stock – and what makes it more funny is that they don't even realise they are looking so stupid with this 'we have to get him at any costs' impeachment.

  34. They all got the memo then… not a brain cell between…just puppets being worked by a corrupt and evil system…
    No one is above the Law
    No one is above the law
    Dadadadadadada dribbling now…

  35. This has been going on for decades and the right did nothing. The right is just as responsible because of their inability to protect the constitution.

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