Tucker: How does bringing in more illegals help the US?

Tucker: How does bringing in more illegals help the US?


  1. That cheaper labor only takes jobs from Americans in that field. We already have laws to legally bring in workers to do jobs in farming etc….

  2. All I remember from my high school years was Mexican gang members bullying people I used to live in CA the safe neighborhoods are now riddled with graffiti and gang violence Who is bringing this Mexican gangs!!!

  3. It should be fairly obvious that this woman is in denial and looking to get a leftist foot into gov't. She needs to be booted out. They will all need to be booted out. In CA, OR, and WA too.

  4. She has been elected as mayor of Phoenix iv lived in Phoenix all my life (67) years and I can honestly say if there was a re-election between her and a ham sandwich you can be sure the ham sandwich would win hands down she’s as useless as a tit on a bull

  5. Another Lefty that just doesn't want to deal in facts. It would be funny if it wasn't doing the country such a disservice.

  6. In Las Vegas NV all the new construction labor is illegal. They build these houses fast but are poorly done. But worse they are steal opportunity from America's young men who could be working these jobs.

  7. She’s confusing immigration with illegal immigration. Of course the socialist are doing that intentionally. There is no one who is opposed to immigration, if it is through the legal process. Don’t use those terms interchangeably. It’s simply dishonest.

  8. I still don't know why I have to pay for all my medical treatment! When the sign at the ER at my favorite stop for the last 4 years states that if you can't afford health care don't worry. Medicaid will help you, normally that means using tax monies to support FREE health care. And these people that wander in through a river to the south on purpose never learn English so I can understand! Like many of the left, they are using smoke and mirrors to prove what? Cheap help! Except ignore the people that we here long before most, the American Slave!

  9. Just send All the kids from the whole county to the same school since its the best school out of all of them. then ship them to the best no matter how far away they live. and don't help fix the other schools just keep sending them to that one cause it is the best. and keep getting money to run it and don't make any plans for it ahead of time then they can run and call the staff names and blame the republicans because of the chaos that wont quit these people do not think logically they shouldn't even be working in Congress. my 5 year old has more sense then them

  10. Im gonna keep this simple. She sounds like a robot who isn’t programmed to answer questions that isnt in her system which is the reason why she almost doesn’t acknowledge what hes saying.

  11. Is this guy the only news anchor in the USA who asks for facts and straight answers?
    Because I'm in Canada, and we don't even have one of those here.

  12. I have quite a few friends that I work with that have dual status and they ALL speak very highly about necessary borders. Mostly the ones from Asian countries. The Latinos are about 50/50. The older ones want their children protected. The ones in their 20's seem to hate our border and speak about viva la raza. Soooo they want our land but not the people. To all you liberals, think about what you are doing to your family, before you make a deal with the devil.

  13. So many tech companies were started by illegal immigrants from Latin America, so many and did I mention how wonderful they are? So many, to many in fact to even begin to to them justice. Did I mention how wonderful they are Tucker?

  14. She doesn't seem to be able to differentiate between "Illegal and Legal" immigrants…we lose Arizona…and the entire USA will FALL…add Texas and Nevada…three "gun states", vs places like California where the populace is COMPLETELY DEFENSELESS…

  15. Lets rephrase that " we do not want to pay an average construction workers wage when illegal immigrants work for less " this actually kills an economy.

  16. I have never seen someone dodge a question so hard, and of course she loves to conflate legal and illegal immigration

  17. Tucker seems to be the next Bill O'Reilly, and that isn't a good thing. He isn't ever truly up for an actual debate and he isn't here to openly listen to his guest speakers. He has a single intention in mind for every interview and demands that he has his point made whether he genuinely listens and tries to go back and forth with his viewer or not. He's just not the brightest flashlight in the drawer if you know what I mean

  18. 6:11 how is she not saying "they have the same rate as citizens"? that would be a perfect answer (even if its a lie)

  19. This chick is like a broken record! I should watch it again and count the amount of times she’s said “this country was built on immigration” and “there have been many success stories”

  20. Tucker is so smart at repeatedly ask questions,He is exactly where he should be for his wanna be Politician on Fox News .. because he never could win a election as a Senator or Governor's sad for a Republican that his own Party be wasn't elect him .Wow.

  21. We should had limited womens rights back in the 1910s, not surprised she would say this given the fact she's a frigging dumb arab who wants to get rid of the creators of everything.

  22. Should immigrants be such a big plus , why do they flee their own countries – which r for the most part third world slums

  23. She is a total NPC. She has a pre-written script that she says. It doesn't matter what you ask her or say to her she is just going to keep saying the same thing with no facts or statistics to back it up. Just some anecdotes and feel good stories.

  24. WARNING: NPC detection. Be advised – democrat talking points need a software update. Pre programmed responses causing CPU depletion. WARNING

  25. Help diminish America's CO2 emissions; return 30,000,000 illegal immigrants to their home countries.
    Plant more trees.
    Problem solved.

  26. These rich basturds want to drive our wages down. They don't care about their own people. But whats more is the Dumbocrats want to have immigrants enter the US to help pay for the baby-boomers Social Security. A huge debacle that nobody talks about.

  27. Tucker, shame on you! You know better than asking a democrat a "YES" or "NO" question and expect a yes or no answer!!!!!! NONE of them can do it…….We have to figure a way to trick their sub-conscious into answering yes or no……………

  28. Mr Tucker:

     that statistic on crimes should be verified by independent people with access to reliable databases, as well site visit verification of their persona to the places where they are detained or working. The results of that data are important for everyone, including migrants, the public, and politicians. Maybe done by certified reporters?

    The above data verification would be needed to make a good foundation for the immigration reform, and this reform should cover more than the northern and southern borders of the country, like what goes on at the different points of entry and exit for the general public.

    The fact that no reforms have taken place that results in tangible benefits for migrants would mean somebody is benefiting from that situation.

    Also, some statistics on legal/business migrants and the outcome of that expensive process would be important if the country wants the reward of a working economy independent of what political groups are in power.

    The general public needs periodic reliable information, news that are not just for 'show'.

  29. 2019 here migration ok but have you observed who are at the so. Borders. 95%!!!!are young males what's wrong with this picture huh uh EXACTLY if it's a whole family mom dad children with PROOF of that then by all means.

  30. She is a true politician, dumb as a box of rocks. The more I listen to our political leaders, it becomes more clear to me how so many wealthy and powerful countries have fallen beginning with Ancient Greece. Our constitution was to protect us from the mistakes of so many before us. But we now have a Democratic Party hell bent on stripping our laws, constitution and borders away in their quest for personal wealth and power.

  31. She's not answering any of his questions. Tucker asks her a question and she just starts going off about some BS liberal rhetoric…

  32. This is freaky! I think I'm in the Twilight Zone because it feels like shes talking to somebody who isn't there…….. Maybe there is a gremlin on the wing of the imaginary plane shes flying… Or maybe this is hell!

  33. Extreme Pandering + No Concise Answers + Memorized Talking Points + Noticeable Fear of Offending the Base = Great Democratic Politician

  34. I worked with n engineer from Colombia, here in Toronto Canada. We looked at crime statistics on Google for south American. In South America There are a quarter million murders annually. Wow!

  35. Communities, success stories, diversity is our strength, this country was built on immigration.. blah blah blah.

    If you never allow yourself to get away from the halfwitted party-line talking points, you will never have a productive conversation again. It’s maddening to hear the same canned answers over and over again regardless of what question was asked.

  36. I work in the electrical industry in Arizona. Currently we have more work than all contractors can make happen with current workforce. To make it happen contractors are using temp (illegal) workers/ immigrants for labor in places where typically highly trained and skilled americans work. The jobs being done are subpar and not up to code in a lot of places.

  37. I think this woman is lying! I grew up in Phoenix and live in Mesa, and there are TONS of Mexicans from Mexico here! They have taken over parts of town such as the neighborhood I grew up in. The property values have plummeted, and I doubt that there aren’t enough American born people who want to work construction jobs whether born in Arizona or other states.

    Loom at the Roosevelt and Creighton school districts. They have teachers and students there that don’t speak English! How does a teacher pass certification if they can’t speak English?

  38. More slaves to build these rich white people's pyramids. Why would people like her get out and help work in construction. She is disgusting

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