Tucker Carlson 5/6/19: The Truth about UFOs & U S government’s Mysterious UFO program

a life on other planets apparently a lot
of people who do work in the US government which secretly over the years
we now learn has spent millions on a program that investigated UFO reports so
what did they find and does that precede joins this time with the outcome
hey bruh hey Tucker yes we have fearlessly reported on previous reports
of UFO sightings or what the military sometimes calls unexplained aerial
phenomena detailed by Navy pilots and other members of the military now it’s a
situation that the Pentagon peaked the world’s interested in when they release
some declassified documents that made it clear the government is keeping an eye
on the skies and potential UFOs a bit closer than anyone would have expected
now that release included the now infamous video from 2017 of what is
clearly some kind of flying object that honestly does not match any of the
physics I remember learning about or any aircraft design any of us have ever seen
outside of science fiction but the story actually got a little more interesting
it turns out former US Senator Harry Reid of Nevada put together a
multi-million dollar investigation into the Pentagon’s UFO FILES and it included
a real-life Fox Mulder tasked with cadigal cataloging not just those
documents related to UFO reports but also to collect actual debris in fact a
company was hired to modify buildings in Las Vegas to store metal alloys and
other materials that were reportedly from sites where these unexplained
events happen now people who have had encounters have been tested for any
physical changes military personnel were interviewed about what they saw now we
know what some of them saw from the 2017 video captured over the Pacific when
multiple military officers confirmed this mysterious sighting including
pilots and radar technicians of the program to catalogue then reveal to the
public what was found has been cancelled tracking UFOs by the military isn’t
stopping in fact they’re going to keep it for a simple reason the military
needs to know who is doing this and what their intent is now unfortunately this
means we may not get to see those detailed reports those mind-blowing
videos or one of the pilots said of something seen out his window truly
radical technology all the data they collect may simply end up in a chart
that shows an uptick in sightings in their locations as we all collectively
wait for those documents to be declassified I I want to know where it’s
coming from and I want a tour of this warehouse to see these metal alloys this
is kind of amazing well since they say they have multiple sightings per month
per yeah this isn’t my gun once a year oh man no ant excuses as a falling star
this is happening a lot no it’s not a drunk guy in a field in New Hampshire no
these are very well trained pilots and military personnel – and nuclear
payloads who are yeah you know you’re hoping they know what they’re looking at
and what I want to know what they’re seeing I do too
well arson thank you very much there’s something going on in the skies above us
even the government isn’t certain exactly what it is recently declassified
documents show that US government has four years maintained a program that
investigated the health effects of UFO encounters on those who saw them
meanwhile in response to the news that is crafting a new UFO reporting system
the Navy the US Navy has openly admitted to repeat it he was totally right and he
joins us tonight we’re glad to have him so Nick first to the the news that the
u.s. government has investigated the health effects of contact with UFOs what
does that mean well this is a part of the Pentagon’s a tip program that
studied these unexplained phenomena and it’s a part that we haven’t heard much
about everyone’s been concentrating on the videos of the Navy jets chasing the
UFOs but if you go back to Harry Reid’s letter to the Department of Defense he
describes this in terms of the human interface and human effects aspect of
the program and then recently more recently when the DIA wrote to Congress
about this in amongst all the papers on exotic propulsion systems that they
produced was a paper entitled field effects on biological tissues and it
seems as if what they were interested in is the effects of all this on the people
that witnessed it and I underst and that this involved for example
things like blood samples DNA tests and and other medical tests and procedures
so I mean what this really tells us is that UFO encounters are so common that
they worried about the health effects of those encounters on Americans so there’s
really no question that the US government has known for a long time
that something profound is going on I’m not saying they know what it is but
they’ve lied about that why have they lied about that for so
long it’s bewildering well I think there are very difficult defense of national
security issues here and there is also this blurring of the lines we don’t know
we really don’t whether with some of these things we’re talking about
Russians Chinese or something from shall we say father field than that and then
so there’s there’s embarrassment the other point is you can’t say we’ve lost
control of our own air space but I I did a cold case review on a case in the UK
where it turned out some military witnesses were probably exposed to UAP
radiation now UAP is the British government term for UFO unidentified
aerial phenomena and these people are now trying to get medical settlements
for health issues that they attribute to these these Close Encounters it’s and
it’s almost like there’s a whole kind of parallel worlds going on where these
stories are addressed but the rest of us are not even aware of it and we sort of
know that there are these UFO nuts but it turns out lots of sober well-educated
people have been devoting an awful lot of time to studying this stuff for
decades and I’m just amazed that we didn’t know well the Ministry of Defence
was studying it the Department of Defence here and the Defense
Intelligence Agency and of course as you said in your introduction just last week
the Navy have announced a new policy on this to encourage their pilots and their
radar operators to come forward and speak out to destigmatize it I support
that it’s unfortunate that we’re not going to get apparently the the data
that’s actually produced under this I hope
we can get unclassified summaries and I certainly hope we can get for example a
copy of the guidance that they say they’ve just issued on this because that
will give us some clues as to what’s going on here why the hell isn’t the
Today Show leading with this every morning for the next 10 years is there
more interesting story I don’t think there is Nick Pope I know you agree with
that thank you yes absolutely I do and look
you know if the Navy want to diffuse all this UFO hysteria what dates even the
u.s. Navy isn’t certain what is going on the Navy did just confirm that it is
drafting new guidelines for personnel to report encounters with quote
unidentified aircraft the goal is to deciding zuv advanced very high-speed
aircraft that have been saved quite frequently approaching Navy ships and
facilities with that explanation and the Navy issued a statement that said in
part this quote there have been a number of reports of unauthorized and or
unidentified aircraft entering various military control ranges and designated
airspace in recent years for safety and consist security concerns the Navy and
the US Air Force take these reports very seriously and investigate each and every
report as part of this effort the Navy is updating and formalizing the process
by which reports of any such suspected incursions can be made to the cognizant
authorities unquote Chris Malin is a former Pentagon intelligence officially
is closely involved in the History Channel’s upcoming six-part series unto
dent unidentified inside America’s UFO investigation he joins us tonight Chris
thanks very much for coming on so we’ve gone in a pretty short period of time
from the US military not really acknowledging that there is such a thing
to them acknowledging that these sightings are so frequent they need a
formal process for reporting them what’s changed yes
Thank You Tucker it’s an extraordinary turnaround and it’s really the result of
an interaction between Congress and the Navy and the fact that this has gotten
on on Congress’s radar began some discussions which elevated an issue that
before this time had been smothered and kept at low levels of the bureaucracy so
now you have more senior policymaking officials
hearing in some cases firsthand from the the aviators involved in other personnel
they’re learning the reality of the issue and they’re asking some some
direct and sometimes tough questions and so this has elevated this entire issue
within the department and kudos to both for engaging well yeah listening to our
men and women in uniform who have been squelched in the past who’ve really been
treated with disdain sometimes for for reporting with what’s happening well I
mean and pilots of course are trained to discern between aircraft and weather
balloons so like if there’s one group you should listen to it’s pilots how
often are these sightings reported you know we don’t know we believe that
probably eight or nine times out of 10 they are not reported when there’s an
encounter we know from numerous debriefings and interviews that
individuals and squadrons when they when they bring it forward store a story
forward they’re the only individual in their squadron usually there’s only to
do so or have that discussion we see the same thing among commercial airline
pilots it’s it’s not career enhancing to say the least we know these individuals
are often ridiculed and we’re in the past which is partly why this is such an
important development they’re saying it’s a legitimate issue now you can talk
about it so but what do they mean some of the I was just reading this morning
some of these sightings again by military pilots you know the difference
estimate that these are objects moving at 15,000 miles per hour for example
that’s so much faster than any object human-made object is that ever travel
that we’re aware of so what do they think that is what’s the going theory on
this yeah this is a tough terrain there are three hypotheses that the people
have put forward and none of them are very comfortable one is that one of our
ever series has leapfrog does technologically China or Russia Putin
has been making some extraordinary claims about Russian technology another
theory is that these are some test aircraft of the u.s. I think we can
discard that now with the Navy itself acknowledged
these are not American and third popular theory of course is that these may be
from some civilization elsewhere beyond our solar system and none of these these
theories are very comfortable to contemplate but we have to look at facts
and derive theories from facts not start with theories and dis rule or rule out
facts I mean I I hope this will get us a lot closer doing this just very quickly
are the results of these surveys going to be made public a turning point it to
the starters’ Academy of Arts and Sciences my colleagues and I we have
drafted some proposed legislation for Congress to consider you know it simply
asked for a report on this it wouldn’t cost any money right now let’s demand
one shall we what is it really going the problems is nobody’s in charge and the
these organizations don’t share information so the information is it
pooled or analyzed right well that’s always that’s the story of government
Chris thanks so much for everything you’re great to see it back 8 p.m.

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