Tucker: Bloomberg is trying to buy the election

Tucker: Bloomberg is trying to buy the election


  1. Other than "climate change," regulating the size of soft-drinks and disarming citizens, I don't know what Bloomberg believes in. He is full of contradictions.

  2. The only reason Bloomberg is running is that he is basically a lobbyist for china and works closely with the communist party there to increase his business there. Trump is stopping that. If Bloomberg becomes President, you have a Chinese controlled puppet in the White House.

  3. Michael Bloomberg has gone down in history as the first elitist billionaire that paid 400 million dollars to get scalped on national TV by a fake Indian. Good going Mini-Mike!

  4. tiny mike spent 400mill $$ on adds !!! never seen one of his adds!!!!! ,was skinned a live by fakeahauntice lmfao !!! !!!!

  5. walk away from the dnc will be 50 %%% !!!!!! 100 mill +trumplicans will reelect president trump in a red tsunami nov 3 2020 magakag !!! !!!

  6. Make sure to let Bloomberg ads run long enough so he has to pay for them, I think that's ten seconds. If anyone knows the correct answer to what costs him the most money, please reply.

  7. Since when is buying advertisements with your own money "buying an election"? If anything Bernie is trying to "buy" the election by promising free healthcare, childcare, college, and anything else anyone wants.

  8. At least Trump had real concerns and was basing his concerns on real trends that he legitimately observed in his lifetime! 🤔 At least Trump legitimately has political views and actually has 'a dog in this fight' on behalf of his children and wants them to have the same opportunities that he encountered in America that he lived through! What are Democrats even running on..? "I'm not Trump!" 😄

  9. This is why votes do matter, next time your pal says he doesn't vote, feel free to throat punch him and let him know Kate Brown got in by a handful of votes and will sign off on these.

  10. Go Bernie. He's focusing on issues not labels. Indies, Dems and Reps are behind him because they all have a lot in common.

  11. America for sale & Americans for sale, maybe we get start jobs through him with building BREAD LINES for its people no more just buying it with money.

  12. Bloom x3(berg)x3 and Bernie will both be Horrible presidents. Lampbright or trump are the only candidates i know about that might do some good.


  14. The only reason people view a "wealth gap" as an issue is because they don't understand how wealth grows exponentially. If everyone in America had their income doubled the gap between the wealthy and the poor grows substantially, but guess what? THE POOR GET RICHER, TOO. And THAT is what matters!

    Don't demand the rich give you some of their slice of the pie- bake a bigger one. That's capitalism. Everyone can get more. I don't get why Tucker doesn't understand that any more.

  15. People are much more loyal to class than to politics especially if that class has the power and makes up such a small percentage of the population. The beast is rearing it's head and it's much more uglier than anyone imagined.

  16. Are we serious here why are there so many African-Americans behind Bloomberg use your thinking caps people he is not your friend and will not help your lives

  17. Bloomberg can shove his money where light doesn’t get in! No wise Americans will vote for him. Think about that for a moment how did he get that rich ? Don’t give me the hard work BS.

  18. So since he's crazy wealthy he can sidestep the whole electoral process didn't have to stand on stage with the 20 other candidates!! He's a fine example if you are willing to sell your country off to China you can become a billionaire!! Seriously doubt it's even his money he's spending guaranteed its Chinese funds!! I had to watch a Bloomberg commercial even to see this video!! So looks like Google YouTube and other sources are willing to sell out their beliefs and core values to strategically place Bloomberg's videos!! People's patriotism is so easily sold!! So much for fairness when you can get rich!!!

  19. Sanders promising 100 trillion in spending, Yang Bucks are a 16 trillion over 4 years bribe, who exactly is trying to buy the election?

  20. This is the Former Mayor of New York, who made larger than 16 oz Soda illegal for sale, (fact) in New York City! Google it! because he believes ordinary people need to be forced into compliance by the Government for there own good! He will tell anyone that quicker than you can burp up soda! What more does anyone need to know? Maybe he learned that from the premier of China Li kiqiang his friend and acquaintance, where he has Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Business plus two thousand employees all in compliance with Communist Party Law! (Cheap slave labor)

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