Trump’s Plan To Fight Impeachment Is To Paralyze The Federal Government

Trump’s Plan To Fight Impeachment Is To Paralyze The Federal Government

So Donald Trump officially has his impeachment
plan ready to go and he and Republicans rolled it out earlier this week and here it is. We’re not going to do a thing. We will not work with Democrats in any way
on any piece of legislation that they put forward that they propose or that they write. As long as this impeachment inquiry is happening,
we won’t do anything. We are officially going to paralyze the federal
government because we are mad at the Democrats. Okay, here’s what’s happened. You had a Senate Republican staffer who told
the press that, yes, as of this moment, any talk of a gun bill is dead. Any talk of infrastructure spending is dead. Stephanie Grisham, white house press secretary
also echoed these sentiments earlier this week when she said yes, the Democrats are
so focused on impeachment and just hating the president in general that no legislation
will ever come about and we will not work with them whatsoever. House and Senate Republicans echo those sentiments
as well, and here’s why they’re going to do this because they want the public to think
that house and Senate Democrats can only work on one thing at a time. That’s all they’re capable of doing. When in reality, even with an impeachment
inquiry, which is pretty much going to stay in committee for now, those Democrats in that
committee can still do other things and they hire outside investigators, outside lawyers
to do the bulk of the work. I mean, that’s typically actually how these
committees work. You have to hire the outside people to come
in and do it because believe it or not, folks, they do still have a job and they are still
writing legislation and they are still proposing legislation and they’re still holding votes. But Republicans don’t want you to know that. They want you to think that the upcoming crippling
of the United States federal government is all because Democrats are hyperfocused on
impeachment and they refuse to do anything else. So to that, I have to ask, then what the hell
has been going on for the last two and a half years? Right, because we weren’t impeaching all that
time and yet nothing got accomplished. Now. I know. I know Democrats put forward bills. I know since January this year, house has
been passing them, sending them over to the Senate that’s controlled by Republicans and
then they die. So stop acting like you were suddenly about
to start working with Democrats on anything, whether it be gun legislation or infrastructure
or a green new deal or even drug prices. You weren’t going to do any of it Republicans
because Mitch McConnell wasn’t going to let you We tried hundred percent. Absolutely tried sending bill after bill after
bill over to the Senate where Mitch McConnell effectively killed it, called himself the
grim Reaper of progressive legislation. So yeah, there is a paralysis in the federal
government, but it’s not due to the fact that the Democrats decided to focus on impeachment
a little bit. It’s because Mitch McConnell is a walking,
talking piece of crap. That’s the problem. It’s Mitch McConnell. It’s the Republicans, but a dang sure isn’t
the Democrats, and it’s certainly isn’t because of impeachment Democrats, unlike Republicans,
are capable of focusing on more than one thing at a time. They can do all parts of their job, not just
some parts of it or like Republicans, no parts of it, but this is going to be the strategy
going forward for the Republicans and for the white house. No legislation will get passed, no bills where
it gets signed, and when the 2020 election rolls around, they’re going to blame it all
on the democratic party.


  1. All these politicans made great speeches to get into office. They made us believe they're going to change the country for the better for all of us. But, that's all it was were meaningless words. So when I hear people cheering for their favorite candidate, I tend to believe they took them as complete fools & idiot's.?

  2. That's okay for the GOP not to help with the Impeachment Process, for they too can be Impeached or voted out.

  3. Them not doing a thing is a good thing for the USA!
    They've robbed and luted so much, made so many people suffer and changed so much regulations the devastating results, in environment, banking, social security, education, world stability, etc, will be around for decades
    Have them do nothing for as long as possible !!!

  4. Vote Yang, #Icanuse1kamonth

    For $1k a month I will be voting for Andrew Yang. The only problem is, I have to depend on everyone else to be as smart as me on this decision and that's hard for me to phantom. If any other candidate is elected, what's in it for me? I'm not a corporation, I'm not part of the established, I'm not part of the elite but I am a honorable law abiding tax payer citizen who can use $1k a month. If I vote any other way I'll probably get what I've always been getting. A sideline show to the government where I watch them eat good and maybe I'll get some scraps. Wake up y'all, lets get ours. (1 like included for post)

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  6. Lmao..sound familiar?? The wannabe dictator is going to paralyze the legislative process..what a surprise !!..This clown has done ABSOLUTELY nothing through the legislative process.

  7. How come they can do that? Your republicans McConnell is just the speaker of the house. McConnell needs to be taken out of his position.

  8. These republicans really need to move. I'm tired of hearing about those Damn yes men and women.. Never seen so many brown nosing people in my life

  9. Go ahead! They will destroy the Republican Party for once and for all!! He will get impeached or resign very soon. It’s just a matter of time.
    All his cronies will be following him out the door!
    They would not have helped with anything anyway!!

  10. There has to be a fails afe to counter this behaviour??? Time for the people to make their representatives do their job or be made to resign, abstain or go to jail.

  11. The Republican party is nothing more than a crime syndicate and fully intends to bring ever increasing harm to American wage earners for just as long as the people allow them to.

  12. HANGHIM HIGH!….he seems to think that person’s committing treason should die! Surely he will be in the bunkers by then! What crooks……trump did not think this up,,,,,he is too stupid….so who is planning this crap or rather running over at the mouth?

  13. Democrats just need to go with an old-style filibuster… And if that doesn't work, do another old-style filibuster. I mean, standing up and talking for 20 hours. Do several of them in the next month.

  14. So the congress solution is incredibly simple, oust McConnell by a landslide in the next midterms and all his corrupt republican cronies with him.

  15. Trump has every right to fight this impeachment. Fall like Nixon did not help him at all but made Nixon a laughing joke. Best to go down fighting, at least you have a chance you may win.

  16. All citizens should be made aware of all the legislation that passed but stopped by the Republican dominated Senate so that they realize that Trump's plan has actually been in place since Nov. 2018 and also that nothing of significance has been accomplished while Trump has been president. If the general public is fully aware of this fact then 2020 could almost be a wipeout for the Republicans.

  17. It's the republicans that aren't getting anything done. They're working entirely on trying to reign in the damn president. Cleaning up after him. They need to at least duct tape for his mouth. If I had been told before hand that we were going to have an insane monster for president, I wouldn't have believed it. Him and all Republicans are absolutely disgusting. Impeach ‼️

  18. So you know how the Dems can totally knock them for a loop? Introduce a bill to make all abortions totally illegal. That will expose the Republicans lack of willingness to work with Democrats.

  19. Hello! There is enough probable cause to have President DJT arrested base on hate talk speech. The riot act. The invite act. The premeditated act to make a unbalanced person to commit harm or murder against witness. Witness tampering. Our USA President must obey laws just as citizens must obey laws. God is the only spirit that is immune to our laws. Thank you. [email protected]

  20. Anus chaff around the Neck "Ring-o-Fire" , facts are on the table for all to see. Even YOU are going to have to quit being a methane sniffer for a few minutes and look. Isn't life Grand ? Either you have been lied to and believed it also or, you're part of the problem. Facts and Truth have a power of their own, be a shame to miss it. UH kind of like life, ya think ? Stupid is as Stupid does.

  21. This situation was an arms deal. A real life arms deal. He pissed of the intelligence agencies and they posted his shit and hit that black ops server. He cracked the black ops server and it’s full of cover materials. Open it. Open it up. Full transparency. Let’s see what depth the quick sand pulls in that swamp. Frog legs for everyone.

  22. And Jorden Levy of RIGHT WING radio, The Jordan Levy Show on WTAG listed many things in his complaint that the democrats haven't done a single thing while in control of the House. I was not surprised he leaves out the crucial part, the republican controlled senate kills everything.

  23. Almost certain that by not doing anything, it could be considered a strike. Last I knew, it was against the law for government employees to strike.

  24. It's like high school, you've got first period, second, lunch, third period, reading hour, PE (that's the walk between House and Senate). Then there is after school assignments.

  25. Republicans hate Americans they don't want to work with anyone. They wouldn't allow a bill to cure cancer if it was found. Dems would vote for it n gop would say no…

  26. Dems kept approving judges, budgets etc. Dems should have shut government down of they REALLY wanted gun legislation. Fake outrage for dumb dems.

  27. Why we the people ( KEEP PAYING THESE PEOPLE) On Our JOBS If we don't do our Jobs, we wouldn't GET Payed and be FIred. The rule of Law is not equal. Need some Fresh Blood in Republican party and Democratic. Personally i don't think they should be able to run for office so much, if a president can only able o run, why not these senators, house these people get compliance, they work the people and not for themselves. They got the Best insurance, retirement and still get their ss checks. These people don't hve the Best interest at heart. You hve people in this country that homeless/hungry and the people who are making decisions for the people are living it up and we the people are paying all these things. This is a SIN/ASHAME. I PRAY FOR ALL THE PEOPLE.

  28. Yeah, but isn’t what they ALWAYS do?? They’ve been doing this shit over and over for years and should all face a firing squad on live television.

  29. This goes beyond party. I was against impeachment until I asked myself: "What if Hilary was President? And we found out that she did the same thing digging for dirt on Trump (who's going to run against her in 2020)? What would I do? I'd impeach her. So I knew it had to be done. There is a right. There is a wrong. We do have laws and the Constitution to uphold. And we must protect our democracy

  30. What is he going to do shut down the government till he gets his wall he might get his wish 3 hots and a cot

  31. This is nothing new. They haven't been doing anything since Mitch McConnel the grim reaper says he's not going to pass anything.
    This is the policy of the Republican Party since they got wacked during the last mid terms. Do nothing but blame the Dems. Let's see how far that goes when your boy is canned for trying to persuade a foreign leader to did up dirt on Trump's political rival by withholding funds allocated by Congress to Ukraine.
    Trump committed extortion and you want the American people to think that because you won't pass by progressive Democratic legislation, it's their fault. GLWT bull-crap.


  33. the left can't beat him so make up some things to try and impeach him!.
    you all should plan for trump to win next election too

  34. TrumpleStillSkin, TrumpleStillskin, TrumpleStillskin……………………………………….

    Figured I'd I said his name 3 times fast, he'd go away.

    Anyway, "your leaders" ? Political government. Almost like watching a sporting event. Who's your favorite team? Democrats, or Republicans? Me? Neither. Honestly, anyone could find something better to do, than accept the limited choices you've been given throughout the last few decades, of someone else speaking on your behalf, pretending to be a leader. Sports? Entertainment, and mostly friendly competition. Politics? Entertainment, and directly affect your everyday lives, and the world around you. So how do you lead? You don't. You gave someone else permission to do it on your behalf. Point fingers, make excuses, and blame each other. That's your leadership. The problem is, they were born with their own voice, you were born with yours, and they don't have a right to speak on behalf of anyone else. Just like you. Even if they hand raised you all through school, in books, from present to past, but it is the past, as you were taught, that leads up to the present day, you know, and accept. Guess who stands in front of you, on your behalf? Public servants, who smile and shake your hand when they want something, like, your vote. Look at them at work today. Angry, pissed, pointing fingers, cause they can't get along. Just look at the expressions on their faces, passing laws and bills over you, like they think they were meant to. Servants, who some probably think they are gods. You place them there, and pay homage to them with your accumulated tax dollars, to do with as they please, in their best interest, on their behalf. I mean yours.(sarcasm) only honestly though. When you step back, and take a look around, without being so opinionated, or belief driven, like believing what you are told, you might see a little further. Let's not get belief mixed up with faith. If a belief causes one to look down on, or harm another, it's not a belief worth having. I have faith, that someday, as a young race, a young species, that you, man, mankind, will understand that. Be well friends.

  35. They believe Dems aren't working on more than one thing at a time because Republicans quit working right after Obama was elected ( as ordered by Mitch) – because anything approved might make Obama look good. 8 years! They have totally forgotten what it's like to work or even remember why they're there.

  36. I love it! The idiot in chief thinks that by shutting the down the government he can't be Impeached! It will probably be the opposite! Shutting off down the government will make it more likely that impeachment will be successful! I say go for it clown!

  37. I told you guys back in January, McConnell ain't going to let Pelosi do shit, so you might as well Impeach. what else you got to do.
    Also if you get rid of Trump,
    you might be able to work with Pence.


  39. This is just the first hint of his ultimate plan, his final solution if you will… to completely subvert and suspend the democratic and judicial processes. Make no mistake, martial law is rolling around in his head somewhere. He's just looking for an excuse at this point.

  40. His reactions to this entire situation only shows – GUILT, not guilty – shouldn't have to worry bout or threaten anyone. Not a president more like a TYRANT !

  41. The orangeman child probably will declare war on iran or china so hewill create chaos and he ill continue leading this nation to destruction.

  42. Republicans are very upset. Time to turn up the heat and watch them come apart at the seams. It's fun to watch them jump on TV, admit to crimes and display their lack if intelligence. Like shooting holes in the boat they are trying to sail in a hurricane.

  43. Well…Senate Republicans have refused to even hold hearings on any legislation the House Dems have passed so far. Which has been numerous. All McConnell has allowed are confirmations of Federal judges then he adjourns for the rest of the day. Lying hypocrites protecting a corrupt grifter in Chief. May they rot in hell.

  44. I thought this was the land of the free, home of the brave but here we are threats and more threats, coming from this crazy person. Where is our freedom? where are the brave? they are our armed forces THE ONES THAT DID NOT GET PAID THAT HAD THEIR ELECTRICITY TURNED OFF, COULD NOT GIVE THEIR KIDS LUNCH MONEY THIS FAT STUPID BASTARD could flix his muscle so he could show this country that He is the boss. HITLER DID THE SAME. WHY IS HE STILL WASTING good oxygen? WHY ARE we all sitting around waiting on our government to fix it. I guess he is the gov. Are we going to have 2 take the law into our hands, this is my message to Donald sTUMP I HOPE A STRAY 38 SLUG FINDS IT'S WAY TO A SPOT RIGHT BETWEEN 'YA F ING EYES' I have tried not to spend good energy hating your ass but I can't hold it back ''I -FU–ING HATE YOU''AND I don't think the people ''CAN TAKE ANY MORE'' MY PREDICTION WAS THAT YOU WOULD NOT LAST FOR A FULL TERM'' EITHER YOU WOULD DIE RESIGN, OR BE EMPEACHEDI personally prefer option no 1 that was my prediction on OCT IST 2016.

  45. Ill say let him do it. One more reason not to vote for this pathetic excuse of a human.
    They are not doing anything as is. Everything dies at Mich Moscow black hole of a desk

  46. So, how is this different from before impeachment? The Republicans had no intention of ever passing any legislation that a Democrat would vote for, anyway.

  47. Has anyone checked to see if Adolf Twittler has thrown himself on the ground kicking and screaming and holding his breath until his face turns BLUE? Maybe his diaper needs changing?? Perhaps a little "whine" with that cheese would be in order. Just a thought……..

  48. The repubs did the same thing for 6 years when Obama was president, so they have experience at doing nothing. And the pay checks just keep coming. It's like, free money.

  49. How is doing nothing any different to business as normal for Trump? Government? No government exists. If you're so innocent, testify before Congressional committees. The truth shall set you free… and there will even be cake!

  50. Dude you are so bought and paid for, stop reporting fake news! Go look at Biden and his son, then tell me who’s working against this country! I was a Dem , but I see the truth, and what your saying isn’t! You are as bad as they are. A sell out to our country! Wake up a Americans

  51. They did that during Obama's entire 8 yrs. ,so what's the difference? Why are they even there? If I didn't do my job I would be fired right away.
    Vote blue. Please .

  52. Anyone who ignores a subpoena needs to be arrested for contempt. That will make them think twice about telling democrats to eff off.

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