Trump’s DOJ Narrows Definitions Of “Sexual Assault” And “Domestic Violence”

Trump’s DOJ Narrows Definitions Of “Sexual Assault” And “Domestic Violence”

Recently, the Justice Department’s Office
on violence against women did something that is incredibly bizarre and incredibly damaging
for women here in the United States, and what they did was they rewrote and narrowed the
definitions of domestic violence and sexual assault. It’s not really clear at the moment why they
decided to do this, but we do know that during the Obama administration, the definitions
of these two things, sexual assault, domestic violence were broadened a little bit. They included more things including for domestic
violence, psychological abuse and manipulation, things that experts in domestic violence counselors,
therapists, law enforcement people say are absolutely part of domestic violence. In fact, those are usually the beginnings
of worst domestic violence to come. If somebody engages, a spouse, engages in
psychological abuse or manipulation, they do eventually most of them escalate into physical
violence, and if that is not stopped, that could eventually and frequently does escalate
into homicide. The Obama administration heard from these
experts, they talk to these experts and that’s why they broadened that definition because
they recognize that as a threat to women here in this country, the trump administration
has decided to do away with that from now on, coordinator the Justice Department’s own
definitions. Domestic violence is just hitting or kicking
or, you know, doing something physical to them to cause them physical harm, psychological
abuse. Now, okay, they don’t care about that. You do that? Sure. Whatever manipulation go forward. We don’t care. Just don’t hit her sexual assaults even worse. Uh, they have narrowed the definition of sexual
assault to only include here we find it, uh, any nonconsensual sexual act, the Obama administration,
their definition was sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs
without the explicit consent of the recipient falling out of the definition of sexual assault
or sexual activities as for sexual intercourse, forceable, sodomy, child molestation, incest,
fondling and attempted rape. There’s just any nonconsensual sexual act. It’s not going to include groping, fondling,
you know, verbal threats or humiliation. None of that things that women experience
all the time. In this country and that experts have told
us half to be included in these definitions, but the trump administration for some reason
to just do away with this and that to me is the. The weirdest part of this is why this doesn’t
seem like something that they needed to do, and yet they did it and it shows one of two
things to me. Either they’re trying to cover their own asses
to make sure nothing bad happens to them in the future or their buddies in the future
seems plausible, unlikely, or the other, which is also plausible and incredibly likely is
that they just hate women so much that they are willing to let them go through a little
bit more hell in their lives just because they have the authority to do so. Whichever one of those two reasons are correct,
it’s an absolute disaster and a threat to every woman in the United States.


  1. In Switzerland children’s school hours are changed every day to deter married women from working. So sick of this prehistoric caveman behaviour. I think these men are afraid of women so try to subjugate them any way they can.

  2. Right, Trump wanted to be sure to make pussy grabbing legal, and Trump had a bad week, too, so this was like kicking the dog. Why not make life worse for women, just for a laugh?

    Trump is insane, stupid, and he’s as evil as they come. It’s like he’s so eager to act like a tyrant, a dictator, a mad king, that it’s a constant threat, he is absolutely certifiable.

    He should probably be locked up in a mental hospital or his very own prison cell. How much are the American people supposed to take? Five weeks of a government shut down, and now this? ?????

  3. Soon Americans will live like third world citizens despite being wealthiest country's citizens.
    America, don't make the mistake we made. Woman are 1/2 of the population. You can't decriminate or you will lose your progress.

  4. From Obama adopting a definition of sexual assault near to the Scandinavian ones to Trump going back to the levels there were during the 1970s. This is bad for the present but from an historical point of view it means that the next presidency and majority will take back a definition more similar to the one Obama took.
    Actually they just fueled the next years of feminism giving them full legitimization. I hope this time your feminists will realize that before wanting to apply Scandinavian models of legislation it is necessary to first fix the patriarchy made in USA. And to do so I hope they will also understand that they need to attack powerful men and not poorly educated and marginal men. Also because if I got this well from now on psychological manipulation used on a sexual level seems to be legal: that is so much a Damocles sword as actually women are way more effective at that. Feminists should just start using psychological manipulation to sexually harass all influential patriarchs and relative nepotist's legions.

  5. It seems pretty clear to me that the reasons they rolled back these protections is because Trump, and his cohorts, are probably guilty of every one of those provisions. All they care about is protecting themselves.

  6. Men and women of America who voted for Trump or didn't vote at all this is what is called action and consequence. All the parent's of daughter's think about what this means when some drunk ass-hole grab's your young daughter or sister at a party or anywhere and has a little fun and then she call's the police and they ask her "did he penetrate you" and when she answr's no they hang up. Is this what you want or don't you give a shit about them.

  7. I think its both, plus Trump hate Obama, so he like to get rid of all of his policies. Women wake up, stop supporting your misogynist abuser.

  8. That's just what the US needed. More people with expensive lawyers getting away with sexual assault and domestic violence.

  9. They could had made a rule about false accusations of sexual assault to make it harder for those to cry wolf, but that didn't happen. Way to go Commander-in-Tweet.

  10. Option 3: They are just determined to undo everything the Obama administration has done as a matter of principle.

    3b: They want to keep going and take society back to the "good old days" when you could hire a temple prostitute for two chickens and a cup of barley, buy a slave girl for ten pieces of silver, and get a wife by clubbing her over the head and dragging her back to your cave.

  11. Yes, they are rapists and misogynists bastards for some, but the resident rump has but one thing in mind. Undo anything Obama did.

  12. … it's not yet decided why they had to do this… yes it is… it's to make Dump look like an angel legally. Yet another crock of total bullshit coming from these pieces of human feces.

  13. Obama was 100% Right on this issue ! But Trump does not care much for Victims of Bullying, because Psychological Bullying can and often does lead to Violence !

  14. Another label for the Grand Old Pedos: Party of Rapists. No wonder vast majority of women vote against the Rethuglicans.

  15. This makes me extremely sad as a sexual assault survivor. When I was in nursing school, a patient groped me in a very explicit way during a transfer, and as a result I could not get away from the unwanted contact. Leading up to the incident, I was verbally harassed as well. When I spoke to my preceptor, I was told, “It’s ok. Older men like to flirt with their nurses. It makes them feel young again.” I’m in a profession where sexual assault is systematically committed and explained away. Under this definition women won’t have recourse to fight against it. I can only hope this is reversed soon.

  16. It's simply that women are things. The only reason women are even around is to be used by men. It is so simple that these men cannot understand what the big deal is.


  18. Trumps hates all women? So he hates his daughter Ivanka? He has indicated several times in the past that he would love to have sex with her. He often says that she is a hot women – or at least he did when she was younger. I guess that is OK now. Incest is no longer an act of sexual violence!!! What about Tiffany? His other daughter. Has he ever fondled her like I have seen him do to Ivanka on camera? Trump is now officially a sexual predator. I wonder if Melania will ever have the "balls" to file for divorce? She clearly detests him. I beat he bets her up regularly.

  19. Abusers defining the rules of abuse?. How ironic to have these bunch of old farts and corrupted, and in some case abusers of women grabbers dictate the rules. We are in danger. This is simply to protect the abusers not the victims. That is what we get from these bunch of old pervs governing this country.

  20. He knows that when he's out of office, those women will be back to haunt him. Maybe the underage girl, too. And some of his psychological assaults on women are sure to surface.
    This is a logical move to protect himself. Otherwise, why would he care enough to even look at this law?
    Oh, and I guess those women in his fevered imagination crossing the border in the back seat with duct tape on their mouths, are no longer victims. Duct tape isn't sexual assault, so no charges would be brought.

  21. So wait… Women say "man up" to me when someone is "psychologically abusive"…
    I typically do and realize that the words of others are only impactful if I let them be…
    Then, women want to be treated with equality and fairness, yet, they can't do the same?
    I think it's insulting how you seriously believe that women can't handle their emotions and need to be protected.

  22. Thanks for your vigilance & reporting. The guy in the Tan House & his ilk – read Republicans – HATE Obama & ANYTHING that he supported or made law for! These pigs are removing the legal underpinnings for all moral laws & behaviors in this country. DON'T get it twisted, MALES as well as women have been dishonored, disenfranchised, & left less protected by this evil action. Oh, & the country's children have just moved 1 step closer to becoming legal prey for the degenerates of this country that is rapidly becoming a world-class SHIT HOLE!

  23. Conservatives really don’t like women! How do we have a president that grabs them by the pussy?? Also, let’s not get sensitive over words now, scary though is how many women has Donal Trump raped and they are afraid to speak up?? MAGA is disgusting and wrong.!

  24. it was said often, that while muslim extremists and conservative white men may be enemies for theological and political reasons, they are cut from the same cloth regarding their viewes on so many other things, such as women

  25. I wish 4 years where 4 days for Trump ?

    I need to say something…

    Trump is a freaking piece of crap and I hate him so much I wanted Obama to be president again I hate Trump!!!??????

  26. So it seems that this video is completely biased against men in regards to domestic violence. Nothing about this even indicates the fact that men are victims as well. Is that really true? What if women were the aggressor? Is it possible?

  27. This makes me sick! I have three children two girls and one boy and a one year old grandson..I've always said im saving my jail time for any SOB who hurts one of my children and grandchildren.. This is scary and anyone with a soul would certainly want this changed back!

  28. I was a victim of psychological abuse. My husband always told me that if I left him he would find me and kill me. Luckily he turned out to be a coward and with the help of a psychologist I found the courage to leave. This is another example of Donald Trump finding things done by the Obama administration, and undoing them simply because as president he can. Why isn't he focusing his attention on the things that our nation needs. But that would mean Trump would have to go to work each day instead of watching Fox news most of the time.

  29. Clearly defined rules. Accidental touching a person as you pass them is NOT sexual assault. Touching a person other than on their genitals / breasts is not sexual assault. But because some people get carried away with themselves, that they think everyone is out to molest them. Like the woman who sued a man for sexual assault when he held her elbow to help her onto a bus. People that bring frivilous charges like that need to be sent to jail for defamation, wasting police time wasting the courts time, oh, and they get to pay ALL the legal costs.

  30. Mind games and humaliation is NOT a type of violence. It sucks, but it should not be considered violence. Stop making terms mean things they don't mean.

  31. Good.

    Turning down financially helping your partner is not a form of domestic abuse. Your wallet, your choice. The same way your body, your choice. This will help stabilize families but alas that won't be enough.

  32. Like his father, Trump has been abusing women and young girls his whole adult life. His small penis makes him angry when woman see it and begin laughing.

  33. The Trump DOJ missed the point. The people already agreed domestic and sexual abuse includes seriously destructive, criminal behaviors. Trump gave DOJ and enforcement very few reasons to protect female citizens. Why help abusers, rather than women & girls?

  34. Yes thank you trump now don't stop repeal the duluth model, family, the 19 amendment show the femanazis the power of your pimp hand #trump2020

  35. Democrats: We have too many innocent black men in jail. Prison reform now.
    Also Democrats: It's disgusting we we can't put innocent men in jail for refusing to pay money to their partners.

  36. The mere conjunction of intent isn't valid as a sexual assault claim. As for abuse yes there are many types of abuse as they all should be punishable by a certain degree, but I don't agree with the implication that narrowing the definition of sexual assault is somehow diminishing the rights of women?? Please explain has the 19th amendment changed? Has the ERA changed?? No? Didn't think so, this is all bullshit you want to chant by all means you do you boo boo, but don't you dare assume that all women everywhere agree with you

  37. This was done because of all the false allegations. Costing the tax payers to much money to try these men for something they did not do because some feminist thot doesn't like men period.

  38. The definitions where to broad, they were abused. You are way too willing to label everything as assault. All i have to do to commit "sexual assault" by your definition it's day "show me your dick big boy". That is as easy as it can be.
    So you should Stop looking at anyone since your eyes can be threatening?

  39. Trump is not obeying God when he does not counsel people to be good to people obeying the laws that Jesus kept, like, love works no ill to your neighbor. People need to know that they are responsible to themselves to God. The consequences of not obeying those laws are way worse than what Mans laws can dish out. That consequences is permanent soul death. Trump might as well be learning from Muslims when the church does not teach the truth. Mans laws try make replace Gods laws. Muslims don't respect Gods laws. Don't people know how to recognize a Muslim? We need a nation that is Muslim free.

  40. No way can you say domestic violence is mental verbal or anything like that. Its violence is physical. That's ridiculous you can take someones gun rights ,kick them out of their home and they loose their job because someone has hurt feelings. So now its abused by everyone to have leverage in a divorce. So it's out of hand . Women have been known to lie too. Men do this crap too. So the domestic violence laws are completely out of control. Glad to see it called correctly violent and physical. Glad Trump narrowed the gap

  41. WHEN WE PUT A RAPIST INTO THE WHITE HOUSE!!!! Rape becomes legal!!! People, will eliminate their OWN Violent Abusers..

  42. Statistics prove males suffer heart attacks and strokes from nagging by women, so women should be happy they aren't going to end up in prison for psychological abuse. The female prisons would be overflowing if that were enforced.

  43. what the hell are you talking about? we already have enough gun laws— if you get a felony you lose your rights— your talking points are so lame// your just a liberal homo

  44. I dont agree with this bum, but maybe now both rape victims and people that are falsely accused will go after the Liars now. They are making it hard to believe anymore. There are far too many people getting exonerated due to them going to jail just over a womans word. There is too much money being paid out because of lazy police work.

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