Trump Wants To Campaign With War Criminals

Trump Wants To Campaign With War Criminals

Well, happy Thanksgiving, everybody. The president
wants to campaign with war criminals. According to recent reports, Donald Trump has actually
thrown out the idea to his staff to have one, two, or possibly all three of the recently
pardoned war criminals. Join him either on the campaign trail at his rallies, or perhaps
have all three of them join him on stage during his renomination at the 2020 Republican national
convention. These are three people, military members who had either been accused of or
been convicted of war crimes. All three of them killed innocent unarmed civilians. Donald
Trump pardoned all three. I know we’ve all seen the drama that’s unfolded, uh, with Navy
secretary Richard Spencer resigning slash being fired because he didn’t like this plan.
The Pentagon right now is furious at Donald Trump for doing this. It is a huge slap in
the face to the military and Trump’s not done yet. No. These three men who murdered civilians,
that’s what they did. It was murder. It was straight up murder. Trump thinks it’s a smart
idea to go campaign with these people, to bring them up on stage at his rallies. He
referred to them on Twitter as our war fighters, not as soldiers, not as protectors of the
United States war fighters. They’re toys to him. They’re props. Not just the bad ones,
but the good ones as well. You know the, the people who actually said, I care about this
country, I’m going to go sign up regardless of political beliefs, upbringing, whatever
it is, this is what they chose to do. And Trump is treating all of them as if they’re
nothing more than mindless killers. So what better way to make that case than to literally
go up on stage with a couple of mindless killers that he pardoned for their war crimes. What
this would mean if Trump follows through with this, and hopefully there’s enough brains
in his administration to tell him this is a stupid idea, but what it would be is a celebration
of rule breaking, right? That’s where this entire administration has been about breaking
the rules, breaking the norms, breaking the protocols. So why not go have a couple of
war criminals join you on stage, right? Let’s just go ahead and seal that deal. Let’s cement
what this administration is truly about. Cause it’s not about protecting America its not
about protecting the rule of law or even following the law. It’s about doing whatever the heck
you want to do. That’s what Donald Trump has become. That is what he’s turned the office
of the presidency into and that’s what he’s trying to turn the military into. You know,
we have seen horror stories coming out of the U S military since George W. Bush launched
his attack against Iraq. We have seen soldiers, us soldiers, torturing, killing, spying. We
have seen all of this. We have seen photographs, we have seen videos, they have posted their
own videos. That’s what one of these people did after he stabbed an unarmed teenager in
the back. That can’t become the new normal. That can’t become acceptable and that absolutely
cannot become legal. But unfortunately under Donald Trump’s rule right now, it’s perfectly
legal. You know, he’s taken this whole Republican. We’re the party of the troops thing a little
too far. Yeah, you can be the party of the troops if you want. You’re actually not. But
if you want to claim it, claim it, but you got to draw the line somewhere, right? It’s
one thing to stand with the troops, but it’s another thing entirely and a big slap in the
face to all of those troops when you decide to stand with war criminals. But unfortunately,
that is exactly what Trump has decided to do.


  1. He really loves criminals while he is at it , he might as well dig up the body of Al Capone the one who failed to pay right taxes.

  2. Trump is a war criminal

  3. Your pathetic system allowed this moron to get elected, that's a fact, and if you don't fix it it's going to happen again. For the record Pelosi can't do anything because she sat on a committee that received evidence of torture by Americans and did not do anything so she is complicit.

  4. Why not! Hillary was very proud of her war criminal endorsements: Richard Armitage, John Negroponte, and her “beloved mentor” Henry Kissinger.

  5. trump knows more than anyone. His advisors don’t understand the situation and their advice wont work. At least trump thinks so, I don’t buy it.

  6. TRUMP and his administration are war criminal crooks. Those are the cowards we have in the USA. Trash TRUMP criminal jerks.

  7. Kurt Meyer spent 10 years in jail for one man saying he gave an order to kill POWs. It was not verified. He served 10 years. Joakim Peiper ‘s men burned a barn full of civilians he served 10 years. We used to get very serious about prisoners of war and civilians. Now we allow a man who did the killing himself to run free. In the 1940s his punishment would be execution.

  8. These conservatives/republicans are truly disgustingly sacks of matter. They are the people and party of no values iij n every sense of the word.

  9. One criminal protecting another criminal Trump thinks he is God and can do as he wills right up till he's dragged out of the White House and has a bullet put in his head this man is anything but a man and there are those that worship him and they gotta go like Trump behind bars or the grave

  10. By pardoning the three war criminals all he has accomplished is it give the radicals a good reason and motivation and caused to continue the activities at they are involved in what do you think would have happened if the criminals after World War II had been pardoned

  11. And the sad thing is, if you show any descent for these guys, then the other side will just be like, “You libtards hate our military. Trump 2020!”

  12. Well the ? pig trump is a fucking criminal so it's only fitting to have him stand and parade with these war criminals. WE SERVED WE FOUGHT WE BLED AND SOME OF US DIED BUT WE ANSWERED THE CALL WHILE THE PIG TRUMP REFUSED THAT CALL 5X .trump should stick that trident up ghallagers shit hole.

  13. stephen colbert said it best "war fighters sounds like the name of a cheap nintendo rip-off bargain bin game you buy for 3$"

  14. Donald Trump is and has always been a backstabber, that's why he likes these criminals, they're just like him, not only is Donald Trump the worst president in American history, he is also a subhuman lower form of life.

  15. Anyone else notice that when trump sympathises with anyone accused of wrongdoing, he always says, " They've been treated very badly"?

  16. Donald trump has spent the last 3 years destroying every other American institution , why would the military be any different ?

  17. I wonder if the Presidency will survive this ?will it have its reputation back? Smh desecrating the oval office and what this Nation stands for

  18. Does anybody have any doubt now that he totally did this for political gain and not out of any value system, please America call out this fraudster Trump to his face, let him know we see right through his thinly veiled plans.

  19. Remember, Gallagher is a "hero" to Trump for getting paid to kill darker-skinned people, presumably Muslims. It was a clear violation of the Geneva Convention. Naturally, Trump and his homies will be appropriately offended when pictures appear on the internet showing Russian, or Syrian, or ISIS, or Iranian troops posing on top of dead American civilians and maybe peeing on them too.

    If anyone has PROOF of a crime then say it with the actual statute or code if not get over it.TRUMP is exposing them for decades of corruption and the media is connected to it also.

  21. Trump to pardon war criminals and campaign with these murdering thugs, what a sorry piece of orange shit we have for president! Trump on the easy street he gets to pardon war criminals has people to commit crimes for him and sets back eating his Big Macs enjoying the ride! Trump fires good people while his chosen ones go to prison following his illegal orders! He can anything he wants because of the cowardice of the American government and its people!

  22. Of course this was expected as Drumpf always expects payback from anyone he helps flaunt laws. I know I don't respect the views of war criminals unlike Drumpf & the Repubes who want these criminals to convince us Drumpf is cool & should be allowed to continue dismantling America's morals, democracy & humanity.

  23. For Trump all migrants are second class ? latín black CUBANS chicanos ? blacks Even if they are nationalizad or have been born EUA ? NO DEBEN VOTAR POR TRUMP PUEDE INICIAR UNA TERCERA GUERRA MUNDIAL ? Y ULTIMA DESPIERTEN SU ESPOSA TAMBIEN ES MIGRANTE ??????????????

  24. This sick in the head asshole needs to be lose soo bad that there is no question his opponent has won. I'm so sick of him and his cowardly love for war criminals. This is not who we are. We do not interfere with military law. I soo hope this backfires (even if he doesn't go through with it, he was serious enough to put the idea out there just like joining forces with Putin in cyber security) and vets come out in full forces (and those serving currently) vote against his ass.

  25. Didn't Hitler do this too? You know what they say? birds of a feather flock together. I got more just can't remember them all at the moment.

    What people don't get is this is Hitler/Anti-Christ type of behavior, trump ATM is looking more like the Anti-Christ on a daily basis and he's not even bothering trying to hide it anymore.

  26. But yet!
    HE HATED MCcain for being captured during VIET NAM " WAR ".
    " PRO " WAR MUNGERS!!!????

  27. Donald Trump is disgusting. I guess criminals stick together. Trump and his band of criminals on stage for his cult to cheer on!!

  28. TRUMP, HIS GOP WHORES, AND FAUX NEWS NEO-FASCISTS CLAIM THAT GOD CHOSE HIM TO BE POTUS! Is this profanity a last-ditch defense against impeachment? What about Hitler of Germany and Mussolini of Italy, both Christian nations? Were they also chosen by God? When are our Christian leaders going to call out these blasphemers? They are enemies of true Christianity, especially the White Evangelicals that include Perry and Pence!

  29. Off topic but I can just imagine conservatives who voted for tax cuts for the rich just patiently waiting like "Get ready guys it's about to trickle down all over us". While Putin is just laughing his ass off saying wait till I release the Trump pee pee tapes that's the only trickle down The P*ssy Grabber in Chief is thinking about!!

  30. This is Trump preparing for his potential loss in 2020. He's sending the message to the military and police that if they commit atrocities in defence of him, he'll reward them for it. He's laying the groundwork for a possible military coup

  31. OMG America think hard criminals will prevail if trump is voted again and then we'll be in a dark sinister scary era they will just kill anyone they dislike THINK HARD even his fan got insulted and thrown out of the campaign rally that attitude says a lot


  33. I mean. It was and all but it would be nice to recap facts, as in who did was, did the judge say they are guilty or not and why, and how does pardon work again. Just a bit more info there. Maybe as overlap of Text even?

  34. Like spirits abide. Not okay with the claim he's making about being for the troops – not true at all. Further, it's his way of trying to get them on his side for a possible coup when it's time for him to leave office, which is his biggest fear because he will be arrested immediately. Too many people are asleep to what is really going on and the bottomless depth of his evil and corruption. Wake up before it's too late and that's not too far off.

  35. Well we know we're trump"s mind is all corruption and in with criminals…just lovely of the president isn't it..this guy has to go.

  36. Since all of Trump's friends are already in prison he needs to find new criminals to hang out with.These men are not soldiers they killed unarmed people and Trump demeans the military by pardoning them.But then he has demeaned the country and the Presidency since he took office.The man is scum,and always will be.

  37. The curse nothing new world order will open soon all of the consumers who are the cattle the catalyst.
    Dont allow the brainwashing fool y'all on what is being done.

  38. Have you gone mad, Farron? There are absolutely NO war criminals in the US, just "true patriots" and fun old guys who dance with Ellen Degeneris while having second, distinguished careers finger painting and giving out candy a funerals.

  39. I wonder about my country sometimes what a joke it is now trump u no good sob and his supporters can't suck a fat one cornballs

  40. This move doesn't surprise me at all. He thinks of himself as Hitler, Mussolini, and Kim Jong Un all in one and a dictator needs the scariest, immoral people to be at his side like "look at my tough killers ,Don't F***with me or I'll sic them on you ". He wants that look.

  41. Maybe if we are lucky he will snort to much adderal and fry what's left of the few pixels he has left.
    And that will end his reign of corruption.

  42. One only needs to look at who he associates with and how many of his inner circle are now in prison to know this man is a criminal…so it makes sense.

  43. What he is doing is recruiting these murderer to protect him Incase he gets impeached, these murderer will killing people left and right

  44. A criminal sociopath joining with other criminals? No surprise. And sociopaths love nothing more than hurting people. They love death and destruction.

  45. As a real vet…not a 4 year enlisted.. stop this now… you don't want war criminals in your neighborhoods when they retire. Restraint, control, and precision warriors are needed. Not gutless war criminals. Your family is only a knife blade away from those assholes when they get the upper hand.

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