Trump turns El Paso visit into campaign ad and boasts about rally numbers

Trump turns El Paso visit into campaign ad and boasts about rally numbers

It’s an honour to be with you. Look at this group of people.
Can you believe this? I was here three months ago. We made a speech and we had a … What was the name of the arena? That place …
[Background answers] That was some crowd and we had
twice the number outside. And then you had this crazy Beto. Beto had like 400 people
in a parking lot and they said his crowd
was wonderful.


  1. And yet the Dems have been using these 2 mass murders to enhance their election chances. Yet the leftist medi, which is most, don’t say a word about it. As well, the shooter in Dayton was an extreme leftist, but you don’t hear about that either. Only about the El Paso killer being a white nationalist. And the media wants to be respected!

  2. Do you need any more proof that trump loves himself! He could care less about the people who died!! President? Trump has a difficult time acting like a decent Human-being!

  3. Look at all those happy faces!

    Nice to put that horror behind and move forward to laughter. But it's amazing how easily people can move forward nowadays. In previous generations people "grieved" for their losses for months and sometimes years. I suppose today's generation everything and everyone is disposable.

  4. The funny part The people there smile and laugh with Trump while people are dying.Trump is banned from the children hospital for life.

  5. He owes everyone an apology but he has absolutely no shame at all which means he has no empathy . All indicators for psychopathy.

  6. What a pair of disgusting, no-class ghouls. How can they be smiling? And the thumbs-up while Malaria infects the poor child who was orphaned by Trump's by Trump's big mouth. Unfuckingbelievable!

  7. i think again the message here aside from the presidents support for the victims and their expectations was simply how badly or better described how incompetently and representative of pathetic failures to try and command an anti trump spectacle with disgraced democrat politicians and intern impeached activist emotions, our tabloid trash press pressure performed.

  8. There's a documentary on Netflix called The Great Hack. Please watch so we can make sure this never happens again

  9. Trump is not a traditional US president. What he says is radical and opinionated. It is rare that people have to make judgmental decision on what he says on the media and social media. But he is still responsible for protecting US citizens. The security level is not high enough in every city of this country. There should be more police force in every movie theater, mall, store, restaurant, concert, church and etc. There should be more activities from FBI searching for the possible suspect from social media. There should be more activities from Homeland Security and put these mass shootings as act of terrorism and find these mass killers existing in America every single day.

  10. Imagine being David Rook and just sitting here commenting on everyone like his opinion matters in the face of a video like this. This president is a joke.

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