Trump Throws Dogs Under The Bus

Trump Throws Dogs Under The Bus



  1. Simple, you need a soul to appreciate creatures …nuff said. Calling him a venomous snake would be an insult to asps everywhere.

  2. Let's drop him and cronies in the middle of a Jungle or desert let's see if what happens !! I bet he never been camping or even played out side when he was a kid .

    He does not know how interconnected everything is . His youngest son probably will Never understand what wildlife is because it will be ALL GONE AND US PEOPLE ARE NEXT . He missed so much I am 61 want to be outside 99% of the time , he fears what he does not understand or what in the big picture .

  3. Trump is scaring us into submission, and succeeding. He's alienating us, trying to control our food sources, the air we breathe, twisting our laws , breaking God's laws, changing the "foreseeable" future for our children and has decided he is Almighty powerful and can dictate what and who sees a tomorrow in our great land. Idk, maybe he's right, maybe he is God, maybe he's the devil? What difference does it make?? as long as we allow this maniac to dictate our tomorrow, he IS Almighty. We see what he does, we build forums to denounce the disgrace, but we are afraid. Just like he wants us to be

  4. Listen, okay, I don't like dogs. You know and I know that Hitler loved dogs, okay. There is no, other, any animal he liked more. Loved 'em. I am not like Hitler. I am the complete opposite of Hitler. I am the least, Hitler person, that you have ever seen. Believe me.

  5. now you should do a story on omar and tlaib as they are Muslim and hate dogs too, as all Muslims hate dogs,

  6. all trump and his cooperate overlords care about is increasing their profits. It shows how unintelligent we are as a species right now, in the way we interact and view other life forms on this planet.

  7. Oh god. You have one good video in a week ( Epstain) , actually talking about the valid issues, and then you throw shit likes this with a clickbait title, bashing fucking Trump for the thousand time. Sigh…

  8. Trump ty to rip off his KKK klan daddy who has Alzheimer in his last year and the racism piece of sh*t bail-out Trump his hold dam life with money or vietnaw or school the man has to died to get rear of Trump bagging A$$, and Trump will run over a puppet and throw Ivanka under the train to save his self.

  9. I am in denial about the animals and the planet. I love nature so much and always have. Greed rules. I hope it won't always be so

  10. Please follow up on this issue. Development must be stopped and fought with heavy protest if it infringes on animal lives. Time to take a stand for our relatives. This is not a small issue, but has eternal consequences to life on earth.

  11. You're next administration America will have a lot to fix it might not get anything done repairing the damage caused by this orange idiot

  12. People who hate animals hates everyone. The only animal Trump loves is a pig 🐷 because that's what he is.

  13. Animals probably don’t like him… good instinct….. maybe if he’d bought a pet for his kids, they’d have learned empathy and sympathy…..

  14. Does Trump not realize that we are part off the food chain. If you take a part off the food chain away you weaken it and you endanger us all.
    We are all animals and live in the top off the food chain. We are the only specie that not just kill other animals to survive.
    Yes humans are just an kind off animal or specie.

  15. Trumps sees himself as the greatest at everything there is. He did it. His evil is at cartoony super villain level. Congrats.

  16. Karma is checks and balances. The Los Angeles area was over developed. Then the native species reeked havoc on the humans. The humans whined and I laughed. My are you got what you asked for…invasion of rodents, houses falling off cliffs, wild fires burning your homes. If you were so stupid to realize the consequences then I have no am sympathy for you. So yeah, the corporations will reap what they sow.


  18. The dog analogy is sort of whatever to the actual case at hand! this is very serious! don't muddle up the waters with a weird parallel? The "dog" term is used for almost everything – get over it and get to the issue. This title is stupid.

  19. What still baffles and enrages me is how he can do this without passing it through both houses of Congress. That's a massive flaw in our system.

    Never mind the stupidity and nastiness of tRump and his cabinet, they're irredeemable. But beyond the utter spiritual vacuum demonstrated and lack of basic respect for other beings, is the fact that unraveling the very web of Life will kill us too. Another level of intergenerational treason.

  20. I will tell you something important when you die & are at the crossroad trying to decide which path to take If you meet someone that prompts you to take a direction, ask if there are dogs or cats there? If they say no. Go the other direction, Heaven or Hell if Good Doggos or Sweet Kittens are not allowed? It is a $hit Joint, go the other way!!! Also, there is a huge chance Trump & Klan will not be going that way… Ask me, that alone would make it a great stairway to heaven, more perfect if the Kardashian's can go with them?

  21. fly your AMERICAN FLAG in DISTRESS destruction within AMERICAN PEOPLE and COUNTRY and WORLD wake up PEOPLE
    infested orange swamp scum in the White House DISGRACE

  22. It’s beyond shameful and evil what Humans are doing to other species on Earth. 🙈 We’re all dependent on one another and when they go Humans will soon follow. ☠️

  23. Again , why are you trying to explain behavior of a psychopathic narcissist like he's supposed to be normal and isn't. What country is going to hell was Donald Trump at the helm.

  24. Im just devistated. I'm demoralized and I find myself trying to educate more an more ppl, only to find that certain ppl refuse to listen to anyone that's not on TV!

  25. He already shredded Obama's E.O. that bans bringing Exotic Animal Parts in our country (first year in office) so his psychopathic sons could start adding heads of tigers ect. to their trophy rooms again 😡 now this! The EVIL Sonofabitch in our White House must daydream of ways to destroy things, like say; Animals, The Economy, Human Beings and The EARTH! 2020 can't come soon enough!

  26. But DJT doesn't understand the most basic scientific theory of CAUSE & EFFECT!
    Without bees & butterflies, plants don't get pollinated, therefore don't produce fruit. He should at the very least understand the basics. And this is pretty basic 3rd grade science. Pretty much everybody understands this.
    But then there's the Mango Moron occupying the WH that DOES NOT BELIEVE IN SCIENCE!
    At this point (sadly only 2.5 yrs into his 1st term [please let it be his last term also]), DJT is just trying to prove his own point that he "could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not loose the election".
    If he steals 4 more years, this country is done. He let Moscow Mitch un-sanction his buddy Dirapaska so Kentucky is getting a RUSSIA OWNED aluminum plant that got pushed threw the state House & Senate a couple hours before "Recess" so nobody got to read it before they voted! And the bill authorizing this Russian Aluminum plant was explained like "we're going to build something, but we're not saying what it is, but we're going to tell you AFTER Moscow Mitch works out the details, and there's 2 million dollars involved …. just pass it and we'll work out the ins n outs later"
    This is how Russia gets a foothold. They've done it all over Europe with oil & gas processing. The Russian Dirapaska now owns that little economically depressed town in Eastern Kentucky. We've all seen it in old western movies. The rich guy comes to a small desolate town, buys up all the small businesses and litterally OWNS THE TOWN! ONLY NOW IT BECOMES ACCESS TO THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT!
    Notice the rollbacks on EPA regulations regarding clear air & clean water! Making aluminum products is messy, it off-gases a horrible stench, and leeches into the water. Its ashame that a beautiful area like eastern Kentucky will soon be like the area around Chernobol.
    Cause & effect!

  27. Trump is the most disgusting human being on the planet. Where are the people who are supposed to check and balance our government? Why has he been allowed to so horribly ransack our government? He doesn't care about people or the land or clean air and water now add animals to the list. Think about what we are leaving for our children. Oh! What am I thinking? He doesn't care about children unless they are still in the womb and that is only because of his religious backers. What Will he destroy next? Sorry just sick of every day hearing about something else we will have to spend the next few years repairing.

  28. I don't think I have ever hated someone as much as I hate Trump. He is just so awful with absolutely no redeeming qualities. I don't wish ill for anyone in this world except for this man, he deserves to rot in a jail cell not be elevated to the highest office. Seriously, wtf is wrong with us for electing this man.

  29. Never trust anyone who hates animals….
    he likes hookers and exotic dancers, but not the dogs ones…and Melania, Putin’s bitch.
    His theme song “ don’t let the dogs out”
    He thinks these animals stand in the way of greed.
    As go the beast, fish, bird and insect so goes mankind.. extinction is around the corner.
    GREED is the downfall of mankind.

  30. GOP say they are christians and family party….. that is so far from the truth.
    Boycott the companies that support GOP or NRA.

  31. Animals can sense evil. Animals can sense what is not human. Animals can sense monsters. That is why Trump does not like animals.

  32. I'm sure all dogs hate trump too, I can't blame them for hating trump I know I do hate trump. Trump's motto should be MASHINGA (Make America A Smoking Hole In the Ground Again)

  33. The people of the USA and the world must make sure these things are not possible just because some nutcase got into the WH💀

  34. The polluted air,water and land.The contaminated food,medicine and products.The unsafe cars,buildings,bridges and hospitals that will be the result of all this deregulation that these reckless republicans are enacting will leave a world behind that they won’t like.They are so destructive.Such a hindrance to society.How anyone supports these fools is beyond me. That really are deplorable.

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