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In our first beef,
it is Trump versus France. He may love
their military parades and their loose views
on monogamy, but when it comes
to French wine, he likes to pair that
with a side of beef. NEWSMAN: President Trump’s
next target for tariffs may be French wine. The president says he’s considering a new tax
as a retaliatory measure. France has just announced
a new tax on American tech companies
like Facebook and Google. Wrong, wrong thing to do. They should not have done it. So I may do that, I may… I’ve always liked American wines
better than French wines, even though I don’t drink wine. I just like the way they look. That’s such a strange thing. “I don’t drink wine,
I just like the way it looks.” Now I’m imagining Trump ordering
wine at a restaurant. He’s just like,
“Uh, anything to drink, sir?” “Yes, bring me a bottle
with your finest label, “perhaps something with
a picture of a castle on it. We’re celebrating.” And this is obviously
a dumb reason to give for imposing tariffs
on a country, but if we’re honest,
if we’re being honest, we all judge wine
based on how it looks. Yeah, when you go
into a wine store, you have no idea
what you’re buying. No one’s really thinking,
“Oh, 2014, that was a good year
for German Rieslings.” What you’re really thinking is, “What can I get for under $12 that looks like it’s over $20?” That’s all you’re thinking. And Trump wasn’t just picking international fights
over the weekend. No, he was also picking fights
closer to home and also about his home. Speaking of President Obama,
President Trump is blaming him for the inadequate air-
conditioning at the White House. The Obama administration
worked out a brand-new air-conditioning
system for the West Wing, and it was so good
before they did the system. Now that they did the system,
it’s freezing or hot in here. Wait, what? He’s seriously
blaming President Obama for the temperature
in the White House? You see, this is what happens when you’ve run out of things
to blame Obama for. It’s almost like Trump
is just looking around the room for new material.
He’s like, “You know, “this office
wasn’t always oval. It used to have beautiful
corners, but Obama stole them.” And by the way, by the way,
there is no way that President Obama is to blame for making the White House
too cold. All right? Never in the history of
the world has any black person wanted to make
their office colder. That’s not a thing. When God was making the earth,
he gave everyone winter, and then he got to Africa
and Africans were like, “No, no, we’ll just take the sun.
Thank you. Thank you very much.” So… So Trump started his weekend off beefing with Obama
and French wine. But then, on Saturday, he took his beefs
to the next level. REPORTER: In more than a dozen
tweets over the weekend, the president disparaging
Congressman Elijah Cummings, calling his majority
black district around Baltimore, Maryland
a “disgusting rat and rodent infested mess where no human
being would want to live.” The president’s Twitter
offensive comes after Cummings grilled Trump’s acting
Homeland Security Secretary about conditions
along the border. It’s the second time
in two weeks that Trump has come under fire
for racial attacks against members of Congress.
But now Trump insists Democrats are the ones playing
the race card, tweeting Cummings is racist. And there you have it, folks. Congressman Cummings criticizes
Trump’s border policies, and in response Trump tells him to go back to his rat
and rodent-infested city. Which is not exactly
how you’d would expect an American president
to talk about an American city. And what makes it
even more disturbing is that, as multiple people
have pointed out, this language
is part of a pattern. Right? President Trump always
uses the word “infestation” when talking about people of
color– almost always uses it. He said illegal immigrants
are infesting America, said Congressman John Lewis’
Atlanta district is crime-infested,
and that “the squad” must go back to their
crime-infested countries. Like, you don’t
need to be a genius to see what Trump is implying.
He’s not a subtle person. Like, if Trump was a painter,
his art wouldn’t need to be interpreted,
it would just say “I’m sad” in giant letters. You go,
“Oh, what does this mean?” And-and, like, here’s the thing,
here’s the thing– I think people are missing the
point. People are like, “Are you saying Baltimore
doesn’t have rats? Is that what you’re…”
No, tha… It’s not about that. I’m not saying Baltimore
doesn’t have rats. Of course it has rats.
But you know which other cities have rats? All the best cities
in the world. All of them. Paris, London, New York–
they all have a rat problem. In fact, I’m starting to think
that if your city doesn’t have rats, it’s because
you live in a boring-ass city and your food sucks.
Yeah. Because rats… rats… want to have a good time, too. Everyone’s seen the photo
of pizza rat. But people don’t realize
later that night, he changed into opera rat.
He has many tastes. But once again, America is stuck
in another debate. Many people say Trump’s words
are clearly racist, but Trump says
it’s the black people who are the true racists because they keep
bringing up race every time
someone says something racist. It’s a little suspicious,
you have to admit. Little convenient. To be honest, my friends,
it is hard to know which side is correct,
which means it’s a perfect case for Trevor Noah:
racism detective. You see, he’s the only person
who can help us figure out is Donald Trump racist? -♪ ♪
-(cheering, applause) Yes, he’s racist. -♪ ♪
-(cheering, applause) Thanks, Detective.

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