Trump Plans To Rob Millions Of His Voters

Trump Plans To Rob Millions Of His Voters

>>The Trump administration has announced
that it plans on kicking as many as 3 million Americans off of food stamps through new regulations. Now it’s no surprise that this comes a day
after Trump announced that he had reached a budget deal with Democrats, which would
essentially increase the national debt and increased spending on the military. But when it comes to needy families and making
sure that they have food on the tables for their children, gotta make those cuts. So this is an effort that would essentially
bypass Congress. According to the rule, it would rein in states’
ability to enroll recipients earning more than 130% of the federal poverty guidelines. In most cases capping eligibility to an annual
income of 32,640 for a family of four, so let’s stop for a second. You have four people in the family and you’re
making that much money. If you make a dollar or over that amount,
you would be ineligible for food stamps. Let me give you more. According to this new regulation, households
are also limited in most cases to $2,250 in countable assets, such as cash or money in
bank accounts. So, what they wanna do is essentially audit
individuals who are receiving food stamps, and if those individuals have anything more
in assets above that amount $2,250, they would be ineligible for food stamps. Now, this regulation doesn’t take place today,
there is a period for commenting. Is the Trump administration at all concerned
about what Americans have to say about this?>>Of course not. So knowing how Trump is, and knowing how he
loves to put executive action behind these types of things, it’s likely to actually come
into effect which is a disaster.>>Okay, so I wanna give you the context here
cuz this is the important part. So these folks get an average monthly benefit
of $121 per person, the 36 million people on food stamps in this country, okay? So,
>>It’s a lot of money.>>Yeah, $121 a month, okay? So now, a lot of times almost every time the
media will look at this story only within its own context and say, okay, should they
get $121 or should they not get $121 a month, right? But that is not the full context. So full context is the decisions that our
government has to make all the time put together because it’s as opposed to what. So for example, the reason why they are doing
these tax cuts because they said, well, we don’t have any money, the deficit is out of
control. In fact, a lot of right wingers are saying
these cuts are not draconian enough, we need to cut more spending. Well, in a sense, that’s true. You know why? When you look at the annual savings is this
is going to bring of two and a half billion dollars. So that’s every year to this country when
you make these cuts. Two and a half billion, that sounds like a
lot, right? So of course, what it doesn’t tell you is
the tax cuts for the rich, that they just passed a little while ago.>>How much is that?>>That cost 1.9, wait, 1.9 is lower than
two and a half. 2.5 billion is how much you save from this. It was 1.9 trillion that went to taxes for
the rich. So now I want to go back to the hundred and
$121 number, okay? Let’s be fair over 12 months, what are we
looking at about $1,400 or so, right? That average person to the top 1% because
of Trump’s tax cuts every year it gets a tax break of $61,000. So you gotta make up for that $61,000 and
that’s just the top 1%, okay? So how are you gonna make it up? Well, you’re gonna cut, cut cut and one of
the things that you’re gonna cut is literally food for the hungriest, most needy people
in the country. We gotta rob from the poor to pay the rich,
but that is literal, that is literal, that is a decision we made. The two and half billion that you saved through
this program, how many times you gotta do it to get to the $1.9 trillion in tax cuts? 800 times. So this is one of 800 cuts they’d have to
make, to be able to justify how much they gave away to the rich. So The proper context shows you, Trump made
a decision. And by the way, it wasn’t just Trump. Don’t put it just on Trump. The entire Republican Party made this decision. They all voted for it. And they are so proud of it. So they say yes, we should take money away
from kids who need it, and the families who need it, who make this little amount of money
so that we can give an extra $61,000 a year to everyone in the top 1%. So that’s America under Trump and the Republican
Party. That’s the monsters they are.>>Look, these types of cuts in social safety
net programs were also proposed during the Obama administration. Luckily, they didn’t pass. But I just bring that up because one of the
biggest issues with the Democratic party is their inability to fight. The Obama administration was far too willing
to make concessions to Congressional Republicans when it came to cutting these programs. Now, they wanted to cut Social Security which
would be incredibly unpopular so luckily they didn’t go through with that. But when it comes to programs like this I
think that they’re much more vulnerable to the types of the cuts that are now being proposed
by the Trump administration. And honestly I love that you brought up the
tax cuts. I think that’s the biggest point. But this is literally a day after both Democrats
and Republicans worked with the Trump administration to agree to increase spending on the military. Why do we need to spend more money on the
military? Is that money going to the salaries of our
soldiers? No, it’s going to the defense private defense
contractors who are already getting incredibly wealthy through our military activity abroad. And it’s sick that we never have a debate
about our funding or our resources going toward making weapons manufacturers or private contractors
wealthy. And then what we’re gonna target people who
get that tiny amount of money, a month to feed themselves and their children?>>So, let me build on that cuz it is a great
point and let me give you context on that. So remember how we run and shot down a drone
that we had flew into the airspace. Now, recently Duce head I’m sorry, it was
Brian Kilmeade to on Fox News had crank that up the price tag on that to $200 million,
but most people agree it’s actually $100 million. So let’s think the lower number of 100 million. So what is two and a half billion dollars
gets you that’s what you’re saving from by cutting 3 million people off of food stamps. 25 drones. So what would this country rather have? I mean, remember, we have more nukes than
everyone else combined. We have a bigger military than the next eight
countries combined. And on top of that, we’re now increasing the
defense spending dramatically. So would an extra 25 drones help the country
more or for 3 million people to have food stamps so that their kids can eat? So and by the way, the core of that argument
is not made by new-found progressives coming out of the Bronx or Detroit. The core of that argument is from a Republican
president named Dwight Eisenhower, who fought and won the greatest war ever fought. And he came back and after it being president
said, watch out for the military industrial complex. Those are his words. And he said, for every dollar that they spend
on weapons, it is robbing the American people of food and education, and here we are, that’s
exactly what they’re doing.>>And they’re doing this without any type
of work with Congress. Congress isn’t voting on this. Trump is doing this unilaterally, and it’s
disgusting. Now, Chuck Schumer did a press conference
in response to this. I wanna show you what a statement is and then
I wanna respond to it.>>Yeah, I can’t, this White House just astounds
me This is food for people who need food. We are lucky that we have farms that grows
such great products. And to cut money of people who need to be
fed, is just another example of the heartlessness of this administration. This is just cruel, ideological and just inhumane
like so many of the other policies are. We beat back this last time under Debbie’s
leadership, and we will try to beat it back again, I’m optimistic we will.>>I am not optimistic that Democrats will
fight aggressively to defeat what the Trump’s administration is trying to do here. They don’t fight anything. I mean again, just yesterday, they gave Trump
exactly what he wanted when it came to working out the budget. They increased the debt and they increased
spending on the military. There was no debate about it. They just gave him what he wanted. They gave him what he wanted when it came
to funding for border patrol. $4.6 billion blank check, you don’t have to
improve the conditions of these detention centers that the migrants are kept in. You don’t have to really do anything. You just give Trump $4.6 billion in taxpayer
money. Anyway, look, I think the only thing that
could save us from what Trump is trying to do here is the fact that many of his voters
use these programs.>>Yeah, I don’t know that anything was gonna
break through their voters now playing the role of an experienced JQ because you’re usually
the pessimistic.>>Yeah.>>But I if you take their food stamps away
and so disproportionately Trump border that are affected because people with less than
a college education are disproportionately affected by this disproportional Trump’s borders. I think that they’ll still be like, goddamn,
Obama took my money away, and if it wasn’t for him, I’d have had my good private money
and it’s the government fault for taking my-. No, no, no, no. It was the government giving you the money,
and it’s because you just really needed it. So I don’t know that anything is gonna breakthrough
to those guys.>>I mean, look, public polling on the Trump
tax cuts indicated that even among his voters, those tax cuts were unpopular, right?>>But Anna-
>>They didn’t like it, and that’s the reason why Republicans completely abandoned bragging
about that policy when they were running for re-election or running for election. But so they know, they know those are Trump
era tax cuts. Once they see that $121 taken away from them
every month, which was meant to provide food for themselves and their children, how are
they not gonna connect the dots?>>They’re not. Part of the reason is the media. Watch, go watch, Rest Cable News. Go listen and read other things. And see if anyone can I who does like we did
about, hey, this is money that’s being taken away, but it’s because they did the tax cuts
and as we’re out of money, because they already gave it all to the rich and to corporations. Almost no one else will make that super obvious
connection. So then can you really blame the voters for
not getting it cuz the media never told them. And it’s not their job to follow the news
and politics that closely. But my last point is on Schumer being faux
outraged. So-
>>He’s so heartless. Look, they don’t care that he’s heartless,
they love that he’s heartless. Sorry, I totally interrupted you.>>That’s okay. So that’s usually my job, so we’re doing role
reversal today.>>So he does a deal with him yesterday, and
he goes, okay, we got some increased spending And the cuts are not gonna be draconian and
the next day Trump comes out and goes just kidding, I’m gonna do it through executive
order sucker. And Schumer was my god, I didn’t see that
coming. Really, Chuck? If you didn’t see that coming, then you’re
not very good at this. So I think he’s doing fake outrage. He probably knew that the cuts were coming
through executive orders but is now huffing and puffing because he already made the deal
as usual. And Trump got most of what he wanted and so
now he has to pretend to be shocked and chagrined. And so that’s how this game is played and
the corporate democrats can’t figure out why people are not excited about them.


  1. if later he changes his mind he will will tell his voters look at me i giving 3 millions in food stamps, when he was the evil one taking it away in the first place… like he did with the planned attack he approved for iran and later he canceled it and people were giving him credit instead of pointing out that he was the idiot that started it in the first place…

  2. This cruelty is standard GOP. Not Trump; the REPUBLICANS. And we will remember the Democrats who supported this without debate.

  3. We're not that stupid! We know why the cuts are being done. Its one thing that main stream media doesn't talk about it, it's another to assume that we don't know the system.

  4. …and I haven’t heard a single elected democrat make a peep about this. THAT’S the story that should be reported here!

  5. Nebraska has been doing this for years. So nothing will change here. I only made 31,000 last year and I'm a single mom with 3 kids. I got booted off years ago.


  7. Republican do this because of their racist beliefs! They think it's only poor minorities on these programs! And, if you cut these programs you'll hurt minorities! But, the facts contradict that. The majority of people on all these social programs are white, even if you account for their amount of white people in the US! Every decision made by republicans, in the country, is based racism! Every decision! Every single decision!

  8. Looks like most of those people wearing those hats are going to be effected but I dont think it will change their minds about voting for Chump because those hats are cutting off the oxygen to their brains

  9. I get a whopping $15/mo in FS b/c I "make too much money" and I'm at the poverty line. I started working at age 16, worked through high school, college, studied 4 hours a night for 9 years, and then had a great career, then life fell apart due to unforeseen circumstances. So, I did everything right in life and am being punished for it!

  10. People will just turn to crime in order to feed their family. So this will effect all Americans in one way or another. Cutting programs that feed the less fortunate to give the rich more is just plain evil

  11. We increase spending on our military because China is making aggressive moves. George Soros says in interview that China will be the new world order govt.

  12. We are like children who don't know we've been living inside the Death Star, the TYT army is the "rebel alliance" and Bernie is: A New Hope. You heard it here first!

  13. Typical Kentucky Trump/McConnell supporter on his way to the weekly snake handling church service after a night of binging on moonshine, "Well, by Gawd, I'd sooner starve than vote fer one a' dem damn queer, communist, African Arab lovin' democrats." And there will never be a thing that could be done to change his ignorant mindset, which is the end product of a half century of conditioning by the Republican crime syndicate.

  14. Wow big Christian Trump taking money form poor starving kids so he and his Rich Friends can buy something they dont need……

  15. Maybe now stupid trumpeters will take note cuz I will go out on a limb and say some of his supporters are on food stamps. See how much they love trump when they can't feed their kids.

  16. I disagree that it's not the job of voters to watch the news to see what's going on. The trumptards have drank the Kool aid!!!
    They're not coming back!!!!

  17. The main recipients of food stamps are children,the elderly and the disabled. How pathetic our goverment has become .

  18. You just wait for the next economy crash and how mercyless and rigorous and thorough the screening will be for the banks to receive bail out.
    If you believe that, you're not very smart.
    But hey, when Donny wants to starve most of his base, let him.

  19. This is late trump has been ripping off the taxpayers since he took office. Now he's doing exactly what Republicans have been trying to do forever. They always go after the poor. What he doesn't realize is that most of his base are on welfare. So after he cuts welfare his basexwill suffer. But they will be still getting a 1.5 trillion dollars tax cut. And there's is permanent. The middle classes tax cuts are temporary. And will end come 2025. But the poor will suffer.

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  23. This is so bias without the actual Facts sounds like a bunch Turkeys rambling. The only Fact in this is about the Hate from the Never Trumpers, 24/7 everyday leading to months, for almost 3 years with 5 more to go…

  24. My sister and I were just talking yesterday after shopping for food, about how the cost of food and living has just gone up AGAIN! I've noticed a substantial price increase for food. SNAP benefits are so important to families ESPECIALLY with the ever growing cost of living. The Trump administration and Republicans could care less about holding corporations responsible for the increase in the cost of living and the stagnant wages. The thing that annoys me most is, we have them constantly increasing military funding at the expense of social programs that help every day American's, while they plan yet more wars of greed and theft, Trump appointed mike pompeo (a known oil tycoon), and WHAT do we expect to happen? I'm so tired of these wars for gain, where the already rich are in political positions of which leads to personal financial gain and ultimately corruption. Its so wrong on many levels, way too many to discuss, out people will suffer, the innocent will suffer in those countries, while the rich and evil financially benefit, and no money will ever trickle down, not that we should want money with blood on it. I'm just so sick of the evil corruption.

  25. I take care of my mother full time. She is 80, has cancer and Alzheimer's. I had to quit my job. Yesterday mom had a CT scan, which is over 10.000 dollars. I applied for food stamps, and I got 190 a month.

  26. Since those democrats wants to continue on their path of impeaching,I want hillary clinton arrested 4 crimes against america and everyone who was cought covering up hillary clinton corrouption scandle

  27. We have another 100 billion for the military but don't have 2 billion for poorer Americans to eat! Most of these people getting food stamps are on them for unfortunate circumstances. I collected them for a few months when I got a staph infection and was hospitalized and couldn't work, hell I couldn't drive! I'm a veteran, single father of 3 and if it wasn't for food stamps I wouldn't have been able to feed my kids. I almost went bankrupt! And bc the surgery was performed by the VA on a non-service connected injury no lawyer would touch and the VA denied me temporary 100% disability. After 14 yeats they also recentlt lowered my disability rating on my service connected knee injury from 30% to 20%, which is a huge drop in disability pay and dependent benefits! Meantime everything else keeps getting more and more expensive and employers aren't keeping up with the real inflation rate!

  28. Great point but I'm sure there are many Trump supporters who just love this idea to take away the safety net that a lot of people do ACTUALLY NEED. I understand there's some abuse of the system but to take food out of the people who need help is beyond me.

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    TYT supports the State OWNING EVERYTHING

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  33. OK RED HATS! If you're poor,and so many of you are -here's what your Great White Saviour did
    for you,and he brought back mining and manufacturing jobs too.(bullschitt)
    What a great guy-you DEFINITELY have to vote for him again,you stupid asses and then

  34. Once again TYT fails to mention the word capitalism. Unregulated capitalism and everything that's happening is the natural and logical progression of capitalism. The less wealth you have the potential of generating, the less valuable you are. That means bigger and bigger rewards for the rich to incentivise people to start using every scrap of time and brain power towards becoming more wealthy. If you don't like being a number, a product, and a tool, target capitalism.

  35. I know how this will go down from here. Some time soon Trump has a stroke while in bed with his latest fling. McConnell, desperate to maintain control gets in a Trump look alike to hide the fact that Trump is near death. The look alike fits in well but falls for Melania (who is desperate for some real love) and in cabinet meetings is emboldened to reinstate the food stamp programme, end “his” ridiculous border wall, normalise relations with the rest of the world for the US. However Ivanka suspicious of Melania’s refreshed demeanour begins to suspect the truth so Kevin (“Trump”) fronts a joint session of Congress and admits his fraudulent behaviour, delivers his taxes for scrutiny and promptly has another “collapse” on the floor of the house. The of course the comatose Trump is swapped out and Pence,…..this is where the whole thing goes completely weird…., becomes President and………..

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