Trump/McConnell Supreme Court Poses New Threat To Roe V. Wade | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Trump/McConnell Supreme Court Poses New Threat To Roe V. Wade | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Let men have to be the ones who spits out babies. Or let women have babies then dip, leaving the babies with the men. This ignorant attitude would instantly change. Nothing changes a mind like the shoe jumping on their foot.

  2. It Is Only A Threat To You People…Trump Is The Best…Your Laws Are Disgusting…You Dont Speak For The People ANY MORE.

  3. Women have the right to decide WHEN and WITH WHOM they choose to start a family knowing a child will flourish in a loving home! I believe God gave women that choice when he created us! The body of a woman demands a male's respect and his love in order to procreate! To take away that right is to create a world in which a woman's body is owned by others.

  4. "…a healthy democracy would have fought off Trump the same way a healthy body fights off a virus. That didn't happen. The hard reality is that whatever part of our political system we've been counting on to protect us; the media, the political parties, the "elites", some sense of bipartisanship or national interest or common decency, some popular aversion to bigotry, all of it failed in 2016."

    "That means that we can't just hope for the best in 2020."

    The above is from the fantastic book, We are Indivisible: A Blueprint for Democracy After Trump. Go to @t for a proven path out of the quagmire and into the bright future of a new and improved American democracy! There is hope because we are indivisible!

  5. Pictures of People who blame Republicans for being against late term abortion are perfect examples of why it is so important to use birth control. Roe vs. Wade will NEVER be changed – but those who stretch the issue to late term or at birth deserve no support.

    MSNBC again using GOP / Trump as the bad people in another stupid and twisted way. It's disgusting how they can get away with that these days. It's not the News. It's just bias.

  6. Open a day care with a bus that can bus women in need. The day care helps those who already have children as that is a major access barrier to getting an abortion – finding help with the kids you already have. The only big problem is the time off of work needed.
    Another option is a flight that flies over a state that has legal status and perform the abortion/hand out the pills/mid flight. No landing is even necessary.

  7. Liberals whine about the 249 yr long enslavement of my people in America and then praise the decades old Genocide of their own (infant) *people. Smh

  8. will make women think about opening their legs and bringing a life into this world they cant take care of. i wish it wasnt an issue ever at all though

  9. What do you think would happen if the women left the states that prohibited abortions, made huge sacrifices and endured enormous inconvenience and just left? I bet the Govs of those states would be howling in days. Too bad it probably wouldn't happen but imagine if all women angered by such a decision quit their jobs and moved to a woman friendly state.

  10. U used that law to decimate the numbers of the American people . There would be no need for mass migration into this country

  11. Good. Like the result or not, Roe V Wade is absolutely a bad call and a massively Unconstitutional federal power grab.

  12. It's looking more and more likely the Biden's made $130 million in 2009. The Dems should see if they can impeach Trump with this information. Is it possible MSNBC could assign some analysts to help build the case?


  14. The USA seems determined to retreat into the past. Abortion is safe and legal all over the world, but the US insists on revisiting this issue. If "Christians" don't want to have one, then don't. Just don't be telling the rest of the world who is not Christian, not religious, or is unable to raise a child that your religious sentiments are to be forced on others.
    As long as women have been able to get pregnant, there are those who do not wish to be! Abortion has been around for thousands of years, long before you and your 'Christian" values . If you want to waste your time praying for those lost zygotes, go right ahead. Just don't expect others to care.

  15. If the fears of Rachel become real, the only ones being able to have a safe abortion are the rich, that of course will send their pregnant lovers to a civilized land for an abortion, if necessary. That goes for every rich person in the U.S. Yes, keep the poor barefoot and pregnant, like the trumpanzees they are. Nice plan, GOP!!

  16. Impeach the Supreme Court by Indicting the Republican-Russian King Donald! McConnel “We have changed the Federal Courts Forever” ( My next obscene political act is a toss-up between-Do I stop an Impeachment Trial- “I would not stop a Trial”-So he must believe he can or Do I Dominate the SC and Replace Ginsburg before She Dies-I held Garland for 11/2 yrs…

  17. The Supreme Court forced Us to Impeach Trump, because the Republicans l know We have 0% Chance to convict in the Senate. Their Intrusion should give us the Opportunity to Impeach King Donald, get the real criminal evidence-leaving the Foreigners out of our Courts-Stop the Senate Trial and Indict the sitting King

  18. By the way I’m all about killing babies no need to bring them to a world that’s going to be over in 11 years I hear it from Democratic scientists all the time

  19. This issue must be faced now, later or never. A sitting President of the USA must be Indictable-We cannot allow this perversion to persist(with Barr it will evolve into “not investigate a sitting president”).The Republican Lterm strategy is working, they have covered every angle SC”look at the financial evidence later”, Senate-19 Republican and a sitting King Donald

  20. The thing that makes me mad, just because a judge has SO-CALLED religion, his religion HAS NO BEARING ON THE LAW, so by claiming religion/religious believe in a SC ruling should be grounds for impeachment from the Court. YOUR RELIGION IS NOT THE LAW.

  21. Wow! Dr. Tiller & I attended the same alma mater, different years. He was murdered in our hometown in his CHURCH! Id worked under him back in the 70s as a CNA who took care of his patients post-op. They were given great care.

  22. based on existing evidence and the actual context of concern constitutional and other, the president certainly should pardon manafort stone flynn based on the obvious, however he certainly will need to continue confronting correcting the criminal cowardice of our revoked rejected scared unamerican clinton scam 'courage' and their laughably unaccepted offenses.

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  24. the only reason i’m not in favor of banning assault weapons is because feminism must be militant to be effective. i want men to fear the consequences of restricting our basic human rights.

  25. Remember everyone, banning abortions will not stop abortions, it will just make abortions way more dangerous. Every rich and powerful family will keep having safe abortions, while banning them will make it nearly Impossible for poor people to have access to them

  26. A fetus of under 3 months is less sophisticated than a tuna fish. And the republican counter argument to abortion is also less sophisticated than a tuna fish. So, HTF is it that there is a threat?

  27. I am more and more appalled at how ''Republicans" are pushing as hard as they can, in an organized-chaos fashion, at taking the country backwards on so many hard-fought, hard-won rights for humans, animals, and nature alike!!

  28. American justice is so different. In a democracy a decision cannot be overturned just because the political party of the day appoints a judge who's sole objective is to overturn a particular decision. American Supreme Courts NEVER actually render final decisions. It's a schizophrenic system you guys have.

  29. It is more important than ever for women to get up off the couch and VOTE for their own interests, AND their daughters. It is more important than ever for women to ceaselessly battle their state legislatures for their right to have access to women's health clinics. This isn't just about abortion. This is about fighting for the right to receive care during and after pregnancy, for access to pediatricians for the children , for access to mammograms and other cancer testing facilities, for access to heart and stroke care. Women's health is tossed to the side by too many states.

    It's time for women to put the fear of a vengeful Goddess into the Supreme Court.

  30. When do we start eating the babies? Only ten years until the end of the world due to global warming! Don't listen to the Republicans and their hysteria.

  31. A womana must learn in quietness and full submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man;b she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, and then Eve. And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman who was deceived and fell into transgression. Women, however, will be saved through childbearing, if they continue in faith, love, and holiness, with self-control.

  32. Well this dirty evil depraved degenerate pervert, Rachel Maddow, will never enjoy killing her own baby because her filthy dried up hole is the home of Satan

    The pleasure old rotting leso get from killing babies is disgusting

  33. I m not with anyone any plan with them .
    I m only want my own project with japan royal family .
    Please usa n dona trump n mr frank j grass n his team all
    do not block my life with japan royal family .

  34. You fking Bernie Bots should have gotten out and voted in 2016. This lands in your laps and you should be ashamed for letting this happen.

  35. Do our uterous need to be registered as an LLC so gov. Won't Tax its maintenence or impead our business of producing "future employees, entrepreneurs, scientist, soldiers, etc"????

  36. Trump's embrace of adultery, opposition to common sense gun reform, his foreign policy and immigration policies prove the hypocrisy of his "pro life" stance. He's more pro death than pro life.

  37. Well if it is overturned maybe the crazy people will all move to the midwest and the deep south. That's OK with me but I will feel sorry for any woman in those states. Cults are bad.

  38. The only people qualified to make decisions regarding a woman's body
    and write/pass/enforce laws about a woman's body,
    ARE WOMEN!!!
    Why can't my fellow men understand this?

  39. Threat to Roe? Good. Hope that evil monstrosity is ruled unconstitutional. The Firearms Act of 1968 and the Wagner Act are also unconstitutional.

  40. It is a woman's body it is her choice if she aborts a life should it be government funded a individual state question

  41. You have to be pretty stupid to allow them to get away with it. Most Americans live pay check to pay check, pass ANDREW YANGS freedom dividend to remind Jeff Bezzos he is still an American

  42. Republicans know that their constituents want to ban abortion and they will work to give them what they want, secure in the knowledge that wealthy white women will always be able to have abortions by their own doctors just as they did before Roe v. Wade. The only women impacted by this are women and girls of color without the money and social connections to access safe abortions by physicians.

  43. This is why the news lies. Kavanaugh has been quoted saying he would never vote to overturn a precedent set by the supreme Court. The news doesn't want you to know that though.

  44. We should act now , NOT waiting like after the last ELECTION to take the streets nationwide , by then it will be too damm late .we need to be proactive.

  45. There are more women than men in the US. More women go to college and they live longer than men. Ladies this country is yours to run if you so choose. You can complain about wages and rights or you can change the laws. It is now up to you.

  46. It's funny that the same people who believe in climate change bc of science won't accept the fact science says that's a living human baby and should not be murdered. The left are all abojt removing accountability, responsibility, and morals.

  47. Abortion is like Illegal immigration where the problem can be greatly reduced if the proper preventative measures are in place. Wall and Condoms! Stupid people!

  48. Roe v. Wade is gone,now were going after taking federal monies away from Sanctuary cities BAM now there gone to next 1000 miles of fresh WALL in next 5 years BAM BAM and another 100 or so judges and just 1 more Supreme Court Justice Bam Bam Bam

  49. You yanks who believe in women’s rights… need to put your wallets.. behind the lady keep these clinics open.., if the US/ women of the US lose these clinics …. their rights over their own bodies…… then yeap …. the US will be going backs…. good luck….. even fn Ireland voted it in….🤔

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