Trump Keeps Lying About Hurricane Dorian and Alabama: A Closer Look

-The President is
still defending his doctored math,
insisting that he was right about Hurricane Dorian
hitting Alabama. For more on this, it’s time
for “a closer look”. [ Cheers and applause ] Now, we know Donald Trump is
and has always been a conspiracy theorist
and pathological liar who is completely detached
from reality. It’s always been his brand. It’s just that back when he was
a New York real-estate buffoon, people didn’t take it
that seriously. New Yorkers mostly ignored him because that’s what New Yorkers
do with crazy people. New Yorkers reacted to Trump
the way you react to a guy who gets on the subway
with a lizard on his shoulder. That was Trump. Except in his case,
he has two lizards. In fact, Trump’s
entire origin story is basically that of a crazy guy who,
after years of being ignored, finally heard,
“Hey, cool lizard.” [ Laughter ] His entire campaign
for president started as a desperate attempt to
get people to take him seriously as he himself admitted
to his supporters during a speech in 2016. -A lot of people have laughed
at me over the years. Now they’re not laughing
so much, I’ll tell you. -That is something a villain
would say in a superhero movie. Don’t believe me? Because that line is
almost verbatim a line from the new Joker movie. -A lot of people have laughed
at me over the years. Now they’re not laughing
so much, I’ll tell you. -Everyone laughed at me.
Well, no one’s laughing now. [ Laughter ] -Now, sometimes Trump lies
for the obvious reasons — like, you know,
to cover up crimes. Sometimes he makes up weird
stuff for no apparent reason. And then sometimes, there’s
just little bits of junk floating around in his polluted
brain that he belches up during rambling speeches like
the time he claimed during a speech on trade that
Canadians were smuggling shoes back across the border to avoid
paying tariffs on footwear, tariffs that do not exist. -There was a story two days ago
in a major newspaper talking about people living
in Canada coming into the United States
and smuggling things back into Canada because
the tariffs are so massive. The tariffs to get common items
back into Canada are so high that they have to
smuggle them in. They buy shoes,
then they wear them. The scuff them up. They make them sound old
or look old. -They make the shoes sound old?
What does that mean? Do they complain
about rap music? Do they hit the roof
of the apartment with a broom? “Turn that racket down! We got some boots
trying to sleep!” And, of course, it isn’t just
that Trump lies, it’s that he concocts
elaborate fantasies to justify those lies
even when they’re contradicted by playing video evidence that you can see and hear
for yourself like the time he accidentally
called the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, “Tim Apple” and then tripled down
with a series of bizarre and shifting excuses. -The President is
still playing clean-up after the referred to Apple CEO
Tim Cook as “Tim Apple.” -We appreciate it very much,
Tim Apple. -The coverage of Tim Apple has apparently gotten
under Trump’s skin. At Mar-a-Lago on Friday night
with no cameras present, Trump reportedly explained
to a group of donors what really happened. Axios reports Trump told
the donors that he actually said “Tim Cook Apple,” like,
really fast, and the “Cook” part
of the sentence was soft but all you heard from the fake
news, he said, was “Tim Apple.” -A few days after that,
Trump wrote this. “At a recent roundtable meeting
of business executives and long after formally
introducing Tim Cook of Apple, I quickly referred to Tim plus
Apple as ‘Tim Apple’ as an easy way to save time
and words.” -My favorite part of that tweet
is when he writes out “Tim plus Apple,” like
he’s carving it into a tree. [ Laughter ] Trump has been at war
with reality virtually his entire adult life,
and that war took one of its most insane turns yet
this week when the President
of the United States spread disinformation
about a hurricane and then repeatedly
went out of his way to insist he was actually right. You might remember
this whole thing started when Trump tweeted
over the weekend that Alabama would be hit
by Hurricane Dorian, and then 20 minutes later,
the national weather service had to tweet Alabama will not
see any impacts of Dorian. “We repeat —
No impacts from Hurricane Dorian will be felt across Alabama.” That was 20 minutes later. The National Weather Service has to monitor
the President’s tweets as closely as they monitor
actual hurricanes, which actually makes sense
because when you think of it, Donald Trump is the hurricane,
except unlike regular Hurricanes that eventually die down,
everyday, Trump blows harder. After he was corrected
by his own government, Trump doubled down,
as you probably saw. Yesterday, he seemed to alter
a forecast on the storm’s path from last week
with a circle added in Sharpie to include Alabama. My favorite thing about this is that he didn’t even try
to blend it in. He could have at least sent
an intern to Kinko’s to print up a new chart. “So, yeah,
what are you trying to do here?” “Uh, we want to fake
a hurricane map to retrofit a lie the President
told to the American people.” “Okay.
When do you need it by?” Trump is even too lazy
to lie convincingly, and he used a Sharpie,
which gives it away because the only person
in the world who’s famous for using Sharpies
is Donald Trump. It is a dead give away. That’s like turning to the
Avengers and saying, “All right, which one of you shot me in the ass
with an arrow? Hawkeye?
Was it you, Hawkeye?” And then, later, Trump was asked
about the altered map, and he was so flummoxed,
all he could do was barf up a lengthy,
incoherent word salad. -You showed us the map earlier
of the initial forecast. It appeared to have been
extended to include Alabama. Can you explain
how that came to be? -No, I just know Alabama was
in the original forecast. They thought it would get it
as a piece of it. It was supposed to go —
Actually, we have a better map than that, which is
going to be presented where we had many lines
going directly, many models, each line being a model, and they were going
directly through, and then, in all cases,
Alabama was hit. They actually gave that
a 95%-chance probability. It turned out that
that was not what happened. It made the right turn
up the coast. Everyone’s gonna be
in great shape because we’re gonna
take care of it, regardless. Regardless. But the original
path was through Florida. That was probably three days — I think that’s probably three,
four days old. -I thought you wanted to save
time and words! [ Laughter ] I’ll make up for this. I’ll make up for this. I’ll say Tim Apple, and that
will buy all that time back. Bill Microsoft —
That’s five minutes right there. Also, if it’s three
or four days old, then why are you
telling us this? Why are you showing us a map
of a hurricane that’s so out of date, you had
to edit it with a Sharpie? At his next briefing, he’s just
gonna hold up a map of Pangea. “So, this is
a little out of date. Little out of date,
but as you can see, all the countries are
crammed together, one land mass, and, uh, the hurricane,
it was gonna — it was supposed to hit all these
stegosauruses over here.” [ Laughter, applause ] Then the reporter asked
a natural follow-up question — Did you use a sharpie
to alter the map? And Trump acted like he had
no idea what happened. -Is that map that
you showed today — looks like it was almost, like,
a Sharpie. -I don’t know. I don’t know.
I don’t know. -It is so damning how
he just keeps getting quieter. He’s like a kid
who hit a baseball through his neighbor’s window. “Who did this?” “I don’t know. I-I don’t know. [ Quietly ]
I don’t know.” Also, what do you mean
you don’t know? Are you claiming someone else
defaced your map? Like some prankster snuck in
and sprayed graffiti on here? “Yeah. They crept in here
and drew a circle and Sharpie on it,
and then signed their names, Tim plus Apple.” [ Laughter, applause ] Then, last night,
Trump still couldn’t let it go and tweeted what he claimed was
a map of the original forecast dated August 28th, which didn’t
prove anything anyway because it was four days before
his incorrect tweet on Sunday. -On Wednesday,
the President showed a map trying again to prove
his incorrect point. But weather experts say
the President was using an out-of-date map. There were
much fresher forecasts. -President Trump tweeted this. It’s called a spaghetti model. It shows every possible path the hurricane is forecasted
to take. -Those spaghetti models were
from August 28th. By the time the President
tweeted Alabama at 10:51 a.m. on Sunday, the forecast track
had moved well east. -These were all the computer
models, the spaghettis. -That’s right. He tweeted a map of what’s known
as the spaghetti models. Of course,
Trump probably thought it was a map that tells you
where you can find spaghetti. “It’s very helpful. I didn’t even know you could get
spaghetti in Alabama, but…” So, the President
has already been corrected by his own government, altered
an official Hurricane forecast with a Sharpie, rambled on
about it at a press conference, and then tweeted about it, and yet, somehow, this fever
dream has not come to an end because Trump woke up
this morning, and, again, railed off another deranged
tweet storm about it. Trump tweeted in the early days
of the hurricane, when it was predicted
that Dorian would go through Miami
or West Palm Beach, certain models strongly
suggested that Alabama and Georgia would be hit. And then Hurricane Dorian took
a different path up along the east coast. Why did you put that
in parenthesis? That’s the only part
of the tweet that’s correct. At this rate, Trump’s gonna
start adding tiny footnotes to his tweets with the correct
information at the bottom. “I just nuked something…
a Hot Pocket in the microwave.” [ Laughter,
cheers and applause ] This whole thing perfectly
captures the constant exhausting bewilderment of living
through the Trump era. There’s a very real humanitarian
crisis unfolding in the Bahamas and a dangerous Hurricane is
threatening the mainland U.S., and, meanwhile, the President is
obsessing over a map he doctored to defend
an embarrassing mistake that he is now repeatedly
lying about. Almost nothing that comes
out of his mouth is true. In fact, at any time he speaks,
the odds that he’s lying are… -A 95%-chance probability. -This has been “A Closer Look.”

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