Trump Ends Birthright Citizenship For Children Of Troops Overseas

Trump Ends Birthright Citizenship For Children Of Troops Overseas

Well, the Trump administration is doing exactly
what everybody predicted they would do, and now they’re trying to strip the citizenship
rights of actual US citizens. And they’re doing this by attacking birthright
citizenship for US soldiers and government officials stationed overseas under the previous
rule. Uh, the Immigration and Nationality Act 320,
uh, if a US service member who was stationed overseas, if they had a child, that child
was automatically a US citizen. Same for any kind of US diplomat or any US
government official working overseas. You have a baby that babe, is automatically
a US citizen, and they are considered, even though they’re living abroad, to be living
on US soil. That even went for troops and government officials who were
not full US citizens yet. And those are the people who are now being
punished and their children will not be considered United States citizens because their parents
are not US citizens. Even though their parents are serving the
US government serving in the US military, risking their lives for this country and this
country is now rewarded them by saying, yeah, your kid’s not a citizen. Not Anymore. Not as of yesterday when we announced this
new rule. this is by far one of, and I swear to God,
I have to say this once a week because it just gets worse. But this is by far one of the most disgusting
things this administration has done. We are literally talking about people who,
yeah, they’re in the process of going through the citizenship, uh, process. I guess they have a kid overseas because they’re
over there fighting our un-winnable wars. You know, they’re fighting for more oil. They’re fighting for our defense contractors. They’re putting their lives on the line. Should there, people in the United States
can make hundreds of millions of dollars. I would think that that child that they have
should at the very least become an automatic US citizen. But no, under the new rule, these people,
these children will now have to apply for citizenship. They’ll have to be brought over to the United
States by a green card carrying parent. And if the parent does not yet have a green
card, they better find somebody who does or up to their kids now not allowed to even come
in the country. that’s a heartless and disgusting and despicable. This administration is, and this move is 100%
to appease Donald Trump’s rabid anti immigrant base. And this is just the start. Donald Trump for a very long time now has
been talking about ending birthright citizenship all together, okay? And this is the first step. This is not the only step. This is the first step. Do not be surprised if this finally does extend
to US citizen service members overseas. And they say, well, sorry. Even though you are a US citizen, your kid
was born over in Germany so that kid’s German. Don’t bring them over here. It’ll happen if we allow this to continue
to escalate. The only, the only hope we have right now
is the court system because this is very clearly and very obviously a violation of the Immigration
and Nationality Act. And so any, you know, reasonable court in
this country would absolutely strike this rule down and say, no, the president cannot
just circumvent laws. Unfortunately, we’re running out of reasonable
judges here in the United States because Donald Trump has appointed over 100 of them to courts
all across this country. So I don’t know if this will get overturned
because he’s done such a magnificent job of stacking the courts that he really has essentially
become a dictator here in the United States.


  1. what is even the POINT of this rule change? has the administration even given a reason for this? Cause it makes no sense to put this rule into place

  2. Why don't stupid Americans just say NO! This won't happen! Oh look! We're going to ship out sick immigrant kids who'll die without their treatment, whose treatment helps perhaps American kids? No one is just saying NO! Trump isn't fucking King! It:s about time we started just saying NO!

    If you're born here or have American parents you ARE American whether Trump likes it or not and it's about time weakling Americans got a spine and say NO! ENOUGH! What the hell does it have to take before people just say NO! Forget hearings, just say NO! STOP bitching and just say NO!

  3. Coming soon people who was born in the USA won't be considered a citizen if they don't prove blood purity…

  4. Can trump, the republican party, and his supporters be any more un-American or anti – American forgot their all about power, control, and money.

  5. I don't understand what point you are trying to make. They don't send pregnant women to warzones. This effects people in Germany and Britain and etc, whom we are not at war with. You can stop saying these people are risking their lives, its not true.

    According to The Hill's report this isn't going to effect people born to American parent's only those non-americans adopted by Americans. Sure, stand up to this because it might be an incremental threat to citizenship in the future, but don't make this out to be them taking citizenship from people like John McCain.

  6. You know Donald if your administration go through with this crap that you and your administration trying to pull. You know that you are the worst President ever but if you do this to the men and women in are great military, you know the one that you chicken shit out of, because you suppose to have had bone spurs which we all know that was a lie. Not only the worst but your name will go down in the history books as so here's a something who thought that he was President who at every turn my bad decisions after bad decisions here's a guy who thought of his rich Republican friends and his dumbass family before he thought of the Country and military and the people of the United states of America. Here's a guy who took education for a joke and by doing that is why kids today stay in school and don't be a fool like this guy named Trump.

  7. So… does this mean that eventually if a US couple has a child outside of the US, their baby isn't a citizen of the US?

  8. Germany, who has been an occupied State since 75 years. Yeah, hurray or not. WTF are the US doing in all those countries, you said it, fight for the big corporations, for the oil and for other things. Shame!

  9. The "ORANGE CLOWN " is at it again ! For someone that has to mail order or import his bimbos this is something else .Can you spell HYPOCRITE !

  10. Shameful! Shut this sh#! Down! When is the tipping point where we say enough is enough??? I never want to hear another right winger talk about respecting the flag if they don't stop him now and overturn what's been done over the last 2 years, from the big give away to who he thinks are his friends at the expense of our children, to what he's doing to children at our border in the name of security! And now he, once again, finds a way to be the worst person, and again … children involved! and we are letting him! Shame all the way??? who do we pressure? Inundate every Republican with demands? I feel helpless and cant wait for 2020 and actually, i dont think i trust the process… Bring back the #2 pencil ✌

  11. I see no reason why a child born to non US citizens outside of the United States should automatically be a US citizen. Not every soldier is risking their life in a combat zone. Certainly diplomats are at no greater risk than a tourist. Contractors are more like mercenaries, they are there for the money. Joining the military to get fast tracked citizenship Is a sham. There should be better criteria.

  12. Oh, but the criminal immigrants! Oh, but the illegal immigrants invading us! Oh, but the minorities voting while alive! Oh, but, limiting citizenship to only the chosen ones. AOC is right. This is a white supremacist agenda and it's being carried out by the klan from the White House.

  13. I love it.. Everytime trumps runs his mouth I simply love it. Another batch of people who won't be voting for his ignorant ass. Keep talking trump. you're doing my job (of running your punk ass out of office) for me.

  14. Do any of you morons ever research the lies and BS these idiots are spewing? This is a Clickbait Channel. They get paid every time you log on and post a comment. YouTube is the phoniest scam on the Internet. You can post anything you want. It doesn’t have to be based on any truth or fact.

  15. Who is going to fight for this country? When they stab soldiers quit fighting for this country? Hold up these troops are going vote Democrats, I bet they are going to block troops votes. Trump, and Republicans, are fucking this country up.

  16. My parents were US citizens I was born in England while my father was military. This is my fear of Trump, I get deported and never see my friends and family again. ?

  17. The Nazi party, first took away your pet's. If i were you, I'd get a dog or cat. It's acts like the canary, down the mine. Come to think of it, just get a canary ?

  18. Y'all wanted to turn a blind eye to racism and white surpremacy for a long time now people so surprised it backfired and bit them in the ass trying to make America white again??? Let's be honest people keep voting for people like Trump all throughout Congress you reap what you sow!!!


  20. Discriminatory, disturbing and ruthless. He's insane, not necessarily due to mental illness, but due to a sinister, perverted mind.

  21. I'm waiting for National Assissination on Patriotic War to be Approved. "Well, they were asking for it. It's civil war. They've got a right to carry & Use It." That's what it's coming to. Stand your ground. If I'm murdered I will have deserved it. Live & let die.

  22. Donald Trump America's Asshole Treating America's Soilders like they don't matter. I wonder if the armed forces are regretting their votes.

  23. Do they not want non-citizens in the military or other foreign service for us?

    Is there any kind of legitimate reason for this? How can they possibly justify this?

  24. So, These people go off and defend our country. Yet the biggest domestic terrorists group in our country are White Nationalist. AMERICANS, Who want their country back. But are attacking it while immigrant troops are overseas in our military protecting our country. It’s all so convoluted.

  25. The filing fees and immigration application would cost about 1.5k a child, I believe that's without atty fees. Just another way to dig at immigrants and emotionally, psychologically, and financially screw the troops.

  26. When my father served in Japan, my parents adopted 2 Japanese/American war orphans. These 2 girls were literally the product of our intervention there. They had to be added to an act of congress in order to be allowed in. They were classified as "enemies of the State". In this era, they would be left to die there. This makes me ill. Our interventions around the world DON'T spread democracy, they spread hate & misery while earning billions for the MIC. Enough already! We are the bullies of the world.

  27. It’s only going to get worse. And, if Trump is re-elected, all hope of Democracy will be lost. He will re-write the Constitution & possibly make himself potus for life. He has to go before we reach a point of no return. The more paranoid & delusional he becomes, the more dangerous he is. Remember, he knows he can be prosecuted for many crimes once he leaves office. He also knows if he’s re-elected many of those charges will be expired & he will never face judgment. Vote blue. Vote for democracy. Vote for the soul of our country. Even if you don’t like the nominee, vote for that person. Nothing could be worse than a 2nd term Trump.

  28. People who protect people like THE PARASITE in the White House and Republicans should turn around and fight against these assholes. I can just imagine them turning around with their guns and shooting the PARASITES in our government freeing us all.

  29. When will the U G. Government Realize that this man D. J. T. Is an Evil man. 2020 must send a Message to this Subhuman, that it's time to Go!

  30. The irony. Right wingers love to use the military to big themselves up. They always claim to love the military more than their opponents and the use them as props to their image. Large sections of the military fall for their crap. Yet, they always shit on the military personnel. Denial of birthright citizenship for the military, denial of benefits and services for veterans and also giving them cheap shit equipment that ends up getting them killed.

  31. This is the start of things, right? Trying to prove that this is constitutionally viable, and then take that to try to crack that pesky 14th amendment.

  32. It is so pathetic- but you will see that the next male "prez"( like trump) will NOT overturn any of his policies about immigration. It will NOT be a priority. This will show racism at its best…..

  33. Perfect way to make military split and start a civil war. trump is like Charles Manson except Manson is so much smarter and never actually got cought red handed breaking the law

  34. I think the whole world is going to celebrate When Donald Trump is voted out office and placed in shackles and sent to prison for all the crimes he's committed before and after serving the presidency

  35. THIS IS PATHETIC!!!!!! I HAVE NEVER NEVER BEEN SO MAD AND UPSET!!!!! If I ever hear another Republican say they support our troops OR they came to be so patriotic, I will spit in their faces!!!!!

  36. is there no end to how far this asshat will go to please Billie Joe Bob and the rest of the hillbillies? no one but pure idiots wear maga hats in my very red state because trump is a complete moron.

  37. Only one answer possible: Remove U.S. military forces and government officials from foreign nations. Then the chances of them starting relationships over seas will be a lot smaller.

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