Trump Considering Venezuela Invasion

>>And national security adviser, John Bolton,
now still says, all options are on the table regarding US military intervention into Venezuela. Take a look.>>And we want as our principal objective,
the peaceful transfer of power that I will say again as the president has said from the
outset, and that Nicolas Maduro and those supporting him, particularly those who are
not Venezuelan, should know is all options are on the table.>>Right, and if you haven’t been paying attention
to this, here’s what’s going on. Opposition leader Juan Guaido, has called
for the largest march in Venezuela’s history, and on Tuesday asked the military for their
backing but the armed forces leadership has so far remained loyal to Maduro, who has been
in power of course since 2013. And we also have a little of Secretary of
State Mike Pompeo on the subject.>>President has been crystal clear and incredibly
consistent, military action is possible, if that what’s required, that’s what the United
States will do. We’re trying to do everything we can to avoid
violence. We’ve asked all the parties involved, not
to engage in that kind of activity. We’d prefer a peaceful transition of government
there, where a Maduro leaves and another election is held. But the president has made clear, in the event
that there comes a moment, and we’ll all have to make decisions when that moment is. And the president will ultimately have to
make that decision, he’s prepared to do that if that’s what’s required.>>So the country with the largest oil reserves
in the world is Venezuela. And the other countries with large oil reserves
in the world are Iran, surprise, surprise that we’re drumming the war beat with Iran,
Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, our best buddy. Think about the incredible hypocrisy that
this represents, not only in terms of potential support of oil reserves and control of oil
reserves, but also what a boon this would be in true neocon playbook style, to support
military contractors as well. So my main point here is you have to look
at the incredible hypocrisy around how we conduct foreign policy and how we conduct
militaristic behavior. This within a week or two of the time period
when Trump vetoes a bipartisan resolution that went through both houses of Congress
calling for an end to the inhumane disastrous humanitarian crisis in Yemen supported by
Saudi Arabia. So I just wanna put this in that context and
for us to understand that Trump’s embrace of neocons in direct contradiction with many
of the things that he said on the campaign trail about getting out of interventions and
needless wars.>>This right here is America’s playbook. This right here, but a version that happened,
a bunch of versions, that happened decades ago is exactly why all those people need help
and want to be here now. Now, so I just think it’s just ironic that
on one hand, they’re saying there’s too many people needing asylum asking for asylum send
him away. But also, hey let’s put another country in
a position to be asking for those same things because we’ve done it before we know exactly
what it looks like. We know exactly how to do it, and we know
what’s it’s gonna do to the people not in power who live there.>>Great points on all sides. So to Brooke’s point, Kevin Ivers, a Latin
American expert, said, Venezuela would quote, be far more difficult than Iraq. So let that sink in. And said it would be quote, a much bloodier
conflict. So that has several implications, one is that
well, then we’re gonna lose a lot of US troops if we’re actually going to use the military
option, which you just heard is on the table. And so that’s insanity as Ramesh pointed out,
wait, Trump, I thought he said he wasn’t going to do interventions, I thought he said Iraq
was a terrible idea. Now, all of a sudden we’re gonna invade Venezuela? I mean, I can’t begin to describe how insane
that is. And well, maybe it’s because Maduro is so
bad and all of a sudden we care so much about human rights. Well that’s funny because Saudi Arabia has
one of the worst human rights records on the planet. I mean, the way they treat their own citizens
is horrific, let alone if you’re gay in Saudi Arabia, let alone if you’re a woman in Saudi
Arabia. Let alone the worst humanitarian disaster
on the planet, literally, that they’ve created in Yemen with hundreds of thousands of starving
people and kids. They’re starving them to death, and your concerned
about human rights in Venezuela? You should be concerned about human rights
in Venezuela, but I don’t believe you, cuz you’re not at all concerned about human rights
in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. So it’s an obvious lie. Well, is it just Maduro? And again, to Brooke’s point about, how many
times have we done this in Latin America, well it turns out, we tried to do it in 2002
in Venezuela, to Hugo Chavez. It’s not just Maduro, no, we want the oil,
we want the oil! John Bolton even went on Fox News and said
yes, in Venezuela we will look out for American business interests, and specifically American
oil companies’ interests.>>Remember what Trump said on the campaign
trail regarding Iraq, he said we should have taken the oil. So he’s brazen, right? And so you have to understand him by his words,
and you have to understand him also by his actions now when they contradict the words.>>I like the way, like you said, it’s not
that people are saying, don’t care about people in other countries, it’s important to point
out that that’s not the motivation. Cuz the US doesn’t care what’s going on in
the Congo. This is in the 90s. This is still modern day, in the 90s, the
United States sat back and let a million people die in Rwanda in the 90s.>>So look, 100% right, Brooke. So when progressives say that we care about
human rights, we have a track record of caring about human rights and saying that that should
be part of our foreign policy interests, whereas the republicans say, nah, nah. If we’re gonna make business deals with China,
who cares that they’ve got concentration camps where they’re holding Uyghur Muslims? They’re Muslims, who cares? I gotta do business, I gotta do business. Saudi Arabia, they give us cheap oil. They’re murdering all those kids in Yemen,
who cares? They chopped up a Washington Post columnist? Who cares? Then you’re gonna tell me you care about human
rights in Venezuela? Latinos who you say can never come into this
country cuz there’s rapists and criminals I mean, this is a goddamn joke. It’s so obvious, how could anybody in the
rest of the media take them seriously, but they do that’s why look, I got it. I mean it sounds self aggrandizement but it’s
true you we need an outlet like this cuz the rest of the media is in the tank, they report
it like, well Human Rights. Okay, New York Times, human rights. Trump cares about human rights of Latinos,
are you kidding me? I mean, of course, you should wait the context. The context shows you that they do not remotely
care about the human rights, and you should at least write in the stories. Bolton said on national TV, we’re doing it
for the goddamn oil, he said it!>>And also note that there’s a couple of
things going, if you wanna just like keep it real. There was a large scale survey done over the
last five years of people from many different countries in the world. You know what country was seen as the most
risk to their welfare? It was the United States, right? So around the world the United States is seen
that way because of some of the actions we’ve taken throughout history.>>That’s why I’m so frustrated with the rest
of the mainstream media, not jut the Fox News’, but also the CNNs’, the New York Times, the
Washington Post. Cuz we go along with these fictions, and we
tell the American people, the American government cares so much about doing the right thing. That’s why we’re looking to do interventions
in only oil rich countries. And in fact, when we say that they’re like
it sounds like a conspiracy theory just because we invaded, or want to invade, three out of
the top four oil producing countries, you seem to think it’s about the oil. And of course it is!>>Of course it’s about the oil.>>There is 70 to 80 countries that have dictators
in the country in the world. We don’t seem to care about them, nobody’s
invading them, right? So look it’s so obvious why we’re doing it
but they won’t write it. The rest of the media will not say and they
will not write it. They treat it as if this is a legitimate issue
where all of a sudden John Bolton of all people cares about human rights. Total lie, it is an absolute coup. That doesn’t mean Maduro’s a good guy. That doesn’t mean there aren’t tremendous
human rights problems in Venezuela. But it does mean that you should not trust
the administration when they lie to your face. I mean their lies are so brazen, Pompeo and
Bolton go out there and Pompeo said, we’re trying to do everything we can to avoid violence,
at the same time, in the same paragraph that he’s threatening war. That is not trying to do everything you can
to not do violence. That is saying we will come and invade your
country and murder your leaders. That is not doing everything you can to not
threaten violence, and not do violence. Look, this is a coup, man. Guaido has said grab your guns, grab your
weapons, the military, turn your weapons against your colleagues. As much as the Maduro government is despicable,
this is clearly a coup. Now, you got to Bloomberg and other news outlets
saying, well, the Trump’s administration says we should call it an uprising. So we have decided to bow our heads and ignore
obvious reality and call it an uprising instead of a coup. That’s why the media lives alternative in
alternative facts. One last thing, guys, from me. If they’re not at all concerned about the
oil, then why doesn’t Guaido do a pledge saying that, if I take charge, I will not give any
contracts to American oil companies.>>That will never happen.>>Well, that would give them a lot of credibility
wouldn’t it? It would give him credibility with the people
of Venezuela, it would give him credibility in a lot of ways. Notice he hasn’t said that and he ain’t gonna
say that because they’re gonna give the contracts to American oil companies.>>And it’s so easy to point out the irony
and to compare this to so many other countries that the US can’t benefit from and just kinda
turns. But just you talking just reminded me, we
did not get this same level of energy, in our own country, when New Orleans and Louisiana
was under water. We did not get this kind of federal humanitarian
care, that they’re claiming here. When New Orleans was under water, people we’re
finding their grandparents floating around, and poor people were stuck there. Do you know what, that’s wild.>>Yeah.>>This.>>It’s all about who your masters are, right? And the masters are these big corporations
that have bought out our government, right? And you all cover it better than anyone, you
all keep it real. But just also understand how quickly and rhetorically
we keep seeing again and again, Venezuela described as somehow something similar on
any level at all to the Bernie Sanders movement, right? And so understand the rhetoric also of this
is a war time present, war time presidents are popular in this country. And by saying that this is socialism and that
is socialism, there’s a big confusion that’s going on, people who wanna protect our rights
versus saying this is the enemy.>>Wait, look, all right, I swear last this
time, I lied like the last time.>>When I said I was gonna make the last. Seriously, look, two other points of incredible
hypocrisy here. We say we’re so concerned about meddling in
other people’s elections, I can’t believe the Russians meddled in our elections by doing
Facebook posts. Now I’m concerned about that, we’re not hypocritical
about it here at the Young Turks. But I think the severity of that is a little
less than an invasion of Venezuela cuz we didn’t like the way they conducted their elections. I would argue that that is when you roll in
tanks, you’ve gone up the scale of meddling. And so yet, has anybody in the media called
up that obvious, blatant, unbelievable record breaking hypocrisy? Nope, and finally, to come all the way back
around to what Brooke started with. So you’re worried about immigrants coming
into this country, you know what’s gonna happen if you start a bloody civil war in Venezuela? Millions of refugees are gonna pour into the
rest of Latin America, and eventually into America. And then Trump will turn around and go, they’re
sending us the rapists and the criminals. Come on and then say my God, I can’t believe
they’re sending these Venezuelans, I hate them. That’s why I had to invade them to save them.>>Which isn’t right, nothing makes sense
anymore.>>There’s no logic.>>Right.

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