Trump calls Trudeau ‘two-faced’ after video shows him being mocked

Trump calls Trudeau ‘two-faced’ after video shows him being mocked


  1. Let's just admit it. Trump says what other politicians think because he has no filter.

    It maybe politically incorrect.
    But at least we know what his stance is.

    And before Trump hater start sounding off.

    Yes sometimes he is guilty of what he says about other people.

    He is correct on each country paying their fair share. Everyone hates that cheapskate that never pays his fair share at a restaurant.

    Some of these NATO members are eating and dashing.

  2. Every wonder why these countrirs not paying back something smells bad n the air enrichment for those that only apply for ELITE REVELATION

  3. President Trump doesn’t have to play nice with these weak foreign leaders. He is the adult and they are the children. The media are babies with thumbs in their mouth. The media overreacted to this not Trump. Always making something out of nothing. And by some of the comments there are a bunch of babies on this feed. Love Trump 2020 all the way!

  4. trudeau is a little pony, that was not enough he wanted a speaking part, so we a have a lying pony, still a one trick pony, wait until macron pulls out, omg he farted the pony has a new trick, do it again

  5. As a Canadian please let me apologize to the rest of the world for this imbecile who calls himself a Prime Minister. My country has fallen badly since this Globalist came to power and it is only getting worse. Shame on those who voted for this national disgrace in the last election. Look where we are today… Trudeau is still making a laughing stock of Canada.

  6. Yes, sadly, Trump is representing the U.S. Trump looks like a sad, little, beaten down man. Then, he looks even more silly, when he starts spewing childish insults from that little, pie hole of a mouth. Sad days for the U.S., indeed. Sad days.

  7. I'm not afraid of him. I truly think he's a deranged imbecile. However I am afraid that his enablers will use him to break the country apart. It's always been the aspiration of some to break this feeble but better democracy.

  8. LOL so much for trumps claim the whole world isn’t laughing at him. Trump is a laughingstock around the world… except Russia and Turkey

  9. Nancy Pelosi is behind all of this of course the rest of the Democrats and rhinos but you know what the pedophiles are really nervous they're really scared and Desperate Trump 20/20 the only choice.

  10. Trump still doesn’t understand math or what NATO is. There is no bill that comes due each year where all NATO countries pool their money together and pay it. As part of the NATO agreement, all participating countries will spend 2% of their GDP on their own militaries. Trump seems to think that whenever 2% equals less than the total of what the USA is paying, that must mean they aren’t contributing fairly. Meanwhile every country’s GDP is different.

  11. Yep, just keep it business Mr. President…remember these countries leader with the free handouts Congress passes via Bill called USAID…you don't have to include them before you sign it. We need to spend our money here in our Country anyway.

  12. Blows my mind anyone would want to live in that swamp. These people even the media asking dumb questions are impressively out of touch, childish and brainwashed idiots.

  13. On this planet, the U.S. isn't the center of the universe. Trump and his base is going down the drain for thinking everything revolves around them. A rude awakening is in effect.

  14. Trump is looking to his supporters to defend him , he cut pre-existing and threw supporters to the wolves , it's over from Trump now . Even if he survives the impeachment , seniors are not gonna vote for him again .

  15. i can only hope the trump-tards understand how the rest of the world and real Americans feel about Donny,,, an absolute clown.

  16. Reality check Mr Beloved President, our allies have absolutely and quite deservedly, no respect for you whatsoever and your representing this country is only doing long lasting harm to our standing in the world. Maybe they should drop the diplomatic niceties in the presence of your complete and utter cluelessness and start calling you an incompetent buffoon and cartoonist bully to your face, maybe it would get this country to finally wake up to just how much of a failure you are as our representative to the rest of the world.

  17. You know it is refreshing to hear someone tell the truth for once and he is two-faced he doesn't care about his own people either they have crime there and their police do nothing they just tell you I don't worry about it I got scares on the streets everyday taking these paintings and they lay them down right before you get ready to walk and when you walk on them they try to charge you to pay for him it's a scam and they don't do nothing about it the police the president knows about it he doesn't care France used to be a beautiful place to go now it's just terrorists because they had open borders they didn't take care of their nothing and they don't want to do nothing they love America when they need America what is wrong with running a country honestly it's like what's good is bad that's what our Holy Bible tells us we have been warned about these people and Trump is just telling the truth

  18. What a good! He can't make one foreign junket without talking about "My, me, myself", his whiny statements on how he is mistreated back here in the states, and the final blow, slinging diatribes at either the EU, NATO, or a particular foreign leader. My story, so clueless.

  19. Call them out President Trump. They are not use to it, especially from an American President. Haus frau Merkel is cringing that she will be called out.

  20. Funny that Trump called some one two face for not paying…so what does that make trump?? He hasn't pay taxes in years ..or money he owes to people he screwed over!!!

  21. Remember when America was respected by our international allies? Trump: Make America a Laughing Stock… apparently.

  22. Talk about two faced. Trump is defending Nato and whining that countries aren't paying enough, but in at least 10 different clips from his past interviews/rallies I watched, he said Nato was old, fat, sloppy, obsolete and yadda yadda. Who's really two faced? Trump is the most two faced guy there is!

  23. The mocking of Donald Trump ….his thin skin will melting, the exposed zero of a human being outed. As a witness, among the many who follow this affront, the ongoing build up of what this idiot puts himself out as does not put in question that there be any wonder that back talk has taken this long to be made public. The simple program of intellect employed by trump is less than childlike…Black, white, good, bad…on…off…He literally is lost in settings like this stage….The voice and face of the USA….a dunderhead in action… This pitiful representation is sad, and yet there so many who would indeed speak well for their country, America elected a fool..he mutilates every word, action and event..He is pathetic.

  24. So a series of failed world leaders are laughing at one with a better combined track record, that's so interesting. Guess that's why I didn't vote for Trudeau.

  25. Right now the Nadler committee has "experts" saying Trump committed serious crimes instead of giving an explanation of what impeachment means. Paid off more liars again. They are now saying Trump is guilty of obstructing justice as they find in the Mueller report. They are essentially putting President Trump on trial for everything they accused him of. I'll be back.

  26. Your country has been in existence for 240 years. You have been engaged in armed conflict with other nations for 220 of those years. Why do you think the rest of the world would follow your example? We are all laughing at your orange buffoon of a "president". If you are stupid enough to vote him in again, we will have no sympathy for you. We will be laughing at all of you then, instead of just feeling sorry for you as we do now. Americans, get off your couches and vote this fool out in 2020.

  27. Couldn't call him that to his "two" faces the fat coward. LOL…No, but really, komrade trump doesn't mouth off to Putin!! He also praises Kim, he writes "love" letters to him. LOL

  28. KIND OF LIKE A BUNCH OF KIDS MAKING FUN OF THEIR DAD BEHIND HIS BACK. They're just kids, so you don't worry about it. The dad will still take care of them regardless until they're willing to take care of themselves.

  29. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Fat Trump is the typical LOSER no one wants to be friends but will entertain him because he has nice toys. Other than that he's just a nobody. LOL

  30. Trump tells it like it is. And he will say it to your face. Thats why the people (who are smart and honest) love him. You dont see people in hong kong holding canadian flags or french flags or any other flags. And whos anthem were they singing? OURS Trump the realest and everyone knows it

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