Trump Attacks Dems, Crowd Makes ‘Send Her Back!’ The New ‘Lock Her Up!’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump Attacks Dems, Crowd Makes ‘Send Her Back!’ The New ‘Lock Her Up!’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. So much hate for a man who said if you don't like the country then leave. That's always been America's quote, love it or leave it. I support this man who else is with me?? Trump 2020🇺🇸

  2. Trump always goes against women. If any of the 4 was married to the guy, a judge would grant a restraining order & a gag order for harassment 🤔

  3. So why did more than half of the democrats vote for Trump against impeachment on this issue? Are you saying the democrats are racists too (even though they created the KKK).

  4. What was the finger to the head? 1:19 does he mean crazy, or bullet to the head? with this guy you never know.

  5. the tyrant boosting to his supporters the sweet lies of lies. how they eat it up. but, in truth, Trump loves them not. they are fools.
    we each have asked one another, how can these people, what is left of his loyal supporters. blind themselves to the truth, that Trump doesn't care one bit for any one of them, he just want's their votes.
    the fools. so be it. if none of you haven't notice, these days Trump's supporters are no longer in numbers. these days, you find just a little of a handful of Trump supporters at street corners boosting Trump.

    many have become Ex- supporters. all due to Trump's failed 2016 promises lies.
    by 2020 there won't be enough of them to give 2020 Trump.

  6. World ending. Trump is a racist. moving on, Trump is de facto the dictator of the USA. If threatened he will declare Martial Law, which he can legally do any day he has a National Emergency in place. He has four National Emergencies in place now. Face it folks, your country was taken over by a criminal cabal. Trump is dictator for life.

  7. Love this: "Ironically, the people telling Americans that if they don't like their government they should leave, are the same people telling asylum seekers that if they don't like their government they should stay and fix it." – Michael Hall

  8. Welp he’s still using the Rolling Stones music after he was told not to. Embarrassed of my college town right now.

  9. – JUST like a Natzi Rally – REALLY ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – – This is SCARY stuff ……even if he isn't "racist"…there is a Plethora of other things that he says and does that is not only disgusting for any person to say…yet a president !! – – He literally wants to constantly rile people up to hate and bully….and our government sits back and lets it happen…..sad to scary. – –

  10. If you married a sibling to get citizenship and then lied under oath about your contact with this individual. Then you should be sent back. Oh wait, that happened.

  11. Yup the NAZI RALLY zig heil. Remember. remembe riid Europe of jews Catholics .when it was over the NAZIS were.gone…yourmall LOOSETS0

  12. Now I get it. America elected a Benito " Il Duce" Mussolini. God save the Pope.!!!! God save us all!!!.

  13. Analysis | Trump falsely claims he tried to stop ‘Send her back!’ chants about Rep. Ilhan Omar

  14. America has descended with this 'twist of demented nature' into a second rate reality tv show. The primitives love it…you gotta be primitive if you voted for this fascist.

  15. If seeing something like this rally and behavior being called "Nazi" upsets you, there's probably a reason. And it doesn't say anything good about you

  16. Cult45 has what we should start calling "Delusions of Majority". Deluded in both that they are the majority, and in the privilege to treat anyone different like crap that they believes come with it. This is what "the horrifying fear that someone, somewhere might be happy" looks like

  17. He picked a notorious confederate state to hold his rally. The only people buying this are the racist factions in this country.

  18. Trump seems to view himself as the new Hitler, envisioning the drama of speeches at Nuremberg with crowds chanting and the music playing, living a life of ultimate power and control over the life and death of millions of people. Perhaps he is so intellectually-deficit that he doesn't know how Hitler ended his career of mass murder. Hitler is not remembered for the good he did, but for the evils. So it will be with Trump.

  19. I love the way the media is totally far left , The minute they get on Trump , I just turn the channel . Don't need to sit and listen to hate

  20. I hope this world just ends completely. Restarts or just completely ends.. Native Americans need to govern the U.S. yet they dont believe in land property but I believe a Native American can bring reason and understanding prior to just love one another and just build the country and help our neighbor no matter race, color, religion

  21. He says his dad was born in a wonderful town in Germany, his mom from Scotland send him back for no record of Fred Trump jr. applying for US citizenship.

  22. Send Trump and his entire ignorant carpetbagging family back to the German Ghettos from which they came. America does not need these low IQ fools under the alias name Trump when their actual familial name is Drumpf since Fred Drumpf's father never legally changed his name to Trump. Doonerd (German version of Donald)Trump is the dumbest and worst president ever. I feel sorry for him and his evil, ignorant family though.

  23. I come from a country where our previous leader chants this and he was corrupted to the core. This is racism. 0lain and simple.

  24. How sad to see the “squad” give in to Trump’s strategy…. aren’t they able to see that he’s playing them like a fiddle. They despise the man, perhaps deservedly so however their lack of political maturity and intelligence is setting the stage for a second Trump term. Either they’re complete fools or incredibly selfish.

  25. Why not send Malenia back?

    Also why bother leaving Europe and coming to the Americas if you are unable to integrate and live among different peoples? #weird

  26. The vileness and hypocrisy of Trump is bad enough, that he finds supporters is horrific. The supporters 'justifying' his behavior, seem like people I could sit across a table from, until you think about what they are saying. That makes it all the more horrifying. That people still try to masquerade as 'good people' while supporting this undeniable racist is stunning (in the worst way). What they need to realize is that Trumps loyalty does not extend to them, his 'loyalty' will only last as long as they are useful to him. If he were to succeed in sending all of the people of color somewhere else, he would still seek to divide and conquer, the people left would eventually find themselves under attack as his self interest finds new enemies to shore up his ego.

  27. Earth to America why is this degraded thinking man with a low IQ full of spite and childish behavior who loves idolisation and will do ANYTHING for it. He is for himself and his dysfunctional family not the good U. S. A which probably will never be the same again certainly not in the eyes of the world, so why is he still there?

  28. This treasonous Orange Buffoon needs a USMC Firing Squad for his 100`s of Felonies committed in our White House … !

  29. Despicable. Talking like that undermines our system of government. Baby talk, but that's ok. The far-right loves baby talk. Google is your friend. You can learn a lot about a person's past. "Oh not racist, but he should rethink his tweets" WTF.

    I wanted to know how other people see him, now I know.

  30. He found his new slogan for 2020 and its very dangerous . He wants to rid the Brown people and any politician who opposes him to chant them out ., since Rand stopped the impeachment and McDonnell is keeping the Republican's from voting Trump out then the next step is vote him out .

  31. Disgusting and disgraceful! Him and his supporters! ps: white people don't get to say what is and what isn't racist! Bunch of morons!

  32. White male dominance is being challenged in America for the first time, white American men are scared to death of these 4

  33. Donald Trump ought to be questioned about his relationship with (a) The deceased Mossad's spy Robert Maxwell who was found naked/drowned off his yacht Lady Ghislaine in the Canaries in November 1991, and (b) The fully alive Ghislaine Noelle Maxwell, Robert Maxwell's youngest daughter, who is amongst the guests standing in the background where Trump is chatting with Epstein about the "hot" girls in 1992!
    Ghislaine Noelle Maxwell was also a guest at Chelsea Clinton's wedding!
    Ghislaine Noelle Maxwell is also in the photograph where Prince Andrew is together with one of Epstein's underage girls!

  34. Trump is a racist fascist. How come he’s not telling Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton to go back to their countries?

  35. General Sherman, you, sir, were a slacker. You didn’t do a very good job, because some of them survived. Are we going to have go down there and burn it all down again? Looks like it.

  36. America should send the statue of liberty back, for the lie of a free country(you never had a free country ask americas negroes and indians) and your sham democracy(you dont have a democracy you have corporatocracy run by a wannabe dictator). Today, she hangs her head in shame!

  37. If Trump and family are so patriotic and love America why have none of the men ever served in the US Military?! Trump's dad never served, Trump never served, neither of Trump's older sons have served. Trump claims bone spurs but what about Eric and Don Jr.?!!

  38. Trumps rally crowds (especially this one) should be ashamed of their behaviour… Makes me wonder what they teach their children???

  39. This doesn’t represent all republicans, I voted for Trump but this is heavily embarrassing watching :/ that crowd should do some research before chanting ignorance

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