Trump Aide: The President Has Never Lied

Trump Aide: The President Has Never Lied

>>You don’t think this president has ever
lied?>>Don’t take it from me. Take it from Jim Comey, who literally called
out a New York.>>You do’t think this president has lied
to the American people?>>Let me finish, Chris. No, I don’t think the president has lied.>>You have to answer that question first.>>I don’t think the president has lied.>>He has never lied to the American people?>>No.>>That’s Kayleigh McEnany. She’s a spokesperson for the Trump campaign,
and she goes on Cuomo’s show, Cuomo Primetime, quite often. And the big question is, does it make sense
to have people like her on cable news shows knowing that they’re gonna lie, knowing that
they are going to mislead the public about the very person that they’re representing? And that clip that I just showed you actually
went viral because that debate was very heated. I watched it in real time and actually really
appreciated it and I’m gonna explain why. Let’ me show you the longer context and then
we’ll discuss.>>If he didn’t lie, if he didn’t take things
out of context.>>He doesn’t lie.>>If he didn’t demonize people for being
different, if he didn’t make it okay to be bigoted, then he would not get the same kinda
criticism.>>He doesn’t lie. The press lies. He doesn’t lie, guess who lies, the press
lies, and don’t take it from me.>>You don’t think this president has ever
lied?>>Take it from Jim Comey, who literally called
out a New York->>You don’t think this president has lied
to the American people->>Let me finish, Chris.>>No I don’t think the president has lied.>>He has never lied to the American people?>>No, I don’t think the president has ever
lied->>Kayleigh McEnany your credibility will
be shot with my audience if you don’t back off the statement.>>I think CNN has lied to the American people. I think MSNBC has lied to the American people. I think the fake news has lied to the American
people.>>Has the president lied to the American
people?>>Chris, Chris, let me respond.>>Can’t answer it, bad sign.>>But I’m gonna sk you this one more time.>>And you never.>>Kayleigh Mcenany do you believe this president
has ever lied to the American people?>>No.>>Wow.>>I don’t believe the President has lied. I believe the fake news media. Do you believe the fake news media?>>You blew my RFP right out of my head.>>Do you believe the fake news media has
lied?>>The interview’s over Kayleigh.>>Okay so just a small point before Cenk
jumps in. My favorite part is, can’t answer it, bad
sign.>>Look, the reason why I appreciated that
segment was because I don’t mind to having someone from the right or someone who’s gonna
be an apologist for Trump on these shows. But I do mind when the host doesn’t challenge
them with the actual facts. And I actually think this is a great opportunity
to have viewers hear the lies that you can expect to hear from someone like Donald Trump,
and then immediately hear someone challenge that individual with the truth, and with the
facts, right? You get to confront the liars right then and
there, and I think that there’s value in that. Yeah, so that’s a great distinction and so,
let me tell you what we do at The Young Turks. So it’s not like we never have right wingers
on, but there’s two different kinds of right wingers I want to have on. One is the people who are genuine conservasists
like John Ziggler. Boy do I not agree with him on a lot of things. We’ve got into some shouting matches. Etc, but the guy actually believes the things
that he says so that it’s monumentally important, whereas Caitlyn McInerney, no one believes
that she thinks Trump has never lied. Washington Post has 12,000 misleading or factually
wrong statements from the president through last month, okay? So and you guys have all seen it 100 times,
even Fox News Neil Cavuto today running A series of lies that are so patently obvious,
right? So, she doesn’t mean any of it. She’s an actress, and so, now, for that category,
I will have them on at times once. I don’t wanna keep bringing them on, so I
had David Duke on once just to see, okay, what is the mad ramblings of the right wing
now. Unfortunately David Duke became irrelevant. Character and politics again. He used to be extreme fringe there’s no reason
to have David Duke on and then Donald Trump started saying things that sound a lot like
David Duke and then he pretended he didn’t know who David Duke was circuit golly gee
I don’t know who David Duke is the Grand Wizard who was in you know famous all these years
for being in politics etc of the clan and then And then David Duke started saying trump
is great so he became robin i had him on so he says his same thing so the jews run the
media and i named him dozens of people who are not jewish that run media companies he
says user on the banks list dozens of people who are not jewish who run banks right and
so you need to rebut it.. But you don’t need to do it over and over
and over and over again cause it’s, like this whole deep platform and things and interesting
controversy and an issue, that is fascinating. I don’t want to never have conversations with
the other side. On the other hand, what’s the point of doing
it 1000 times over. With people that you know are liars, and are
doing it on purpose and are basically actors, right?>>Yeah.>>So, I appreciate that Cuomo has people
on, but he holds them accountable, and look, he doesn’t often agree with us either, there’s
nothing wrong with that. But you’ve got to be genuine, you’ve got to
be genuine. Cuomo is But there’s a lot of debates on cable
news where they’re like, golly gee, I can’t tell. There’s one liar and then one person telling
the truth. Well, what am I? A news person? Yes, you’re a news person. Look to be fair to CNN, they’ve had a lot
more Progressives on. And even Don Lemon said to Cuomo, I don’t
know that there’s a point in having her around anymore.>>In fact, let’s just quickly go to that
clip.>>I can’t believe
>>I don’t even bother anymore with that because you’ll never get. You’ll never get a real direct answer from
someone like that. She said no know I can’t get more direct than
that. She has no credibility Chris. That hurts your credibility as a woman which
you used to be on this show as well as other CNN shows all the time. But someone like that has no credibility in
the audience. Look. Put whoever you want on your show. This isn’t chastising you. But the audience gets nothing from her because
she does not tell the truth. Think about it.>>So again, look, I agree with you in that. If you know that this person is just gonna
tow this specific line, and they’re not gonna tell the truth, after a while there is really
no value in having them on. But. I do think that These kinds of conversations
offered if the host is willing to do what a host is supposed to do, which is hold them
accountable and rebut them with the facts. It provides this super valuable opportunity
to show people here are the lies that you’re gonna hear from the campaign. And here are the real here’s the reality here
are the truth. This is what you need to know. Sam Singer recently had the head of the Libertarian
Party on his show. They had this lengthy debate about medicare
for all. It was excellent, excellent, right? We need to have those discussions because
one side is gonna lie. And you need journalists, you need members
of the media to tell the truth And reveal what the truth is. And the best ones are the ones where both
sides are being honest but just don’t agree. So I had Steve Hilton on who’s a Fox News
host, we had a great conversation and debate and wound up agreeing on some things. I had John Delaney on the program was a Democrat
but doesn’t like Medicare for all. He’s very honest about it though and we had
a great intellectual debate about it. So hopefully that more can do go in that direction.


  1. Actually there's no reason whatsoever to bring any right-wing viewpoint because they are starting from a point of bad faith. You cannot discuss anything with someone who comes in with a bad faith argument. Example, yesterday when tyt hosts expressed concern for Biden's health it was completely genuine. That never happens from the right wing never. Or like when the right-wing used to complain that Obama was not fulfilling his promises. I'm sure that was very upsetting to them

  2. So Mexico is paying for the wall and Trump gave working people a tax cut before the midterms last year…no wait

  3. oh holy shit with this lady….

    I swear someone swapped her brain with a record playing "The president doesn't lie….The press lies" on loop

  4. Only a cult member believes EVERYONE else are liars.
    Trump:"Mexico will pay for the wall"
    (US ends up paying it)

  5. Donald Trump and Joe Biden.have proven time and again that any time spent listening to what they say is time wasted that you can never recover. Honorable mention goes to Kellyanne Conway because no one ever learned a single thing in talking to Kellyanne. Kayleigh is not near as good as Kellyanne for changing the subject to obfuscate the facts.

  6. Cuomo looks as shock as I was when I saw a Info War bumper sticker in my hometown, when she said with a straight face that Trump never lied.

  7. When the blonde lady said “the president doesn’t lie, the media lies.”, Chris Cuomo should have responded by saying “ we only lie when it comes to progressive policies and candidates.”

  8. I would have more respect for trumps bull shit Admin if they had the balls to say “yes he does lie so what”. Well as much respect as trump gives women.

  9. MCenany is nothing more than a younger version of Kellyanne Conway… A Trump sycophant, a mouthpiece. She knows she's lying but the pay is good.

  10. Doesn't Kayleigh ever get bored with exposing the banality, delusions, and extremely low IQ' of people like Chris Fredo, but at least he didn't threaten to throw her downstairs or rearrange her face.

  11. Her voice, 45's voice, Kellyanne (AKA Dragqueen Beavis)'s voice, and Suckabee's voice induce my gag reflux, along with Moscow Mitch's face and voice.

  12. Makes me laugh when he says, "Your credibility WILL BE shot with my audience." Like this shit-for-brains woman ever had ANY credibility.

  13. in all fairness what else is she supposed to say?, she knows that if she say the truth about trump she won't be holding that job for to long, the writing is on the wall, be honest about trump and you gone, ask Comey, Mcabe, MCmaster, Mattis, etc, I just hope the paycheck is good and she is not just selling herself out like that for peanuts

  14. "Can't answer that question. The interview is over" ! Mic cut ! LOL!!! ????? I guess Hippo Sara got tired of Lying for the SOB because she quit. Let's see how long this Barbie Wannabe lasts. °clock ticking° …………

  15. There has never been a more prolific liar and criminal in the White House like Trump .All of these right wing kooks hitched their wagon to the wrong horse and come 2020 they are gong to be destroyed big time. As I have always said, that hideous orange spray tan will match that orange jumpsuit real well.

  16. Trump has never lied to the American people? We have a thing called Alternative Facts (aka lies) now because of him and they have had to come out to say that the President lying to the American people isn't breaking the law.

  17. Cuomo clearly features this whiny puppet because of her one-note appeal (guess what that is). The convo never fails to devolve into an indiscernible garble. I can’t even watch her.

  18. Someone tell Como McEnany never had any credibility with his audience. She is just a blabbering Trump Mouth piece propagandist like Kellyanne, Huckabutt, etc etc . There is no point to even having these people on to spew their Trump propaganda. She basically just said NEWS is Fake Trump is great and alway truthful as she played to an audience of one.

  19. Not many people, especially women, have the luxury of stating they attended Hahvard. This after she graduated 4.0 from GT (that's G TOWN baby!) in Foreign Affairs AND did a brief stint at a constituent college affiliated with the University of Oxford in England

  20. The sad thing is, like everyone else that's worked in the Trump organization, is she will be rehabilitated and she will appear on cable news again. The fact that she's on tape lying about Trump isn't going to hurt her long term at all.

  21. I so sick of corporate media letting these sociopathic liars spew their vile lies with impunity. Props to Chris for not letting her get away with it, they let them keep repeating it until the lies are the last thing said, he didn't.

  22. Idiots at TYT cannot name one SPECIFIC LIE, name it BITCHES! The fact is that TYT is just jealous of Trump, so jealous they are beside themselves.

  23. This is why NOBODY takes cuckservative republicunts seriously. A more believable line would be that he has never told the truth. But this blonde retard has zero credibility now, not that she had any before considering who hired her. This is also why I like Cuomo the more I see him, because he actually has journalistic integrity.

  24. Granted she said, "think" but granted, she's not. And I know there's lag and emotions, etc but she did answer a few times and he asked a few times.

    What's an RFP? Just the speaker/earpiece?

  25. what the HELL is this dumb bunny drinking and /or smoking .. she is delusional and just as stupid as Trump…. if his lips are moving BITCH>>> HE;S LYING !!!

  26. It's pretty ironic that in the United States, which is such an overtly Christian dominated country politically, an absolute sh-t tonne of people are going to hell in the age of Trump.

  27. This is the last tyt video for me. I watched 2 and they lied big time in both. Losers. Can’t wait for the wailing to commence again in 2020.

  28. 3:42 Duke has renounced the KKK so many times and hasn't been in it for over 30 years. Stop lying Cenkie-winkie-dinkie-poo.

  29. Oh you will not go on Chris Cumo show and lie. He will put your Ass in check. I know people saw what Chris did to that he/she trump supporter. Chris called that he/she a bitch to his Face. And just like a good little Bitch. He laid down and didn't do shitttttttttttt ?? ?? ?

  30. I'd love to see a presidential press conference where as soon as he tells a lie, the press turns off their cameras, pack up their stuff and just leave.

  31. When the guy that banged her gave her the herps he said to her “you got it from sitting on your couch!
    Kelly was like “oh wow i think I need a new couch.”

  32. What we have here are two different usages of the word "lie". Cuomo takes it as "saying things that are demonstrably false" while McEnany takes it as "saying things he doesn't believe". Therein lies the problem. We have a delusional president who actually believes the BS that comes out of his mouth and cult members who take his every word as gospel.

  33. I think Kay is either sleeping with Trump or she thinks she is going to be the number 4 wife.Please don’t give this bimbo a voice she is wasting good oxygen.

  34. tRumpturd bimbo, and soulless stooge. Mexico is paying for the border wall, Dotard tRump doesn't have any deals in Russia, didn't know about hush money payments to porn stars, we have the best healthcare, which was very easy.

  35. I think Cuomo sees where the left is going and is trying to go that way…. little by little. Credit where credit is due!

  36. To bring Trump liers to anything the host must have an entire fact check team, so the SECOND they spill a lie they can say NO the truth is X!

  37. I don't believe you, I've never seen you have a right winger on you've never had somebody like Ben Shapiro on your show. Because you know how that would go, you would get owned on your own show you can't even get the best of Alex Jones and all you had to do is not act crazy, but you messed that up didn't you Alex Jones of the left!

    Why don't you make your noises anymore Alex Jones? Are you worried about losing credibility LOL

  38. “Tell lie’s boldly enough confidently enough and often enough and eventually people will start to believe you”

    I don’t know where that quote is from but it is absolutely true and that is the entire Trump administration in a nutshell

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