Trump Administration Orders Government To STOP Predicting Climate Change Impacts

Trump Administration Orders Government To STOP Predicting Climate Change Impacts

James Riley, the director of the US Geological
Survey member of the Trump administration has issued a new rule for the USGS. He says that from this point forward you are
not going to include in any reports which is going to include the uh, next national
climate assessment coming out in 2021 or 2022. You’re not going to include any of the bad
things that are going to happen from climate change beyond the year 2014. You can no longer as previous climate assessments
have done his previous government studies have done. Look at the effects of climate change towards
the back half of the 21st century. You know, when things are really supposed
to be off the rails because we haven’t done anything about it. But instead Mr. Riley here is saying, nope,
you can’t look beyond 2040. That’s it. You can use computer models to see how bad
things could be by 2040. And that’s as far as you can go. So 20 years into the future. That’s it. That’s as far as you can look. Okay, well that’s going to discount a lot
of things. Like the fact that the city of Miami, Florida
could be underwater by the end of this century. It’s not going to be underwater by 2040 at
least not the entire thing. Parts of it already our during the king tides,
so that won’t be taken into account when the government makes its decisions about what
to drill, how much to drill, where to put new sea walls or things like that. That won’t even be a factor anymore. Basically, and I’m only using Miami as an
example. There are hundreds of others that I could
pick from, but here’s the thing. This is why this decision matters so much. These assessments that do look 80 years into
the future, a hundred years into the future are important because it tells us which projects
we need to work on or which policies we need to abandon because it’s going to make it so
much worse by taking those away, by taking those years away and only saying you can look
20 years in the future. Yes, suddenly things aren’t going to look
so bad and you’re going to be able to go out there and say, well, listen, our own assessment
says that this area is going to be fine. Yeah. Maybe by 2040 it will still be fine. You won’t even be able to notice the difference
in the weather, but by 2060 year city won’t exist anymore because you’re going to be underwater,
but that still shouldn’t stop us from being able to do all these new fossil fuel projects
from neglecting to build you a big sea wall to keep out these rising tides every week. Sorry, not going to happen because we’ve changed
the rules so that we don’t have to acknowledge that we’re destroying the planet. That’s what’s happening here. That’s what this is about. They don’t want us to know. They don’t want to know because they don’t
want to have to plan for it. They have an agenda as it is right now. Mr. Riley himself actually used to be an oil
geologists working for the fossil fuel industry. So of course his decision here is repaying
the people who made his entire career. The rest of us are the ones who get to suffer
for that and suffer. We will. This is not a problem we can continue to ignore
and the most devastating part about all of this is that all we had to do was take action. We still have time to take action and we can
fix it. Hundred percent fixable problem, but we’re
not doing anything about it. In fact, things are actually getting worse. Emissions are going up a fine particulate
matter in the atmosphere and in our air is going up. We’re actually making things worse. So six months ago when they told us we had
12 months to take action to prevent some of the worst effects from becoming permanent,
we’re now at about 11 and a half months. But if you factor in how much emissions have
increased in that time, proudly a little, little less than 11 and a half years. I think I just said months. It’s 11 and a half years now. Yeah. But we probably don’t even have that. And if this administration gets another four
years in office in 2020 yeah, we’re pretty much gonna go ahead and run out those 11 and
a half years or 10 years, whatever it is by that time in a matter of four years, because
these are the kinds of ass backwards policies they continue to put in place.


  1. Pacifists are going to lose everything for us. Why, because they're weak and non-aggressive. The Trumptards are fighters, I didn't say they have any brains, but kill or be killed is their motto. I guess I'll have to get used to removing the threat on my own; one opportunity at a time.

  2. Suspiciously convenient time frame, that. Trump and those old robber barons like him will be long gone by then, so instead they only care about what they want in the here and now. Big surprise. 🙄 Just what excuse do the younger set of climate change deniers and/or Trump supporters have? Sheer stupidity and gullibility? I shudder to think of the world my little girl will have to endure.

  3. 2040 is enough.
    1.5 degrees warming. That's a major danger line for climate change. (Yes. I know. Many Americans denying it. Not my education problem.)
    If we stay on the road we already walk than it's in 5 years. And this moron…

  4. trump cultist completely dismiss this information, won't hear of it. You just don't like him! I guess its a waste of time to look forward.

  5. Globally, subsidies for fossil fuel companies were projected at $5.2 trillion (6.5 percent of GDP) in 2017 alone. It's also believed that it would cost roughly 3 trillion per year globally to build, maintain, and operate enough of the already existing carbon capturing technologies to make the world's economy carbon neutral without changing fossil fuel consumption. Of course, if we did that and put the rest of the subsidies into renewable energy and energy efficiency we could go carbon negative fairly quickly without breaking the global economy with enough left over to help those who lose their jobs as we get off fossil fuels as well as those in poverty across the globe

  6. There is a way around this. Agencies at the state levels can still report this. Universities can report this. Other non-profit organizations as well Charities can report this information when the federal government is being muzzled.

  7. Such bullkshit. Tell Trump and his minions to fuck off. Ppl have the right to know what these jackasses are doing to our children's children.

  8. You americans must stop this, they are destroying our planet!!!! NOW!!! The whole world is seeing this! It´s not just about usa!

  9. And like submissive wimps they are they'll say yes, sir, whatever you say, sir. How high do you want us to jump sir! Pathetic! Trump isn't going to be in office forever!

  10. Apparently the plan is to drive this bus off a cliff. Everything our government does indicates they don't expect tomorrow to come.

  11. Why is a Oil Geologist running a bureau which involves Climate Change? Trump, of course.

  12. No. They shouldn't, humanity has a right to know when they will start the process of an apocalypse just because corporations don't want to spend money to keep their toxic chemicals away from humanity by properly disposing of them.

  13. Oh seriously, we as a globe need to ALL send these moronic officials an ultimatum – STOP your climate change denying crap or the entire world stops buying ANYTHING from America. That's the only way to get these losers to actually DO SOMETHING about it, cut away the only thing these fools care about – MONEY.

  14. Great. Now we all have to stick our heads up trump's arse along with trump, his family, his administration, GOP politicians nationwide, and his ignorant cultists. This policy sucks.

  15. I hope an earthquake, a tsunami AND a hurricane destroy Mar-A-Lago and take the overgrown Oompa Loompa along with it

  16. Ignorance is Strength, Patriotic and Manly
    War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Patriots are Acting
    Citizens have United
    Corporations are Peopleyou're in their f**** way they're sick of your s*** they want you to shut up and go away
    Uncle Sam is
    Watching U if he thinks you're worthy piece of ass he's entitled to grab your pussy that's right b**

  17. The Mad Roman Emperor Donald J Trump does not want Americans to know how bad Climate Change really is. As to the "Top Secret Plan" to get the Ultra-Wealthy Rich off of Earth before it either melts or is flooded, has anyone seen how fat Trump is lately, or for that matter how fat some of Trump's Oil Executive Douchebag Henchmen are? Whatever rocket ship they would need would require 300 times the payload thrust capacity of an ordinary Space Shuttle to get Fatso Trump off the ground & his "Porn Again Buddy" Mike Pence also.

  18. I don't know if you're aware of it, but early in Trump's administration he ordered NASA to shut down the photographic observations of Earth from the DSCOVR satellite because it was providing valuable data on global climate.

  19. There is another factor involved but can't seem to figure it out! I know they have bunkers. The only thing that makes sense is they WANT US DEAD!? Anyone got a better guess?

  20. Trump does not care about the future ? He only cares about the here and now as in today at this moment .

  21. I hope the true God 🙏 come back soon and give Trump the hell he is going to . I may be going to hell too . But God help the true people who believes in you. Not the ones who say they do but don't. Money is there God .

  22. this administration is killing us, willingly.

    this is beyond criminal. this will also go unpunished.

  23. Ok you doctor , hospital cost a lot , specially infectious disease , as of now you will never say that they’re disease and infection. That way we will save money .

  24. Trump supporters and climate deniers don't really care because they would just think that this is a natural occurrence of nature just to avoid taking the blame for this.
    That seems to be the running theme with people that is to avoid responsibility as much as possible even when you're already 6ft under you don't want your name is associated with real responsibility

  25. #MeinFuhrerTwit's lies about "climate change is Chinese fraud to curtail US growth" are definately failing, thus #MeinFuhrerTwit has ordered our scientists to censure themselves on longterm disasters caused by us, USA. It's like ordering NASA to ignore what happens to men on the moon beyond getting there, they can figure out how to get home when they land.

  26. It’s already happening and a lot faster than I care to realize..I hope that whole reincarnation thing is a myth…🗣🧠

  27. The monumental corruption, ignorance and bigotry of the modern fascist oligarchic governments across the world, particularly the US government, is horrendously epic. If humanity survives this era, and that's a big if, the world's elites, oligarchs, major corporations, and religious fundamentalists of this era will be deeply and viciously reviled for setting humanity back socially and politically and causing tremendous, catastrophic damage to our biosphere.
    Move over Satan, the modern right-wing is taking your place as the most despicable entity in the universe.

  28. Can another kids group sue the government and specifically trump for denying use of the tools for the planning and predictions needed to enable that generation to live?

  29. He really wants to boost this dying us economy by burning more oil for re-election, but there’s only so much he can do. This cycle is near the end and history always repeats itself.

  30. I say take all the Republicans and corporate elite and put them in a room suck out all the oxygen when they are hungry feed them coal when they are thirsty they can drink oil and liquid gas then see how long they last

  31. Its time to rise up and crush the corporate elite and corrupt politicians this land belongs to the people not the profiters

  32. So here we go now they're going to try to silence the truth on climate change. So they can pocket the change. On a massive genocide of disasters that will kill many. This is a part of the New World Order agenda to depopulate United States and most of the world. We probably won't make it to 2030. Ten more years left. An the extinction process will already be taken place. So I hope your life is what you wanted to be like. Cuz it soon to be non-existent. Then if you think Trump in the ministration really cares you're being 10 X fooled and bamboozled.

  33. VERY BIG PROBLEM METHANE IS A BIG BOMB , every day coming 200.000 new polluters to this planet. Nobody will stop this and oil is used more and more. So take your health insurance cards, possessions, money, credit cards, language skills, diplomas and fancy titles. In 10 till 12 years you can burn it with the rest of this planet

  34. This is the real cost of Trumps Administration, the corruption of meaningful data to make the future world a better place. Its Sickening how Republican Sycaphantic and Ultra Right Wing Neo Con Religious Ratbags have Prostituted Their Values for Present Day Greed. Trumps Enabled Incompetence is Destroying our World. As Trump states, he won't be around to accept the consequences of his actions or pay the bill. cheers from Michael Australia.

  35. I am sick to death, with both political parties 45 gets away with treasonous acts on the daily basis, the Republican say and do nothing. The Democrats, are undecided about how to handle this manic so instead of starting impeachment proceedings they, are being bullied and made fun of instead of fighting back full force. The Dems are tippy toeing around worrying about every action they take. Start Impeachment proceedings don't worry about the Senate do your job, because right now 45 is making your party look weak as hell and powerless. He sure as hell doesn't worry about consequences so why are you. GB

  36. MCC Carbon Clock, Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change

  37. We dont need to have the gov. To tell us about climate change cause we can see it now all the tornados earthquakes hurricanes and droughts happing right before are eyes

  38. To the religious hypocrites that support this 'person', your 'god' must be saying something with all these killer tornadoes ripping thru the bible belt, 30, 50 a day?! That's mult. times more than normal. Maybe it has something to do with that LIAR you all support in the OUTHOUSE..

  39. 20 years in the future the right wing base will all be dead from old age. They don't care beyond that.

  40. More and more of our taxes are going to have to go to disaster relief. Hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves and flooding will eat into the economy. Just listen for "…has declared a state of emergency…"

  41. They don't care because most of them are old and They will be long dead before the major shit happens. Ignorance is bliss.

  42. As long as they don't tax people to rip them off, like the NASA space joke. while the corporations makes billions, pollute and never pay for the clean up by corrupting politicians to look away.

  43. Aren't Republican householders most at risk from climate change? Doesn't this ruling imply the GOP administration is throwing her own voters under the bus?

  44. Look into the eyes of any person that studies Climate Change… Regardless as to how soft spoken they are… They're Scared Shittess…

  45. americans need the most fundamental training & education on environmental science & engineering sustainability, before that anything you do is just like Vietnam war.

  46. When the government tells you what you can say that's known as POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. The state government of Florida will not allow any state agency to even mention rising sea levels, global warming, climate change or extreme weather in any official State documents. We have seen the enemy and we elected them.

  47. Man made climate change is the biggest HOAX!!!!!

    Almost as big as the HOAX investigation on our beloved President——

  48. I know this is about climate change and I agree 100,000%, but I must say…

    Whether the Rethuglicans in the Senate support or deny impeachment is IRRELEVANT.

    Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives MUST FULFILL THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL OBLIGATION to review the Mueller report and all the supporting evidence provided as well as other cases of criminal activity WITH PUBLIC HEARINGS, then vote for impeachment or not. If the HOR votes for impeachment, recommendations go to the Senate. AMERICANS MUST SEE AND HEAR ALL INFO INCLUDING SUPPORTING EVIDENCE thru PUBLIC PROCEEDINGS shown on many networks.

    The Senate must have 67 senators vote for impeachment to remove Donald Drumph. Most likely, Mitch Mcturdle will do EVERYTHING to obstruct Senate hearings because THE FACTS WILL NOT EXONERATE DRUMPH, Drumph’s administration or congressional Rethuglicans.

    Of course, McTurdle has been the mastermind behind obstructing everything that would benefit the vast majority of Americans. A group of approximately 30 Republicans including Paul Ryan and Newt Gingrich swore they would obstruct EVERYTHING during the Obama era BEFORE Obama even took office!

    IF the house of representatives FULFILL THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL OBLIGATION to conduct hearings for the American people to be informed, the Democrats will enjoy a BLUE TSUNAMI in 2020.

    IF the House of Representatives DO NOT have impeachment proceedings, the Rethuglicans will insist everything was a witchhunt and convince many gullible people to vote for them again in 2020. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN!!

    This process is how the constitution works for the American people. If Nancy Pelosi does not fulfill her constitutional obligation to initiate impeachment proceedings, the
    Democrats will lose everything in 2020 and AMERICA WILL BURN!

  49. Doesnt surprise me..these people dont care about their families and what will happen to them in the future so why care about anything else. As long as they make their $$ all is good in their dispicable immoral lives…gee how does it feel to be a souless piece of crap.

  50. Ugghh this vid is crap from the first 5 seconds. Trump's order is to not include extreme further predictions (from 2040) NOT not include the "bad" effects from anthropogenic climate change. You may disagree with this order but don't misrepresent it to suit you.

    Furthermore, your future of doom and gloom isn't real science. Below I've linked a couple videos showing findings from NASA. Furthermore, about 50% of the American Meteorological Society agree anthropogenic climate change is a cause for concern – none of this "overwhelmingly majority" nonsense we hear. NASA have realised findings that flora has increased about 30% globally since the 80s. And no haha "your city" will not be under water by 2060 or some crap haha. If your city IS under water by then it will be primarily because the ice caps and glaciers have been melting since the last glacial maximum, and instead of mankind preparing for this inevitable eventuality, we were too busy trying to stop oceans from rising thanks to politicians like Obama and nonsense channels like this one.

  51. To learn about the new 21st century paradigm shift in climate science that will be common knowledge in 5 to 10 years and be world-shattering news, spend 15 minutes watching ALL of this video: It is brilliant.

  52. Don't let them bully ….That his how Donald got others to do all his schoolwork for the bigger part of 17 Years . No other explanation works.

  53. Drumpf: "There is no such thing as climate change. I have decreed it to be so, and reality has changed to suit my whim."

    The same principle applies to everything in Drumpfville.

  54. The real scary part of this is all the ppl that keep supporting the Republican party to keep us from advancing. I honestly believe that we could have been fully converted to electric vehicles a decade ago with no lose of jobs.

  55. Yall could jhst do it your self,dont wait on them ,just start doing it today,thats why u should know you cant depend on man but can only depend on God

  56. goodluck with that Mr Trump, when we are living it its going to be hard to not and its allready started just watch news fake or not 🙂

  57. 💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩💩💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸🖕🤬🍊🤡🖕

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