Trump Administration Accidentally Sends Democrats Talking Points

Trump Administration Accidentally Sends Democrats Talking Points

>>The White House accidentally emailed talking
points to defend Donald Trump against claims regarding his phone conversations with the
Ukrainian president to Democrats. They meant to send this only to Republican
lawmakers, but they accidentally included Democratic lawmakers along with their staffers
in this email. Now the message, titled, What you need to
know President Trump’s call with President Zelenskyy, was quickly recalled, but not before
Democrats took to Twitter to ridicule the White House over the error. One of those Democrats was Representative
Brendan Boyle, who said I would like to thank the White House for sending me their talking
points on how best to spin the disastrous Trump/Zelensky call in Trumps favor. However, I will not be using their spin and
will instead stick with the truth, but thanks though. And then Bill Pascrell also tweeted about
this, he also included screen shots of the email in his tweet. And he said, the Trump white house just accidentally
sent our office their talking points for deflecting Trump’s treachery. They’re complete Orwellian lies and toxic
trash, but maybe you’d like to read them to appreciate their corruption. Hazmat suit possibly required, I like the
use of an emoji there. Now, I wanna give you some of these talking
points that were included in this memo. Among the talking points distributed by the
White House is the claim that there was no quid pro quo and that, what the President
actually talked about was entirely proper, that is not true. First of all, the memo The phone conversation
that was released by the White House today did not include quid pro quo, but it was one
of eight conversations that Trump had with the Zelensky. So whether or not there was any quid pro quo
remains to be seen. However that conversation was not appropriate,
a law was broken in that conversation. Cenk, do you want to jump in on that?>>Yes, so actually, a number of things there. Remember, that the whistleblower said the
President made a promise that was inappropriate. So we didn’t see that in this memo at all,
so it is very possible that that promise is in a different phone call, whether it’s with
the Ukrainian president or some other world leader. That’s why it’s so important for the whistleblower
to be able to testify, or for us to understand what he is concerned about which is what the
Trump administration is blocking right now. Number two, most prosecutors certainly wasn’t
have come and talked to the press for the last 24 hours say, no, there was a quid pro
quo. When you say, hey, we’ve been very good to
you, now you do me a favor and then at the end you say, yeah, you know what? I predict your economy will now be good, that’s
a quid pro quo. But the most important part of this guys,
is the reason they’re doing the talking point on quid pro quo, is cuz they wanna distract
you. The crime that is indisputable and the phone
call, is when he solicits the help of a foreign government in his political campaign. That is an independent crime that does not
need quid pro quo. That is why the Republican talking point is,
hey, distract everybody into talking about the thing that is also true but harder to
prove.>>Right.>>As opposed to the crime that is, as in
law you would say prima facie, means on its face. As soon as you read it, it’s clear that it’s
a crime.>>Okay, Columbia Law School, I hear you.>>I’m not saying anything, I’m just saying.>>Mr fancy pants over here. All right, well let me give you some more
talking point from this email. The White House argues that Trump, quote,
did not mention Rudy Giuliani or Vice President Biden until after President Zelensky had raised
Giuliani first. But the email glosses over the fact that Trump
did mention Biden of his own accord. In fact, he’s the only one who said the name
Biden, Trump is.>>Yeah, no, I love that talking point because
they’re like now remember, Trump did mention Giuliani or Biden until Zelensky mentioned
Giuliani. But wait a minute, Zelensky didn’t mention
Biden at all, and Trump jumped in with. Now remember, we want the dirt on Biden, okay?>>And why would Zelensky randomly out of
nowhere mentioned Giuliani, unless there were conversations about him working with Giuliani.>>And besides which if Trump hadn’t said
the word Giuliani, but he had brought up the issue. Now, we’re not happy with some of the people
around you, and I want you to start investigating some of the things that were unhappy about.>>And then Zelensky says, right, Giuliani
came by and started yelling and ranting and raving, he didn’t say that. He mentions Giuliani at that point, cuz Trump
had already made a reference to him without mentioning his name. So these talking points, see, that’s the whole
point of talking points is to distract people from the reality.>>Yes, exactly.>>So this is a how to guide and how to do
evasion and alternative reality.>>And I’m sharing this with you guys because
it’s important for you to, when you hear all these rightwingers on cable news or in the
media, use these talking points. You should be able to pinpoint where they’re
coming from, they’re coming directly from the White House. One of the other talking points is immediately
deflect and talk about how wrong it is that people within the administration are leaking
to the press. I mean, this is a common talking point that
we’ve heard from Republicans throughout various investigations that Donald Trump has been
facing. It’s all about the leaks, these leaks are
terrible, I can’t believe leaks are happening. Now, that’s not the issue here, okay? First of all, if there are leaks from within
the White House, why can’t Trump get his White House under control, what’s going on? But secondly, don’t let anyone focus on the
what about his, or the deflections. The heart of the issue here is that Donald
Trump asked a leader of foreign country for favors and that is against the law. Favors in regard to his political opponent. Now with that said, let’s go to some rightwingers
and hear what their ridiculous talking points are, starting with Senator Lindsey Graham.>>The question that got me going was did
the President United States suggest to the Ukraine, I will withhold money unless you
go after my political rival? The answer is absolutely not, that’s why I
wanted the phone call to be released, before I do what was in the phone call. I said it’s a privilege matter clearly, but
aura around the phone call was disturbing. Did the President of the United States take
money that was going to the Ukraine and threaten to withhold it, which he did not get held
in real election? The answer is no.>>So boom, there’s one of the talking points
right there. It’s amazing.>>You see the talking point, and you see
Lindsey Graham apply it. There is no quid pro quo, I mean, I’ll be
concern if there was but well, how about the fact that he’s solicited aid on it in his
political campaign. No, there was no quid pro quo, that’s what
the talking point of the White House said. But one of my favorite parts of the story
is after they accidentally sent Democrats, the White House Pastor, no, no, you can’t
use that we retract it. You did, did you? How preposterous, okay.>>Lindsey Graham is such a puppet for anyone
in a position of power, right? I mean, that’s what Lindsey Graham is, he’s
that puppet. It’s incredible to me like I mean, talking
points, Lindsey Graham, it’s right there. By the way, we’ve been showing you this for,
17 years, we’ll show you and Jeremy Jackson, our producer does a great job. We’re usually doing compilations where you’ll
see the same point said time and time and time again on TV by different Republicans,
and we’ll tell you that there was a talking point that told him to do that. And a lot of the times, it doesn’t come from
the White House, it comes from Think Tanks, or it comes from ALEC. It comes from different corporate, Chamber
of Commerce, basically the donors, saying, shut up and say this. And you’ll see them go on TV and all repeat
it at the same time. In this case, they haven’t accidentally email
the actual talking points of the Democrats.>>Yeah.>>So we know beyond a shadow of a doubt,
and then you see him with your own eyes doing this buffoonishly. One last thing when they talk about the real
scandal is the leaks. No, no, the whistleblower didn’t leak. He followed the exact right procedure, and
according to the law, he went to the inspector general, as he supposed to, the inspector
general said, you are right. It is a matter of urgent concern, and it must
be turned over to Congress in seven days. The people who didn’t follow the law were
the Justice Department who blocked it and said no, no, no, don’t follow the law because
we don’t want that stuff getting out.>>Yeah, you’re right, so you’re absolutely
right about the whistleblower. But following the whistleblower, of course,
there are all these questions about what that complaint was about. And at that point, they were members of Trump’s
own administration coming forward and anonymously speaking to the press about what was going
on with Ukraine. So I mean that sounds like a personal problem,
Trump. Sounds like you can’t keep under control.


  1. The biggest part of what Trump did was the request by Trump to make up lies about Biden was most likely ordered by Putin. Understand when Biden withheld American financial aid in 2014-15, a RUSSIAN INSURRECTION and seizure of Crimea had just occurred. Biden was saying to Ukraine that if they want our help to remain a democracy, they can't have pro-Communist Fascist Russians in key government jobs, which was the global community's view as a whole…Biden didn't withhold for personal gain, only to be assured we aren't financing a fascist regime.
    Trump's Extortion of a foreign leaders for personal & political gain and/or Putin's request as revenge for Biden's intervention that stopped Russia from raking Ukraine ENTIRELY. Putin never got over losing Ukraine and America's role in save Ukraine from fascist Russian rule.

  2. If your opponent acts in good faith, it's unethical to make use of the administrative errors of their subordinates. If they send you an email that wasn't meant for you, you delete it and forget it. However in this case, the republicans are absolutely without honor and they have no ethical capital to trade on. It's an unfortunate degradation of the society, because everyone makes mistakes.

  3. This is great! It show the PEOPLE what the white nationalist has been doing for years.
    This is what?
    The destruction of white nationalist/ administration/ organizations/ from within.

    The CONSTITUTION, laws, of this America, is nothing under trump/ white nationalist: criminal, liers, rapist, racist, uneducated can not be stop? LOL

    THE whistleblower are doing their jobs for ALL colors in America.
    WHO is protecting America?

  4. Regarding Lindsey Graham: Trump did not have to threaten to withhold the funds. He was already withholding the funds at the time of the call. this conversation was about what to do to get the money released.

  5. Can we also bring attention to the comment about visiting New York and staying at Trump Tower? IE I paid u money y r u saying it's not reciprocal

  6. Actually Trump has threatened other states or nations such as Mexico are you was going to put tears on them if they didn't help his election for 2020 by stopping the flow of migrants from other countries.

  7. I think whoever sent it was a Republican who secretly wanted the Democrats to actually succeed. We all know the Republicans can get whatever they want to done and the Dems are always lost.

  8. The so-called "transcript" of the phone call released by the White House, and which they admit is a "summary," (sound familiar?) is enough for about 5 minutes worth of convo. It was a 1/2 hour phone call.

  9. I'm like a very smart person.


    Nooo, that's not…!

    What did you do?!


    You just pressed send to everybody Sir!

    I didn't do anything,…it's all fake news by Sleepy Joe and Pantsy Pelosi.

    I just seen you do it Sir.

    No you didn't,…it's like a deep fake, like me with my pants down and Ivanka on the desk,…you didn't see that either.

    Don't remind me Sir,…were those real btw?!

    Of course not, she doesn't have a personality let alone two.

    Now,…what does this red button do?

    Noooooooo, don't push that Sir!!!!!!!

    Hey, you lot voted him in ???.

  10. And guess what? You know President assclown has done this with many other leaders cuz he can't win unless they cheat. If you think he only did it this one time then you're a gullible MAGA moron.

  11. The Republican distraction about quid pro quo reminds me of the Republican distraction about collusion. What's indisputable is the illegal solicitation of an investigation against a political rival by a foreign government, similar to the previous instances of obstruction of justice. Focus on the crimes that are easy to prove and ignore the distractions by Republicans.

  12. Whistleblowing is not leaking when it's uncovering a crime. There's a little something called the "Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989".

  13. Why is Ana talking about Trump not being able to control his staff from revealing such information? These people were under a moral and possibly, a legal obligation to report the crime.

  14. Lindsay Graham has zero credibility. He’s a Trump sell-out too stupid, or short-sighted to recognize being a Trump lackey means irreparable damage to his reputation. He’ll forever be remembered as Trumps corrupt little b*tch.

  15. Hmm interesting point, I had forgotten about the promise. So if this is the transcript they release to deflect attention, how damning is the transcript with the promise?

  16. all combined, there is more than enough to end Trump presidency, publicly, politically, and legally – Lol how could they go thru with the talking points once they were exposed

  17. Question not posed in this video. What if they find more similar phone conversations on that super secure computer server?

  18. It's beginning to look a lot like impeachment, everywhere you go. It's beginning to look a lot like treason…… New Christmas music, based on old Christmas music.

  19. You can't take the phone call transcripts out of context. You have to include Trump's instructions to his staff to delay payments. It's a package transaction.

  20. Seems like there's someone or a few someone's in the Trump administration that has a conscious and is leaking Info about the Trump administration's corruption. There's way more to this that's being covered up.

  21. all this Fake News Anti American MSM BS has made me a full fledged TRUMP supporter! Never again will I support these Deepstate Brain Washing Divide and Destroy American Dems/Bush Era Repubs and their MSM Swamp Press Mob of Jokers!!!!

  22. LOL is right, I am a US Naturalize Citizen and will cast my vote fo the 1st time in 2020. I came here fo the comments really. Looking like a Landslide for Tump in 2020 and all the Fake News outlet will be pulling their Hair out again. I am enjoying this circus.

  23. Whistle blower will be a VERY RICH MAN or WOMAN whenever he/she decides to retire. Book deals, speaking engagements, ob-air TV personality position eventually on some news site. Talk about being in the wrong place at the right time.

  24. The US Constitution was written so we can deal with creeps like" Trump"." Obama" is sitting somewhere laughing at the Republiphiles and saying:"HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW"?

  25. ACCIDENTALLY, accidentally, my ARSE nothing like that happens in TRUMP'S WORLD, he is about to find out who is friends were…

    Starting with BILL. BARR. &. RUDY GULIANI not to mention MOSCOW MITCH. ☠️☠️☠️

  26. Who holds the purse strings,? Who really has the power to say "let's Make a deal"? Okay Ukraine you tell us everything that transpired in the Trump conversations' THEN you get your military aid immediately!! That's proper negotiations!!

  27. I still would like to know what else trump is hiding on that secured server. Im not talking about things that are supposed to be on it. Im talking about the things that trump is hiding because he knows they are wrong.

  28. You jokers crack me up! Thanks for turning me into a FULL FLEDGED TRUMP Supporter! You MSM Jokers are great at coverting Democrats in to New Age TRUMP Republicans!!! Keep up the MSM Swamp Press lies hate and Race Baiting, its waking up lots of us everyday!

  29. Like a prostitution ring right? She's definitely a hooker but you cant be arrested until you explicitly offer cash for sex. Until then it was just giving a nice stranger a ride home


    He Does NOT Uphold Our Constitution.

    Is In Violation Of The Constitution's Foreign Emoluments Clause Which Prohibits The President From Accepting Personal Benefits Or Favors
    From ANY Foreign Government Or Official.

  31. The orange anus trump and his corrupt dishonest administration have the combined IQ of a turd—an actual turd. So it's not surprising that they accidentally sent out their blatant lies and toxic garbage as distractions for trumps "latest" crimes.

  32. I'm sure this dishonest and corrupt administration is already working on talking points for when trump get's impeached. Here's an excerpt:

    "Well, um…..what trump did was bad but let's not forget about Hilary's emails"

  33. Democrats don't know the truth , they have never admitted or apologised for slave ownership or forming The KKK Jail the democrats.

  34. Hey Trump groupies enough with deflecting… He dug a hole and fell right into it.. We don’t care about Hillary or Biden or whoever else you want to point fingers at.. The president has just implicated himself in a crime and it’s beautiful so save your whining for someone who cares..
    Just use the grey matter in your head and think if he was innocent
    why did he withhold the money to Ukraine? Why did the White House send emails trying to deflect? He could’ve kept silent but nope that’s not his nature cuz he likes to brag like a spoiled brat who thinks he’s untouchable

  35. Reporters should have a copy of the talking points when interviewing a puppet republican, and when the puppet starts spewing a talking point simply point out that that is … say … talking point # 7 on page 2 of the white house issued talking points.

    So do YOU have an original thought about treason Mr/ Mrs . Senator ? ?

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