Tropico on iPad Gameplay — Let’s Play Politics!

Tropico on iPad Gameplay — Let’s Play Politics!

EDWIN: Hello and welcome to Tropico for iPad. What I’m going to do over the next 15 minutes
is take you through both Tropico the game, and a few features of the mobile version. To get us started, I’m going to load up a
save game called Gamescom where we have been playing for about 25 minutes, so we can get
into the real meat of the game. Right, so here we are on an island. As you can see, moving around the map is done
by dragging your finger. Twist to rotate and pinch to zoom. JUANITO: Today we have a special weather report
from El Presidente himself! He predicts the night will be calm, starry
and sunny. Remember that our Presidente is always right,
even when he’s wrong! EDWIN: So that was the dulcet tones of Juanito
the radio DJ. Right, so first problem: we don’t have enough
skilled workers. So what we need to do to change that is we
can either hire skilled workers or we can change the immigration policy. So what we’ll do here is we’ll go and find
the Immigration Office. We’re currently set to ‘Tropico First’, which
basically means immigration is forbidden, so we’ll want to go and change that. So if we tap through all of the options here…
and we have selected it to ‘Open Doors’, so we should have a lot more skilled workers
coming in. So that solves the first problem. As soon as you solve one problem, another
one comes along. So there’s no Church is Tropico, and that’s
making the pious Tropicans very upset. So we’ll probably have go and think about
trying to solve that because we don’t want them upset as a faction. Oh and we now have a general election coming along! So the Tropicans want an election next year,
it looks like we’re gonna win it, so let’s give them the election. And let’s also choose to give a speech, giving
a speech is always a good idea because it can bring factions that may not be voting
for you on-side before the election, as long as you fulfil your promises afterwards. So basically don’t make promises you can’t
fulfil later on. Before you decide on what promises you want
to make, you can flip through the Almanac and it gives you a lot of detailed information about
what the faction relations are, what overall residents’ happiness is, your overall budget
right now… So can you promise to build something if you
don’t have the money? Et cetera… It’s always good to flick through here and
decide what promises you want to make to what people. So healthcare quality and religious quality
and probably the two things which are the biggest hot topics, so we’ll pick health care
for the first option, and then who are we going to praise? Probably here, we’d probably want to go with the religious faction cos they’re looking pretty upset. BETTY BOOM: According to our sources, we’re suddenly filthy rich and our treasury keeps growing bigger and fatter. If this is so, why do I still feel as poor
and miserable as before? Yes, the numbers tell me that I should be
happy and content but I still can’t find enough cash to pay for that red Che Guevara t-shirt
I saw at the store. EDWIN: Well, no matter how well you run the
country, there’s always a few people wanting a hipster t-shirt. PRESIDENTE: Proud nation of Tropico, I want
to stress on the great progress we have made. Production has increased steadily, exceeding
25% in some areas. I tell you, we will complete the five year
plan in four years. This is progress. *APPLAUSE* Yes there are problems, there will
always be problems, especially in the current economic situation. The bad healthcare, about which I hear so
much these days, is one of them. And it will be resolved, as will all others,
in time as the global economy stabilises. Through my years of presidency, I have received
your gratitude my compañeros. Alas, I am nothing but a humble servant, and you are my masters, my employers. Now I bow to the superior morality of the
religious Tropicans, who absolve our sins in the face of God. *APPLAUSE AND CHURCH BELLS* The past is gone
from our shores but that is not enough, I will bring the future to Tropico, God as my witness, that we will build a Church in Tropico during my next mandate. *APPLAUSE* God bless you and good day! *APPLAUSE* EDWIN: Now that El Presidente’s
finished giving his speech, I’ll just give a quick recap of what’s been going on. So I decided to build a church to fulfil the
promise that we just made. And seen as though it was going to take a
long time to build it, I used the Instant Build feature. The Instant Build feature allows a building
to be built instantly but you have to pay double the price. Paying double is sometimes a tactical choice,
for example building the Church for the elections so you win the election or if you have a starving
population, you might want to pay double and build a bunch of farms and solve the problem
before it gets worse. Next, I quickly turned down an offer for a
trade deal from the USSR for canned goods. My relationship with the USSR was already
quite good, my relationship with the US is strained, so it’s best just to turn that down. And as you can see, I’ve just finished building
the High School. Certain buildings require High School educated
workers, that includes the Church. Instead of having to hire immigrants to move
here who are High School educated, you can build a High School and have native Tropicans,
which is a lot cheaper. So I’ve gone and done that so the Church will
soon have a priest without us having to pay exorbitant fees. I also quickly tweaked the wages for the High
School and the Church to make sure they were fully staffed as quickly as possible. Remember, building a Church won’t actually
do anything if it isn’t staffed. So what I’ve been doing now is taking a look
at how we can better exploit the natural resources on the island. So the status panel here, you can bring up
and it can show you the best places to plant different types of crops and also what natural
resources you have, for example, iron ore deposits or gold deposits. Now that I’ve found a potential location for
a mine, I need to draw a road there. So this is a new feature, if you tap and hold
on the end of any road and drag, you can just draw a road with your finger and you can move
the waypoints around to make any minor corrections. This is a quick and easy way of drawing roads,
taking advantage of the iPad’s touch system. BETTY BOOM: Greetings, friends of the Great
Revolution! We have succeeded in yet another goal – every
man, woman and child in Tropico knows the true face of our arch enemy El Presidente. In order to lull the tyrant into a false sense
of comfort, some of our comrades are displaying a show of respect for our grotesque leader. After he gets comfortable enough, we’ll deliver
the lethal blow to his evil empire. EDWIN: As you can see, Radio DJs keep on popping
in with sort of anti-governmental rhetoric every once in a while. So I’m now going to try and place the mine. It’s key when you’re trying to place a mine,
don’t place it completely on top of where the ore deposit is, you should place it next
to it. If it’s directly on top, the mine will find
it slightly harder to extract the ore. Right, so I’ll just quick build this and then
go… Right so now I’ll put the wages up a bit to
make sure we get a whole bunch of workers nice and quickly and get it producing gold. Right so, everything you mine will be exported
through your Docks, which are over here. However, to make additional profit, the best
thing to do is to take the raw materials and process them. For example, if we’re growing tobacco, we
could go make hand-rolled cigars and if we’re mining gold, we could make jewellery. But before we do that, I’ll quickly show the
upgrade system. So here we go, we’ve got a few miners working
at the mine, but if we select the mine… we can then change tabs and see what upgrades
are available. In this case, the upgrades need power and
we don’t have power so we’ll have to look at upgrading later. Next, let’s build a jewellery factory. So let’s select that and look at where to
place it. So what we’ll want to do is probably place
it next to the mine, so that the transportation is nice and fast between the mine and the
actual factory. One thing of note is the auto-connect feature
of the iPad version of the game. So certain buildings have a requirement that
they need to be attached to a road. Often you could accidentally place a building
and then have to attach the road afterwards. To make it a bit easier on the touch version,
we make the buildings when they’re next to a road, snap to a road. So that you know that they’re connected and
you can drag them along the road. This makes things a little bit easier. For this building, I can actually use upgrades,
so I’m going to pay for the Skylights to make the Job Quality increase. Since it’s far away and increasing the Job
Quality makes it so people are more likely to want to work there. In Tropico, you should always keep in mind
how far it is between where people live and where people work and try and align that through
the use of Garages and the Wages and also the quality of the job. Ok, so the next thing to have a quick look
at is the Bonus Objective. Bonus Objectives aren’t required, but they
do increase your overall score at the end of the island. Right, so the average happiness is increasing
but let’s have a look at other stuff. The food quality is going down and 10 meals
are being skipped, which means we’re not making enough food or the food is too far away from
the people who need it. So let’s go and do a quick investigation into
that. So let’s find this farm here. This farm’s a Coffee farm. Let’s look at changing its type. Oh hang on, the election. They reckon that we’re going to win it with
95% of the vote, we can still stuff the ballots and get 100% of the vote but I think we should
be fine. Let’s just allow it to go through properly. And there we go, we won by a landslide and
everybody is pretty happy with us. So, back to the farm. Let’s cycle through the types and find Corn. As you can see, the game has an auto-save
feature which saves every 15 minutes so if you make a big mistake, you can always jump
back in time. Next, let’s take a look at this farm and flip
it from making Corn to Papaya so there’s a nice mix of different types of food. And there we are, we’ve won the election with
a landslide. JUANITO: This is Juanito, Tropico News Today,
with the election results. El Presidente has won with a landslide victory! Surely the people will continue to stand behind
our beloved leader in the years ahead. EDWIN: Next let’s build a Fisherman’s Wharf. So this will not only allow you to have fish
for your population to eat but you can also can and export it to make additional profits. You’ll also notice below the description we
have building details and statistics. These are quite useful so you can tell what
impact building that building might have on not only what type of employees you need but
also things like, for example with this, the fact that people aren’t happy with the different
mix of food. Finally, it also shows you how many of that
kind of building you’ve built. For example in this case, you haven’t build
one before, so it’s probably worth building one now. So it looks like the nationalists are a bit
upset with our immigration policy right now. Before we decide to react, we should probably
have a quick look at what our standing is with that faction. But sticking with food for a second, what
we can probably do is have a quick look at our edicts menu and see if there are any edicts
we can use to improve our food situation. So there are two here that we might be able
to use, Food for the People – it increases the food quality but it doubles the consumption. So we’re probably not generating enough food
yet to do that and then we have Social Security and that gets rid of Shacks and makes people
a bit happier. So it looks like we have two problems. One, the Environmentalists don’t seem to be
too happy. and the second one is we need to have our
Tropicans be educated quicker so we don’t need as many immigrants. So, let’s select Literacy Program and that
allows Students and Workers to gain experience 30% faster and let’s activate it for $500
a year. Let’s flip over to the next tab, we have the
Pollution Standard edict. So this would reduce pollution and make the
Environmentalists happier. But it has the downside of 40% extra upkeep. So that just about wraps up my quick 15 minute
preview of Tropico for iPad. Thanks again for watching. EL PRESIDENTE: Are you a Rebel!? It’s always all work and no play for Presidente!


  1. Can’t wait to play it on my IPad! This game is amazing! I’ve always asked for more premium games without microtransactions, and youre doing it! The problem now is to hold on the anxiety. Congratulations for the Job! And i have a question: are there other functions specifically for the ipad version?

  2. Can’t wait for 6, but I have to try this too. I love Tropico 3 and 4(fave) too and I definitely want to play dictator on the go.

  3. I'm getting tired of Apple and other companies using the labeling " for the iPad or iPhone " theirs a out of iPhone and iPad out there. which model are you talking about.

  4. Hey guys help me.I am at the beginning of the game and I can't export anything.I keep getting deeper in dept I played both tutorials but they were lucklaster.Can someone help me?

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