TIME Magazine Devotes Entire Issue To Climate Change | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

TIME Magazine Devotes Entire Issue To Climate Change | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Father and son scientists, Dr. Michael Connolly and Dr. Ronan Connolly, conducted a historic review of literally millions of weather balloon data recordings, and they came to the following conclusions:

    “It doesn’t matter whether we double, triple, or even quadruple the carbon dioxide concentration. Carbon dioxide has no impact on atmospheric temperatures.”

    “We carried out new laboratory experiments, and analyzed the data from millions of weather balloons to calculate exactly how much global warming carbon dioxide was causing. When we did this, we discovered that the answer was zero.”

    “It turns out that some of the assumptions used in man-made global warming theory had never actually been tested. When we tested them, we discovered that they were invalid.”

    "The "unusual global warming" that has caused such concern is not unusual, after all. We found that the world naturally switches between periods of global warming and periods of global cooling, with each period lasting several decades."

    My suggestion is to first watch "Balloons in the Air: Understanding Weather and Climate" on YouTube. This is a historically significant video that will change the course of history. I suggest that you first watch from the 50-minute point to the 55-minute point and then go back and watch the entire video from the beginning to the end. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfRBr7PEawY

    Then read their website at https://globalwarmingsolved.com/start-here/ for technical details. This is truly evidence based science, not speculation piled upon myths, ruled by political mandate, computer modeling hallucination based IPCC style science.

    The Connolly findings represent an independent confirmation of the NASA space probe based discovery by Dr. Ned Nikolov and Dr. Karl Zeller that there is no greenhouse gas effect on Earth or on any rocky surfaced planet or moon in our solar system. SEE http://renewable.50webs.com/Zeller.Nikolov.html

    A study by Dr. Jyrki Kauppinen and Dr. Pekka Malmi, from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Turku in Finland, found that the IPCC’s computer generated climate models fail to consider the very strong influence of solar mediated low cloud cover changes on global temperature. The authors state that the IPCC’s results cannot be considered valid experimental evidence. SEE “No Experimental Evidence For The Significant Anthropogenic Climate Change”


    A Chinese archaeological based study has found that recent increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have had no measurable effect on climate. Dr Wu Jing, from the Key Laboratory of Cenozoic Geology and Environment, discovered that China's winters have been warming since 4,000 BC. She stated that "Driving forces include the sun, the atmosphere, and its interaction with the ocean." Her group of scientists concluded that "We have detected no evidence of human influence." Dr. Wu Jing is currently worried about global cooling, not global warming. She states that "A sharp drop of temperature will benefit nobody." See the news story published in the South China Morning Post. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/science/article/3022136/china-scientists-warn-global-cooling-trick-natures-sleeve

  2. I feel the name “global warming “ should be charged to something else. The trumpklan can’t figure out that it means all seasons get more extreme each year.

  3. On the bright side the oil industry can drill easier in the polar regions. All they need is 2/3 of us eliminated. We are decimating the equator and brown people are the enemy. Do you think it is a coincidence?
    Do the walls need slats for any other reason than to be able to shoot through them? It sure won't stop smuggling…

  4. Is this like the issue that featured Global cooling in the 70's and is it like the one that featured Global warming in the 80's. When will a magazine have the balls to come out with an entire issue on "The Global Climate Change Fraud"? It wouldn't hurt for the planet's temp to increase a degree over the next 100 yers. That is what the threat is, isn't it. A whole degree by 2100. Join the Cult. Bring in the worldwide carbon tax that goes to the UN leaders to apply as they see fit after they get them a new Rolls.

  5. And yes, today Donald Trump has slaughtered another couple of million people (over the next few decades) by helping to make our water dirtier. Resist the PRO DEATH party and vote blue.

  6. Yeah, why would Time dedicate an issue to the biggest and most urgent catastrophic threat in the history of humanity? 🤦‍♂️
    Have we done anything since 1990? YES WE HAVE DOUBLED THE MAN-MADE CO2 IN THE ATMOSPHERE!
    We have created this problem almost entirely in the last generation.
    We have ONE generation to fix it, STARTING NOW.

  7. 70% of emissions have come from 100 companies.
    Personal choices matter but they are useless without radical change to our system. Your vote matters more than anything else right now. Then your actions and your example.
    Please act today to give our kids hope. 🙏🏻

  8. Ironic.. how much paper and toxic ink did it take to print those up. How much of it is going into a landfiil/soil/water/ yeap.. looks like everyone is ridinng up on that high horse.

  9. Look, I'm willing to do what I can but I've got expenses to cover. Keep my company growing at 6%/year and I'll change to paper straws. Meanwhile, kids, family and community expect my 6,000 sf house with out buildings to keep my car and boat collection. Planes are in the hangar, of course. Got to get to the vacation homes.

  10. Fun Fact: Oil production in ‪Iran‬ has dropped by 40% and in ‪Venezuela‬ by 48% since President Trump took office.
    He doing more to fight Climate Change than the Green New Deal.;)

  11. "Climate Change" due to fossil fuel CO2

    The biggest fraud in the history of science.

    Address real pollution and poor peoples’ – in Africa and elsewhere – inability to get abundant, reliable energy.

  12. The 2020 elections will determine the future of our planet…to reelect Trump…is to essentially toll the death knell of Mother Earth.

  13. Well as long as an actress who had a vial of blood on a chain around her neck, the tattoos up to her bazooka and 17 children from 12 different countries is into it…. yeah, maybe not

  14. Dems and Congress devote all their terms to impeach the president
    Well that didn't work
    Just saying
    This planet is too big for bs

  15. And the world population has grown from 5.3 to 7.5 billion since 1990 and China and to some extent South America and India have come out of darker ages since then. And Al Gore has never said the first plank in any climate agreement should be to reduce the world population by 50% in the next 100 years, in fact none of the people who wrote articles have said that and I suspect they consider it a red line. The odds we reach 15 billion people are a lot higher than reducing it under 4 billion. The only tell scary stories and never give number, even the ones pushing windmills never tell you the world watt hours total 150*10^15 WH/year and it would take 300 million (at $4 million each) wind mills to equal that, and 65 years of 100% of the US GDP to pay for it, I got tired of scary stories with no numerical solutions so I look it up and did my own calculations.

  16. Climate Crisis was proved by 97% scientist years ago. The debate is with insane people and you might as well debate with a gold fish. Might even get a better conversation with the gold fish.

  17. Sure the weather changes but the climate is still the same Obama was the dirtiest President we ever had buying all that cheap steal made by the cheapest coal on earth instead of using clean American coal instead of using clean met coal he bought all our steal from China and almost chocked those poor people to death lots of photos of people wearing masks in China while Obama was President any one that believes that silly Ale Gore after him predicting New York to be under water 15 years ago needs to see a head shrink .

  18. Now Democrats want to send car manufactures and jobs to China it doesn't make any sense all the pollution just keeps coming over here and changing our weather not climate silly people we still have grass trees and flowing streams here it hasn't changed at all but I'm sure silly Democrats will try to blame Trump for Obamas climate mistakes . Its called political propaganda the leftwingers thrive on it .

  19. The one problem I have with these climate debates is no one is talking about a glaring fact. The way that climate is currently is not normal. We've just gotten used to it but this planet has been a very hostile place to live for a very long time. An obvious example is the Ice Age. The ice age is in our past. That's a time before they were any of us here with our technology and the entire planet was freezing cold. We've had major volcanoes and earthquakes on a scale far beyond anything that humans have ever seen. This planet is not a machine. It's organic. Climate has had massive swings throughout the entire life of this planet we live on. So while I support keeping environment clean it's a weak argument to just point out changes in climate as proof of anything. Climate has always been changing and it was doing that far before we were even on this planet

  20. All of the dirty corporations are sailing down the great river of denial. We the People are just flotsam to them. Pay up and shut up peons.We are not done ruining this place yet. We'll tell you when to say something. Until then, thoughts and prayers.

  21. You mean the same Time magazine who in the 1970s released 2 articles on the danger of global cooling and if we don't act in an urgent manner of the settled science we are in danger that lead to the same doom and gloom stories?

  22. If you care about the earth, vote Bernie Sanders 2020. He has the most comprehensive and aggressive climate plan of all the candidates! Check out the details: https://berniesanders.com/en/issues/green-new-deal/

  23. Yet the political figures and oil companies will be safe. They claim “Oh the jobs!” But the issue is they already caused trillions of dollars in damage and thousands of lives to be lost. Caused so much natural land to be destroyed it should be illegal at this point.

  24. Too bad that you climate changers don't know that Co2 does not trap heat. Experiments have proven that heat goes right through it. Co2 also has a specific gravity of 1.5 while air has a SG of 1.0, which means Co2 is heavier than air and cannot float up and create a canopy. Co2 is plant food, not pollution.

  25. Only the most uneducated doubt that Anthropogenic Global Warming is real and an Existential Threat to our species.

  26. The green new deal is a total disaster and would 100% doom the planet even if another country removes all the excess carbon in the atmosphere

  27. Trump didn't even bother to attend the climate and environment meeting at the G-7. Just an empty chair. In June, Prince Charles had tea with self-described "stable genius" Donald Trump. The meeting was supposed to last about 15 minutes, but lingered on for over an hour as the Prince valiantly gave it his best shot at trying to explain the effects of the massive increase in atmospheric green house gases to ignorant, uninterested Trump. Donald Trump, a science illiterate who hates to read and ignores experts. Trump's eyes glazed over in boredom. Of course it was a complete waste of time. Trump dismissed it all and then proclaimed to the Prince that "The United States right now has among the CLEANEST CLIMATES there are based on all statistics. And it’s even getting better because I agree with that we want the best water, the cleanest water. It’s crystal clean, has to be crystal clean clear.” Cleanest climates? Trump went on to falsely tell the Prince that his properties have received awards for having the "cleanest climates." Poor Prince Charles, a gentleman, he became quiet and just gave a weak sorrowful smile and a look of abject pity for this dunce. Folks, this is the rube who's running the country. .

  28. As you get older, and see the fads and fictions, memes and tropes that plague humankind, like opiods, End of Days and vapeing, you come to realize there is an entire Elite who live to propagate these fads and fictions, memes and tropes, then like Al Gore, to monetize them. UNFORTUNATELY, El Scientocracy thrives by BLEEDING all the taxpaying working citizens, and over 50 years, they've risen from obscurity to an unopposable Chosen of Right Stuff. Sad.

  29. Yo we need to fix global cooling…. fk this isn't the 70s i mean we need to fix global warming!!!…. Nope wrong time again. We need to stop pollution powered terraforming!!!! Wait….. they haven't changed it to that yet it's still only 2019. CLIMATE CHANGE!!!! That is what the scam is called these days, my bad i keep getting all these lies mixed up.

  30. Climate change is not caused by humans and was happening billions of years before man even existed. Climate change is basically caused by the rotation of the planets and the relative positions of the Sun, the Moon and Earth. As we move closer to the sun it gets hotter on earth. As we move closer to the moon it causes tides to increase and makes hurricanes worse.
    Mankind is however responsible for taking these things from the realm of normal to a place where we are actually increasing the effects of climate change to such an extent that parts of the world will be uninhabitable for most living things. Humans will survive this climate change but will there be enough resources to feed the people and the animals on the planet. The heat in the middle of America will make it impossible for people to live there. The flooding along the coastal regines will make those place impossible to live in; which means as much as a 3rd of the places people now live in will not be inhabitated. We will end up with the population decreasing by the decades and that means less income gained from taxes to pay for services and benefits. Of course it will be the working and then the middle class that lose most of all from this. The Republicans and many Democrats do not want to do anything that will reduce climate change; so by default they have no care of the working and middle classes.

  31. During the last winter there were parts of Alaska that had little or no snow and ice in places that would normally had at least a foot of snow and ice. Some people up there might like it being warmer but most realise that this is a real threat to their way of life and the life of everything else that exists in Alaska, including the big bad bears.

  32. Enjoyed watching the video, really explains everything in detail. Thank you and good luck for the upcoming video.. I think you will find this more interesting..


  33. When will you people learn, it is already too late to stop climate change, it is a done deal, stop polishing brass on the Titanic and stop lying to kids.

  34. The majority of people can see what is happening with climate change and how much hotter it is getting – but governments who are sponsored by big business are turning a blind eye to the problem. Or, even worse, in the case of the Trump administration, rolling back regulations designed to protect our air and water and the environment. What is the point of being ultra rich if you can't breathe the air??? Or drink the water??? Or all the crops fail because it is too hot for them to survive???

  35. I'm preparing for Climate Change and the change is Global Cooling. It's all about the Sun cycles and apparently, the Time editors and those at MSNBC are choosing not to investigate reality.

  36. So let's see, 1C of warming and 3 inches of sea level rise in 100 years and we are all going to die unless we worship Karl Marx. The earth was 5C hotter and there was 10 times as much CO2 in the atmosphere during the Cambrian period. And it was one of the best periods for the evolution of life on earth.

  37. Could you do a segment on waxworms? I am so enthralled to be talking to you right now. As I am sure you know the world is in great peril and I was wondering if you wanted to be part of the solution.
    The enzyme comes from a bacteria, Ideonella sakaiensis 201-F6, which was discovered in 2016 by Japanese researchers, who subsequently found that it could completely break down a thin layer of low-quality plastic within six weeks. Structural biologist John McGeehan and his team have now taken that enzyme and genetically engineered it so that it can begin the process in a matter of days. That kind of discovery is cause for excitement: It takes centuries for polyester, scientifically known as polyethylene terephthalate or PET, to degrade naturally.
    Waxworms- The secret was in the worms’ ability to break down beeswax, which contains some of the same chemical bonds found in polyethylene. Since then, researchers have been working to harness the enzymes found in their digestive system in hopes that it can degrade the millions of tons of plastic in our landfills and oceans. Exactly how remains hazy, though one idea that’s been floated is to spray the piles of trash in the ocean with the bacteria or the enzyme, and let them do their work.

  38. Climate change is here for most of the people but the president supposed to be does not believe in ir, he believes that Climate Change is a hock

  39. Fort Denison was built in Sydney Harbor in 1865. It was built exactly at the water line in order to protect the harbor against invasion. We have photos of Ft. Denison from 1885 and from now. As anyone can see, nothing has happened. The local sea level instruments say that sea level at Ft. Denison has gone up about 2.5 inches in the last 100 years. Here are the photos. https://cairnsnews.org/2016/12/30/scary-sea-level-rise-on-sydney-harbour/

  40. WHERE was MSNBC, FOX & CNN in all these T H I R T Y Y E A R S ? ? ? ! !
    "Awareness has gone up immensely…" IN SPITE OF YOUR FAKE CONTRAVERSY COVERAGE: John Oliver made it clear 5 years ago in this little diamond: https://youtu.be/cjuGCJJUGsg

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