TIME Cover Says ‘Enough’ As It Lists U.S. Mass Shootings | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

TIME Cover Says ‘Enough’ As It Lists U.S. Mass Shootings | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. As long as white nationalist can win elections without the votes of minorities of color, then elected officials will continue to voice racist words.

  2. It doesn't make sense that the alt right latched onto trump seeing how his only interest is making money and he likes foreign dictators…or the white supremacists either since his daughter converted to Judaism and they definitely hate jews. Unless the power hungry think trump is easily manipulated.

  3. The solution to mass shootings is simple. Limit Firearms to single shot and ammunition caliber to 22 short without a special licence.

    This wouldn't violate the 2nd Amendment, it would make Mass Shootings extremely difficult, and it would make all shootings far more survivable.

  4. 2:35 i think it was Churchill who said " the Americans always do the right thing in the end… but only after they have explored all the possible alternatives" lol


  6. 3:20 yeah… but the thing is… that doesn't explain all the other country's in the world that…. don't have these issues lol like um…France… which is also a republic… or south Korea… or Taiwan… or Ireland.. or Germany… or Finland… or Switzerland…

  7. Change the Constitution it was written over 200 years ago it needs to be revised for and by All people,you can put the old one in the archives come on ppl

  8. No one under 25 should own a gun with out the "cosigner " of at least 2 persons. One related and one not. Something needs done. Of course exceptions for police officers and military.

  9. Everyone that has Grandparents or Great Grandparents and further back, that weren't born here are immigrants period!!!!!!


  11. Where was moral leadership when these "so called" Great Presidents not only believed in but owned slaves? Where were their Morals??

  12. 7:45 looks like your segments will keep getting shorter…… As a democrat and a gun owner, I strongly advise Ms. Ruhle to learn one tiny thing about guns, in order to not sound like a fool and make people turn her off in disgust. Semi- Automatic is one type of loading mechanism that is used in rifles, shotguns and handguns alike. That one phrase does not, in and of itself, describe black-rifles with high capacity magazines alone. Millions of women of all political persuasions have a 'semi-automatic' weapon in their purse or elsewhere. Please be informed so as not to sound ignorant on the platform you have been granted.

  13. this magazine/list will be as big as the bible is in the future if the american gunholics or gunlaws will not change, is that simple

  14. One would have thought they might focus on the gun lobby and other forces resisting gun control as Obama was also unable to overcome the anti gun control lobby. It seems the real talking point is to criticise Trump rather than have a critical discussion on how to stop the sale of assault weapons. No doubt , Trump is not right to not encourage an open debate regarding all the factors contributing to El Paso, Daytona shootings and Congress are equally culpable.

  15. The myth that Trump's policies work has been irresponsibly spread by the mainstream media. You're an example. You know that Trump's base is minuscule and you know that even that minuscule base is suffering under Trump's policies in many ways, which, if reported by the mainstream media, would warn other possible Trump supporters of the dangers of believing in his lies. Why don't you learn to report the truth in "the right way". Get some lessons from Chris Hayes, please. His August 8 2019 report is a masterpiece of truth-telling in the best possible way. Chris Hayes is a hero.

  16. OMG what a chilling report …the number of mass killings this year alone is mind bending…our constitutional form of government is dangling by a thread!

  17. The words "evil flourishes when good men do nothing" are very relevant in these times. Maybe "good men" could be women. The men are doing nothing.

  18. Racism/bigotry is so rampant in America it can never be construed as "irrelevant." It wouldn't be irrelevant if there were only one of this societal misfits.

  19. I kept waiting for Stephanie, Mr. French, or Professor Meacham to bring up the Tea Party. Perhaps Mr. French does so in his article.

    Please don't misunderstand– I am not asserting nor implying that everyone involved in the Tea Party movement was a white nationalist or even deeply racist. Most were folks genuinely passionate about government reform, just as are most Trump's supporters.

    However, there was a strong & persistent undercurrent of white nationalist sentiment & xenophobia within the Tea Party movement. It's a documented historical fact that was noted contemporaneously.

    Edited to insert paragraph breaks for ease of reading.

  20. Yeah. Enough with the politics. Human beings in general are clearly too immature, mentally unstable, and emotionally incapable of peacefully coexisting with one another when it comes to bureaucracy and civics in general. Never mind the intense contention when it comes to the different cults..sorry, I mean ''religions'', one chooses to align themselves with, and vehemently defend, despite whether or not their self-proclaimed ''pious'' orthodoxy is responsible for mercilessly beheading perceived apostates with dull machetes, massacring hundreds of thousands of appointed heretic scapegoats, and diddling thousands of young boys.

  21. If we want moral guidance, we're supposed to look to the president. However, Trump is completely void of anything resembling presidential, or even an even keel. We need to impeach Trump in order to protect what the office of the President represents. When we look to the office of the President and see bigotry, divisiveness, oppression, it’s time to change the occupant and set an example to future generations that his behavior is unacceptable.

    It’s not about Trump, it’s about protecting the office of President and what it’s SUPPOSED to represent.

  22. White supremacy the KKK is American way of living it is the heart of America. don't need to hide from your evil shame do something about it. And for you to do something about it you will be fighting against yourself and this is the reason why you white folks are afraid to do something about it because you are afraid that you will lose the battle that your ancestors fought for and that is for whites people to always be in control and it doesn't matter if it is in an evil way of doing things. White people the only thing you need to know is your pass and when you know your pass you will know your future and this is the reason why America is in the shape that it's in today because of your wicked pass white supremacist KKK that is in the heart of America. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all the people all the time the whole world is watching you. us black African-American been knowing you all all of our lives. And this is the reason why our old black folks use to say when you white folks treated our blacks ancestors so badly and in so many evil ways. God is not dead

  23. The Right says, *We LOVE our nationality and history." The Alt Right says, "We HATE your nationality and history." But it's easy to cross the line.

  24. Jon Meacham is correct to say that American only joined the European War in WW2 because Hitler declared was on the USA, not the other way around.

    What he does not say is that American business, in the form of the Ford and Bush dynasties and much of American industry were heavily involved with the Third Reich and were profiting from it right up to the declaration of war. So much for American opposition to Nazism.

    What he does not say is that America decided to launch the D Day invasion of Europe from the West because the Soviets were pushing back the Nazis throughout 1943 and 1944 and America was afraid that the Soviets would reach the Atlantic coast. Why was the US worried about that? Nothing at all to do with liberty or freedom but everything to do with the need to have a Western Europe they could sell things to. They knew they could not sell to the Soviets. They made Europe safe for capitalism and the post War American boom.

  25. Churchill said that the Americans will always do the right thing in the end but only after they have tried everything else first. This is not good enough and Churchill should not have been so confident. The possibility always remains that the Americans will actually not do the right thing in the end because the end will come first before anything further can be done.

  26. America is not as smart as most countries. United Stupid Americans.unite and read! Unite and travel! It broadens the mind. And god knows they need it!

  27. So this is Trump's fault?
    Is this REALLY the best that infected Leftists can come up with? 🙄
    And yes, it is. Because the infecting ideology colors perceptions, blocks free thought and replaces it with ideological dogma that even in The Land of the Free, has people DESPERATELY looking for oppressors. Micro-oppressors. Macro-oppressors. Systemic oppressors. Trans-temporal oppressors. Oppressors-by-proxy. Constructed oppressors (the patriarchy). Racist oppressors (white privilege). Sexist oppressors (male privilege). Oppressors that exist only in your "feelings".

    This is the nature of the infection that is like an epidemic in the Left right now. And it is why the few sane Leftists remaining are increasingly fleeing to the Right who against all odds . . . are now the champions of free speech and your right to be free in thought and expression.

  28. Please vote 45 out of office. Get everyone you know registered and do whatever it takes. You guys have to mobilize!
    45 cut off funding to curb domestic extremism. 45 won't stand up to the NRA. 45 won't apologize for anything he's said. 45 can barely focus on shooting victims in hospitals. 45 has not shown transparency as a leader. 45 thrives on chaos and fights and scandals and distraction. It's exhausting. Isn't the USA tired of this?

  29. So the folks that push for legalizing drugs and the killing of the unborn as well as formulating the destruction of the traditional family unit have “had enough”?

  30. With the passing of years, and looking back on history, we will all be judged by what we did – or did NOT do.

  31. Over 50k people dying from opioid overdoses annually in U.S. and very little outcry?
    Gun violence is abhorrent… but big pharma designing a program to addict the populace is on another level of evil


  33. Why?
    I mean you guyz going well, all we do just grab a beer 🍺 and watch when American empire fall by own citizens.
    … good job 👍 keep doing what you do

  34. here's as good a place to be ignored as any…

    i'm guessing most US gun owners would call themselves patriots… i'm also guessing that most 'patriots' when asked "would you die for your country…" would say "yes"
    well, your country doesn't need you to die for it today. today, your country needs you to give up your assault rifles.
    so my question today is this, patriots:

     "What are you prepared to do for your country?"

  35. Really…you have been talking about the same political points (Health care, immigration, justice reform) for how long???? Americans what is wrong with you? GET THE REPUBLICANS OUT! then maybe you have a chance. The WORLD thinks you are all sooooo far behind..with your stupid guns for hunting….we are in 2019 not the 1800''s….

  36. Trump leading the country…….why do you Americans think that the President is GOD? Do you not have your own brain? Your politics has been corrupt for so long and you talk about it as if you are shocked……..really? The World has known it for so long……that's why when you say you are an American over in Europe……..people run a mile. You condemn other nationalities, but hey your white elite travel over to Europe, travel on their yachts, eat their wonderful food and expect everyone to bow down to you.

  37. For every degree to which Trump upscales aggression, America’s real national security will be downgraded. And like any good despot, Trump’s failures will become food for his own propaganda, to be conveniently blamed on the myriad of Others who, in the small minds of the Trump faction, are preventing America from becoming ‘great again.’

  38. No secret Donald Trump lacks moral leadership. There are just many idiots still believes in him. Unbelievable.

  39. REMOVE the Electoral College Process – Every VOTE should count in a Presidential Election. This is not a State Issue, it is about Voters Rights and Representation. Boycott NRA who betrayed our country. #45* betrayed our country for money. Republicans and NRA are the new domestic terrorist. Russian Bought. Real Facts, Fake President, Fake Fear, Real Faith

  40. The vast majority of mass shooters and murderers and criminals are raised in single mother homes.
    Need I say more.

  41. Is America a nation of terrorists? These things only happen in some middle east countries so is America any better than those countries?

  42. Makes America look like it's got it's own terrorist problem. I guess this is what Trump wanted America to be. Freedom… nope lock you up and separate you from your kids. Advanced medical care…. taken away by trump and replaced with food stamps, wait no hes taking those too. Equal chance to get ahead…. giant tax brakes for the rich. Chance to be treated equally… president divides the country based on race and money. A safe place for your kids to grow up…. 250 mass shootings in half a year. This is Trumps America.

  43. The important thing is " context " you notice that they provide no information concerning the continued downward trend in violent crime in America . Do not be a "half wit " find the whole truth . Ignorance is a poor podium .

  44. It is not done till the last minute because the politician don't care about us they just want to stay in power. They are whores bought and paid for by lobbyist.

  45. Not quite enough….. We still need a mass shooting at the White House!! One big finale!! Then we have a presidential funeral!! With a parade! 😆 We love parades!!

  46. Mass shooting numbers change only because they change the number of people involved….mass shootings are stable if not on the decline per year…..next year it may be one person is a mass shooting, if he shoots himself…

  47. Just don't blame it on the existence of guns blame it on the existence of ignorant people of violent people of people empowered to do negative with guns not the guns themselves or else it would be 20,000 incidence if it was the gun itself but it is the human behind the gun and the president of the United States as he encourages death at the hands of the ignorant minions of his

  48. This is not a republican Democrat problem the Republicans and the Democrats have been purchased by the corporation and are doing it's t Will. this is not a problem of which party do you show allegiance to this is the problem of both parties parties having purchased by corporates power

    And the truth being that the corporation has no allegiance to no obligation to and no desire to support the citizens of the United States of America

  49. If there aren’t any guns there won’t be shootings. There are so many guns in this country, even if you put gun control in place you can still get your hands on one. This country is going downhill. I’m not so proud to be American anymore.

  50. It is sad but America will NEVER get rid of their guns. NEVER. If some police department tries to take your (that only occurs in the black neighborhoods) or have a "gun buy back program ", refuse and resist. This is another race issue. Any debaters?

  51. Culture is a social and ethnicity is a biological concept. When you look how over decades now the religious right battled schools over schools not allowing to teach the theory of evolution, you know they succeeded when dipshits can't differ those two concepts. That would be the best case scenario that people are dumb. Worst case are those who are willfully ignorant, those who could know better but choose not to. The later are the fanatics, like the El Paso shooter who citated Trump.

  52. I’m sure Hitler didn’t nothing wrong. Hitler didn’t gas the people himself. Hitler didn’t shoot people dead into a ditch. By your logic Hitler did nothing wrong. So I guess 🍄RUMP did nothing wrong either.

    Enough is Enough 🙈🙈🙈republican 🙉🙉🙉

    I’m voting ALL DEMOCRAT in 2020 🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸

  53. You know what I am disgusted by? Rabid right wingers and nationalists claim they aren't racist and divisive, yet have you heard one….just one that condemns the shootings? No. They don't want to condemn the deaths of Americans for fear of being considered to agree with Democrats. They harbor so much hatred and bias for the left they can't even agree that mass shootings are wrong.

  54. To my liberal sheep friends… when you hear that there is almost a mass shooting every day, instead of accepting that without research or sources, how about you maybe apply some healthy skepticism, huh? If there was a mass shooting every day, then wouldn't you see it on the news every day? These EVIL purveyors of FAKE NEWS have an anti-gun agenda (as well as an anti-Trump agenda, anti-life agenda, pro-immigrant agenda and so on), so you literally can't trust anything they tell you. They consider a mass shooting to be 4 or more people, so that includes gangs, family slayings, etc. It also includes the shooter, so a murder/suicide counts. In reality we only have a 3 to 5 examples a year of instances where a person does something like El Paso or Dayton. Only 80 people have been killed by mass shooters this year, so it is grossly disingenuous for the media (but what can you expect from MSNBC) to portray it this way.

  55. Why enough? We are making America great again remember?
    Seriously all of these unarmed shootings and all of this other stuff and it's enough now? Let's keep making America great again. Don't stop now, y'all want guns right? This is what y'all asked for right? More guns in society right? Smh

  56. War in antithesis against Trump and Guns and video games will not solve the problem … its akin to saying all vehicle accidents are caused by gasoline driven cars and someone who supports gasoline driven cars, or a game which involves gasoline driven cars……All the while ignoring the actual cause, which is why did vehicle operators allow the accident to occur… (impatience, under the influence, road rage, focus elsewhere, unskilled etc)
    The same is true related mass murders…. The actual question is why do humans of today think that assault or murder are acceptable solutions to problem solving?
    FBI data does not support the opinion being presented by the media that assault rifles are the weapon of choice by murderers………Statistically. speaking hand guns are used far more often than rifles in incidents involving gun related death (7105 to 374), what is even more interesting is that blunt objects and personal weapons (hands/feet) are used more often than rifles (472 & 656 VS 374) Finally knives are far more common in incidents of Murder than rifles (1604 VS 374). If we are going to blame the object used to commit murder, then we need to focus on Hand Guns, knives, blunt objects, and human body parts far before considering Rifles, as that is the direction where statistics indicate focus should be…… In reality however people bent upon violence are the actual cause, and that requires a very different solution….

  57. City murder rates are much higher in the United States than rural rates, Baltimore is the highest with a murder rate of 61/100k…. that is followed by Detroit at 32/100k…… Chicago at 28/100k….. followed by Memphis at 25/100k ……. followed by Louisville at 21/100k…… Followed by DC at 20/100k …. the remaining cities are below 19/100k ….. According to Brennan Center data…. Baltimore has about 603,000 residences … according to other research 50% of murders occur in just 2% of the nations 3142 counties. That same data indicates the majority of mass murders have metal health issues delusional/psychiatric or depression/anger, which is not detected by background checks.

  58. OMG what a shithole country, surrounded by white nationalists with a Psycho president. We need to put tariffs on this terrorist government

  59. symptoms of white supremacy in america … mmm… maybe the fact that every time we taalk about ww2 and nazis… we seem to forget italian racism and italian fascism… symptoms of white supremacy in america .,, mmm… well whats the origin of white supremacy ?? because it was not invented nowhere in this continent…. so i guess we can agree the origin is european supremacy… so … symptoms of whute supremacy in america ??? mmm… maybe the italian bias that average american has for the racist culture and racist identity of italians… the blind love that americans have for italians… is contrdictory with the hate that average american feels toward mexicans… this is very sad .. the levels of ignorance in USA … specially from white people… they even deny that italian racism stood with nazis then,… no surprise when they deny that italian racism stands with neo nazis today.

  60. why conservative media aloud that ??? people in america have a hard time telling apart a black american from an african american… sadly for far too many americans there is no diferent betwen being black and being african… people can not separate racial concepts from cultural and identity concept… people in america have a hard time telling apart a white american from an european america… even after generations … they still identify them selves as "I AM ITALIAN" ,,,, people can not separate racial concepts from cultural and or identity concepts… SO … unfortunately americans do not understand the american values… they identify them selves they have selective empathy. they identify them selves primarily as from somewhere else… no wonder MEXICANS and latinos we are less than italian americans… latinos are less than irish americans… lets face it… they had brought the EUROPEAN RACISM WITH THEM… and some how.. pass it generation after generation… this feeling like you are something that you are not… this feeling that you are more european than american… this feeling of SUPERIORITY is the base that leads to white supremacy.

  61. Racist love these mass shootings and trump is thier voice of reason . He didnt make them racist but he is thier guiding light .

    White people dont want to be labled as the terroist of the US but are still afraid to stand up against thier own racist friends and family members .

    Whites are the terrorist of the US .

  62. Moron illigit potus djt has blood-drenched hands for all these innocent people's deaths that his rhetoric has spurned and promoted!😡🇺🇸

  63. The elite,Freemasons and many are demons possessed.These demons have to bow in the mighty name of Jesus.Learn to break off generational curses.Learn spiritual warfare and deliverance.See all videos by Derek prince,Win Worley,and John Echardt.

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