1. When they wanted another referendum because they didn’t like the result, they complained about ‘ people didn’t know what they was voting for’
    But when parliament voted overwhelmingly to trigger article 50 they knew that the default was a no deal ! So get over it you eu arselickers

  2. 17mil voted to leave dipshit so why another Election be the same result secondly it was granted by the queen you sound stupid as hell

  3. first up guy with Yeti hair – get a wash and shave. Woman with pudding bowl hairdo – get a brain then an education. LORD!!!!!!!

  4. As an American watching this, I can say one thing I have definitely learned is that there is a great need for dentists in the UK

  5. I’m from the US and I don’t know much but why not be like Norway is to the EU? And what’s so bad. The only thing your losing is less immigrants

  6. The people voted to leave the EU. Not for a fcking "deal". Just fcking leave it already!!! These morons against Brexit are crying that democracy isn't being done. Guess what you fool's? Democracy was done when the vote to leave happened. Stopping it from happening is breaking with democracy! Brexit Now!!

  7. Dragging children out for political purposes and as props when they'd rather go about building a well adjusted childhood. "Get em while they're young." -Phillip Morris

  8. I'll correct want you said

    " Few 100 NPCs went out to the London streets to demand to be butt fucked by Brussels"

  9. Thought you guys already voted to leave the EU, and that's exactly what hes doing or am I missing something? You guys ALREADY voted to LEAVE, you dont get a DO-OVER. Not how it works.

  10. They had 3 years to get a deal or make contingencies instead they did nothing and tried to make the populace as horrified as possible in an attempt to redo the vote.
    Politics is politics everywhere it seems

  11. The US and the UK shouldn't be saved. I hope they keep on electing atrocious turds and get themselves into a war that finally puts and end to their hegemony. Let them and israel be flushed down the toilet.

  12. American friends. Please take into account that MILLIONS did not march, because we are happy that at last we have a PM who is apparently interested in delivering what we voted for.

  13. The people have voted 3 years ago. Parliament has voted and discussed this over and over without resolution . What next? BREXIT.

  14. Heard the voice of stupidity and ignorance. Not they already decided to leave Europe, show some respect for democracy. This is done!

  15. Thousands of anti-democratic protesters take to the street to protest Brexit, voted in favor of by the majority of Brits.

  16. Everyone needs to remember the Washington Post is controlled by Jeff Bezos ….. Just a little tidbit you need to keep in mind…..

  17. The ,"Remainers," lost over 3 years ago and just like the Traitorous Democrats in the U.S. they are willing to destroy their country to promote the one world agenda.

  18. While protestors in Hong Kong face death to protect their freedom, a bunch of spoiled brats in Britain protest in favor of their country's subjugation to the EU.

    And the fake news is there the whole time to lie and distort the events.

    This is just a preview of the 2020 election in America.

  19. Democracy is a code word for mob rule. Mob rule always leads to Communism.More intelligent races take longer, but it always lead to it.

  20. The EU is an unelected bureaucracy that controls every aspect of european life. The British held a referendum and decided that they would like to leave the EU to restore liberal democracy in their own country. After three years of stalling and obstuction, the Remainers are now complaining that it un-democratic to end their status as a vassal state to an unelected EU bureaucracy. Twisted minds, undoubtably funded by global capitalists trying to undermine liberal democracy. Meanwhile, the people of France are in open revolt against their EU puppet Macron. The governments of Hungary and Poland are in open rebellion against EU immigration policies. Italy is divided. Germany is simmering. It's time to restore liberal democracy in the nation states.

  21. Ronald Reagan said it best when running for reelection. "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" Although the EU has been in place much longer than four years, the question can be applied when put in the proper context. The citizens of Britain, and the entire EU, need to ask themselves the question, "are you better off since the establishment of the EU?". I see, unfortunately, that unfettered and unvetted immigration, and the resulting violent crime and disintegration of pubic safety and security it has wrought, as the major reason the EU has become a complete failure and an experiment worthy of abandonment. It is always a mistake to put so much power in the hands of so few.

  22. The most important part in a democracy is accepting the results of an election/vote otherwise it doesn't work. There are no do-overs.

  23. The British have their own Mitch McConnell who figures he can do whatever he wants , just shut down the government.
    now only problem is what he wants isn’t going to work for anyone then the SH! T will hit the fan for real…
    This is why Donald Trump likes “uneducated people“
    They can’t understand the complexities involved. They will understand them shortly if they go into a half thought out Brexit

  24. Look at all the Russian and Israeli troll bots on here, about 70%, posing as Americans and Brits, useless bastards you all are so freaking sad!

  25. It's interesting now that Boris has acted in making Brexit happen, those Remoaners are now uttering the democracy word. Why is democracy so integral to the Remoaners now? Yes, the Remoaners has been trashing democracy for three years now and it's only become a problem since its been turned back against their undemocratic actions to stop Brexit. Get on with it Boris and ignore all those traitors in your government, you'll soon be able to get rid of each and every one of them.

  26. The idiots voted for Brexit not knowing what it meant for their future. Some moron just said “drain the swamp” in this video, and he will be on the breadlines when Britain’s recession inevitably destroys the working class. 😂✌️

  27. EU Remainer Blueshirts' campaign of intimidation on UK streets is not democracy.  They support EU Remainer MP traitors attempting a coup d'état at Westminster.

  28. This is all about 4 yes 4 days. And they all went on a two month holiday over the summer. You would think cutting the holidays short to sort out the bs was a thought but no .let's go mental over 4 days .this dose not add up ?😀

  29. We've had since December 2018 for Parliament to decide on our exit. Three times the Withdrawal Agreement voted no and all indicative vote for alternative measures voted down. Parliament has failed for nine months to resolve Brexit! It's a busted flush.

  30. Most people support Boris`s attempt to enact the will of the British people.
    These people are anti-British anti-democratic traitors.

  31. They can protest every day and night but it will not help and they can not stop it and nobody can stop Brexit 💯🍻 they enjoy being ruled by a foreign country weak mother fuckers lol 😆😂 they have surrendered to a foreign power 💯

  32. Total and complete BS propaganda video. Brexit was voted on 3 years ago. Democracy is the U.K. out of the E.U. NOW. NO DEAL BREXIT is best for the U.K. No question. The queen and people voted…………….NO DEAL BREXIT NOW.

  33. If the people voted again, Brexit would win in a landslide.
    The best thing Britain can do is walkaway from the European
    Union Politburo without any kind of deal. Any deal would
    benefit the crooked EUP and hurt Britain.
    Blacks for Trump!

  34. Parliament shutdown is the correct order, hope he gets rid of the backbenchers also that's getting paid sitting on their arses doing nothing.

  35. But, they already had the vote. They had 2 votes. And the majority went for Brexit both times. Maybe, I dunno, actually listen to the people who voted?

  36. OMG – the one in the baseball cap makes me ashamed to be British and glad I'm ex pat. When I return, it'll be to Europe not the UK – it has much more to offer

  37. the remainers are suffering a freakish type of mass neurosis and they cannot be helped, i must admit i do love to see them suffer so


  39. REMAINERS COMPLAINING ABOUT THIER DEMOCRACY BEING TAKEN AWAY?????? Seriously… I just hope citizens outside of London have more sense.

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